Dear DMFC : While watching a Cleveland Indians ballgame on the TV the other day, they break to a commercial between innings. There's Dean's voice singing "Your Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You" while they show a guy enjoying a "Heineken" at a pub !!! Dino's is still EVERYWHERE !!! He'll always be "The Man " !!!!
(J.P. - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : Hi there, With as much country music as Dean Martin recorded, did any of his hit singles cross over to the country music charts?
(Mike Wiggins)
Dear DMFC : Still listening to Dean's CD's and still walking on the treadmill. I've lost another 10 lbs!! I have 40 more to go to reach goal. I feel great. His music makes me feel so good inside and about myself. Imagine I even lost 4 lbs on vacation!!! Love ya Dino.
(Kate Meno)
Dear DMFC : Hi, everybody. I want to say I've enjoyed reading about the Goldiggers in the Club magazine, but wonder if anyone can tell me whatever happened to two of my favorites--Michelle della Fave (spelling?) and Tara King? Did they go on with their careers? Tara had a beautiful voice and Michelle was a great dancer. Would have been a shame if they stopped using their talents. They sure were good our man in the Welcome to My World sequence and the humorous ones they did, especially when Michelle would say, "I have map of the world tatooed all over my body," and Dean would sing some song with a slightly naughty connotation, like "I'm Alabamy bound!" Anybody remember that little segment?
(Lucille Badger -Alabama)

Dear DMFC : Dean's singing influences ? Some black group as I recall. Who?
(Michael E. Borowiak)
Hi Michael - It was "The Mills Brothers" (Up a Lazy River, Glow Worm, etc.). Specifically, Dean learned a lot by watching Harry Mills and his good natured attitude... always smiling and taking things very calmly. The Mills Brothers were a very popular singing group earning a slew of awards and setting musical history as they carved out hit after hit through out the decades. The Mills Brothers Traveled on the road quite a bit, and played clubs in the area that Dean grew up in (around Ohio, and Pennsylvania). When the Mills Brothers first appeared on Dean's own TV show, Dean was there early and you could see that he was in awe of singing with the group standing between them, next to Harry.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : Dean and Jerry broke out the summer I was born, June of 46, and my parents were big fans, so they went to all their movies and took me, too (I was a good baby!). I grew up watching them. When they parted 10 years later, I started out being on Jerry's side, but when I saw his first Dino-less movie, I thought he stunk. Then I started seeing Dean on TV and in some movies, and my heart went Zing! I was smitten from then on and for life! I was obviously reaching puberty when they broke up, which explains why I went more for Dean than for Jerry. Like all of y'all, I was a tremendous fan of his, and always regretted never seeing him in person. I'll never forget how I found out he had died. I was talking to a good friend of mine that Christmas Eve night, when another friend beeped in. I put friend # 1 on hold and took that 2nd call. That friend, a tremendous Hollywood buff, said she and her husband had just gotten home from visiting relatives in a nearby town and she caught the tail end of a newscast headline that said, "Hollywood Legend Dies." She wanted to know if I knew who it was. I told her no, but I would ask the girl I had on hold. When I got back to her, she said, yeah, she heard it was Dean Martin. I almost dropped the phone. I ended that call quickly, called back the first girl, then called my mother, also a big Dean Martin fan. Mom called me back about 20 minutes later to tell me CNN was running something about him. I was glued to the TV most of the night. Finally, I turned off the TV, turned out the lights, and put on some of his albums, and just sat there, in the dark, listening to the golden voice and paying my solitary tribute to him. I've never forgotten that night, and to this day, I buy any CD or cassette of his I can find, have copied songs off numerous albums I have of his to cassettes, and play him frequently. He can lift me when I'm down, and make me smile when I'm not. I'll always love him.
Like you all, I had a fit over "That's Amore." It was wonderful! I recorded it the first night, then proceeded to watch the show everytime they showed it on the PBS station (they ran it a lot). I also love "Marshmallow World," for Christmas, but I think the song of his I hum the most is "Send Me the Pillow That You Dream On." That one does something to me. Thanks for letting me add my extremely long comments. Best wishes to you all--
(Lucille Badger - Alabama)

Dear DMFC : Dean is the best! I fell in love with his voice ever since I first heard him sing "Welcome to my World" on his TV show. I just wanted to say that.
(Diane Payne - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : I have read in Book Review Digest that Dean Martin's son, Ricci Martin is coming out with a book about his father. I hope that it is a loving look rather than a harsh 'just to sell the dirt' book that so many authors and family members want to write and make money on. I have followed many interviews with various members of Dean's family (wives and children) and have my own ideas which of them truly respect Dean, and which of them "put on the front" to use his name for their own gains. I have always thought that Ricci was a very talented man in his own right, and has never exploited his father's name or image for his own benifit. A "loving" look by Ricci would be most welcomed by fans of his father.
(Andrew R. Brady - New York)
Dear DMFC : Hi, my English isn't very good, but I hope it will be enough. I would be happy, if you could answer me a question concerning a "stunt" of Dean Martin. I've heard that he was doubled in a scene of a film, when he was asked to drink a glass of milk. This may sound like a silly question to you, but I make a presentation in my class about Dean Martin and this would be a funny and cool fact that I could involve in it. Besides, your homepage is fantastic concerning presentation and facts. Best greetings,
(Tibor Gludovatz - Italy)
Dear DMFC : Thanks for providing this web site. Despite being a product of the rock generation and a rock fan, I have also been a lifelong (or nearly so) fan of Dean Martin since hearing his "(Remember Me) I'm the One Who Loves You" album purchased by my father in the mid-1960s (I'm 41 years old). When he passed away on Christmas Day, 1995, I felt a genuine sense of loss, one that I do not normally feel when a celebrity dies. Of course, I never met Mr. Martin and realize there was a great deal more to his personality than the facets he shared with the public, but when he died, I felt as if I had lost a suave, dynamic, incredibly talented, somewhat naughty and slightly crazy uncle.
I'm grateful he left behind such a large body of work. I was recently listening to a two-CD recording of one of the shows he, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis, Jr. did in Chicago in late 1962 that I purchased a few months before his death. Even after hearing the discs many times over the last five plus years, the jokes and wisecracks told by the three, but especially Dean, still bring smiles to my face and often make me laugh out loud--he had such a quick wit. I'm looking forward to the release of the retrospective of clips from his show mentioned in your news release section several weeks ago. I recall watching the NBC special in 1979 and enjoyed it a great deal, but unfortunately we had no VCR then to preserve it on tape.
My current financial situation precludes my joining your fan center, but I intend doing so at the earliest opportunity. Keep up the great work!
(Brian R. Battor - Missouri)
Dear DMFC : There seem to be a lot of other songs Dean sang in movies that I don't see on greatest hits CD's . I have the double disc Capitol Years but would like to get some of the others. Are there any plans to release songs from movies that aren't in any other compilations. Also - a few years back, I heard that Jerry Lewis was working on some Colgate Comedy hour stuff for video. Did that ever happen? I've been a fan since I was a kid back in Steubenville and first saw his show on TV. My father even had the split lower lip like him !
(Rick Giannamore)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin is the best! This guy made a slew of movies between his million selling records and Las Vegas dates, not to mention being on television for decades! What an entertainer!
(Connie Lacell - Belgium)
Dear DMFC : I have been an avid Dean Martin fan for many years and especially since my beloved son passed away the same year as Dean. No one will ever know how heart wrenching it is to lose a child until you experience it and we don't wish that on anyone. I know just how he felt when his Dino was killed...I would really appreciate it if you will advise me as to when the next PBS program about Dean will be on. I've missed it and would really like to see it next time.
Hi Marie - Thanks for writing, and we are very sorry to hear about your son. Unfortunately, there was only one PBS Special made, and it is up to PBS if they will want to run it again on their local stations. Because each of the PBS stations operate independently in each city, you would have to check your local TV listings to see if your local PBS station will air it again.
The special is now available for sale on VHS or DVD. It is called "Dean Martin - That's Amore!" and can be found at your local video or even cd store. It's also available on our website under "Dean's Mall". Just go to Dean's "Amazon Market" where you will find it.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I just bought a box set of Dean Martin's early recordings called "Memories Are Made of This" which contains 8 cd's and a fantastic 86 page color book chocked filled with pictures and information. I know that there is another volume after this one, and I will be looking for it next week at my store. I wanted to say thank you to Neil Daniels of your organization for producing this set, and for providing the magnificent photographs displayed in the book. Also John Chintala for his great biography. I am also so very happy to have knowledge of your web site for Mr. Martin. I am planning on joining the fan club right away. Thanks again.
(Craig Sharpe - New York)
Dear DMFC : I just finished watching my 3rd Dean Martin Roast tape - my first set of tapes - and I couldn't wait to tell you Thank You for providing these tapes. It's been a long time since I've watched a program that left a smile on my face when it ended and the smile stayed even while watching the credits! I laughed, I cried, my heart felt happy! Thank you so very much!
(Jerry Allhand)
Dear DMFC : We had some cardiac problems in my family last year. My Dad had triple bypass surgery, but he's doing great !!! My brother unfortunately had a massive heart attack and passed away. I figured I'd better do something about my weight. I bought a treadmill and went on a diet. Every night I put one of Dean's CD's on and walk 2 to 2 1/2 miles on the treadmill. I've lost 44 lbs so far, feel great and look terrific!!! I look forward to my walking every night, because I love Dean's music so much. P.S. Then I have a glass of wine and sleep like a baby.
(Kate Meno)
Dear DMFC : Just like Fay, I was fortunate enough to meet Dean , in private and in person. With ever greatful thanks to his manager , Mort Viner, Dean and I spent about 10 minutes together during his visit to London in 1987. I found Dean to be a wonderfully warm, kind and genuine person, who took time out to spare me those precious moments. One thing that seemed to be with Dean, when we spoke, is the fact that he couldn't see why I'd want to meet him anyway. What had he ever done ? Somehow he just didn't realise the impact he'd made on so many peoples' lives. He was just marvelous, and I'll cherish my memories for ever.
(Graham Daniels - Great Britain)
Dear DMFC : I have been a fan of Dean Martin ever since he started with Jerry Lewis. He was a wonderful actor, singer and human being and this world misses him terribly. I had the pleasure of meeting Dean in 1968 when he was in Brackettville, Texas making the movie "Bandolero." I have many beautiful photos of him that I took, however, my favorite one is where he is kneeling down beside my wheel-chair and I gave him a big kiss. He was a real sweetheart and was interested in knowing all about me and how I got hurt. Meeting him is something I shall never forget.
(Faye Elam)
Dear DMFC : Hi, just to let you know that I've been a Dino fan for a very long time, I even went to his show in 1983 at the Apollo Theatre in London. Hopefully I intend to join Dino's fan club soon, any info on the subject will be greatfully appreciated..Thanks.
(Austin Patrao - U.K.)
Dear DMFC : This is a really great website!! Dino, without question, IS, the best Italian -American singer of all time! Even though I like Frank Sinatra, Dino is the best!!! (Dino is a much more talented singer, in my opinion)."Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime" is my favorite song of Dino's! Everytime I hear it, the effect is still the same, the song still inspires the same emotions and feelings as it did in the 1960's.. Keep up the great work, A Loyal Fan of Dino!
(Ron Siravo)
Dear DMFC : I just would like to say I loved Dean Martin. I still love him. I grew up with him and Frank Sinatra. My parents loved him and we all miss him. When I hear his voice, I can't explain how I feel. I know how close Dean and Frank were all through the years. When Dean was sick, I realized Frank was not too well at that time too. I often wondered, at the time of Dean's death, what did Frank Sinatra do at this time or say,never really read anything in the paper about this. Was Frank able to attend the funeral ? This means something to me. I want to know that in the end... they were together and I know for sure that they are the "greatest "singers in heaven.
(Nan Domm)
Dear DMFC : I work at a video store and we opened the new Dean Martin That's Amore video for instore play. Working with customers all day I don't really get to watch the video, but I hear the songs. I find myself going home at the end of the day singing C'est Si Bon. I've been a BIG fan for years and have tons of Dean CDs.
(Derek Lore - Ohio)
Dear DMFC: Unlike all the above obvious fans of Dean Martin, I believe I might be the first Asian to write. I must say I'm only 28 but Dean Martin is my favourite singer of all time. His voice just strikes a chord deep down in me every time I hear it. I have most of his albums and plan to keep on collecting all of it. I am not married but I can tell you that when I actually do get married one day, the first dance with my wife during the wedding reception, with the lights turned down low, will be to the song " You Belong To Me". I just love that song. Thanks for the good work in keeping his memory alive. We love you DINO !!!!
Dear DMFC : The name Dean Martin had only seemed slightly familiar to me when I first heard "Ain't That a Kick in the Head". I was 15 and fell in love with the voice of Mr. Martin. Now at 17 I'm a huge fan of his music, and many others of the era. It may raise an eyebrow to some, but my parents are grateful I'm humming "Bye Bye Blackbird" instead of some of the music many of my peers endorse. Your site is a great resource of information and entertainment.
Dear DMFC : Hi, I received my DVD and VHS copy of "That's Amore". I've watched it every day for the last week, and every time I watch it, it gets better and better. He did it again!! He made me cry and laugh at the same time, watching him sit on the couch singing with so much warmth gives me a strange feeling. It's great but also makes me realize that Dean is gone. We have to be thankful that there were are so many people making these great specials, so we can always remember Dean.
The "Houston" part is also great. The way he moved and the way he sang. There will never be another singer like him. And Greg Garrison is real. He's one of us. He really loved Dean. He says he misses him. Well, I miss him too and I never met him. Every Wednesday I light a candle for him. That's my way of saying Thank You Dean.
(Eduarda Da Silva - Rotterdam)

Dear DMFC : I love Dean Martin so much that my friends think I am crazy. I guess it's because I'm suppose to love Backstreet Boys or Brittney Spears... but they suck compared to Dean Martins songs.
(Caroline Landry - Texas)
Dear DMFC : We are expecting to have a firework that spells out "Dino" for our annual fourth of July celebration. During the spectacuar, we are also playing "That's Amore" for the crowd. It's at Jefferson Park in Terrace View right outside of Jersey Turnpike.
(Lionel Pichard)
Dear DMFC : My favorite song is "Only Trust Your Heart", especially when I see all the things around me that pull me in every direction. Dean Martin always gives me strength with his vocal renditions.
(Magna Fallani - Italy)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin was a big part of our lives. Both my husband and I met during a cruise in the mid 1950's. They played a Dean Martin song in the ballroom, and my husband now, came over to ask me to dance. One thing led to another, and we found that we both loved Dean Martin and his singing very much. Since that evening, we have been married over 45 years, and are planning on celebrating our 50th with a cruise like before, with the same song playing, except now, we will have our three children with us and their children. We love you tribute to Dean and wanted to tell you our small story too.
(Mr. and Mrs. Gene Bolgary - New York)
Dear DMFC : I heard your president on the radio last week talk about Dean Martin, and laughed along with the funny stories and memories he told. I wish he could have stayed longer, but apparently I missed a large part of the show. I heard him mention the website, and now that I have found you, I wanted to say thank you from all of us fans for helping us keep his memory alive with all of your work.
(Gary Galloway - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : I have been a Dean Martin fan since I first saw his act with Jerry Lewis. It would irritable me when Jerry would interrupt Deans singing and I would pray that every time Dean sang, Jerry would go for a walk. I also have always been a big fan of Perry Como. What I want to say about both of these two, is that they personified the word class. Their voices were fantastic, their styles a little different, but the warmth of their voices was so soothing. When Dean sings I feel like he is singing to me alone and when Perry sings he can make the most hectic day take on a calmness.
I have had many arguments with friends who say that Sinatra had a
better voice than either of the two above mentioned singers. In my view Frank had great style, and phrasing, but Dean had the much better voice, he had warmth and smoothness that goes far beyond the technicalities of style. I would be a traitor to Perry if I didn't say that I think the same applies to him. There was an indefinable quality to Dean that I have never found in any other entertainer, and here I am talking about an all-around entertainer, which Perry was not.
Thank Goodness for recordings and videos. This wonderful entertainer
(and I have the feeling that he was just as good a man as he was an entertainer) will live on for a long time to come. I read Marilyn Monroe's bio. and when it came to the part about the movie she and Dean were making at the time of her death, I will always remember the part about when the bosses fired her and hired Lee Remick to replace her, Dean walked off the set saying it was nothing against Lee, but he had been hired to work with MM and if she goes, so did he. Now that is CLASS. Thank you for all the info you have on this sight.
(Dolores Del Sesto)
Dear DMFC : Hi, I just wanted to let you know I just watched the special on Dean Martin on my local PBS station. I enjoyed it very much. It brought back many wonderful memories. I was a little girl when his show was on in the 60's, but I remember very vividly watching every week. I have always had a love of tall dark handsome men, now I know why. Thanks for the fan center.
(Elaine Gill )
Dear DMFC : Got back from Steubenville... it was nice. About the same as last year. This impersonator, Joe somebody, he's very good. Nothing much new to report. It's mostly a few hours of auctions , but nothing rare. It's just nice to see the few hundred people turn out for Dean Martin, the best singer there ever was.
(Anthony Petrillo - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : Channel 50 in Los Angeles is running the PBS special "That's Amore" this week (a couple of times). I would suggest that everyone re-check their local TV listings because it looks like this special is making it's rounds again, all summer long!
(Loyita Blair - California)
Dear DMFC : Thanks to you for all the great information on Dean Martin. He was a favorite of my family , and when I was old enough to start a family of my own, Dean Martin went along entertaining us with his music and movies. His television show was the greatest. I guess the kids of today who are under 30 would not have a clue as to the power of what Dean Martin did with the gifts he had entertaining many generations. Again, thank you for a wonderful organization and site for him.
(Austin Cobey - Washington)
Dear DMFC : Thanks for the nice e-mail. I want to let you know, I truly loved the last special on TV, where Dean just sang one song after another. That was wonderful. Thanks for getting it together for us. I only wish we could see some of the old TV shows. Why ?? can't they bring them back. We grew up with them. If they couldn't bring back just the Dean Martin show, may-be they could rotate, and show 1 old verity show every week like Dino, Perry, etc. and rotate. May-be you might think I am crazy, but why not ask. I know the audience is out there, waiting for it. My kids who are in there mid and late 20's would just love it. Thanks again for the news. I do have lots of albums, and a few old 45's but don't think they are that rare. I have one, I have never come across on the albums. The Look. I just love it. Well bye now,I just love Dean.
(Jan Arseneaux Creighton)
Hi Jan - I think you'll find a nice surprise by going to the "News" page and reading about the current plans for releasing some classic segments from Dean's TV series. I want to thank Tom Bergin for biting his tongue, by keeping this info under wraps until Greg Garrison had it finalized and gave me the go-ahead to announce the great news!
(Neil T. Daniels - President of the Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : I don't know if any one of Dean's family reads these e-mails but I wanted to let you know that Dean was my first love. When I was a little girl, 5 years old in 1955 I fell in love with Dean. I listened to his music and knew when I grew up I would marry him. I never got to see him in person and I never was able to tell him just how much he meant to me. I never lost the feeling I had when I was 5. When I hear his songs to this day I feel warm and secure inside. I only wish I had been able to let him know how he touched my life.
(Susan Allison - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : I have recently realized the unbelievable coolness of Dino and his buddies, Frank and Sammy. This is the first time I have ever been to the site and I absolutely love it. Keep up the good work. Oh yeah, I almost forgot: Dean Rules!!!
Dear DMFC : I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday in heaven, Dean. Gosh it's been forever since you left. I still miss you. I love this site. Come here often. Watched Cannonball yesterday and laughed and laughed. Thanks for the memories.
(Randi Goldwasser)
Dear DMFC : I just like to wish Dino a Happy Birthday. AMC really dissapointed me and other Dean Martin fans. They were suppose to air five of his films, instead they only aired one. This is a travesty. How dissapointing this is, but on the bright side we know Dino will live on with or without AMC.
(Joe Dorantes)
Dear DMFC : Happy Birthday, Dino !! As the song says, "Day after day I'll always love you". You'll always be this Italian girl's first love. I hope you dance with all the angels on high today. Love,
(Marie Macchiarella - Florida)
Dear DMFC : Happy Birthday, Dino!!!!
(Rick Morrison - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : Like the song 'Young at Heart' says... look at all you'll derive at a hundred and five. Dean, you're always young in our hearts, and you're only 84!
(Catlin Masdomy - Idaho)
Dear DMFC : Every year I stop for a while and think about Dean Martin on his birthday and at Christmas (when he passed away). I miss him and the generation of singers he was surrounded by. Perry Como is another. Dean, if you can hear me, have a happy birthday.
(Sue Ressick - England)
Dear DMFC : I just bought a copy of That's Amore on DVD at my Tower store and it is awsome! Thank you guys for all the work you did to get this out tous!
(Nan Julius - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : June 7th - Happy Birthday to the greatest singer, commedian and actor that ever lived life to it's fullest. Here's to you Dino!
(Jeff Dana - California)
Dear DMFC : I just got the new DVD "Dean Martin That's Amore" and it is so fantastic! Will there be more of this to come? I loved his TV show and now I can show my children what talent he really had.
(Mrs. Mary Dryer - Florida)
Dear DMFC : Happy Birthday Dino!
(Kenny Trabucco - Italy)
Dear DMFC : I wanted to say my public announcement to all Dean Martin fans out there that I wish Dean a happy birthday in the sky above!
(Julian P. Graves - Maryland)
Dear DMFC: This is to respond to Claudia DeMarco. Thanks very much for your help. Sorry I confused you. I think you are right regarding "Chirribiribin." But I do not think the phrase is "Andiamo, yamo" because these two words follow the phrase "in that happy land of", so "andiamo" would not make sense there. Also the words "andiamo paisano" are either right before or after the two words I do not follow. I do agree that "yamo" sounds like one of the two words, but my Italian is not that good. Grazie and buonanotte.
(Mike Orloff - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : The AMC program "Something's Gotta Give" was a lot of hype. Most of the Dean Martin collectors have already seen much of this footage, and to comment so explicitly on his acting abilities from raw footage and outtakes is beyond comprehension. It should show the powers to be that Dean Martin fans will buy anything... so comon, lets get those Reprise tracks and TV shows out! They are the real gems of his career.
(Butch Rogers - California)
Dear DMFC : It's funny how most of the posts and messages left on this list all come from individuals rather than couples. Something to analyze maybe? Dean was such a cutiepie.
(Barbara Gallan - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : When Dean turned and faced the camera at the end of the AMC show about the final days of Marilyn Monroe and the making of her last movie, it was Dean's face we were left with. I enjoyed it very much!
(Stuart C. Smith - New York)
Dear DMFC : I can see how the movie that Marilyn Monroe and Dean Martin shot closely resembled the Doris Day / James Gardner movie "My Favorite Wife", but storylines were pretty much the same and simple through most of those light hearted pictures made during those years, just as Sci-fi movies were in the fifties, and the whole Star Wars and Star War clones later. Remember the slew of disaster movies? I guess when something works, they remake it over and over again.
(P. Kelly Frazier - Canada)
Dear DMFC : The special of "Something's Gotta Give" was really great! I loved the Dean parts. Thank to those who took the time to find the footage and put together something for all us fans to see and enjoy!
(Sue Renkey - Maryland)
Dear DMFC : Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all Dean Martin Fans! Remember, he was in the Army... At War with the Army or was he a Sailor (Beware!)?
(Christian Kirkland - California)
Dear DMFC : Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the greatest website. I am a Dino-mite fan from way back.
(Lynn Maggio)
Dear DMFC : Yes I said fabric! LOL At a garage sale recently, I found a bundle of fabric that has the following printed on the salvage edge, "Design Inspired by original work of art of Dean Martin (copyright symbol) M. Lowenstein & Sons, Inc."Does any one have any idea of when this fabric might have been made?? I am a quilter and enjoy the older fabrics when I can find them. I am thinking that this is from the early to mid 1960s but don't know. Any help anyone can give me would be appreciated.
(Alice Doty - Indiana)
Hi Alice - You are not the first to ask about works of art by "Dean Martin"... but yours in the first concerning fabric. Dean Martin, the artist, is NOT the same as the entertainer Dean Martin we all know (sorry to disappoint you). From what we know, the other Dean Martin (artist) was most popular in the 1960's through early 1970's. Keep on sewing!
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : Which song of Dean's refers to the singer and his partner splitting up and also mentions a town by name?
Dear DMFC : My very favorite song by Dean Martin is "My Woman, My Woman, My Wife". It doesn't seem to be out on cd, and I have just about worn out my record. It's such a beautiful song. I think Ray Price had this song out too, but not as good as Dean's.
(Brenda Traffo - Missouri)
Dear DMFC : Love him more today than yesterday. And I will be 50 years old this year! Glad I found there are others out there like me. One of my life long dreams was to meet him. But, his legacy lives on. I used to tape record his 10:00 p.m. Thursday night show, then play it all week long while I was getting ready for school in the morning. Can still remember a lot of the dialogue, and especially the songs. Oh my, he is so dreamy. Still makes my spine tingle, hearing him sing. Well...just wanted to let you know I'm glad I found you. And will try to
keep up with the site.Thanks for being there.
Dear DMFC : Shirley MacLaine spoke in Vancouver, Canada, Tues. May 15th as part of the "Unique Lives & Experiences" Lecture series; her theme was "A Journey of the Spirit" and it was an excellent presentation. She was asked several questions about her experiences with the Rat Pack and she happily reminisced: she commented how protective they were of her ("no one could get near me"), how she & Frank would play gin rummy and discuss re-incarnation, but that Dean didn't "bother" about all that (said her favorite quote of Dean's about her was, "there is no area code where you're from"), and also quoted her opening line from Dean's funeral about just having "talked to Dean...". Summing up what she learned from them and why audiences loved them, she said they "knew who they were" and were "comfortable" with themselves, which allows an audience to relate better. She also said their energy level was amazing, adding that it was apple juice in Dean's glass onstage. "reporting in"...
(Ann Hockey - Canada)
Dear DMFC : Over the weekend, singer Perry Como passed away. Even though he was not related to Dean Martin, and their paths only crossed briefly, Perry was in the same circle with Dean. When I would go into a record shop to buy Perry's new hit, I'd end up picking up a Doris Day, Rosemary Clooney and Dean Martin record too. They were the champs. Actually, they ARE the champs. Hearing about the loss of Perry Como, just brought back memories of Dean. Thank you for allowing Dean's memories to continue through all of your efforts.
(Thomas K. Barclay - Florida)
Dear DMFC : I want to warn you that I like Dean Martin, but I am more of a Marilyn Monroe fan. Because of the recent TV movie called "Blond" and the newly assembled "Something's Got to Give" footage, there is renewed interest in Marilyn right now. Since Dean was a much bigger star and had a larger mass of work left behind, he is and always will be in the spotlight, but us Marilyn fans don't have a ton of material and things going on, yet her fan base is still huge and she has a strong following. What I wanted to warn you about was the volume of mail that you will probably receive (from the looks on other Marilyn clubs and lists). These other Marilyn fans will attempt to post the devil out of you bulletin board, using Dean Martin as leverage to get exposure for Marilyn (since Dean worked on Marilyn's final film). Be prepared for a Marilyn onslaught... but don't worry, it will only be temporary.
(Caleb Hansen - Hawaii)
Dear DMFC : My favorite Dean song is "Marshmallow World". It's one of those traditional Christmas songs that we revive every year around the holidays. Whenever I think of Christmas, Dean Martin is a part of it.
(Ann Labatt - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : I have heard years ago that the DMFC has some rare footage from "Something's Gotta Give" packed away in their archives. I hope that this is also included in the upcoming restoration on Marilyn Monroe.
(Pat Ressman - New York)
Dear DMFC : On June 1st, Twentieth-Century Fox will be releasing Marilyn Monroe--The Diamond Collection, a special DVD compilation of five of Monroe's most popular films in honor of her 75th birthday. A sixth special disc will feature all (more than 40 minutes) of the surviving footage of Something's Got to Give--remastered and put together as a whole for the first time!!!. I understand this was one film Dean really wanted to do and complete and would have considered one of his best.
What a treat for all us Dean Martin fans!!!!! For the last 40 years many of us have been waiting for this. And I had to find this out from a die-hard Monroe fan!!! How come there's nothing about this on the fan-center website. Many of us would like to know more--do we know how many scenes will feature Dean and Marilyn together? Give us some info. Thanks
(Terry Hall)
Hi Terry - I believe the cable network, American Movie Classics will be airing a special "MM: The Final Days" with some of this footage on June 1st in a two hour documentary. Actually, just about all of the footage that is being put together has been seen in many different programs over the years that centered on Monroe. If you follow the action on Ebay, you will also see that these scenes are also often sold on VHS from collectors who make copies.
A lot of the scenes do not have audio tracks, and a lot of the footage has been "cleaned up", because of the poor and fading film, and wear and scratches on the original. As for Dean... there is some footage with him, but most of the footage shot was with Marilyn. There is also some footage with Dean's back or side from certain angles that were completed, but nothing monumental. If there was anything that was savable, they probably would have restored what they had, and released it well before now. Nevertheless, from the Dean Martin standpoint, it is still part of Dean's body of work, and it shouldn't be missed by any Dean fan who is curious. Our next issue of the Dean Martin Fan Center magazine for members of the Dean Martin Fan Club will have any additional information that we acquire.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : My favorite Dean Martin song of all time is "Houston". From the first day I heard it, it has been stuck in my brain.
(Christine Meadows - Kentucky)
Dear DMFC : I finished watching a TV special featuring Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr and Frank Sinatra on TV LAND cable network, it was great.They were performing in St.Louis in 1955 for some kind of benefit. It was very good but the only thing that bothered me was that TV LAND kept it's logo on the screen for the entire show. I hope you get to see this show.
Dear DMFC : What an inspiration this man has on all age groups!
(Rasp and Claire Allen - England)
Dear DMFC : I just finished watching the Rat Pack Special on TV Land and it was the most entertaining 2 hours I've spent watching TV in a long time! Of course Dean was the highlight of the show. He's the ultimate entertainer. Whenever I see or hear him it gives me an instant smile! I've only recently discovered what a talent Dean was and can't get enough!!!!!!!!!
(Dawn Malcolm - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : Hi everyone at DMFC. I've just seen the PBS Special 'That's Amore' , and would just like to congratulate all those concerned with the making of it. It's BRILLIANT ! Almost an hour of uninterrupted Dean in full song. What more can you ask for ? What more can I say ? Except, maybe , MORE OF THE SAME PLEASE ! Best Regards, Member from across the pond, in Great Britain.
(Graham Daniels - Great Britian)
Dear DMFC : This is in response to Mike Orloff. You had me confused for a while. I had found the song "In Napoli" on both the 2-CD set, The Capitol Years, and on volume 6 of Memories Are Made Of This from Bear. However, that's a different song. I found Napoli on volume 3 of Return To Me. My Italian isn't perfect, but it sounds like he is saying Andiamo, yamo (spelling may not be right). Both words mean the same thing, but andiamo is good (Roman) Italian, while yamo would be used in some dialects, like my Calabrese. It means Let's Go (there). The other word is Cirribiribin. I know there was also a song by this name, but unfortunately, I don't know the meaning of the word.
(Claudio DeMarco - New Hampshire)
Dear DMFC : My favorite Dean song is "I Wish You Love". It just sounds so lush and rounded in stereo. I play a lot of Dean, but I keep going back to this song.
(Steve Dalton - Montana)
Dear DMFC : I hope that someone out there can help me understand some of the words in a great Dino song called "Napoli." There are two phrases that I listen to over and over and just can not understand. The first is when he says "in that happy land of " (it sounds like yamo lamo and is probably Italian). The second phrase is about mandolins, and it sounds like "cheering up". Can anyone help? This is an old song from the early fifties and is part of the Bear Family set. Thanks.
(Mike Orloff - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : Hi, At this opening moment I have to point out that I'm 31 and a half and British. In an advert for a particular brand of car (along with Andy Williams' "music to watch the girls go by") I heard "That's Amore (That's Love)". To cut a long story short, Dino is now my all time hero and favourite singer. At 31 my family have told me that I have become too old before my time. I say "add swear word here" to that. Dean Martin covers all generations. This man we all love deserves a renaissance in the 21st century. Ps Skuesee me, don't you see that in old Napoli that's amore.
(Triston Bunker)
Dear DMFC : What can I say I'm a Dean Martin fan for 50 years. I was 10 years old in 1953 when I first heard Thats Amore. I fell in love with the voice, then I saw him, and was totally hooked, then I found out he was Italian, me too! what can I say - he is the best, the best in everything. The greatest entertainer to have ever been born....... I watched the PBS special, thanks to DM fan center for posting it. Wow, it was awesome. How can anything be said in a negative tone. Just to see that handsome wonderful joyful face, and that GOD given voice - the most romantic, melodic voice in the universe, like velvet. I can't believe any DM fan could say something bad. We all have waited so long to see something like this- it was so great to finally see it. I only hope this is the start of more things to come in the future......Thank you PBS, and each and every person responsible for putting it together and getting it on the air.......... Does anyone possible believe you can capture the god given talents of Dean Martin in that short amount of time (1 1/2 hrs? I think not........It would take years.......... But I'm so greatful for PBS - thank you, thank you, thank you.......... I believe it's the start of more to come.......... I love Dean Martin, his wonderful family, especially Jeanne - what a beautiful graceful lady, she will always be MRS. DEAN MARTIN......and how he loved her & his great family...... thanks for the memories. xxxooooo,
(Marilynn Paulino Bauer - California)
Dear DMFC : Couldn't believe my ears today, hearing an ad on TV for "hbc" (might only mean something to Canadians--Hudson's Bay Company, or "The Bay" for short, a 331 yr-old business now starting online). I'm sure the ad is new, but the reason my ears perked up was the background music--Dean singing "All I Do Is Dream Of You", not a signature song by a long shot, but interesting choice for this Canadian institution! I am really enjoying the thread of favorite songs here lately, and the only reason I hadn't added mine yet is the list is too difficult to
choose! Marie, from Florida, said it well. I mean, there isn't an LP
(or CD) I own that I don't have at least one "favorite". But, I will
say my heart skips a beat hearing "Solitaire", "You Belong To Me",
"There's My Lover", "I'd Cry Like A Baby", "Money Burns A Hole In My Pocket", "Young And Foolish", "You I Love", "Only Trust Your Heart", "Return To Me", "On An Evening In Roma", "Arrivederci, Roma", "Be An Angel", "Cha Cha Cha d'Amour", "From The Bottom Of My Heart (Dammi, Dammi, Dammi)", "I'll Buy That Dream", "Everybody Loves Somebody", "Remember Me, I'm The One Who Loves You", "I Will", "Somewhere There's A Someone", "I'm Living In Two Worlds", "A Million And One", "A Marshmallow World", "Turn To Me", "A Place In The Shade", "Welcome To My World", "Guess Who", and lately, from his last LP, THE NASHVILLE SESSIONS (I just recently got a copy), "Old Bones", "Don't Give Up On Me", "Shoulder To Shoulder" and "In Love Up To My Heart". And there are still a couple LP's I don't have, so I still haven't even heard ALL the choices, but that covers from early years right through! So you see what I mean? Thanks also, Janet from Louisiana, for sharing from your heart.
(Ann Hockey - Canada)
Dear DMFC : My favorite Dean Martin songs are his hits... That's Amore, Memories Are Made of This... Return to Me... Sway... I am a younger Dean Martin fan, and even though I have heard and read people that complain about hearing these songs over and over again (and want to hear more less known songs), for me, they are not old ones that I have heard over and over. They are catchy and fun songs that must have caught on with everyone to become great selling songs, and now they are the ones who first appeal to us younger fans who haven't lived knowing or hearing Dean Martin as long as some others might have.
(Sam Grades - Texas)
Dear DMFC : I was very sorry to hear of the passing of Dean's daughter Claudia, my prayers and thoughts go out to her family. Dean will always be my favorite entertainer of all times. My parents loved his singing and his many movies, and passed on this love to me. Dean had more class and style than any other and he will be remembered always. I am passing the tradition of Dean on to my children, I play the many albums and CD's that I have (the number of these keeps growing) and anytime a movie with Dean in it is on television we watch. The PBS special was great, I keep checking my local listings to see if it will be on again. I only wish they would show reruns of Deans show or the roasts on TV, they were wonderful and I and many of his fans would enjoy them once again. His legacy will live on forever, for he was the best never to be forgotten.
(Susan Raio - New York)