Dear DMFC : I have been a great big fan of Dean Martin's for many years. I think that he not only sung better than any other singers of his kind, but also had that extra special something that put him on top. I have been reading about all of the news concerning the books and cd's of Dean. I even read that some of the best of Dean's TV shows will be coming out soon. It's been a long time in coming, but I'm glad that it's finally here.
(T.R. Holmes - Canada)
Dear DMFC : I got a double treat today. The latest issue of the Dean Martin Fan Center booklet came in the mail and the 2 Bear Reprise boxed sets came by way of UPS. These Reprise sets are PERFECT! On a scale of 1 to 10, they are a 25! The sound is crisp with lots of great bass too. You can hear every detail in the music! Loads of pictures and information. These sets will make you sing, smile, laugh, cry and remember! I still can't believe that these sets are really here for me to enjoy. I am amazed! 100% a GREAT buy! Thanks to everyone for finally getting these out on compact disc. God bless you Dean! You are so dearly missed!
(Jay Herbold - Missouri)
Dear DMFC : I have just put down Ricci Martin's new book , "That's Amore, A son remembers Dean Martin", and I wanted to give you my opinion. It is wonderfully written and very well expressed. There are many pictures that adorn the pages, which help to tell the stories of growing up with a big family and having Dean as a Dad. If anyone wants to read a book about the REAL Dean Martin, I highly recommend this one. I am only sad to see that you have 'autographed' copies for sale, after I already bought my copy at Barnes and Noble over the weekend.
(Julie Padova - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : I like to thank you for keeping the Magic alive. Greatest web site ever. I am 30 years old but a hand me down of 33 and 45 records with the angelic voice of Dino I am lucky. Pass downs of my relatives makes my day better when I come home from work and the passion never dies with my 28 year old wife when I play Dino on the stereo. A much under estimated star from the rat pack comes alive in my living room. When you say rat pack the only ones that comes to mind is good old Dino. Its time for a Scotch or a beer everytime we hear his voice. Thank you Martin family for good old Dino. Thank you for this Web site. From the greatest fan in Texas , thank you
(Rene - Texas)
Dear DMFC : Thank you for making both the Collector's Choice Two-fers AND the new Bear Family Boxes available. The books are the greatest, and the music is so crystal clear and pure. Please keep up the good work. I know you'll get those TV shows out someday too. If it were not for the Fan Center, I don't know if many young people today would know much about Dean Martin. You guys really do a great job!
(Dedee Cortese - Arizona)
Dear DMFC : My name is Alexandra Victoria Sanders and I am 9 years old. My favorite music CD is "The Best of Dean Martin". Some of the kids at school would laugh at me if they knew I spent my time listening to Dean Martin and not Ricky Martin or Aaron Carter, but I love my Dean Martin CD and Mom says I can join the fan club and get some more CD's to listen to. I listen to my CD every night before I go to bed and it gives me a happy face in the morning.
I wish I was born 20 years ago so I could have gone to see him in person...I know all the songs by heart and I sing right along. I am not good at the Italian words, but I am getting better. I love your web site and Mom put it in our favorites column so I can visit often. Sincerely,
(Alex Sanders - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : Hello, I am German but I would like to say this golden time and happy times are very missed. I watched "We Had" today , a med who can bring back people like him. I am young , only 44, but I am still madly in love with same one like him. He brings out only the sun and bright day and nite in to my heart. i wish I had known him personally. It would be a high honor for me and many of his fans , who so much enjoy his music and movies. I love everything, I can't put my eyes on him enough. He's very touching to my life. I'd like to thank you all who made it possible for him to have a fan club.
(Brian Bell - Germany)
Dear DMFC : As a huge Dino-fan for over 30 years (I am 39 now) and a member of the very beginning of the Club, I regret not having read Ricci's book yet, but I will as soon I got it. Regarding Dino's range of songs, I am just wondering: On the Bear Family CD "My rifle, my pony and me" the theme of his "4 sons of Katie Elder" was recorded by Johnny Cash! How comes, that we have never heard Deans version of? Wouldn't it be strange, if the Rio Bravo theme (my favourite DM-movie) would have been sung by somebody else? Although I enjoy all of Dean's songs, I prefer especially his country & western recordings. For my opinion, his voice changed by then in a much more mature one, which fits my mood and blows magically my blues away. All the best from Switzerland.
(Dry Lukacovic - Switzerland)
Dear DMFC : Mr Daniels, thank you so much for giving us a copy of your latest Dean Martin Fan Center magazine at Borders Books on Saturday. Being able to meet Dean's son, and his beautiful wife was just a thrill for us, and introducing us to Sheila who was one of Dean's original Golddigger girls was just icing on the cake. We were lucky enough to even get a glimpse of Desi Arnaz, Jr. while we were leaving. Ricci was so very kind to autograph a copy of his book, and your magazine for us to keep. He joked with us and made us feel so comfortable.
We were able to see his father perform many times at Bally's, but were never lucky enough to get to meet him or shake his hand. If Dean was anything like his son, he must have been a great person off stage as well.
Our son who lives in Henderson, which is right outside of Las Vegas is letting us use his computer to type you this message. Thank you again for being so wonderful to us.
(Shelley and Jeff Kirchoff)
Dear DMFC : Hi, Pallies. I finally received the Bear Family Reprise box sets this past weekend. They are AWESOME!!! The music, booklets, radio spots, and especially the DVD movie trailers! These are a must for every Dino fan! I would like to thank Neil Daniels, Jimmy Bowen, Bear Family, and everyone else who made these sets possible! These collections will definitely be cherished for many years to come!
(Mike Wiggins - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : I was at the book store in Las Vegas when I stumbled upon a book signing with Dean Martin's son, Ricci Martin signing copies of his book. He was so kind to everyone in line, and laughed and asked if anyone had any question about his Dad or about his book. It was a treat that I didn't expect, but I was luck to be at the right place at the right time. I haven't had a chance to read his book from cover to cover yet, but the photographs are absolutely marvelous.
(Peggy Forsam - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : I heard Dean Martin's son, Ricci on the radio this morning, and he was delightful with many of the traits of his dear father. I am planning on going to his book signing here. In Las Vegas, there were only two power-hitters that shook the town by only one name, and that was Elvis and Dino. Sinatra comes in a close third, but it was his last name, not his first. I wanted to say how great Dean Martin was to many of us. There will never be another like him.
(Lawrence R. Tippen - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : Just wanted to let you know that as a 34 year old man I have been a Dean Martin fan ever since I was a little kid. I enjoyed watching him and Jerry Lewis on Sundays right after the macaroni and meatballs to me that was a perfect day. Growing up in an Italian house you could only imagine the amount of times Dean and Frank Sinatra were played. I am getting as much of his cd's as I can and watch out for his movies all the time . Thanks for the memories.
(Joey Costa)
Dear DMFC : Greetings fellow Dino fans: I too finally got my Christmas gift, THATS AMORE, the fantastic book by Ricci Martin, and took the weekend to myself to submerge myself in it. Needless to say, I finished it and was very pleased with the outcome. After reading several other accounts of Dino's life and times, and doing my own bit of research over the years, I was not surprised by what I read. True fans of Dino knew he was not the hard drinking, womanizing playboy that Hollywood made him out to be. One listen to any number of his songs reveals a home lovin' family oriented and down to earth old soul who enjoyed the simpler things in life (the bread and butter bit really made me laugh, but that's Dean for you!) My hat's off to you Ricci, for bringing us a beautiful memoir and fitting tribute to your old man. Lord knows, he provided millions of people with endless joy over the years, and does so to this very day. I highly encourage all of you to get this book; no sooner did I finish it when my cousin, who got me this for Christmas, swiped it from me and started reading it herself! Regards,
(Giovanni Marra - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : Isn't it about time they put out some of the other Dean Martin movies on video like Sergeants Three, Mr. Ricco and Ten Thousand Bedrooms?
(Howard Reiley - Ireland)
Dear DMFC : I just finished Ricci Martin's delightful memoir and hated for it to end. I wanted to be with these people more. His portrait of the warmth and love he felt growing up makes truly fascinating reading and leaves the reader with his own warm glow. I was pleased to read a child's story of a celebrity parent that was positive and loving rather than a critical blast such as many star offspring have produced. I hope that the author will arrange some time this year to do some book signings closer to my home. Even better it was a refreshing change from the recent spate of bios of Dean Martin and his pallies which have focused on the negative aspects of their lives. I often wonder why people choose to write about people they seem not to like.
Also a quick comment on the 2001 "Ocean's Eleven": I am a big fan of the Rat Pack "Ocean's 11" and eyed the new one with some misgivings. It was the only film I saw on the big screen in 2001 and I did not regret it. The only similarities between it and the one we DM fans cut our teeth on were the title and the fact that a character named Danny Ocean led a heist on Las Vegas casinos. It was an enjoyable heist film in its own right but it's no replacement for the "Ocean's 11" we all love. Comparing the two films is like comparing the cliched apples and oranges. Realize this is long but one last review. I gave myself "The Rat Pack Live at the Sands" for Christmas. It was delayed in the mail but it was well worth the wait. I highly recommend it for all DM fans.
(Ann Snuggs - Arkansas)
Dear DMFC : I was so disappointed that after arriving for the book signing at the Bookstar, to find that all the books were sold out. Thank you for the complimentary copy of your magazine. I had Ricci Martin autograph it for me, and it will be ALMOST as wonderful as having him sign his book. I ordered a copy through the bookstore, and they are going to call me when it arrives. He was such a charming person to get to talk to, and I was glad that I could make it, I only wish they knew how popular he was going to be, and ordered more books.
(Tiffany Lowe - California)
Dear DMFC : I have been a long time Dean Martin fan, and saw him perform with Jerry Lewis at the Copacabana in New York when I was in my teen years. I remember the lined wrapped around the block early in the morning for a show that was in the late afternoon, that's how popular they were. Once in a while for the crowds, Dean and Jerry would come out unannounced and walk down the line and greet all the people who were waiting to see them. Jerry would act real silly, and the women would moan and groan if Dean every shook their hand. It was a great time.
(Peter Siegel - New York)
Dear DMFC : I just returned from a book signing party in West Los Angeles for Ricci Martin's new book about his father. I had the best time. Ricci is such a personable man, with a wit as quick as his Dad's. In attendance were Billy Hinsche, Christopher Smith (Ricci's co-writers), Neil Daniels (of your Dean Martin Center),and a host of Ricci's friends, and many well known people in the recording industry that I was able to recognize. It was a special event that I will remember for a long time, since I have been a long time fan of his father, Dean Martin. Thank you for the magazines that you allowed me to have. I only had a chance to glance at them before getting on the Internet to send this message to you.
(Robert Glowings - California)
Dear DMFC : Dean's the man! It's funny how a movie like the new "Ocean's Eleven" didn't use any of his music in the score. I actually don't think many people today had a correlation between the original Rat Pack film and the new one. Such a shame. There will never be another Dean Martin, but I'm glad that I was here to enjoy his talents.
(Gretha Chambers - Canada)
Dear DMFC : I heard Ricci Martin today on KLAC talking about his new book. That got me into a search on Dean Martin, and I found your wonderful website. Dean Martin was the absolute best entertainer and performer we have ever seen. A lot of performers today should take notice and study the films and songs that he left us with. Thank you Ricci for writing a book, and thank you Dean Martin Fan site for your work. I can't wait to buy both the book, and join the fan club!
(James Bauer - Los Angeles)
Dear DMFC : I just wanted to tell you how happy I was to find your site. As a 45 year old woman I often found myself without much music to listen to. nothing seemed to "fit" me. Then I was told to rent ocean's 11 for fun . After saying I loved to movie my 15 year old daughter bought me the Dean Martin collectors series for Christmas. Well, needless to say, I was hooked. My daughter says she created a monster but truthfully, she sings along with the cd's as well. She even did a biography report on Dean in school. {She only got a B- because the teacher said she doubts if my daughter actually was interested in Dean enough to do a report on him and that it must have been someone else's idea. May-be that's why young people are not open to the experience of such great performers!} The best thing about Dean Martin's delivery of a song is that he can make anyone think that he was singing the song directly to and for the benefit only of that person. I swear that he is singing right into my heart. I know that sounds corny but only Dean Martin fans can understand why I say it that way. I can't wait to join the fan club and feel like I am part of something special. Thanks again for such a great site!
(Cheryl Brendlinger)
Dear DMFC : I have read Ricci's book and thought it was great. What a great account of Dean as a father. I have been a fan most of my life, and have enjoyed the website so much. I don't believe that there is or was a more talented all around performer than Dean Martin. I love his music, his movies, but most of all his TV show. Too bad that kind of programming is not in style anymore, for that really was style.
(Sue Cherry - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : I just received my new issue of the fan club magazine and was thrilled to see a wonderful Christmas picture of Dean adorning the cover. Thank you for following up on Ricci Martin with part two. The photographs tell much more of a story than what one could put into words. If Ricci reads this, I want to say 'thank you' for sharing your pictures with us fans. We are not only a fan of your Dad's, but are a fan of yours as well. I just finished reading the book you wrote, and I must say that it is written very well and it is a very warm biography. I'm glad that you did not take the mean-spirited approach that a lot of people tend to do nowadays. With sensationalism, you might have sold many more books, but the approach that you took just shows all of us that this was not for money, but for a love of you father. Thank you Ricci
(Taylor Weiss - California)
Dear DMFC : I can never forget the first time I saw Dean Martin. He was a guest on the old "Lucy Show" around 1969. Lucy was listening to the radio with Dean sing 'Everybody Loves Somebody.." when he walked through Lucy's front door singing that very song.
Incredibly, I was just three years old! Even at that young age I could see this smart, handsome, classy lookin' guy that I wanted to be just like when I grew up. I like to get behind a karaoke mike once in a while and sing a few Dino standards and there's no greater feeling than when I get a hand shake and a "You sound just like him!" from the audience...It's at that moment that I look upwards and whisper "Thanks Palley."
You are truly missed, Palley, and will never be forgotten.
(Mark J. Roberts - New York)
Dear DMFC : I don't know why he had to leave this time and space, but I would really like to give up my life to bring him back for the next 30 or 40 years. His music is an inspiration to me. I miss him and wish he was still here. There is no singer that can compare to him. He and his rat pack are my whole life.
(Tom Lyannas)
Dear DMFC : I saw Regis Philbin on Regis and Kelly this morning, mention a new book from Dean Martin's son about his Dad. I ran a search and found your site. I will be ordering this book soon, and also a membership. Thank you for helping in this search.
(Robin Tucks - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : Ricci Martin's book is wonderful! Everyone should go out and get a copy of it right away. (I think you can order it here), and I heard that members of this fan club can get autographed copies signed by Ricci Martin too.
(Janet Cotney - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : Just heard about your organization on a talk show. Great to have such a tribute to the best entertainer there ever was. I will be joining the fan club very soon, and can't wait to read more about Dean.
(L.R. Scott - United Kingdom)
Dear DMFC : I keep watching to see where Ricci will be having book signings. So far he's only out west. Do you know if he may be coming East at anytime ? I finished his book in 1 day, could not put it down and cried in the beginning and at the end. It was great!! Thanks
(Kate Meno - Connecticut)
Dear DMFC : This is a great website for a great singer and actor. I love watching old Dean Martin movies because I know that they will be entertaining no matter when I see them. Hopefully some more of his movie that haven't made it to video will be out this year.
(Barbara Ann Moore - California)
Dear DMFC : Looks like it's going to be a wonderful Dino year. More and more stuff is becoming available as time goes on. I hope everyone had a great New Year's.
(Lanker Kimbasu - South Africa)
Dear DMFC : Just wanted to say I am about halfway thru Ricci's book and it is great. Witty and sweet...The stories are touching and warm. Thanks, Ricci, for sharing your life and your memories with us!
Dear DMFC : I want to wish everyone a very Happy coming New Years! Even though Dean portrayed a characture that loved to drink, if he were here today, I think he would tell you to go and have a lot of fun, but be safe. Don't drink and drive, and play it smart. In real life, Dean played it smart. Don't let an image run your life! Happy New Year Dean friends!
(Tia Hurshum - California)
Dear DMFC : While listening to a Christmas weekend of music, our soft rock station played "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let it Snow!" and "Marshmallow World" both by Dean Martin. They said to visit your website, and I am so glad that they gave the address on the air! Your website is awesome, and it's the best Christmas present I got! Our station also mentioned that they are having a Dean Martin tribute show coming up in 2002 at the end of January, and said that your organization will be on hand to talk about Dean and maybe answer a few questions. Would you please either announce the dates on your website, or e-mail me to let me know when, so I can get my recorder ready. I don't want to miss a thing when it comes to Dino!
(Bill Rakan - New York)
Dear DMFC : Hey everyone! Hope your holidays were enjoyable. Alas, I too, thought I would be singing along to "Thirty More Miles To San Diego" and other tunes off the Bear Family Box Sets of Dino's Reprise recordings, but yes, these are still on order. I agree with
(and want to thank) Jack from California on clarifying what the status is of these sets' availability. Any of my fellow Rat Pack fans will know that a similar problem happened when Rhino Records released its superb 4CD set of Sammy Davis Jr.'s material (the bulk of it many of his long out of reach Reprise hits) Originally slated for release in August it didn't arrive until almost November. "A little voice" tells me Santa meant me to get these for Christmas, but now I'll just have to wait....fine by me....Collector's Choice, just take your time. Your dedication to bringing us these songs after all these years is beyond appreciation! But with my birthday coming up at the end of March, I hope I can be listening by then while I sip my vino and celebrate!
May you all have a wonderful new year ahead filled with love and Dean Martin music!!! (hey, there are still at least 5 CCM "2fers" to keep us busy for now!) With Amore,
(Giovanni Marra - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : I would like to wish every Dino fan, the fan center staff and most of all Dean's family a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. May everyone find peace and love in this their hearts and continue to kept Dino's memory alive. Please light a candle and say a little prayer for him and everyone who was lost to us on 9-11-01 and throughout the past year. Merry Christmas!!!! Love,
(Marie Macchiarella - Florida)
Dear DMFC : I wanted to respond to "Name Withheld" who left a question here. I am not only a huge Dean Martin fan, but I also work in the recording industry (and NOT for any of the parties involved in question, as some of you may be quick to conclude).
I think that this is a no-win situation for the companies that offer "advance ordering". These retailers can place an advance order with the manufacturer, record jobbers, or record company for "X" amount of units, and will be able to get the required amount one-step ahead of anyone else. Of course, when the customer doesn't get what he or she wants by a perceived dead-line, they blame the retailers. Whoever said that the 'first batch' quickly sold out was completely incorrect. I have found that these new box sets are not even completed yet. Last minute information is being added to the books (that are included with them) and NONE of these have been distributed to retailer's yet.
The problem isn't really with the retailer that has you on a "pre-order" list, the problem is in the manufacturing time tables from the record company itself. If you notice how they are advertised, they state words like "tentative" or "estimated" release date, or "promised" release date (promised to them from someone else down the line). Probably because of the holidays, and the delay in moving merchandise through the postal system in recent weeks, and because of minor problems, there was an over-estimation on the release date by someone in the chain. Actually, the release of the first new box was originally planned for the end of January. By the looks of it, it will still be the end of January (but don't quote me - 'cause I don't want anyone mad at me if I'm off by a week or two). What can one do when something along the way goes astray. If the printer doesn't have cd boxes complete, the only alternative would be to start sending them out without pictures and writing on them. Boy... then I'll bet people would REALLY scream!
Thus is the case with one (out of six) of the the Collectors' Choice Reprise cd's being released in mono at first. Products that should have been made correctly (in stereo) were not from the pressing plant. A simple "flip of a switch" can make the mistake, and a company like CCM doesn't open every single cd to check it's sound quality before sending them out. Things happen, but we are too quick to get angry. Collector's Choice Music has bent over backwards to offer replacements and an apology for the mishap in a very timely manner. That is an exception in today's world, and we should be happy that they (CCM) were the ones who brought us the Reprise material (when no one else has done so), and not some fly-by-night small company you would not be able to call or e-mail for help.
Dean Martin fans want the very best, and won't settle for anything else, yet sometimes individuals don't realize that they may be hurting themselves in the long run. It amazes me that some people will talk for years and years about wanting the Reprise material to be released, and will settle on spending big dollars on crappy sounding foreign made bootlegs, or home made CDR's... yet when the opportunity does finally arrive, these few still complain because they have to wait an extra few weeks. Actually, the more complaints that get 'stirred-up' and heard by others (about not receiving them in time), the more other people will shy away from buying these products. When no one buys the products, the interest in these companies to provide them to us goes away. Be it the recordings, the TV shows, or anything else. Be patient... we're only talking a few weeks here. Think of it this way...After Christmas... you'll still have one more present coming! I hope that I have gotten my point across. Have a merry Christmas and a very happy New Years!
John Lakin - California
Dear DMFC : Did anyone notice that Dean Martin was singing a Christmas song in the background of a major 'long' scene in ER last week. Did anyone also realize that it was on Thursday night between 10:00 and 11:00 P.M. Wasn't this Dean's time slot when his show was in the tops Nielsen's for almost a decade? Go, Dean, Go!
(Tishara Altice - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : I feel that all of us fans of Dean Martin are like one big family. Most of us grew up in his same era, being entertained by his music and movies and TV shows for many years. I remember that he passed away on Christmas day a few years ago, and we always say a prayer in his memory every year at this time. Merry Christmas to all.
(Bob Sheppard - New York)
Dear DMFC : A very wonderful website for a very talented man who gave the world much joy. Let us all hope that the future will bring us much peace and happiness that we once had. I have a collection of Mr. Martin's records (and cd's) that I am always listening to. His voice is very calming to me. Thank you for all that you do in honour of Dean Martin.
(M. Shintano - Japan)
Dear DMFC : Wishing all of you a happy holiday in the memory of Dean.
(Kay Fare - England)
Dear DMFC : Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Dean Martin fans out there from our family who always listens to Dino.
(Julie and Richard Teasdale - Colorado)
Dear DMFC : I recently ordered the new Bear Family sets from someplace else, and was told now that they have sold out of the first batch, and that the next batch is back-ordered. I thought that is what was to be prevented from advance ordering. I am so mad at the other place. Maybe I should have checked to see if you are offering them.
(Name Withheld - Pennyslvania)
Dear DMFC : Finally it is coming back...I hope! The days of Dean & the Rat Pack at the Sands, The Summit & Vegas in all its sinful glory. I love the fact that everyone is finally realizing how wonderful and special that magnificent time was. Dean and the rest of the Rat Pack's style, music, and comedy was truly magical. I love Dean's sense of humor and "cool" epically his quick wit and comedic timing. I have been able to hear many of the recordings available off the internet of the series of performances known as "The Summit" at the Sands hotel. I was wondering if any (or hopefully all) of these appearances were filmed and if so are they now on video to purchase? Or are there any videos of other night club acts Dino or The Rat Pack are in? I would love to actually be able to see and experience what it would have been like to see the legends "Live at The Sands" and in all there glory! I can only aspire to be as smooth, cool, and funny as my idol Dino. Huge Dino fan...Great site! Love ya babe..
(Joey Dianglo - California)
Dear DMFC : I've never wanted to go to Las Vegas until recently. It's odd that Ocean's 11 coincided with my getting into Dean Martin. I'm so tired of "today". Best of luck to all of you!
Dear DMFC : I guess it's been about a year since Perry Como passed away, and I wondered how close he and Dean were over the years. In the book 'Dino', it said that Dean appeared a few times on Perry's show
apparently after Dean had split with Jerry. We get to hear countless
stories of Dean's Rat Pack buddies but I just wondered who some of Dean's other friends were that we never got to hear about. Perry was the only other performer whom I consider remotely close to Dean in singing style, sense of humor, and a gentleman to be around! Keep up the good work! I enjoyed Lee Hale's book about Dean too in which he mentioned the fine work you have been doing over the years with Dean's fan club. I'm looking forward to reading Ricci Martin's book next month when it comes out. Should be a great book. Take care, (Charlie Kucharski)
Hi Charlie - You make good points. If you are a member of the Dean Martin Fan Center's Fan Club, and are receiving the Dean Martin magazine, you will see that we have interviews and stories with people that knew, worked or are related to Dean in every issue. It's strange that much more notoriety is credited to authors' of books, while other publications, such as fan club newsletters and magazines (who report much more in depth articles and stories and keep on top of current news and events), often go unnoticed and overlooked. I personally subscribe to many different 'fan-type' publications for many different artists and topics, and find these publications (the good ones) to be much more informative.
As for Perry Como... he was a quiet giant. Perry had a lifelong relationship with RCA Records, and not only was a great vocalist and singer, but in his easy calm way, could hold an audience in Las Vegas or the viewing 'T.V.' public in his grasp, just like Dean could. We miss Perry Como tremendously.
(Web Director- Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : I have seen different biographies about Dean Martin, but, of course, the best one was on A&E and that's where I think I learned the most about the real person. That is what I miss most about my father and his generation, that they had such a solid foundation and then could really enjoy the simple things, like great music and great singers. I hope by me having my children exposed to great singers like Dean, they will at least give it a try once in a while. I know my daughter does listen now and then. Actually, a good example of them not know that the music is sinking in, was when my son said while we were in the car and I turned off the radio and put on "our" music - "Okay, at least put on the guy who sings about the pizza" and you know who he was talking about, "That's Amore" so it is working! I will do my part to keep Dean Martin's great music alive and thrive! I hope I didn't bend your ear too much but I don't get a chance to talk
about Dean Martin often, but I sure do listen often.
Dear DMFC : I recently saw the remake of "Ocean's Eleven", and I can honestly say that it was NOT as good as the original. It lacked the charm, wit, and humor as only the original could provide. When Barbara Walters asked the new cast if they were going to be a "new" Rat Pack, George Clooney admitted that they could never be as cool as Frank, Dean, or Sammy. I couldn't agree more!
(Mike Wiggins - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : The new Oceans Eleven movie is good. It has plenty of excitement and great acting, but it has nothing to do with the original movie except a general plot outline, but that's sort of true with many movies made today. Hey guys, don't worry - they won't harm the original 'Rat Pack' figures. This is like a brand new movie with a similar name. Besides, it's not the movie that held the Rat Pack's interest in America, it was Frank, Dean and Sammy themselves. Anyway, for a good movie, go see this one. For Frank, Dean and Sammy, rent the first one (I won't even call it 'the original').
(Donna J. Lury - Colorado)
Dear DMFC : I am writing to you to tell you that I totally love Dean Martin. I am 14 years old & just love him. I wish i was back in those days. Anyway I just wanted to say that I really love what your doing. Just because Dean Martin has died & we are now 2001 doesn't mean that we can't remember the ones that gave us laughter, joy & everything else. I think Dean Martin was one of the best men ever to be in show business. Oh I also forgot to tell you that I live in Australia. So anyway thanks for keeping something open for the public so they can realize what a great man he was. Kind Regards,
(Christine S. - Australia)
Dear DMFC : Hi - I just saw the E! Entertainment show on Dean and got your website address. I grew up watching Dean's baudy but classy sense of humor on TV and have (since then) enjoyed him immensely. One question - is there anything in the works about getting the humor (on his TV show) back onto tape for those of us who enjoyed his late 60's / early 70's show? I'd love nothing more than to be able to again enjoy Dean enjoying himself with the Dingaling Sisters. Yeah it was suggestive, but now, it's mild compared with the stuff on at 8 pm !!! If you'd let me know if some of this footage is or will soon be available, I'd appreciate it. Thanks. In closing - remember the words of Thomas Edison's wife, who once said "Tom, when are you going to quit fooling around with that light bulb and turn me on for a change !!!"
(Tom Clark - New York)
Hi Tom,
Click on our "News and Info" page to read more! These five new releases are going to be similar to the PBS/Capitol Video release of "Dean Martin - That's Amore" that is available at "Dean's Mall" on our website also.
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)

Dear DMFC : It's getting close to that time of the year again when we celebrate Christmas, and mourn the loss of Dean when he passed away on Christmas morning in '95. I enjoy listening to Dean's Christmas songs, especially "Marshmallow World" and "White Christmas" before the holiday's get here, but on Christmas morning I stop playing Dean's songs and give my thoughts and thanks to him. This is my special tribute to the man who made everyone so very happy.
(Glen Grobel - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : Thank you for the bulletin regarding the Collector's Choice 2-fers. I just got off the phone with them, and they couldn't have been nicer. They told me that the corrected version of the CD is on its way. I can't wait for the other CD's to be released.
Re: Ocean's 11- -I have been shocked at the number of critics on TV who have been ripping the original version.
(John O. Dalke - Kansas)
Dear DMFC : Thank you for your response! You can rest assured I will be buying all the CDs available of Dean's Reprise stuff...for myself and as gifts....I recently got my Uncle into CDs and he cant get enough.....and this from a guy in his 70's who still tries to listen to his Dino albums on his old 8track player! But the old guy's coming around! Being raised in a large Italian family, it's obvious we love Dean, and listened to him often...he ran a close second for my beloved Grandmother's affections though; Perry Como was first, because her father resembled him so closely...where Perry could get Gram misty with Ave Maria and It's Impossible, Dino got her swingin' with You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You and That's Amore!
(Giovanni M. - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : When you've all ready seen the best in Ocean's 11, why go to see a remake?
(Katie Meno - Connecticut)
Dear DMFC : I am actually listening to Dean sing as I write this e-mail, boy, wouldn't he be amazed. I am fairly young, but my father loved all the greats, Dean, Bing Crosby, Perry Como, so I actually grew up listening to these great singers. I now listen to them and in turn so do my children (like it or not), but Dean was always my favorite. I remember watching the Dean Martin Show and not knowing it at the time why, but now I do, he was pretty darn sexy. He had such charisma. But, even as a kid I could see through the charade of him playing such a playboy, not that he wasn't, but I know he loved his music and he was deep down, an honest, simple kind of man. I wish I could have seen him perform live, but I will settle to listening to him pure and simple and any time I like, just like now. Long live great music and great romantic singers like Dean Martin!!
Dear DMFC : Just received my order of Collectors' Choice CD's and found your name (Neil Daniels) and address on them. They are splendid. I have been waiting for these for many many years. I can't wait to get the Bear Family box sets too. I know their reputation for doing quality work. I have heard all the hype surrounding the new Ocean's Eleven film, but I guess I will be the only one who is not interested in seeing it. Frank, Sammy and especially Dean were the reasons that I went to see the original movie in the sixties. This new film seems to have nothing to do with the original. With all the stars involved with this movie, it's not surprising that the hype is huge. They have more people to talk about it.
(Don Sernin - California)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin Fan Center: First off, my thanks for your wonderful site. You can't imagine how thrilled I am to see Dean's great Reprise works coming out at long last. I see there are already three more "2fers" planned and being offered on ccmusic. I will still be getting both of the Bear Family Reprise boxes, but the individuals are equally as needed for my collection. Can't wait to see HAPPINESS IS DEAN MARTIN on CD after years of hoping for it. Two of my favorites are on that album, THIRTY MORE MILES TO SAN DIEGO and the Baker Knight gem IT JUST HAPPENED THAT WAY. I looked prayed and lost sleep over Dean's version of one of my very favorite songs ever YOURE THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME and finally came across it on a 2cd set a few years ago (a bootleg recording-ed). It was well worth the wait. I took my mother to see Frank Sinatra back in 1990; she always said she wanted to see Sinatra before she died (when I showed her the tickets, her first reaction was "Does this mean I'm gonna die now?) Mom was thrilled, but she always says Dean was the best of the Rat Pack, and at 31 years old, I can say we heard more Dean Martin growing up than anyone else....as a teenager I had my pals all crooning THAT'S AMORE at every chance we had....I've sung it at all their weddings since then! Happy Holidays one and all,
(Giovanni M. - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : And to the family of Dean Martin: I recently watched E! Hollywood Story of Dean. I had forgotten he died on Christmas eve, so I am sending you a little story. As a veteran of the Vietnam war, I wanted to pass this on. I so remember (and had many times, while off duty near Danang in 1967) watching his variety show religiously with many of my crew. We would laugh so much and that hour was such a tension reliever for us. I will never forget that time and am proud to say to you, particularly his grandchildren, what he meant to us to look forward to that hourly humor, as he came sliding along the fire pole looking post, singing. He may have never known how he lifted our spirits on ARVN TV. I never met him, but I will always remember him. Merry Christmas.
(Don W. Barnes - former hospital corpsman, USN - now serving as a law enforcement officer in Knox County, Tennessee)
Dear DMFC : It's a marshmallow world in the winter!
(Toby Krause - Alabama)
Dear DMFC : Regarding the Dean Martin Show Classics - Count me in as a sure customer as soon as the tapes are available! Anxiously Awaiting,
(J. Krakus)
Dear DMFC : Hello, would just like to say how pleased I am to have found your site. I was not aware there was such a big following, allthough I totally understand, and I will be subscribing very soon.
I recently had the pleasure of working on the production the Ratpack at the theatre I work at in in England. I have worked in theatre for 15 years. In that time I have worked for the biggest companies, with the largest of shows, (e.g. The Royal Ballet, Cameron Macingtosh, Welsh National, Weber, etc, but the most enjoyable and soul pleasing production has to be the Ratpack. I had the pleasure of spotting this truly remarkable tribute show, (follow spotting), and felt privaleged, since then I have felt an affinity to the boys and their whole era. I have even filled my hard drive on my computer with down loaded songs, and have found my self dumping loads of programs just to make room for more.
What a fantastic site you have, which is the first I chose when I originally started my search. Keep up the good work.
I wonder if you could clear up a story I recently heard about... When Frank Sinatra recorded "One for my baby" I heard he recorded it in one take with the original soundtrack. I would like to belive this, it wouldn't suprise me if it were true.
I apologize for my bad typing and spelling. I am so excited to have found this site I couldnt wait to email you. Well im going to explore this wonderful site some more. Seople of my age (33) tend not to understand what you can obtain from such artists. Pity them... I say dance music is the big thing at the moment. Well I say they (Dean, Frank, etc.) are the original dance movement, and their legacey will live much longer than any fad . Thank you very much from this little ol wine drinker me. yours,
(Phillip Moore - England)
Dear DMFC : We are such big fans of Dean Martin here in Germany. His role in Rio Bravo with John Wayne is the favourite of the many western movies that you have in America. My favourite song is "My Rifle, My Pony and Me". We are also anticipating the new movie that you have called "Ocean's Eleven". It was a funny movie with Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, I don't think it will be as good or remembered many years later.
(Henry Munz - Germany)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin will always be remembered for that adorable smile and watching him slide down his fireman's pole every week. He was the best!
(Carol Gosselin - Florida)