Dear DMFC : I turned on my radio to hear a program being broadcast about Dean Martin. It was such a fascinating couple of hours and I wanted to thank Neil Daniels for being Robert Greene's guest. He had such marvelous stories to tell and facts about Dean that I never knew. Also, thanks for having a website to come to to get more information on Dean Martin. I see that you have a fan club and send out a magazine to the members, so I will be joining very soon as a Christmas present to myself. Again, it was a very pleasurable program.
(Gary Zitner - New York)
Dear DMFC : Hi (just wanted to share this), As I gradually complete my record (and now CDs, thanks to Bear!) collection, I've "discovered" a most beautiful song, "The Story of Life (All This Is Mine)". There's one LP I've not been able to obtain yet (with quality being important), and that is "The Lush Years". So as I'm working my way through "Return To Me" (2nd of Dean's by Bear Family which I got recently), I found "The Story of Life" and see that it is on this elusive LP. But now I have both recordings to hear, the 2nd one that made the LP (recorded Feb. 10/61), and the 1st one (recorded Dec. 12/60), which I actually prefer. "Wonderful" and "Glorious", which are words from the song, are certainly apt adjectives. Now I seem to recall back when members were listing their favorites that someone mentioned this song, and I can see why. It truly is a wonderful and stirring song with nice lyrics, sung with great emotion. Thanks, Dean. Now I must be up to 31 or so "favorites"! Looking forward to the Bear Reprise sets!
P.S. There's also something about the song, as it builds in intensity, that
reminds me of "My Woman, My Woman, My Wife". Anyone else?
(Ann Hockey - Canada)
Dear DMFC : Have been hearing the commercial on TV with "Ain't That a Kick In The Head" playing in the background, and now I am seeing commercials for the new Ocean's 11 movie. Looks like the memory of Dino is ever present. From a fan,
(Robert Patterson - Washington)
Dear DMFC: Happy Thanksgiving to all fans of Dean Martin!
(Linda Jackson - California)
Dear DMFC : I can't believe it! FINALLY the songs that were Dean's biggest hits are coming out! I don't know if I should buy the individual Collectors' Choice cd's or buy the Bear Family boxes. I think it would be best for me to save and buy them all! I can see advantages to having them both! Last year I would have spent any amount of money for these, so now that they are available in both ways, why not get it all? I'm pre-ordering these on your website today!
(Gena Brey - New York)
Dear DMFC : Hello, I got a personal phone call today concerning an email I sent to the DMFC. A few days ago, I discovered that I was missing an issue of the Fan Center booklets. I e-mailed the website. I felt "VERY" special to get a phone call today from the Fan Center. I could hardly believe that I was speaking to someone like myself, that collects Dean's music. Someone who collects these items with a strong passion, as I do. I unfortunately have been home with a cold for a couple of days now, so the phone conversation was slightly one sided. I couldn't speak very well with my sore throat. But that worked out pretty well for me! I was content to listen to all the great information on Dean and upcoming CD and video items soon to be released. A lot of these new releases are made possible by the great people at the DMFC also. Thank you for all the hard work and determination! I am very happy to have the Dean Martin Fan Center here to supply all the wonderful "facts" and "history" that comes along with the great man we are all so crazy about. So much trash has been published about Dean Martin by the tabloids, etc. and its great to have a place available to the world that only presents fact. The Dean Martin Fan Center is that place! Dean Martin has been a huge part of my life since I was a child back in the 60's. Collecting all his music and movie collectibles is a very satisfying part of my life. Thanks again for the fast and VERY friendly response to my email! I realize that personal phone calls are rare in these cases. And that's understandable. Again, Thank you! Sincerely, (Jay Herbold - Missouri)
Dear Jay - The person that called you and talked for a long time was our Fan Center founder and president, Neil Daniels. He told me that he had a great time talking to you too, and that a one-minute, on the spur-of-the moment phone call turned into a conversation that lasted about an hour. He said that he could have talked for hours with you about Dean and all the other topics that you guys discussed. Thanks for your nice post. I'll make sure that he gets it!
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : We have just received our order of the new Reprise albums on cd, and want to thank you for your quick service and making them available. The sound quality is astounding, and it is nice that the original covers are used as they were put out when they originally were in stores. Good job - well done!
(Raymond & Leslie Sangler - Oklahoma)
Dear DMFC : Have been a member of your fan club for five years. I love the work you are doing. The new "updated" magazine is great. The stories and pictures are wonderful. Glad to know there are so many people who love "Dino."
(Lois Rosetto)
Dear DMFC : In anticipation of the Oceans Eleven movie, I recently rented the original with Frank, Dean and Sammy. Have you seen this movie in years? It was actually a good idea, but very bad script. It was carried off by the group of actors known as "The Rat Pack". These men has charisma and personality that reached far beyond what anyone could touch today.
I would like to see a fresh new script, but doubt that anyone (especially under 45) who will compare the new film to anything at all. Did you ever hear Tom Cruise and Mission: Impossible compared to the TV series that was on for years? Nah... you really didn't. Move over rat's... there are a couple of new rats foaming at the mouth with rabies wanting to eat you up.
(Gordon Tandlam - Rhode Island)
Dear DMFC : I recently ran across several Dean Martin Reprise albums in a back room of a local antique store in my town. The albums were in mint condition, some with the dust sleeves still on them with the price stickers ( $ 3.98 ) . One of the albums just happened to be "The Dean Martin Christmas Album". I could not wait to get them home and listen to them ! I asked the owner how she got them , and she said she had bought them at an estate sale. The albums have hardly a scratch or a crackle on them. Here's the best part, I only paid $1.00 each for them. Some people don't know what they have. The albums I found were "Dean Martin Hits Again", "Dream with Dean", "Welcome to my World", "The Christmas Album", "Happiness is Dean Martin", "The Door is Still Open to my Heart", "Remember me (I'm the One Who Loves You)" & "Houston". What a find !! Just thought I'd share this with you.
(Randy Beasley - Alabama)
Dear DMFC : Thanks for all the work you are doing on behalf of fans for Dean Martin. Finally we are getting our wished met for a wonderful Christmas. I am especially looking forward to the Dean Martin videos from his TV show, and the Bear Family box sets.
(Kevin Timbaland - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : I have just seen a billboard for the new movie remake of Ocean's Eleven. It looks like an interesting movie, and they can really update it so that it plays well. I heard that there are some surprise guest shots in the movie, but that it won't have anything to do with the original characters of Frank and Dean. Most people today won't even remember that there was an original Rat Pack version.
(Pamela Earling White - Texas)
Dear DMFC : I have just received a copy of the latest Collectors Choice cd with Dean's Reprise songs and found your name is listed. Thanks for all you are doing for my favorite singer and actor... Mister Dean Martin!
(John Marsh - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : For Halloween my office threw a party at a nearby restaurant. The evening's theme was "The Rat Pack". Most people got the idea and came dressed as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin or Sammy Davis Jr. Even a Joey Bishop and Shirley McLaine were there, but we cracked up when the ones who didn't "get it" came dressed a mice and rats.
Anyway, we had a nice party and had lots of classics music from "I've got you under my skin" to "That's Amore". Happy Halloween everybody!
(Roger T. Adams - California)
Dear DMFC : Recently purchased a copy of "Toys In The Attic" which I always thought was one of Dean's better acting roles. He gives a very believable performance and holds the film together. I also have a "Roast" show with the comic doing his impressions of Bogart ,Mitchum and Cooper. Dean loses it when the comic starts doing his routine in Italian. I can still picture him coming down the stairs to start his TV show still miss him.
(Bob Soderlund)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin wow - he never came this way. As a kid I always went for a ride on the Woolwich Ferry, it is in London, the South side, you will find it on a good map - well me and my scruffy friends sat on top of the engine and looked at the Thames and then when we could not find any other good site to rake around in we went home - home - ok I'm not going into it - the rows! Come on! How did you get away from it all? I went to the pictures. Now I hear that Dean did not like working with Jerry on those later films? Well, let's get one thing clear - I know nothing - I just like Dean. When I got older that is - yes I liked Jerry before, but then - now - I know that Dean tried so much to stand on his own - like a man. It is ok. We all stand alone. When I die - who will know how I felt about her? Only Dean and Frank can, as men, tell her. Well, that's not all I have to say, but I think you know me - Say say Ramoma - do you remember her! let's go visit. See ya kid, from a little town in England .
(Johnny Cord - England)
Dear DMFC : I saw the Dean Martin Autobiography today on E! . It reminded me of my childhood and the days my parents watched Dean's show on television. To this day "Return to me" is my favorite song - it reminds me of the good ole days when my father was still alive. When we went to social events my father would always ask me to dance to "That's Amore." When anyone asks me who is my favorite singer - I say Dean Martin. No one has the kind of voice he had, no one. I saw Dean Martin in Chicago many years ago - and it was a concert I enjoyed so much - it barely had singing, it was Dean Martin talking and some singing - and I never laughed so hard in my life. I will always remember that. I do believe that Dean Martin was special and thank God for records, movies and video we can always refresh our wonderful memories of a wonderful entertainer.
(Lyn Moya - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : I don't know why more people are into Dean Martin's wonderful music. I really owe him my life and I feel 20 years younger. I lost a total of 70 lbs walking and listening to Dean sing. Walking!! Sometimes I could almost dance down the street. He makes me feel that good and I have energy I never had before. I have only 25 lbs more to go to my goal and the size 10 I want to get into. Thanks for everything Dean, I really love you.
(Kate Meno - Connecticut)
Dear DMFC : Hi! I was a pre-teenager when I first started watching "The Dean Martin Show". I loved him and faithfully watched his show every week. I was an only child, so I wished I had a big sister like Lynne Latham "Dingaling". I wrote to her and she actually answered me! I no longer have the letter since it's been over 30 years and got lost somewhere along the way. What ever happened to her? I'll always remember the letter she sent. She was so down to earth to answer fan mail from a kid! Sincerely,
(Karen Robinson-Roach)
Hi Karen - I know that our magazine editors have been publishing a continuing series of spotlights on The Golddiggers and Dingaling Sisters. I don't think that Lynne Latham has been profiled yet, but maybe she will be in one of the upcoming issues. Many people remember Lynne from her cute overbite and the season when she sat with three other Dingaling's and sang a medley of 'Comon Down Dean songs.
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : How's everything in your neck of the woods? I'm doing beautifully and I'm very fond of this beautiful site. Dean has always been my favorite singer of all time he's the greatest and I love him. He's Italian like me and he was a beautiful man and when he sang with Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. he was the greatest then as he is now and his legend is like gold and will shine forever. The biggest Dean Martin fan ever!
(Mike Velleca)
Dear DMFC : Greetings from distant Bulgaria. Our Family and all our friends are fans of Dean Martin from many years. He is our most favorite singer. We have a big part of his songs on CD's and gramophone records. Dean was always with us in difficulties.With his singing he gives wings to people and gives a meaning to their life.
We suffered very difficult his death. The songs that Dean sang and the
movies that he starred in will be everlasting. We believe that the songs of singers like: Dean Martin, Perry Como, Nat King Cole, Pat Boone, Bing Crosby, Frankie Laine and Frank Sinatra will be liked after 2000 years!!!
We'd like to become members of the "Dean Martin Fan Center". And we will be very happy if this happens.
(Boris Brakalov - Bulgaria)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin was my very favorite singer. His song called "Just Close Your Eyes" would melt my heart away. I had lost my copy of that song many years ago, and haven't been able to find it since. I am glad to see that those songs are going to be coming out now. He was a wonderful man and gave a lot of us a lot of pleasure over the years.
(Jodi Behman - Canada)
Dear DMFC : The beach party at Santa Monica Pier was fantastic! Billy Hinsche put on a great party for everyone, and everyone had a great time. It was very foggy, but made it see even more intimate. Thanks for letting me know about the party!
(Karen Stoyer - California)
Dear DMFC : I wanted to report that we had the most wonderful weekend. My husband and I were visiting Santa Monica Beach on Saturday, and saw a group of people gathering. When we made our way over, we saw a lot of Beach Boys buttons and things. As we asked, we found that it was a beach party for the Carl Wilson Foundation, and that were welcomed to stay. The gentleman said that he was the director of the Dean Martin Fan Center and gave us his card along with the new issue of the magazine. We have both been huge fans of both the Beach Boys, and especially Dean Martin for many years, so we couldn't wait to see what was going to happen.
Then your director told us that he would introduce us to Dean's son , Ricci Martin if we would like to. My heart stopped, and I was in heaven. My husband was thrilled beyond belief! We got Ricci to autograph the cover of the magazine for us, and we stayed to enjoy so many people at a sing-a-long right on the beach!
We wanted to give a BIG thank you to your director for being so wonderful and making us feel right at home, and for introducing us to Ricci Martin. You people have made our day! Now we have found your webpage and can't wait to read more of it.
(Jenny and Collin Shatter - California)
Dear DMFC : I think it's great that you've come up with such a great fan center to truly appreciate such a great man such as Dean Martin. I grew up listening to the Rat Pack's music and I too hope that I can pass this legacy on to my children.
(Heather Celona)
Dear DMFC : I first started becoming a fan of Dean Martin's when he would sing in his early movies. I was even lucky enough to see him and Jerry Lewis in New York back in the 1950's. They were the best. Every time I see a comedian today, I somehow can see bits and pieces that are stolen from Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.
My favorite time with Dean was during his television shows. They had such a warm feeling to them, and always kept me in stitches. I especially liked the times when he would go to the closet, and then sit and sing a beautiful song with that beautiful voice of his. He had so much talent. I wish that I could find someone else that would even come close, but after all these years of looking, I come up empty-handed. I want to add that I also love Dean Martin.
(Anton Mitry - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : Dean rules! I wish they would get some more of his music in the stores. When I go to the flea markets I see all of these albums that he did, but can't find them on cd.
(Tom Brecher - Germany)
Dear DMFC : Is Dean Martin as popular all over the world as he is here in the US?
(J. Menicke)
Dear J. - Absolutely! Actually, the interest in Dean Martin has grown very fast recently. We don't have a clue as to why, except that many of his songs are being heard on European television commercials, and the "That's Amore" special was recently shown in Australia (where there has been a lack of Dean Martin material lately). Our fan club membership has grown tremendously outside the U.S. too!
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I have heard about the new cds coming out of Dean's songs. How can I get them?
(Janice McCullen - Washington)
Hi Janice - Keep watching our website. Very soon we will be taking orders for the new CD's.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : Thanks for informing us about the Reprise collections coming out. Being big fans of Deans, not only will we be getting the CC ones, but we are going to also wait for the Box Sets from Bear. Sincerely,
(Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Norris - Maine)
Dear DMFC : Dear Fan Centre, I'm Christine Sequera & I'm 14 years of age. My favourite ideal is Dean Martin. The first time I saw Dean Martin was about 3 years ago. I was watching Optus television on TNT & there was Dean Martin in Bells Are Ringing with Judy Holliday. Ever since then I have fallen In love with Dean Martin. Not only him but his music, acting, but most of all personality. I would really like to say that I really like what your doing. I think just because this wonderful man is dead doesn't mean that he doesn't exist anymore. I must say that I'm very proud to say that I love Dean Martin, & I don't care what my friends say because I like what I like & I'm proud. Keep up the fantastic work . Kind reguards,
(Chrissy Sequera - Australia)
Dear DMFC : Thanks so much for letting us fans in on the special on PBS. I know it has been several months now since it was first aired. Would you believe I have been searching for it every since your notification? I just finished watching, and taping, this tribute to one of my all time favorite stars. It finally arrived in southern Kentucky and in the Nashville area stations.
I almost missed it, I was flipping the channels, and did miss 5 minutes
of it but it was a tremendous show of an outstanding entertainer of my
time. Thanks again for informing me.
(Dr. Charles Owsley - Kentucky)
Dear DMFC : I am glad that the Reprise songs are coming out, and thanks to you for whatever you guys did. I was also hoping that The Bear Family would produce a couple of magnificent boxed sets like they did for the Capitol years. Maybe now they can do it. Thanks again.
(Claire Pennington - California)
Dear DMFC : At long last the Reprise recordings are coming out on CD. And not before time either. I'm sure everyone welcomes this great news. Well done to all those concerned with getting these albums re-released.
(Graham Daniels - Great Britian)
Dear DMFC : If I could sign my name under yours on this bulletin board, it would be what I would do. Take care and God Bless.
(Simon Vincent Matteo - Italy)
Dear DMFC : You had an article in a previous issue of your magazine on a man named Geoff Clarkson. He wrote a wonderful song that Dean recorded, and I think it's appropriate now. The song is called "Home". Any Dean Martin fan should dig this one out and listen. Thank you,
(Stephen Myran - Maryland)
Dear DMFC : I am so glad to have found your site. Dean Martin was the best singer that ever lived. He entertained millions and millions over his career, yet today there remains little remembrance of him when looking in the music stores or trying to find images of his TV show. As far as I am concerned, Dean Martin lives on whether we hear or see him today.
(Earl Jurman - Belgium)
Dear DMFC : We are all reminded once again of a more gentle time when music and laughter was the most important part of our daily lives. I need to put on my old Dean Martin albums and hide away in my memories of a better time.
(George Thyme - Idaho)
Dear DMFC : I am dropping this note to share with you that the legacy of Dean Martin lives on, not only with those who remember him from days gone by and those who were there to see his stardom rise....but with a young, enthusiastic, highly macho, HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM! You know how it is these days....the pace of division 1 high school sports is consumed with intensity, drive, determination.... pressure! And every one of those programs is known by what goes on inside those highly competitive, testosterone filled, weight rooms. If you were to visit most American high school football weight rooms you'd find teenage boys pumping iron to the sounds of a blaring boom box playing the latest AC/DC or Puff Daddy Rap album... but not at LAKOTA EAST HIGH SCHOOL. Walk into their weight room on any day and amidst the clanking of iron, grunts, groans, and sweat you'll hear above all the timeless songs of DEAN MARTIN! Oh and these guys don't just listen....they sing! Have you ever heard a high school boys football team sing "Volare" to the top of their lungs? I assure you... it's a sound that's hard to describe. The timeless songs of Dean Martin have become their own unique brand of motivation and inspiration.
Last night, in an impressive showing of persistence to beat the odds, the LAKOTA EAST HIGH SCHOOL won their first game of the season. It was an unbelievable game that came right down to the final second. After the game was over and the celebration had peaked. the head coach huddled around the players and said, "Men, I have only one thing to say....When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie".... the players cried out "THAT'S AMORE!!!!!" cheers and celebration followed....
I share all this with you just to let you know that DEAN MARTIN is a hero with my 16 year old son. Along with some really smart coaching, a great group of players, DEAN MARTIN is his motivational hero. If there was ever a time to have a honorary fan club it would have to be with this group of high school football players. Their "fight songs" are the songs best shared with their grandparents! All good things truly do come back around! Just thought you'd like to know.... Yours truly, A Lakota East High School Football Dad
(Dan Dunlop - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : I absolutely love Dean Martin. He is so handsome and has a voice of gold. I hope someday that his TV show will be put on TV again so that we can all enjoy his good looks, charm and talent.
(Lilly Jordash - Florida)
Dear DMFC : I was able to watch the telethon during the afternoon hours on Sunday…I was in tears when I saw Jerry. I just couldn’t help but wonder how much more he’ll be able to take with his recent health problems. When Reba was sitting with him after she sang, her eyes were swelled up with tears while she was looking at him. God bless him, he’s such a wonderful entertainer and has made so many millions of people around the world laugh from the early M&L years to now.
(Cheryl Prondzinski – Wisconsin)
Dear DMFC : Everyone should make a pledge to the Muscular Dystrophy Association in the memory of Dean Martin. I think Jerry Lewis would appreciate this effort from all us fans!
(Kelley Monahan - New York)
Dear DMFC : Go Jerry, Go!
(Wayne Dammis - California)
Dear DMFC : We started watching the Jerry Lewis MD Telethon on Saturday, and were amazed to see that he was there hosting the event. You can see that he must be having steroid treatments for some problems he must be going through. I am glad to see that he is resting now, and pray that he will get better so that he may spend many more hours NEXT year and every year until a cure is found for this dreaded disease.
(Ron Baculat - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : I just started watching the Jerry Lewis Telethon on this annual Labor Day tradition. The instant I saw him, I was sad to see that Mr. Lewis has a look of recent health problems. I applaud him and hold him to the highest esteem for pushing forward to help others, when he himself must be in pain himself. Please get over your current situation, we want you to enjoy seeing the fruits of your lifelong work on behalf of MD and all the other human beings on earth. Get well!
Andy Tazzon - Arizona
Dear DMFC : Hi, I read about the lirycs from "Napoli" in the bulletin board: Mr.Claudio Di Marco is right. "andiamo" means "let's go" in standard italian (from Florence not Rome) and "iamo" is the same meaning in napolitan dialect. As for "Chiriribin" it's a girl's pet-name (like your "honey").
(Elio Lamagna - Italy)
Dear DMFC : We are celebrating Labor Day (in the US) with a Dean Martin Music Festival at out picnic. We've invited 25 couples to our picnic area at out park, and e will have Dean in mind while having hot dogs and hamburgers.
(Tim Heiding - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : In Reply to Jeremy, yes I know what you mean. Most of the Dean Martin lists are created with good intentions, but they lack a qualified moderator. After a couple of months, they stray from the topic to talking about themselves. I don't publicly care if someone is just got a new computer, or worse yet, have computer problems, or someone is going to the hospital, or someone just got to play with their dog. All of this talk should be regulated to private e-mailing, NOT for open view to Dean Martin fans. Maybe everyone will think I miss the point, but I join these lists because I am very busy with my own life. I want to hear the news about Dean Martin. I want to talk about Dean Martin. If I had countless hours, I would be vegging-out surfing into and out of the 'chat rooms' where people sit and waste their lives away, saying things like, "Hi John", "Welcome John", "Been here before?", "No", "You'll Like It", "Yeah Sally is here all the time", "Do you Like Dean, John", "Yeah, me too", Then NOTHING for about 3 solid minutes. Thank goodness for the Dean Martin Fan Center and this bulletin board. If you print my e-mail post, it's probably the farthest you'll go off the subject. Thanks and I LOVE Dean Martin.
(Don Verdugo - Canada)
Dear DMFC : I seems as if all the good Dean Martin impersonators are out west, like in Vegas. Aren't there any good ones in the east. I want one for Christmas.
(Kate Meno - Connecticut)
Dear DMFC : As I write this, I'm enjoying "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You". What great memories! My father loved Dino and I inherited that. I'm 42 years old and remember my dad playing "Dean Martin's Greatest Hits" on the old living room record player. I do the Morning Show on WJLK in Asbury Park, NJ (a contemporary station), but enjoy a wide variety of music...especially the standards!
Long live Dino!!
(Kevin Hilley - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : I am also a huge Dean Martin fan and grew up watching his movies and top rated Television show. Even though Dean was an American original. I have heard in the past about how he was influenced by greats like Bing Crosby, and Harry Mills. But have not heard about the obvious influence Al Jolsen had on him. Many of his mannerisms and song phrasing reminds me of Jolsen.
Dear DMFC : I have been on a few chat lists where they are suppose to talk about Dean Martin, but all they do is talk about each other. They seem to be controlled by a handful of individuals who love to copy and post messages to each other on every list that they can in order to take up space with their own identies. I guess we use to refer to these people as 'pen pals'. I'm glad to see that you have a place where REAL Dean Martin fans can go to hear all about Dean Martin. This is wonderful. I will be spending my time here a lot more!
(Jeremy Iacoca - Maryland)