Dear DMFC : I am an avid listener of the Kim Komando show that is heard weekly on the radio. She is very informative and holds many degrees in computer engineering and design. She write reviews and articles for many computer publications including a column for an international airlines inflight magazine. Considered by many as an authority in the website and computer field, it's wonderful to learn that she had selected your website as one on her favorites' list. CLICK HERE TO GO TO KIM KOMANDO'S SITE
(Jimmy MacNamara - Delaware)
Dear DMFC : WOW, All these years, and I actually thought the memory had gone....WRONG!!! The music says it over and over... what an entertainer ....what a man. I couldn't help a tear at the final wave. ..He meant it.
(Jim De Pree)
Dear DMFC : My favorite are the ballads that Dean sings. He had such a calming effect. His earlier recordings had more of the ballads than his later country songs.
(Deborah Borden - Switzerland)
Dear DMFC : What about us folks overseas that don't get the Public Broadcast System?
(John - England)
Dear DMFC : I have been reading all the posts that I'm going pee my pants if I have to wait any longer to see the Dino special. Please hurry to New Jersey!
(Gary Lovell - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : I am a Fan Center member, and have to congratulate Neil Daniels. During the pledge break, Lee Hale gave a mention (more like a 'thanks') that you helped with the TV show from the very beginning, as his book states. You are still carrying on his legacy all these years later. I also want to thank everyone involved with the Dean Martin Fan Center for helping to bring this special show to TV, and doing it with such class. All the songs were full length and from the glorious masters. All the best! Thank you on behalf of every one of us Dean Martin fans!
(Michael Perisco - California)
Dear DMFC : I have just spent the last hour and a half with Dean Martin and PBS. I must say that they should have spent more time with their guest, and Dean's producer, Lee Hale. They offered his book, but didn't make the connection that he was the author. Nevertheless, it rocked!
(Jimmy Baldwin - California)
Dear DMFC : I am watching the new Dean Martin show right this moment and it is EXCELLENT. That's all I want to say right now because I want to get back to the TV and I don't want to miss a moment with that handsome Dean.
(Helen Bergeron - California)
Dear DMFC : KCET Channel 28 in the Los Angeles and Southern California area has the Dean Martin: That's Amore! show on right now. It only started a few minutes ago. Everyone in LA... tune in and donate to let PBS know how much you love this. Maybe they will repeat it!
(Bill Ramon)
Dear DMFC : Just caught a commercial for a new TV show on ABC called, "My Wife and Kids"... and they use Dean's song "Memories Are Made of This" for the song that plays over the spot.
(Shawna Strathairn - New York)
Dear DMFC : My next wish is to have all of the Reprise songs put out for all of us fans that have been waiting too many years. I know that your organization's president produced the two box sets for Bear Family that covered the Capitol years... please tell Mr. Daniels that we want him to work on the last half of Dean's career.
(Art Cameron - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : First I want to thank you for e-mailing us to let us know about the PBS Special. I watched it Saturday night here in the Washington DC area. They will be showing it again on WETA 26 on Wednesday March 7th. It was great and brought back such wonderful memories! I pray that they bring more of his shows back for viewers to enjoy. Again thank you for the heads up and please keep us informed of future things.
(Marcia - Washington DC)
Dear DMFC : After seeing the PBS show, I went directly to my all night cd store and bought every Dean Martin cd that I could find. Your Dean Martin Fan Center is listed in most of them, and I am so glad to punch your web site up in my computer. I am now a bigger fan than ever, and it's great to have a place to go to for all the information that you are providing.
(Toni Lafayette - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : The Dean Martin show was on here in Seattle, Washington on KCTS 9. It brought back so many great memories of the best show that was ever on television. Most of what I saw was familiar, but it was so long ago. I remember him sliding down the fireman's pole every week in the later years (then I think it became an elevator couch). It's too bad that there wasn't any clip of that, but I am not complaining. It was superb!
(Douglas Granger - Washington)
Dear DMFC : Full length songs, some pop up tempo ones, and some of the romantic ballads only Dean could sing that brought tears to my eyes back then, and even more today. God, I miss that man. I wonder if he knew how special he was to all of us.
(Caroline Pasqua - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : I just saw the PBS show last night on KCTS 9 Seattle and LOVED IT! It brought back many happy memories. I noticed your WWW address in the closing credits and that is how I learned of your existence. Congratulations on the work you are doing to provide information to all who miss him very much. Please include my name in any and all e-mailings. Thank you very much.
(Ron Webber - Washington)
Dear DMFC : A site for Dean Martin, how great! I saw you mentioned on Dean's show tonight on TV.
(G.R. Munday - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : I have just read the recent posts about Dean's TV special. I am in Germany, and am mad because we are not going to see it right away. We will have to wait for the video.
(Richard Borg - Germany)
Dear DMFC : Bravo on the PBS Show! ALL THUMBS UP!
(Vince Isarose - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : Congratulations to Neil Daniels. You have done it again. I love the new issue (it came today), and I am glad that I read about the new PBS show with Dean, because I was able to see it just a half hour ago, and didn't miss it. You have said that great things were going to happen very soon. I can't wait to read the next issue to see what's coming!
(Alana Mann - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : I just saw the wonderful Dean Martin show and noticed your organizations name in the credits. Thank you for bringing this to us. I am joining PBS right now, and getting my copy of this show on video. I am so glad to have found your website also. I see that I can join your fan club and you print a magazine for Dean too. This has been the best day of the year so far.
(Donald R. Hawsby - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : The Dean Martin PBS show just finished here in Chicago. W-O-W - whoever picked the material did a great job! AND it looked great! It's sometimes funny to see the very early years of the show in such great color. When the camera moves in for a closeup, you can see the lenses were not that sophisticated, and Dean's face gets so large and concave. What a beautiful face too.
(June McDeary - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : I just started to watch the PBS Dean Martin special here in PA, and it is wonderful! Thank you Dean Martin Fan Center for helping to bring this program to all of us who still love Dean Martin!
(Leslie Richmond - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : Hi! I am 51 and fell in love with Dean Martin in l964! I, too, cried like a baby on Christmas Day l995. I am about to sign up for your fan club...it's a great site! I so hope that they will put his TV shows on tape for all us to enjoy! I've always said that there was only one person in the world I ever wanted to meet...Dino! I looked forward to his Atlanta visit with Frank and Liza, but it was not to be....he left
before it started really....can't blame him...after losing his son, the spark really left him! Thanks for this wonderful site!
(Donna Galbiati)
Dear DMFC : Hi Pallies !!! The PBS special is being show here in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area on Channel 16, Saturday 3/10/01 at 7:30pm and on Channel 3, Sunday 3/11/01 at 8:00pm. Man, I can't wait! You fellow fans can find the time in your area by going to www.pbs.org and searching your local channel listing. I thank you guys at the DMFC for arranging this special with PBS. Your the best!!!!!!!!!!!! That's Amore !!!!
(Marie Macchiarella - Florida)
Dear DMFC : I already saw an ad on PBS for the Dean Martin TV Special. It's being shown after a spot for Elton John. It looks fantastic! Why SUNDAY at 10:00 PM? Maybe they will show it a few times like PBS usually does. (Actually I'll bet that they show it more in the mid-western states where Dean's fan's seem to have moved over the last decade).
(Steve Nesbith - California)
Dear DMFC : PBS Channel 11 WTTW in Chicago will have the Dean Martin program on Sat. March 3 at 8:26PM If you want more info call 773 583 5000 in Chicago
Dear DMFC : In Cincinatti the Dean Martin PBS special will be on (WCET) March 4th at 9:30.
(M. Jacoby - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : The PBS Special will be shown in the Los Angeles area on March 4th at 10:00 PM.
(Pete Carpenter - California)
Dear DMFC : I read about your PBS special program showing in the United States. I hope that we in the UK will be able to see it.
(Charles Took - U.K.)
Dear DMFC : My favorite part in the Dean Martin TV shows was when he did the "Let's Play, What Do You Say" medley's with the girls he had around him. It was always a tongue-in-cheek grouping of suggestive songs in a very playful and funny way.
(Vincent Morgan - Washington)
Dear DMFC : Hello there...Dean Martin was all that you described and much more. I think he had the most romantic voice ever and always relaxes me when I feel stressed out. Although I also love Spanish music and Julio Igleaseas is meant to have the most romantic voice Dean is the very best.
(Linda Butt)
Dear DMFC : I just received the email news about the PBS Special! How wonderful! I'm so excited, I can't wait!! How I wish that I had appreciated Dean Martin years ago! I have missed out on so much.
(Taunya Jones)
Dear DMFC : I also wanted to give my condolences to the Martin family over the loss of Claudia.
(Mike Gelfand - Washington)
Dear DMFC : I heard your clubs president on the radio a few weeks ago, and he was saying that something big was going to happen this year... possibly soon. I only hope that it is either the TV shows will be put on TV or his later recordings be put out. I think he was hinting that one of the two is probably going to happen. I can't wait to see. He said that as soon as anything is known, it will be posted here on this site, so I keep checking twice a day.
(Patti Farina - Florida)
Dear DMFC : My favorite part of the Dean Martin TV Show was when Dean would slide down the pole. He looked just like a little kid each time he did that.
(Liz Tainer - Canada)
Dear DMFC : To all the family of Dean's and Claudia's: May God Bless the rest of you through this troubled time.
(L. Granger)
Dear DMFC : Another tragedy has hit the family of Dean Martin. May our prayers go out to the family.
(Mr. and Mrs. Stoddard - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : I can't wait to join and read all about the Golddiggers. I was a big fan of their's, especially since I was in the service. We had always hoped that one day we would be able to see them perform, as they did at many USO shows with Bob Hope. I remember a tall red-headed girl names Jackie. Any chance I will read about her?
(Richard J. Pappas - Florida)
Hi Richard - We are looking forward to having you as a member! I think the girl you are referring to is Jackie Chidsey. You won't miss a thing because Jackie is one of the girls in our multi-part series. This current issue features six of your favorites and we have many more to go!
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : In answer to the question about the most memorable things from Dean's TV shows... I loved the opening songs the best. About an hour before ten on Thursday nights, I would make sure the television set was turned on in anticipation. From the moment that the peacock started I could feel my heart flutter as Dean slid down that pole with a smile from ear to ear, warming my heart with so much happiness. He was always happy, and always had a different way with him that was fresh every time you saw him. The worst was the end when the news came on. Even Johnny Carson couldn't get me smiling after an hour with Dean on Thursdays.
Judy Braun - Minnesota)
Dear DMFC : I am so sorry to read about the passing of Claudia Martin. Most of us Dean Martin fans have learned to highly respect the children that have kept the lowest profile. Claudia never appeared in or gave any interviews about her father. She never used his name to gain any notoriety for herself. She respected her father, and that sincerity expresses more to us fans than you would think. May she be blessed.
Carrie Nelson - New York)
Dear DMFC : For the last 25 years I have been the biggest Dino fan I know. As a serviceman I have been in 3 wars in the last 20 years, Falklannds, Gulf and Bosnia. His (Dean) music is ------------ PERFECT I am soon off to conflicts new. I take with me the boss!!
(Kevin OConnor)
Dear DMFC : I've just read the news about Claudia Martin passing away. I'm so sorry. There's something I want to tell. Last week on the 15th there were big changes at the department where I work... so we all had a change our computer passwords. It had to be with seven letters. My last password was my daughter's name, so after thinking for a while I thought, I'm going to use the name of one of Dean's daughters, and Claudia's name came as first to my mind. So everytime I logged into the computer program, Claudia came to my mind. I thought about the December issue of your magazine with pictures from the family members and have been thinking of asking you to write something about Claudia and Craig because I never heard anything about them. So when I just read that Claudia passed away on the 16th I was shocked, because without knowing her, she came to my mind so often last week. Thank you, I felt I needed to tell this.
(Eduarda Da Silva - Netherlands)
Dear DMFC... Kathie..you're 100 percent correct...I heard the Barry Young cut..One has my Name... (It's out on the net)...This guy sounds so much like Dean I was ..... laughing out loud.... if there's a better impersonator I'd be surprised......I wonder what Dean thought of it.... (Rick)

Dear DMFC : When arriving home from work yesterday on Valentines Day, my wife greeted my with a drink (actually a nice hot cup of coffee), a warm hug and kiss, and she had a nice bath made. Not only did I get special attention, but she made sure that the cd player was on playing Dean's music.
Later on, I took her out to our favorite restaurant for a Valentine's dinner, and much to our surprise, they too were playing a tape of Sinatra, Jack Jones and Dean Martin. He's EVERYWHERE, and still a big part of our lives. As I read this board, I see that Dean is still a big part of everyone's!
(Tagger Newman - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : Did Dean Martin ever record under an "Alias" name of Barry Young? I recently came across a recording of "One Has My Name" and I would bet it was Dean Martin singing. If it's not him, this guy could have a career as a Dean Martin impersonator. Thank you for your time.
(Kathie McCathy)
Hi Kathie - Very Good Question! We are soon going to do a story on "Dean Martin Sound-a-like" recordings for our Fan Center magazine. To answer you question... Dean Martin was NOT Barry Young, although Barry Young tried hard to cash-in on Dean's success in the mid sixties.
Barry Young recorded singles for many different labels... DeVille Records, Eva Records, J&J Records, Columbia Records and Dot Records. The 45 that you found was his best attempt at sounding like Dean. Take a closer look and you will see that it was written by Eddie DEAN, Dearest DEAN and Hal Blair. The orchestra was conducted by (and arranged by) Ernie Freeman who worked with Dean on many of his recordings at Reprise. It was also copyrighted by "Larchmont Productions, Inc. and D and M Music". If you check out the other side called "Show Me The Way", you'll see that this was written by Ben Weisman and Sid Wayne (Elvis' songwriters). "One Has My Name" was released by Dot Records in July of 1965. Barry continued to record within the same year, and released an album including the single that you found.
Yes, he is good... one of the best "sound-a-like" artists. Barry wasn't the only one though... there are others who tried. We'll cover other artists in a future issue of our Dean Martin magazine, but if anyone knows of other sound-a-like records, let us know!
Neil Daniels - President: Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : my name is Colby I'm half Italian. I'm 23 yrs old and I grew up listening to the rat pack at my grandmothers house at a young age. Dino became my favorite. I really enjoyed his style and now my cousin and I preform rat pack songs at kareoke bars and are always introduced as Dino and Frank. What's really weird is in high school we were very up to date on what was cool to listen to none of the other kids were Italian and didn't listen to Martin, or Sinatra, so I just wanted to write and say what a great web site.....
(Colby Benedetti)
Dear DMFC : Put me on the couch...er, I mean, the couch segment was my favorite part. I first started watching as a pre-teen boy, before that segment ever came to be. Often my mother and father would watch too. I thought Dean's show was the best entertainment that TV had to offer, and eagerly looked forward to Thursday nights. I'm also fond of some of his on-the-piano songs with Ken Lane; he once sang Everybody Loves Somebody, which I thought was the best rendition that he ever did of that song.
(Claudio DeMarco)
Dear DMFC : My very favorite spot Dean Martin's TV show was the time when he sat around with all the Golddiggers and sang a medley of songs starting off with "Welcome to My World". I remember that Eddy Arnold had a million selling hit with "Welcome", and when Dean sang it every week, it became sort of a secondary theme song for him, selling millions again.
(Gayle Douglas - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : I just read in a magazine about your fan publication for Dean Martin, and how it was rated the best for an entertainer. Well, Dino was the best, and that's what he deserves. He was the favorite of millions, and still is today. Your website does equal honor and respect. Count me in as a subscriber.
(James Bingham - England)
Dear DMFC : Nice idea, Jackie. I also remember the "Dolls" show - and the warmth that passed through me as I saw & heard Dean talking about the reason for showing them. But, like Dennis, the most special part of the show that I looked forward to every week was the couch segment -- that's where he showed emotion. I also recall he would (usually?) end with a slight nod of the head and a humble "thank you". It's hardly surprising that's why we all thought he was the BEST!
(Ann Hockey - Canada)
Dear DMFC: I started watching the Dean's show in 1967 when I was 17 years old, and never missed a single show. I had so many favorite parts: the weekly surprise from the closet, singing musical answers to the Golddigger's musical questions, however my favorite part was Dean's interactions with his guests: "Spoonerisms" with Milburn Stone, singing the punctuation's of a song with Victor Borge, Dean and George Gobel singing "There's a Hole in the Bucket" and any of the sketches with Phil Harris. I am really looking forward to the PBS special in March. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there will be more specials based on Dean's Variety show. As much as I want to see these great moments again, I want the new generation to enjoy what all of us did for so many years! Thanks,
(R.F. - California)
Dear DMFC : My favorite part of the Dean Martin Show also was the ballad of the week segment. Dean's set-up with Ken Lane, doing a couple of song spoofs followed by the occasional "surprise" guest behind the door, provided a great segue into Dean's performance of a "serious" song each week.
I maintain that no one, and that includes Sinatra and Crosby, was better at putting over a ballad than was Dean. Many of his ballads during the first two years of the show were songs he never recorded. Great standards like "Always", "Stars Fell on Alabama", "P.S. I Love You" and others.
Thanks again to Neil Daniels and the DMFC for giving us a way to keep Deans talents and memory alive.
P.S. I also thought his "run-ins" with "Mrs. Lane" (Kay Medford) were also hysterical...oh what great memories...
(Dennis Brislen - Nebraska)
Dear DMFC : My favorite thing from the Dean Martin show was the song he sang every week on the couch. It was so warm and beautiful.
(Sandy Farrell - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : Congratulations on your two awards. I see that not only did you receive an award for most visited fan site from R.J. Lowery Associates, but double congratulations on also being recognized as having the "number one" magazine in the specialty publications category. I haven't joined yet, but the check is in the mail as I type.
(Richard Coursodon - New York)
Dear DMFC : Hi there... very good website... I have a little question..
what was the last song Dean recorded and when did he recorded that song?best wishes from Germany
(Greg Retkowski - GERMANY)
Hi Greg - The song was called "LA Is My Home" recorded in July 1985. It was recorded specifically to be the theme song for Joe Pesci's short lived series "Half Nelson". Dean had a cameo appearance in every week's episode, playing himself.
"LA Is My Home" was released as a 45 RPM single on the MCA label, with an older song, from January of '83, "Drinking Champagne"on the B-side. "Drinking Champagne" was leased from Warner Brothers Records and Dean's own "Sasha Corporation". The single had a very short shelf life due to litigation, so not many copies were sold. It instantly became a collector's item, and is very hard to find today.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center

Dear DMFC : Could I ask others who read this, to post what their favorite segments were on Dean's TV show? Mine was the Christmas time show when Dean was surrounded with a hundred little walking baby dolls. I think he was singing "Thank heaven for Little Girls". It brought such a smile to my Mom's face when she saw it that Thursday night, I'll never forget it. It still brings a smile to my face. What do the rest of you remember and how did things that Dean did affect you? Thanks!
(Jackie Duran - Minnesota)
Dear DMFC : Hey "Pallies"- I can't wait to see the PBS special. When will Dean's show be out on video? Nick at Nite or TV Land aired the one with Frank Sinatra once and I have a black and white copy of the very first show as well as the roasts......but I'm dying to start a collection of the Thursday night variety shows.
(Tim Banfell)
Hi Tim - Glad you can't wait to see the PBS special. It's a fantastic show because it's not filled with a lot of unimportant things... it's basically all Dean singing complete unedited songs. Greg Garrison's interview is so touching that you might actually cry when he says how much he misses Dean. Along with songs that are taken from Dean's NBC series, are three additional songs that come from other sources, including the Colgate Comedy Hour. You'll be happy to know that David Leaf (writer/producer of the "Martin and Lewis - Their Golden Age of Comedy" series, along with John Scheinfeld, wrote, produced and directed this new special for PBS. As an extra bit of good news... PBS is working on making this special available on video if you call in during the local pledge drives and make a donation of what they announce. Remember... they are WORKING on it, so it's still not 100% for sure, but the possibilities look very good. We are going to share a few pictures of the producers editing this PBS Special "Dean Martin: That's Amore" in our very next issue coming very soon.
This special shows that some progress has been made in regards to Dean's variety show. Keep your fingers crossed.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : Thank you for the news about the new Public Broadcast Special. I won't miss this for the world!
(Kylie Dehkordi - Hawaii)
Dear DMFC : I was wondering what became of a comedian on Dean Martin's show. He was a younger skinny Jewish kid with round glasses and a dry sense of humor (no, not Jerry Lewis). He would talk a bit slow, and I remember that he always wore this hat that many younger folks in the 1960's were wearing. Could you tell me his name?
(Debbie R. - New York)
Hi Debbie- You're in luck! You are probably talking about Stanley Myron Handleman. If you read the past posts, his name comes up every now and then. So many people remember this funny comedian and ask about him. Well, in the very next issue of the Fan Center's Dean Martin magazine, there is a story on Stanley complete with pictures of him now, and what he's up to. A lot of funny folks got their start on Dean's show. It was truly amazing!
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : Mr. Daniels, We heard you interviewed on the radio here and wanted to say how we enjoyed your reminiscing about one of our favorite singers, Dean Martin. I am glad to learn about your organization and club. Thank you for an enjoyable hour.
(Robert Knight - UK)
Dear DMFC : As a 35 year old who grew up with AC/DC and Led Zepplin, I always knew who Dean Martin was. The same as I've always known who the Beatles or Elvis was. My parents' kinda junk.. But thanks to Napster, I have become a Dean Martin fan! What a voice!!! My favorite song by him is probably "That's Amore." You can just hear the smile in his voice when he sings that song. And when he sings, "when you walk in a dream..." it's enough to melt your heart! SIGH!!! No wonder the women went nuts! "King of the Road" is great too!
(Caroline Rouleau - Florida)

Dear DMFC : Thank you for the news about the PBS special! This is one that I might have missed because I never watch PBS much. Now I'll be able to get my video recorder ready.
(Julie D'Amaro - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : Fantastic web site from Ireland's number one Dino fan - keep up the good work!
(Anne-Marie Mcdevitt - IRELAND)
Dear DMFC : I have just read the news about a new TV special with TV show clips. GREAT! Maybe this is the start to more of the same. I'd love to see every single show.
(Kimberly Foreman - California)
Dear DMFC : I just want to say that Mr. Martin has been in my heart since I was 12 years old (I'm now 44). He was my first "crush" and remains an idol of mine. At the age of 12, I wrote the first of only three "fan letters" I've ever written. Mr. Martin returned my letter with an autographed photo which I still have framed and in my bedroom in a place of honor.
As I've never been a "star gazer", when personalities have passed, it rarely affects me. However, Christmas day 1995, I wept for the loss of a legend and great man. I truly admire his wife, Jeanne (she will always be that in my mind) and wish to pay my respects to her and the rest of his family. His voice, his image in films, and that endearing smile have brought much joy to my life and, in my mind and heart he remains gallant, funny, adorable and forever young.
(Desiree Roberts)

Dear DMFC : I se that you have changed your message on the 'news' page about an important announcement coming. Instead of a matter of weeks, it now reads a matter of days. You have got me coming back twice a day to see what the announcement could be. Anything to do with Dean Martin would be of major importance!
(Gary Harris - Texas)
Dear DMFC : I am a big fan of the comedy team of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. After all these years, how come we still can't get some of their movies on video like "Money From Home"? Even Joe Stabile, Dean and Jerry's band leader is in this one. I hope they can get these out for all of us fans. I occasionally see them on cable and wonder why we can't buy them? (We can surely tape them).
(Christian Moore - Canada)
Dear DMFC : Dear fellow lovers of Dino, found your address from "The Very Best Of Dean Martin", album vol. 2. My husband and myself have been admirers of Dean for only six years or so, no other voice, or personality compares. We moved from the U.K. four months ago, and now live in Cyprus, where, you will be glad to know is a big following amongst the British, who are making Cyprus their home. This is a great web site, I know we will spend many happy moments enjoying it. All for now.
(Sue, and Mark O'Connell - UK)
Dear DMFC : Now you have got me curious. Very curious! Since I don't have cable, I can't watch the VH1 show that you are talking about. Which Golddigger played what part in the movie Grease? Was it before or after she was a Golddigger? I guess I'll have to join to get your magazine to find out. Boy, you have got me curious!
(Alan J. Roggie - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : I love this web site. I enjoy his music and movies. I have three of his roasts. I miss him alot. I never got to see him live, Oh how I wish I could have. I have been a fan since the very first show with him. 9-16-64 I believe was the date. I was only three. It sounds funny, I know, but I instantly fell in love with his charm, singing, and just the whole person. I was a very sad Christmas for me in 1995. I have friends much older than me, and they can't believe that I am such a fan. They broke the mold when he was made. Anyway, I guess that's it for me. Thank you for letting me share with you what he meant and still means to me.
(Lava Lady)
Dear DMFC : I just saw the VH1 Show called "Grease - Behind The Music", and thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't know that Susan Buckner was a Dean Martin Golddigger?!? I can't wait to join to read more about her (you mentioned that she's in your upcoming issue). Grease was my very favorite movie of all time. Did you know that while Sandy and Danny (Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta) are at the drive-in movies, there is a trailer for "Hollywood or Bust", the movie that Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis made back then? (I guess both Grease and Hollywood or Bust were Paramount movies... similar type musicals). Thanks again for letting us know to watch the VH1 show. I need to video tape it when it's on again.
(Lou Gibson - New Hampshire)
Dear DMFC : I'm just beginning to learn all I can about Dean Martin. I'm only 30 years old so I don't really have much recollection of when he was still performing. I've been reading and watching everything I can about him. I listen to his music constantly! This site has helped me greatly in my quest for learning all I can about Dean. I only wish I had memories of watching his T.V shows or seeing him perform. I wish someone would air his old T.V. shows or sell them on tape. (I have several Roast tapes) I miss him as if I had known him all my life!
(Dawn Malcolm - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : I have been a loyal Dean Martin fan ever since I saw the Apollo tele show that he did here in England. There are so many people that are strong Dino fans. We wish that we could see more of Dean, his movies and his TV things. It would also be nice to be able to see some of the older Colgate Comedy Hour shows played that Dean hosted with his partner Jerry Lewis. That was really the start of things.
(Craig Rylant - England)
Dear DMFC : In answer to Chris' post, YES , Dean and Frank recorded together. Check out the newly released "Reprise Repertory Theatre" CD Box Set. There are a number of duets, such as "Guys and Dolls". There was also a 45 released with a picture sleeve back in the sixties called, "Me and My Shadow" with Sammy Davis Jr. The flip side has Dean and Sammy singing "Sam's Song".
(Bill Brooks - New York)
Dear DMFC : Thank you guys a lot for clearing up the question about the so called 1938 recording of Dean Martin. It was not advertised as a 'matter-of-fact for certain' that it was Dean and it was 1938, so I had my doubts.
(Trinny Anderson - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : Hello. Just found your site and I think it's wonderful. I was wondering if you could answer my question. Did Dean and Sinatra ever record a duet together? If so, what and where can one find it? I know they did the Rat Pack concerts and such, but did they do any duets in those concerts? I've heard a Rat Pack recording of "When You're Smiling" where Frank heckles him and then starts singing "Come Fly With Me," but I don't know if that counts. I'd love to know if the two actually ever SANG together. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much. Keep swingin'.
(Chris Oxley)

Dear DMFC : I saw your address in the new cd I purchased, "Very Best of Dean Martin Volume II", and am glad to have found a site dedicated to the best singer there was. I saw Dean at the Apollo many years ago, and he was at his best, even though he was getting latter in years. That show will always be in my memories, along with the songs they broadcast over the airwaves.
(Jonathan Kling - ENGLAND)
Dear DMFC : I have heard that there is a cd floating around with a song called "I Surrender Dear". It claims to be the very first known Dean Martin recording in 1938. Can you shed light on this for me?
(Arnold Cassarin - New York)
Dear Arnold - We have been flooded with inquiries about this song, so we decided to purchase a copy ourselves. First we all carefully listened to it before passing it onto our expert in the field of audio. We must admit that it has a very very similar ring of Dean's voice to it, but none of us could say that it truly sounded like Dean.
We gave the copy to our expert, who in turn took it to his studio. He is able to do what is called "Voice Print Analysis". A computer takes not only the frequency in range of the voice, but also the tempo, the pauses, the pronunciation, the wave lengths and all to determine to a 98 percent accuracy. The final result... this is NOT Dean Martin. No matches showed up in any test. The one thing that did show up is that this recording presented on CD has in segments, been slowed by a small percentage. Of course, even more information could be determined if we had the original acetate in our possession. We could instantly date the disc, and determine where in the country if most likely came from. He said that he could even tell us what type of microphone was used in the recording! Amazing!
It is funny what one can hear with their ears and what one can see with a computer that also double checks it's results by slowing down each second of the tape to a very slow speed to dissect it.
We have a couple of experts in the field of 78 RPM recordings, and the time period that this is stated to be recorded in. We have not been able to ask them yet, but they may be able to shed light onto who this really is or where it came from.
Finally, the president of our Fan Center, Neil Daniels (who produced the two Bear Family Box Sets) has an authoritative knowledge on the subject. He states that Dean had not made any recordings in 1938. He also adds that he has in possession three recordings that were made before the Diamond recordings in which Dean's name is actually mentioned on one acetate during the recording. Maybe we will be able to hear these recordings in a future release. We also have a few of the 15 minute radio shows that were broadcasted in New York, which include all the commercials and public service spots, and the announcer introducing "Young" Dean Martin singing for you. Right now he's working in every direction to get the "Reprise" recordings out for everyone, and Capitol/EMI has got a new gentleman working to get more Dean Martin out on the market. Keep your fingers crossed!
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I heard that Les Brown passed away. Wasn't he Dean's band leader?
(Chris Lawrence - California)
Dear Chris - Yes, Les Brown was Dean's Band leader during the TV years, as well as being known as Bob Hope's band leader. Les was one of the giant in the "Swing Era", and introduced the world to his lead singer, Doris Day, at the time. We were planning on doing a "close-up" and an interview with Les in the next couple of months for our DMFC magazine, but we are sorry to say that we lost him so soon. Les... we miss you!
(Assistant Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : I remember my Mom taking me and my brother to the NBC studios in the early 1970's to be in the audience of Dean's TV show. We got to the studios, and parked the car and walked to the front where there was a long line already formed, and it was three hours before the show was to begin. I remember waiting in line and Dom DeLuise walked by saying that he was on Dean's show that day and couldn't wait to get started. We were all so thrilled. Then one of the pages who did a real good impression of Dean came down the line, acting like he was Dean, and kept us in stitches while we were getting so excited.
Finally, the line moved inside, and we were following the people in front of us, when one of the pages pulled my brother and myself aside, along with our Mom, and asked us if we wanted the three seats that were the best ones right down in front. We screamed YES!!!
Before the show started, Dean came out and introduced himself. My Mom could hardly contain her tears of joy, and we all screamed to the top of our lungs. Then Dean came over to us and asked how old we were. We told him, I was 13 and my brother was 14. He smiled and asked us how we got past the guards, since no one was suppose to be under 16. He told us to not scream so much, and that after the first segment of taping, he would come back and sign us an autograph. It was a thrilling show that went by too fast. My Mom still has that autograph pasted in our family album, and whenever we get together (like for the holidays) we always manage to talk about the day we all went to see Dean do his TV show. It was such a warm memory, and needless to say, we have all been strong Dean Martin fans all our lives! We miss him so very much.
(Karen Tamon - California)
Dear DMFC : I have your website bookmarked, and check it about three times a week. I have noticed recently that there have been less posts. I hope that Dean's popularity hasn't peaked. Thanks for having this site!
(Jerry Snyder - Utah)
Hi Jerry - Every year after the holidays , posts to the bulletin board slow down for a couple of weeks. I think everyone is catching their breath and getting back into the swing of the new year. Amazingly enough, the traffic that comes across our website shoots up 400 percent. Reviewing our statistics, we find that a lot of "first timers" are hitting us... so maybe a whole lot of computers were given as Christmas presents, and Dean's fans are looking us up. We're not complaining!
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : What a thrill to find a site dedicated to Dean Martin. Very good. I saw Dean in Las Vegas over 100 times when he performed. I saw him at the four different hotels throughout his career, and can say that even though his show didn't change much, he continued to entertain my family and me with his wonderful charm.
Jack Traffer - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : As Dean would have said, stirring his martini with his swizzle stick, "I've only had one drink this year. It was from January first to December 31st!". All kidding. Everyone have a SAFE and HAPPY New Year.
(Carlos Santiago - Mexico)
Dear DMFC : HAPPY NEW YEAR in Dean Martin's honor.
(Linette Browley - Texas)
Dear DMFC: Happy New Year from all of us here at Hooters! Dean would have loved it here!
(Lou, Joe, Duke, John, Barry - California)
Dear DMFC: Hi , Dean Martin died on Dec. 25 , we are wondering why there has has been no tributes in his memory? We also wish that the TV stations would play his movies with Jerry Lewis. Hope that something can be done in these regards . Thanks for the fan center!
Hi Anonymous - It was Dean's wishes that everything be kept quiet and low keyed when the time came for him to leave us. To do a tribute would almost surely require permission from his estate, but they want to keep his wishes honored. Actually, Jerry Lewis was approached to do a tribute after Dean had passed away, and was offered a lot of money from one of the big networks. Even though he would have loved to do a tribute, he also knew that many would interpret it as a way to "cash in" on Dean, which he did not want to do, and decided against simply because of his love for his former partner, and his last wishes.
Dean's hometown of Steubenville, Ohio has held an annual event every year since his passing, to celebrate and honor Dean in their own way.
As for a movie marathon of Dean Martin films... All of us agree! There should be a Dean Martin marathon around the holidays!
(Assistant Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)