APRIL - MAY 2001
Dear DMFC : I know by reading your previous bulletin board listings, that we are a bit late in seeing this, but our local station in Seattle here, KCTS, just ran "Dean Martin-That's Amore", the special everyone's talking about with clips from Dean's TV show. It was great, as good as the others have said. We caught your website at the end of the titles, and are glad to have found you and can become members of Dean's growing family of fans.
(Sheila and Joe Fowler - Washington)
Dear DMFC : Dearest Darling Dean, I know you are not here anymore, but I must write this to you anyway. I have been in love with you since I was 2 years old. My mom would play this little 45 rpm entitled Innamorata, and I fell in love with you. When I was little and I would see your picture on TV or anywhere I would kiss it.
Well as the years went on I collected all the pictures and albums that I could. At about 10 years old my friends and I started to go Canal Street in New Orleans, to the movies. They always new that if I went with them to see Jerry Lewis movies, which was geared more for kids, they had to also go with me to see your movie. They always agreed. As life went on almost everyone that knew me, knew I truly loved you. Then I remember one day going into town by myself, because I knew you would be in New Orleans. I went alone because I just wanted to see you and I knew I would have to wait a long time. I sat in the Lobby all day at the Roosevelt Hotel because I heard you were staying there. I was hoping to just see you. I never would have walked up to you, but I just wanted to see you. Late that evening I asked the clerk at the desk when you were leaving. He said you left earlier that day. I was just about 14 years old.
Then when I was a maid in a Mardi Graw Ball in New Orleans. I think I had one of the prettiest dresses of all. I was Lady of Spain and was told I looked very beautiful and was asked if there were anywhere else I would like to be that night, I said yes having dinner with Dean Martin.
Anytime Dean Martin would come on the TV, my phone would ring off the hook. I hardly got the see the show. I was so happy when the Dean Martin show came on every week. Then my friends and family stopped calling me because they knew I was watching it.
As the years went on and Dean Martin grew older and we didn't see him anymore. I read whatever I could about him. I knew the loss of his son affected him greatly. I was so sorry for him.
Then when we were at my niece's house Christmas night, and the news came on, and they announced that he had died. What a sad night for me and my family. I always thought that one day I would meet him. Well that big dream ended that night. So sorry I didn't try harder darling Dean. I know you would have kinda liked me a bit I'm sure, because goodness knows I did truly love you.
I never joined the fan club or did anything special just loved you. I think you were just a great guy. How nice it is to be able to tell you so in this way. Thanks so much, to all the people that worked hard, to make this site possible.
Some of my favorite songs are:
Think About Me, It Just Happened That Way, June in January, You Look So Familiar,You've Got Me Crying Again, For You, Just One More Chance, Pretty Baby, Bumming Around, In The Chappel In The Moonlight, On An Evening In Roma.
(Janet Arseneaux Creighton - Louisanna)

Dear DMFC : So many great songs that were made famous by Dean, or covers that he put his own stamp on. My picks, which are off the top of my head would include: "The Story of Life", "Sway', "I'll Always Love You", "I'll Be Seeing You", "I Will", "Once Upon A Time (It Happened)", "The Lucky Song", "Door is Still Open", "My Woman, My Woman, My Wife" and "Only Trust Your Heart". Some were big hits, some not, but all had that special warmth and sense of style. The list could go on and on. Memories are truly made of this. Thanks.
(Steve S. - California)
Dear DMFC : I think the best LP by Dino has to be "Dream With Dean". Every song on that album is a classic! Especially the small group versions of "Everybody Loves Somebody", "I'll Buy That Dream", "I'm Confessin' That I Love You", and "Smile". Dean would have been awesome on "MTV Unplugged", because that album was Dino unplugged.
(Mike Wiggins - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : I saw your writeup in Digital Entertainment, and it brought back memories of a much more serene time when I was reminded of Dean Martin again. He was such a peaceful force in life for many of us.
(Jim Bosley - Texas)
Dear DMFC : Dear Andy C, of England. I think that the movie you're thinking of with Dean Martin and UFO's is the 1967 Matt Helm spy adventure "The Ambushers". It is available on video. Jerry Lewis did not appear in that one.
(Mike W. - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : My favorite song by Dean is 'Return to Me'. I also love the song called 'Try Again'. I don't think many people remember that one, but it is one that gave me courage growing up in everything that I did.
(Gary Bridgefield - Scotland)
Dear DMFC : I always remember when he came to the UK. I think it was in the early 80's, about 1982. The Variety Club of Great Britain threw a bash for him, and they had Princess Anne there on the top table, and Morecambe and Wise were there, ( the big double act - still greatly remembered ) and a guy called John Wells was the emcee, they had all the top TV stars of the day. Dean didn't have a clue who a lot of these people were, and I noticed how quiet he was, he didn't know a soul but he looked like he was having a ball, chatting away to the Princess. I've never forgotten it, and the tape must be in the vaults of the BBC somewhere. take care, great site by the way
(Stephen Jacobs - U.K.)
Dear DMFC : Hi all, I wonder if you can shed some light on this. When I was very young, 1969-70, I am sure I saw a Dean Martin film with ufo's in it and possibly Jerry Lewis. As I was only about 10 years old, I can't remember a great deal about it. I would like to get a copy of it if any body knows what it was called. Many thanks.
(Andy C. - England)

Dear DMFC : My favorite Dean Martin song is "I Wish You Love". It was one of the first actual Stereo songs I heard on FM radio when it was out, and his voice just seemed to jump out of the radio at me. I went out immediately and bought the album, and have been a Dean Martin fan ever since.
(Tony Bedlow - California)
Dear DMFC : This week's tabloid, "The Globe" has a quick article on Dean's grandson, Alexander (son of Dino Jr.): Alex Martin Reflects on His Family:
NEW YORK (AP) - Talk about having good DNA. Actor Alex Martin is following in the footsteps of his Grandfather, Dean Martin, and his father, actor-singer Dean Paul Martin. The 28-year-old's acting career is on the rise, with his biggest role yet as a member of the boy-band spoof DuJour in the movie "Josie and the Pussycats." Martin tells People magazine in the April 30 issue that his grandfather and father, who died in a 1987 plane crash, "were like gods to me when I was growing up." He recalls being a 7-year-old in awe of his grandfather, who died in 1995 at age 78. "He was always sitting on the couch watching golf," Martin says, "and it took me about an hour to get up the courage to crawl across the couch to him. Not because he was Dean Martin, but because he was, you know, the gruff grandfather. I ended up falling asleep in his lap." Martin, who also appeared in 1998's "Can't Hardly Wait," says he regrets his grandfather "never got to see anything I was in."
Just being a sibling of Dean Martin doesn't mean much to most (maybe just the curisoty in seeing what they look like), but Alex is a sure fire winner in his own right. He rarely mentions Dean's name in interviews, and only replies briefly when asked about his Grandfather. That's a sure fire method of not "USING" Dean's name because he is related to get attention or ahead. Alex has true talent, and his own charm and good looks to attract the young girls, most of them asking "Who the heck is DEAN Martin"?
(Karen Richards - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : Well, another poll to list the greatest singers of the century conducted by England's BBC Radio2. They voted Frank Sinatra number one, over Elvis Presley who came in as number two. Dean came in at number forty-two, which is great considering the millions and millions of singers over the century, that our Dino is still in the running. Although we all love Dean's singing, he was more of a "personality" with movies, TV and comedy under his belt. For a man who did not perform relatively the last 10 or more years of his life, and to have been gone over five years, it could make people forget, so this is a true test of time that he is still remembered.
(Jeremy R. Booth - England)
Dear DMFC : Roger, Your question is like asking which is your favorite child. I feel the beauty of Dino's song catalog is that there is something to satisfy any mood you happen to be in. For pure romance, how can you beat Return To Me or Non Dimenticar? I start my day listening to Carolina in the Morning or Powder Your Face With Sunshine, just to put me in a good mood. If I want to venture off in my mind, Volare or On An Evening In Roma does the trick. I do favor his country tunes though. You want heartbroke, lonesome cowboys? Just listen to his version of I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry. Your not human if it doesn't put a lump in your throat and a tear in your eye. Rio Bravo too. If country isn't your thing, give a listen to his version of Solitaire. Sheesh, he could rip your heart out and then turn around and lift you back up with King of the Road or Little Ole Wine Drinker Me. Dino has been pushing my emotional jukebox buttons for 33 years and always will. I absolutely love him. The only singer alive today who can come close is Don Williams. But that's another website. If I had to choose only one Dino song, I'd have to say Return To Me, for the forgiveness asked for and the declaration of complete love and devotion. I could go on forever, but I'm going home now and replaying the PBS special for the zillionth time again. I wish love and peace to all Dino fans, family and our buddies at the Fan Center.
(Marie Macchiarella - Florida)
Dear DMFC : My favorite song is Everybody Loves Somebody. Even though I hear it all the time over and over, it still holds up and reminds me more of Dean than any other song.
(Mr. R. Hamble - Georgia)
Dear DMFC : My husband had the greatest idea for Easter. We spent the night before dying eggs with our two sons. The next day when we went to get the eggs to crack and eat, I found that he had made two "Dino" eggs by writing Dean's name with crayon before dying, and the artist that he is, he drew a sketch of Dean on one of them. I took a picture of it, and when I get it developed, I will mail it to your address for your magazine publication. I'm going to have a hard time eating that egg, but it won't last forever. I know that every bite of it will be like taking a big lick of Dean's lips. OOOOhhhhhhh! (Don't tell my husband!)
(Louise White - Maryland)
Dear DMFC : My favorite Dean Martin song is "Welcome to my World". The melody just puts me into a dream state that is so serene.
(Karen Luxembourg - Sweden)
Dear DMFC : In response to Roger Gabsin's request, my favorite Dino song is ``On An Evening in Roma.'' However, I must admit I'm a pushover for Dean's version of ``King of the Road.''
Dear DMFC : Happy Easter to all Dean Martin fans everywhere, and to his family and friends. Also a Happy Easter to Neil and your whole staff there at the fan center. Today I light a candle in Dean's memory.
(Karen Straper - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : I wanted to ask other out there what their favorite Dean Martin song is. I am just curious now if the early years or the later years are most liked.
(Roger Gabsin - Texas)
Dear DMFC : I saw Dean Martin years ago when he played here, and he was the very best. I was hoping for a video release of the concert because I remember seeing in on the tele shortly afterwards. Too bad it was never available.
(Trevor Lamb - England)
Dear DMFC : Saw your website mentioned and wanted to say what a tremendous job you are doing for Dean Martin. Thank you from one devoted fan.
(Carol Vanderbilt - Wisconsin)
Dear DMFC : As Easter approaches, I often think of Dean Martin and what he gave to all of us with his warmth and kindness. Let us all say a prayer and remember him this Sunday.
(Carolyn Traumas - Canada)
Dear DMFC : Hi, everybody. Just wanted to let you know that there was an article in the USA TODAY, dated 04/10/01, about Dean's grandson, Alex Martin, from Dean Paul's marriage to actress Olivia Hussey. A great article that talks about his film career, and makes many references to his famous family. Alex will be starring in the upcoming movie "Josie and The Pussycats". So make sure to keep your eyes peeled for that one.
(Mike Wiggins - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : Your website was mentioned in the latest issue of 'Digital Entertainment' as one of the top sites to visit for a celebrity. The article stated that you "not only encompass a complete website for Dean Martin, the entertainer, but also focus diligently on your publications, interviews, and involvement in all aspects of this personality at a very high and respected level in the entertainment circles. Uniting together fans , making it easy to learn and enjoy more of this wonderful superstar's career" is how they praised your fan club/center. I wanted to comment that I find your site very manageable and enjoyable too, and I have been a life-long fan of Dean Martin's myself. Two thumbs up for what you are doing.
(Robert Treasby - New York)
Dear DMFC : Hi, I was writing to see if there is any possible way I could get Dean to autograph a photo for me and one for my 8 year old son. He is enjoying movies that I grew up on when I was his age or younger. I loved all of Deans old movies and especially Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. My favorite one of all times is Sailors Beware. My husband bought me a whole set of all the old movies they made together and it is so neat that my three kids are laughing as hard as I did and still do at the same movies! James and I both love to hear Dean sing in all the movies and I listened to albums of him that my Mother listened to and sang when I was very young. I would love to frame a autographed photo on my wall and have one for my son that thinks the world of Dean and Jerry which I've sent a request for his too. I would so appreciate the effort if Dean Martin would write to us on a photo. It would mean the world to me and my son. Our names are Tina and James. Thank you very much!
(Tina Dixon - Missouri)
Hi Tina - I know that other fans are probably thinking of a million funny lines to say right now after reading your post... but we still get this question asked about once a week.
Unfortunately, Dean passed away in December of 1995, so we can not provide you with a personally autographed photo. Dean's music is heard so much, popping up in new movies and television commercials, and his movies are always being shown on television, that I guess one could have missed the news about Dean's passing. In the hearts and minds of the people that Dean touched - He is STILL with us everyday!
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : I'll bet that changing back the clocks for daylight savings time was the hardest two days of the year for Dean! Ha- just a joke. But seriously, I think I listen more to Dean's songs today, than I did back when he first put out his records. I guess it's because there isn't anyone left who sings with the ease and command of a song like Dean, and that style of popular music isn't abundant today. He was the best!
(Frasier Downs - California)
Dear DMFC :How wonderful was to find your site! I am Director of The Birthplace of John Wayne in Iowa. We run films every day at the museum, "Rio Bravo" and "The Sons of Katie Elder" are two of the most requested. The guests comment on how much they love Dean. When he sings "My Rifle, My Pony and Me" in "Rio Bravo" the guests all seem to stop and listen to those magic moments. Dean Martin was my first love at the tender age of ten years old. I was fortunate enough to grow up watching his show, never missed it. When I was 18 years old, I wanted badly to see him. Since getting to Las Vegas was next to impossible, I did the next best thing. I found out when he was to be performing at the MGM Grand Hotel and sent a letter to him there marked "Please Forward." About the time my letter would have arrived (or so I thought) - the hotel burned. I was sick because I thought my letter burned with the hotel. A couple of months later, I came home from work to find an envelope waiting for me. It had no return address, only a Van Nuys, CA postmark. I opened up the envelope and started to scream with delight. My letter did not go up in smoke. Somehow it reached Dean Martin! Inside the envelope was an autographed photo saying "To Vickie, Always, Dean Martin." To this day that photo holds a place of honor in my home. Thanks for your site and the opportunity to post on your message board. Keep up the good work!
(Vickie Polk - Iowa)
Dear DMFC : I would love to see more information on the team of Martin and Lewis. As a younger admirerer of Dean's, I first took notice when I was a kid, when Dean and Jerry would make me laugh and sing. They were the greatest. Now I have become a fan of both of them separately. Dean and Jerry have given the world so much happiness. Both were born from a one-team family, but as families grow, each member goes on their separate ways.
I also wish that the movie "Money From Home" was made available on home video (especially in the 3-D version that none of us have ever seen unless we were old enough to be able to see it originally in a theater).
(H. R. Ulyate - Canada)
Dear DMFC : I was in my car dialing through the radio stations, when I heard a great song by Dean Martin that I have never heard sung by Dean before called "It's Easy to Remember". After the song, I found out that I had tuned into an interview with Neil Daniels who is your fan center president. He commented on how that song was his favorite Dean Martin song. The stories that he told about Dean were so very interesting, especially one about about when he was in a restaurant across from NBC when Dean came in. The whole story about Mohammand Ali being there too was hilariously funny! I wish that I would have tuned in sooner to hear more, but I am so glad that the interviewer gave the address and website of your fan center. I haven't been this happy for years!
(John Rudolph - Texas)
Dear DMFC : I loved the PBS special on Dean Martin! What a charming, talented and handsome man he was. Would love to see more of his movies, TV Show, etc. in the near future please!!!
(Cheryl Sweat - Florida)
Dear DMFC : Just want to share a very special moment in my life made possible by Dean Martin many years ago. I've been a big fan of Dean as far back as I can remember. In 1966, at the age of ten, I wrote a letter to my hero telling him how much he meant to my Dad and I...his music, his movies, his sense of humor. I cant tell you how thrilled I was several weeks later when a wonderful 8" x 10" glossy arrived in my mail box signed; "To T.R. Hosier, Sincerely Dean Martin". That wonderful picture still hangs in my office today. We miss you Dean...
(T.R. Hosier - Canada)
Dear DMFC : I just wanted to let you know how much my family and I enjoyed thePBS special "Dean Martin Thats Amore". We just loved it. Thanks a million for letting me know it was coming on! Sincerely,
(Robert E. Durocher)
Dear DMFC : I am so mad! I have seen these post concerning the new PBS Dean Martin special, and learned that our station here in Los Angeles was going to show it on Wednesday night at 10:00. I was already set to record it, and make a sizable donation to get a copy of the show and whatever else they would offer. It wasn't on!!! They decided to show some opera program instead. Immediately I checked their website and it was still listed as being scheduled, but that's probably the reason that our station has been having a hard time raising funds. These last minute programming decisions are the kiss of death. Now I don't know what to do. I guess I will wait to see if the show come out on video in stores, since I cannot get it from PBS. Actually, maybe I will try one of the other stations that showed it. They might accept my donation and send me a tape. Still angry!
(Mrs. Mary Docherty - California)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin is the best! I am only 24 years old, and have heard so many things about Dean Martin. My Mom would go on and on about his singing and how handsome he was. I only heard these things, and have occasionally seen a few Dean Martin movies from time to time growing up (usually on cable). I too, just saw the PBS special, and was enthralled for an hour and a half watching the man who my Mom and others talked about so much. Now I' m hooked too. I want to know more. He does have some sort of magnetism that really grabs you by the heels.
(Kari Douglas - South Dakota)
Dear DMFC: Did you catch Florence Henderson on "Who Want's to be a Millionaire?". Regis asked her how many times she appeared on the Dean Martin Show and what Dean was REALLY like! She said that he was the funniest man, and just gushed!
(Jackie Tabor - Oklahoma)
Dear DMFC : I today received the following email from a very reliable source in an elite Frank Sinatra club: "I received an e-mail this week from Bear Family Records.... they plan to release a box set of all of Dino's Reprise recordings and are working on it now...... expected release date won't be before 2002. Bear Family Records did a wonderful job on the two box sets of Dean's Capitol Recordings and no doubt will do equally fine work on the Reprise box... when Bear Family Records does something, they do it right! It's exciting to know that all of Dino's recordings will soon be available on CD.... and it's about time!" Just wanted to pass it along to you. All the best,
(Paul M. Mock)
Hi Paul - As you know, the president (Neil Daniels) of our organization (The Dean Martin Fan Center), produced both "Capitol" Dean Martin Bear Family box sets. It was interesting to receive your post... you said that a Sinatra Club put this information out, but didn't state which one...  Actually, both Neil and the Bear Family would love to do the "Reprise Years". The information was almost accurate, but depending on how it is read, makes the difference. The recording information (dates, song titles, session information, etc) has previously been assembled. This is to see what is in involved in those years. The Bear Family would be the ideal company to produce this project, and Neil Daniels has stated many times how he was very, very happy with the previous boxed projects and being associated with a company as great as the Bear Family. Everything that they do is done with complete care and accuracy.
Because of the contracts with Capitol Records, and the negations with the Dean Martin Family Trust, nothing can be discussed for at least a year. A possibility of doing this project exists and it is very hopeful at this time that negotiations could follow.
For those who think that the family themselves are 'holding out', this is not the case. It is somewhat confusing because it is called "The Dean Martin Family Trust". Actually, it is because of the way that Dean himself had legally set the trust with his wishes and guidelines to be followed. Hopefully this is a bit more accurate. Thanks for sending in the information!
(K. Atchley - Executive Assistant - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : Just got the new magazine and loved the articles on Dean's Golddiggers. A few years ago I was out-of-state on a job assignment, and actually ran into one of the former Golddiggers down in Florida. She had mentioned that there was a Dean Martin Fan Center, and that your center's president was some sort of big shot at NBC, and was not only a good source for honest information about Dean Martin, but was also the president of the their (Golddiggers) fan club back in the sixties and seventies. I wish I could remember the woman's name that was one of Dean's Golddiggers, but shortly after, I searched for your club and joined. Ever since I have been proud to be a member, and somewhat forgot about the Golddigger that told me about the DMFC. Now, with the great interviews (and more to come), I am hoping that I will see a story on the one who I met, so I can find out her name. You're going to have me so curiously waiting for the future issues. Again, you do such a great job. From a proud member,
(Tom Starney - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : Your new issue of the Dean Martin Club Magazine is so good. The cover is the best, and reading about the Golddiggers makes me recall so much. I see that the next issue will have more Golddiggers interviewed. That will be great. I also wanted to say thank you for the tribute that you had for Les Brown. He kept my Mom happy during her years, when listening to his 'Band of Renown' in the golden age of the Swing Era after the war. He is now in heaven playing music for Dean once again.
(Terry Bishop - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : As much as I want to hear more about my favorite singer, Dean Martin, I applaud his family for not exploiting him. I'll bet there would be so much temptation to use Dean's name for their individual own gain. "Silence is golden" as they say. Thank you family for maintaining his dignity.
(Alicia Blythe - New York)
Dear DMFC : This is nice to have a place to learn about Dean Martin. He is popular here, but there is not enough information about him to read. I love his songs.
(George Mishawa - Japan)
Dear DMFC : Wow, this PBS special had more people posting messages than any other topic. I haven't seen it in my area yet (3 days away), but I can hardly wait.
(Byron Seacord - West Virginia)
Dear DMFC : I recently saw a Dean Martin film called Toys in the Attic. Wow, was this powerful stuff. How come no one ever mentions this film when they talk about the acting talents of Dean Martin? He will have you chilled with a performance that was not like the lovable man we all love. If Dean can make you feel the hate and rage like he did in that movie, then he has to be noted as one of the best actors around. Forget the Young Lions... check out "Toys in the Attic"!
(Marjorie Yorks - England)
Dear DMFC : I have listened to his wonder voice since I was a small child in my fathers lap. I lost my father recently but I'd like to continue to think he sounded just like him when he sang. I just wanted to say it is with wonder that I listen to his wonderful music... all of which I own... and for as long as their is music, his voice will bring joy to the world. It is now, because he is in heaven singing and dancing with my dad, called a legacy. His one of a kind style and voice helps keep me close to the people I love and have loved.
There will never be another and he will always be. To remember, to enjoy, to smile, to laugh, to love, to think....just push play. Thank you for the opportunity to tell what his essence means to me. Particularly now and let the music play.. My father was a simple soul that drifted happily through life and sprinkled fairy dust as he passed.. .So did Mr. Martin....
(Not Signed)
Dear DMFC : I found your website address in the cd, "Dean Martin King of Cool" Greatest Hits cd. I am glad that I came to your website to find out about the new tv show that everyone's talking about. It's coming on later here in Illinois, and now I won't miss it!
(Issac Jurog - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : I urge all the readers to RE-check your TV listings during the month of March. A lot of the PBS stations are running the Dean Martin special more than once! LA is showing it again on Monday, March 19 at 12:30 AM (In the wee small hours), and then again on Wednesday March 21st at 10:00 PM. I want to see it every time it is on!
(Kathy Lims - California)
Dear DMFC : My favorite Dean Martin movie was actually "Bells Are Ringing". It was a great musical, and Dean got to sing in it! I recently went to purchase the video, and it has been discontinued. That's such a shame. Maybe we'll get it back soon on dvd, and maybe it will have some extra things that we can enjoy.
(Kabo Chett - Belgium)
Dear DMFC : So, no word on the Dean Martin movie. It looks like another project that has run out of steam with everyone. Actually, it's probably for the better. It would be much wiser to have Dean's TV shows concentrated on. That's the REAL Dean. The Dean that No one could ever convey in acting or singing. The kids of today need to see the real Dean, not a hollywood illusion of the gift and talent he had.
(David Thadlow - Idaho)
Dear DMFC : I also wish to give my condolences and prayers to the family on the loss of Claudia. I just wanted to say thank you Neil, your staff, Lee Hale, Greg Garrison,PBS and the Dean Martin Family for creating this special. It was wonderful. The criticisms of the song selection, not liking the black & white clips, etc., is a bit silly in my view. We all know there is no way you can thoroughly cover a 40+ year, multi-faceted show business career in only a one hour show. But that wasn't the point of the show. The point was to highlight Dino's talent, charisma, charm, sense of mirth and how he thoroughly enjoyed himself when he was performing. I felt you accomplished that in spades, my friends! Just seeing him again singing, being silly and serious made me feel like I was that 9 year old little girl, sneaking down the hall to see his show, all over again! My favorite clip was "Blue Moon." Who else could have made that slipup, joke about it with the audience and crew, recompose himself and then nail the ending like nothing ever happened! Man, he was great! There isn't a 'pop' performer alive today who could do that without acting like a complete brat. My second favorite was "Houston", I always thought he made a sexy looking cowboy. The harmonica bit had me in stitches! Contrary to a previous poster, I liked the "Cest Si Bon" clip, especially the little tease to Frank he did at the end, twinkle in his eyes and the wink. Whew! It's that little rascal boy look he gives that hooks you every time and makes you fall in love with him. Heck, I could talk about this all week. I really want you guys to know how much this meant to me to see him again. By the end of the show, I had such mixed emotions, happy and sad because it underscored how much I miss his presence in this crazy world. Please keep up the good work, you all are the best!!!
(Marie Macchiarella - Florida)
Dear DMFC : I was fortunate to view the PBS special, That's Amore, 1 week ago and taped it. I have watching ever since. In addition, I actually made a cassette tape of all the songs that Dean sang on that special since several of them were never recorded by him (Almost like being in love, Bye Bye Blackbird, Pennies from heaven, etc.). Being in my late 40's, I remember watching those original shows on Thursday night. Even though I was about 12 when the first show aired, I loved and appreciate Dean and his talent then. It was great to reminisce with Greg Garrison and see clips of one of the all time great variety shows. Being sentimental and always a fan of Dean for all these years, Greg Garrison brought tears to my eyes in the way he described Dean. I never met Dean but once on vacation with my wife in California in 1985, we ate at a restaurant called La Famiglia. I had heard that Dean and other celebrities ate there regularly. We were lucky that night because, while we sat down to eat, my wife recognized Dean leaving the restaurant but I was unable to meet him. Afterwards, I spoke to the owner, Joe Patti, and he told us of his friendship with Dean and how he would be flown into Las Vegas to bring Dean his favorite Italian dishes. In closing, I was motivated to find a Dean Martin website after viewing the PBS special and I am glad that I found yours.
(Rob Falcone)
Dear DMFC : Here are a few times for the PBS show... Waterton, NY is on March 10th at 5:30PM... Los Angeles is on March 21 at 10:00 PM... In New Jersey and New York on WNJN is will be on March 11th at 3:00 PM. Everyone should really check their TV guides to see when it will be on. Many areas are showing it more than once. I would suggest taping it. Who knows if this will ever be seen again. Be prepared! I love a PBS show called "Doo Wop 51" with all of the older groups, but they have not put the video out to the public. All you can do is make a pledge while it is on to get it from PBS. With the problems of getting the Dean Martin Shows released, I wonder if this show will ever be sold in stores? It was a very polished hour and a lot of fun. It brought back so many memories. Even if you're not a huge Dean Martin fan, I would suggest that you watch this show. Maybe those who really don't know all that much about Dean Martin (Like some of the younger people) can see what all of us are talking about after seeing it. Thanks.
(Jackie Cosland - Texas)
Dear DMFC : I have just read on your "news" page, that the new list put out by the RIAA lists Dean's "Everybody Loves Somebody" as the 228th greatest song of the century! That's great! So much seems to be happening again.
(Joe Woytak - Washington)
Dear DMFC : I have to agree and second what Daniel Del Toro stated in response to an earlier posting. The people who produced the PBS show could have shown just the "hits" that Dean sang. However, I believe the show wanted to capture the magic that made it such a hit for most of its nine year run. Essentially, it was the fun loving spirit in the opening numbers, and the warmth of the ballads. To bottle up nine years in one hour is impossible, so they focused on the first three years as best they could. I believe they were successful.
Think of all the duets with the numerous guests besides Peggy Lee and Petula Clark that we could have seen. So many choices and so little time. Personally, I also wanted to see an "I Will" clip, especially since he sang it on four different shows, but I think the choices were made to show the person who brought joy to so many people and the style in which it was accomplished. Sure "Cest Si Bon" may not have been the greatest choice, but it showed Dean tackling a song that wasn't the best fit for his voice, but putting his own stamp on it. I think that may have been what they were shooting for in the show. The title of the show said it all, Dean Martin: That's Amore. It really was just that. Thanks for letting me have some input.
(Not signed)
Dear DMFC : May I offer my sympathy to Dean's family on Claudia's passing. Just got through watching the PBS show here in Salt Lake City and it was great! I'm on cloud nine! The only things I would change is to drop the black & white 50's segments, to me they seemed out of place. Also, I would have liked to hear songs like "Welcome To My World", "Little Green Apples", and other later standards. But still, it was an outstanding program. After the show, the phones at the pledge drive were ringing off the hook! One person donated $500.00! Testament to the power and talents of Dino! Thank you DMFC for letting us know and for always promoting Dino! Ciao.
(Clay Taylor - Utah)
Dear DMFC..I disagree with Ben Ruminski....I bought all those Reprise albums.... and watched the series .....but guess what......I find myself listening to the Capitol stuff more and more...all the romantic stuff...I rather hear Dean sing I"m in the Mood for Love...You made me love you..I didn't want to do it... than "Houston"...All those country style formula songs made Dino a ton of money.....still I'm waiting for all the Reprise stuff...so I can make my own compilation of romantic reprise recordings. call me a romantic....But I still think that's Dino at his best............
(Ricks Cafe)
Dear DMFC : I read or heard somewhere that you have recordings that Dean Martin had made that are earlier than any that have ever been released. I mean even before the Apollo and Diamond years. I hope that you will be able to get these made available for us fans. I know that your president was the producer of the wonderful Bear Family box sets, so maybe he will use the recordings he has on another release. Even if it won't go on a box set, it could be made into a single cd that would be a pre-item to the sets already released. Thank you for all you do.
(Stephen Glass - Germany)
Dear DMFC : Steubenville's Dino 2001 will be held on Friday and Saturday, June 15th and 16th. Friday at Jefferson Community College will be the social/film festival with silent auction. Saturday mass will be at 10 AM at St. Anthony's. Three Dino impersonators will begin performing at 1 PM. New location: Steubenville "Big Red" High Commons. This is indoors with air-conditioning. Both evenings The Spot Bar will continue the fun with a cover charge.
(Rose & Carol)
Dear DMFC : Two wonderful events this month - The PBS show with Dean and the latest Fan Center magazine. The cover says a thousand words alone. Susie was my very favorite Golddigger. (I use to fantasize about her all the time), but the look on Dean's face is... is... how can I explain it? It's priceless! For those of you who have not joined the Fan Center, I suggest that you spend the yearly fee and do so. I can't help but pick up the latest issue and look at Dean's expression at least twenty times a day. I think I might even frame this issue on my wall!
(Wayne Edwards - Wisconsin)
Dear DMFC : I just read the letter by Ben R Ruminski of Ohio. I don't know where to start to disagree with him! It seems like he is a country music fan and a country music fan. Well, maybe a country music fan also. My opinion - I loved it!
It has already been analyzed that Dean had sold more records BECAUSE of the TV Show, not because of the difference between the Capitol recordings or the Reprise recordings. The medium of television was the advertising equivalent of the videos they now show on MTV. I think it is the opinion of some, that the first three or four years of the Dean Martin Show were the best years, although I actually prefer the middle years with the Golddiggers and Ding a ling Sisters doing their medleys with Dean, who was thoroughly enjoying himself.
There were nine years worth of shows, and one hour in a TV special. It appears that some decisions had to be made, and maybe there were some restrictions as to what could be shown. We have all heard about the difficulty in getting the clearances to get the show put out. Now, finally after all these years, we are getting a piece what we have all shouted for, and there are still complaints.
I don't put your opinion down, (opinions are only how a person views something) I just don't understand. I loved it. I pledged $300.00 just to get a copy of the video that I had already taped off the air, and everyone I talked with LOVED it.
One last comment. It was stated, "It almost seemed like the people who produced the show "didn't get it". Take another look at the credits. Most of the people listed were the original people who made the show the success it was back when it was on NBC. They "got it"!
(Daniel Del Toro - New York)
Dear DMFC : I grew up with Dean Martin ever since those days with Jerry Lewis. How did one ever know that Dean was going to go on by himself so successfully? I DID! and I guess I wasn't alone. There is something that Dean had that no one could reproduce. He not only had a great voice - he wasn't just the best looking man around - he had something else. A special glow that pulled us all in. That is probably why his TV show was so successful. He could be seen by us every week, with his glow that lit our house up. I love Dean Martin, and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of him.
(Katie Newman - Oklahoma)
Dear DMFC : KOCE just showed the special on Dean that has been the talk of your bulletin board. How can I say again what everyone has said.... terrific! stupendous! marvelous! wonderful! FINALLY it's a step in the right direction! Bravo! Great! Magnificent!
(Patty Kendricks - California)
Dear DMFC : I idolized Dean Martin my entire life. Never missed one of his NBC television shows. Could hardly wait for the PBS special. Made sure all my friends and family knew about it. Even called the local radio station that plays a lot of Dino to have the deejays inform their listening audience. Some younger people who had never experienced Dino on his show were planning to tune in. Unfortunately, the special was a disappointment. The song selection was weak. Where were those songs from his Reprise albums that put him back on the charts in the mid to late 60's? Songs like "Born To Lose", Here Comes My Baby", Green Green Grass of Home" and "I Will". Why such songs as "Old Man River", "L-O-V-E", "Cest Si Bon", and "I am in the Mood for Love". Those were the types of songs that Capitol and at the beginning Reprise had Dean sing that almost sunk his recording career. Dino sold millions of albums featuring primarily "country songs" during the time of his television run. These were the songs that made people turn up the volume on their TV sets. That is what made him so popular with the common folk. People I talked to this week who were very fond of Dino and grew up in the era of his TV show expressed the same sentiment. It almost seemed like the people who produced the show "didn't get it". I hope this show did not turn off any potential Dino fans. Sorry for the negative note, but I had to get it off my chest. I hate to see my hero put in a bad light.
(Ben R Ruminski - Ohio)
Hi Ben - Thanks for your post! We have been receiving literally tons of posts, e-mails, letters, and even in-person comments on the show. It's really interesting to hear the opinions from so many folks. I think that you may be outnumbered by what the majority of others have said, but none-the-less, we thought that your comments were an interesting view from a Dean Martin fan. It goes to show that you can never please everyone all the time. As long as you're still a Dean Martin fan, that's most important!
Assistant Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : In answer to the question that Mike Merryman from Mexico wrote: Lee Hale appeared in certain cities during the shows pledge breaks. The Golddiggers were not in it. I think you have mistaken the Golddiggers' interviews in the new Dean Martin Fan Center magazine for an appearance on the PBS show. Only Greg Garrison was interviewed, and he gave a very nice speech about his memories. How did you see the program in Mexico? Was it only an hour without pledge breaks? or do you get a PBS station in Mexico? Wow, Dean even reached south of the border, down Mexico way.
(Bob Manda - New York)
Dear DMFC : It looks like the PBS special will be re-broadcast in the Los Angeles area on March 21 at 10:00 PM. I missed taping it the first time, but I'm going to be ready this time. Yes, memories ARE made of this.
(Randy Abbott - California)
Dear DMFC : Great new issue. I am a member of your fan club for Dean and look forward to receiving my magazine all the time. As soon as I get it, everything stops until I have read it all from cover to cover. The article on Stanley Myron Handleman was so interesting. He was such a well known comedian in those golden years, and I have wondered about him from time to time. It is interesting to see the pictures of him today. My biggest compliment was the interviews with Dean's Golddiggers. I loved it and all of the pictures. I can't wait to read the next one which you say will have more interviews with other Golddiggers too. Again, it is a great issue.
(Mrs. Guy Thompson - Georgia)
Dear DMFC : That's twice that Regis mentioned how much he loved the Dean Martin special in the last few days!
(Gwenn Bigram - Colorado)
Dear DMFC : I watched the Special on PBS and it was great. I read the other reports on the special and they all read different.. Was Lee Hale on the Special??? I did not see him, Just Greg Garrison. Was the Golddiggers on too??? It was on tonight at 9:00PM on Wednesdays. Like the old days,it was on at 9:00 on Thursdays!! It's going to be repeated on Satellite T4-18, March 18, 7:00PM. It gave me goose bumps. All where opening of the shows. Keep up the good work, maybe we can see a weekly series on PBS like the Lawerence Welk Show!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!!!
(Mike Merryman - Mexico)
Dear DMFC : Thanks for the heads-up on the PBS show. Saw it in Los Angeles, and it was terrific. It seemed like they focused on the first two years of the NBC show (with the exception of the three 50's spots). It was wonderful to see them at full length. It was nice to see such variety of songs, especially the up-tempo ones that were never officially recorded. "Love" and "Where or When" were standouts! It also seemed the clips picked were not part of the 26 shows that were in syndication in the Mid-1980's (except for "Where or When", and "Somewhere There's A Someone"). That was a real treat, as I thought they would just take the clips from those for the special. I only wish the show was 30 minutes longer, so we could have had a chance to
see/hear more great stylings.
(Steven Silverman - California)
Dear DMFC : I saw the PBS special on Dean last night and words can't express what it was like to actually see him singing some of his biggest songs! I had a huge smile on my face throughout the entire program. I felt like I had been transported back in time and was sitting in his audience. It really makes me yearn for videos of his old shows! I urge everyone to check your local PBS listings and catch this show. Thanks so much to DMFC for sending us e-mail notification about the show. I might have missed it if you hadn't sent me the message!
(Dawn Malcolm)
Dear DMFC : I am so glad that I am a member of the fan club. When your latest magazine came, I saw the news and found the PBS special in my TV guide. Thanks for the notification. By the way, the issue with Dean and Golddigger Susie Ewing on the cover is absolutely beautiful. Dean's face tells a hundred stories all at once. Great issue! I loved hearing from all of the Golddiggers interviewed.
(Katie Yelman - Florida)
Dear DMFC : Even Regis Philbin mentioned the PBS Special on his show this morning, and how much he loved it!
(Tom Levitt - New York)
Dear DMFC : I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! The Dean Martin special show with songs from his weekly tv show brought back so many pleasant memories of the world's greatest singer. It was great! I hope they rerun it again!
(Barbara Spector - Illinois)