FEBRUARY 2002 - APRIL 2002

Dear DMFC : On 20/20 Downtown there was a whole hour devoted to Las Vegas and it was capped off with a segment about Dean Martin as told by his son, Ricci. It was such a good story, and Ricci looks so much like his father. I was lucky to have started by video recorder to capture it, and now I have found Dean's Fan Site. I even see that your fan club magazine has Ricci inside, so I'll be joining up right away!
(Pete Oskin - California)
Dear DMFC : There was a small story on Ricci Martin on Entertainment Tonight about his Dad. It started me to thinking about Dean Martin, and when I did a search , your website was recommended. I love Dean Martin so much. Thanks for this wonderful fan club!
(Brittney Samuelson - Georgia)
Dear DMFC : I just finished reading Ricci's book over Easter break on my vacation to Florida. It was wonderful. I have been a Dean Martin fan since I was about 7 years old. My Mother would let me stay up and watch his show on Thursday nights even though I had to get up and go to school. That night was special because just my Mother and I were home and my Father was bowling on Thursday, so that was our night. All my Mother could talk about was how handsome he was. I am now 42 years old and I will always treasure that special time that I spent with my Mother watching Dean's show. I had always wanted to meet Dean or see him in concert. I had tickets to the Dean, Frank and Sam reunion tour that they did before Liza Minnelli took over. Unfortunately Dean canceled his trip to Bloomington, MN and I did not get my wish. I feel fortunate though because I wrote to this address when I was around 12 that I found in a fan magazine and about 2 months later this big envelope came in the mail and it was an autographed photo of Dean. To Cheryl, Always, Dean Martin. I still have it. I am also an Elvis fan and a Neil Diamond fan, but Dean has a place in my heart. I hope in my next life I will have the opportunity to see or meet this wonderful and remarkable man.
Reading Ricci's wonderful book has answered so many of my questions. It is shame that the tabloids wrote so many untruths. I can see why Jeanne never remarried and why he was" the love of her life." I think he also felt Jeanne was the "love of his life". I am glad they spent time together and she was with him when he died. On my next trip to L.A. I am going to Westwood to pay my respects. I can do it that way since I can no longer go to see him in concert. I have several videos from TV specials and movies from televison recorded.
I have one question: I was in Florida recently and saw the tribute to
Lucille Ball at Universal Studios. Lucy was Dean Paul's godmother, so
they must have been good friends and neighbors. I remember a made for television movie where Lucy wins a contest and goes to Vegas to meet Dean Martin and she finds out that it was a hoax or something like that and she bumps into Dean Martin and her dream comes true and she flies back to Los Angeles with him on his private plane. Could you tell me the name of that movie. Also, is it available to purchase or how can I get a copy of it. I remember it and there were no VCR's when it was on television. Please get back to me with this information. Thank you: Thank you too for doing this great web site.
(Cheryl - Minnesota)
Dear DMFC : On Live! With Regis and Kelly today, Regis held up a magazine devoted to my favorite entertainer of all time... Dean Martin! He said that he and Gelman both are members of your fan organization, and how great your magazine is. I would like to know more about your magazine, and will spend more time on your website looking at everything you have to offer. This is so exciting! Thank you, and thank you Regis for letting us know!
(Perry M. Jones - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : I just watched Regis Philbin this morning and was excited to know that there is a Dean Martin fan club. I can't wait to send in my membership!
(Shelley Monclair - New York)
Dear DMFC : Regis mentioned you guys on his program. Just thought you would like to know. I'm also waiting to see Ricci Martin, Dean's youngest son, on ET later this evening. I also caught a segment that there is some news about Dean on a program called Downtown tonight also. This is how is should be!
(Otto Concorde - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : I hope someone will be able to answer this burning question.....why does Jerry say Ivan? Who is Ivan? Thanks...
Hi Jeannie - Jerry would actually say "Melvyn". It was a character name that he used when improvising quickly After having this name pop into his head so often, the audiences (and Jerry) started to laugh because it was just a repeated name that Jerry used for every character he played or transformed his jokes into... Like a Jekyll and Hyde alter-personality.
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : hello I am a small 2nd grader boy I really like your song that's a morea; thank u 4 your time love
(Liam Donalee - New Zeland)
Dear DMFC : Hi. I am 31 years old, and have now finally turned to a more softer sound of music. I have never been much for rock music, I have always liked music like: Barry Manilow, Melissa Manchester, Olivia Newton-john, The Carpenters, Neil Diamond, and etc...However, about eight years ago I started getting into alot of Sinatra and then a few years ago discovered the "music" of Dean Martin. I grew up watching the rerun movies of Martin and Lewis, and saw Dean in his Matt Helm movies and etc... I can't find anything now I like better than to end an evening with a hot cup of coffee (after a few drinks) and listen to this man's music. (WOW) He has got to be the best singer ever. I have never heard an artist that sounds so sincere, and yet so layed back at the same time. I am a true fan, I even lit a candle when he passed back in 1995. I also lost another music friend a few years later, John Denver. Every time I play a Dean Martin c.d. for tape, it sounds to me as if he was in the room singing just to me. My children also enjoy his music and films, but not as much as I do. I just thought you should know, and I will always be a faithful fan.Thanks,
(Michael Vanderhoff)
Dear DMFC : Thanks for hosting the Dean Martin Fan Club. Wonder what took me so long to realize that Dean was a Great Singer , Entertainer and All around Great Talent. He was so "natural", no strain in his voice and always a True Performer. All the great songs he sang... Was listening to Dean today on CD and he was (and yes still is) of extroadinary talent... His voice was the most natural I've ever heard. So great to Hear Dean again. Amore
Dear DMFC: I just wanted to let the people know that if they want to have a GOOD laugh. They should buy the Best of the Dean Martin Celebrity Roast. The best part is when Guy Marks plays the part of a singing Indian. Dean and Don Rickles start laughing and I start laughing until I start crying every time. I have seen it at least 100 times and I laugh until I cry each time!!!
(Robert Earl Durocher - Louisiana)
Dear DMFC : Hello, my name is Tommy Marshall and I would love to join your Dean Martin club. I grew up in a house full of music throughout the 1970's. My parents were both of the age where I heard all the greats. I love every kind of music imaginable, and play many many instruments myself, but always loved pure music. If I were tortured I'd say that I loved Elvis the most - the finest entertainer ever, but I dearly love Dean Martin too. I always had his records in the house and began singing along to them as a 5 year old. I saw an impersonator too recently in a Rat Pack show and that cemented my love of his music for life. I think I was about the youngest guy in the audience and it took every single ounce of effort imaginable not to sing out loud along with every word the guy sang.
(Tommy Marshall - United Kingdom)
Dear DMFC : On the radio I heard a special program dedicated to Dean Martin and was delighted to hear Mr. Daniels interviewed and telling his memories of such a great entertainer. He helped answer a lot of questions that I've been wondering about all these years, and got me to thinking about Dean Martin once again (although I never really forgot him.) Anyway, thanks for mentioning your website and fan club. I look forward to joining right away.
(Tamara Jensen - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : I just read Ricci's book...thoroughly enjoyed it. It brought back many memories of the times I watched Dean on television. I loved watching his TV show and his roasts. His movies were, and still are some of my favorites, especially the Matt Helm movies. I liked some of the Martin and Lewis movies, but I liked his later movies a lot better. I can't honestly say that I've ever seen a bad Dean Martin movie.
About three or four years ago my son (now eight years old) happened to hear a Dean Martin song. He asked me who it was and I told him all that I knew about Dean. He wanted me to buy a tape of some of his songs. Well, here it is three or four years later, and he still says that Dean is his favorite singer. Every time we get in the car we "have" to listen to that tape. My son's favorite song..."Standing on the Corner."
If there is any way that you can pass it on to the Martin family that an eight year old child has been one of Dean's biggest fans, they might appreciate that not only is he loved by some of his "older" fans, but he is also loved by younger fans as well.
(Steve Watson)
Dear DMFC : Hello, I´m back again and nothing has changed. I`m a Dean Martin fan, greater than before. I have bought Ricci`s book. It`s very interessing and full of feelings. I didn't expect nothing else about Dino. Best wishes from Germany
(Ruediger Baumgart - Germany)
Dear DMFC : Hello: I am a new subscriber to your Dean Martin Fanzine and I must say it is the absolute best magazine, I couldn't put it down, read it from cover to cover, this magazine is a fantastic tribute to Mr. Dean Martin! Also I have one question for you, hope you can help me, I just saw a video on ebay that states it is Dean's last tv appearance in 1985 on a show called "Half Nelson" with Joe Pecsi (not sure if I spelled that right) what can you tell me about this show? Thanks.
(Ray Bernier)
Hi Ray - Joe Pesci had a one hour series that lasted only six episodes (starting with a two-hour pilot) in 1985 for NBC. Joe Pesci played a retired Beverly Hills Policeman named Rocky Nelson (a former New York City undercover cop), who worked for a private security service in Beverly Hills for the rich and famous. Other regulars were Fred Williamson, Victoria Jackson, Dick Butkus and Bubba Smith.
His boss and Detective Hamill of the Beverly Hills Police, was not especially fond of him. Rocky was supposed to guard celebrity poodles and manicured lawns, not solve crimes. However, he found that his short stature allowed him to sneak into secret places and obtain clues simply because nobody took him seriously.
Dean appeared as himself in all the episodes for about one minute in each. It was kind of a 'hook' for the series to give it the flavor of being in Beverly Hills among the stars. Joe would drop by Dean's house (as one of his client's) to visit briefly. Actually, Dean's part consisted of a couple of lines, and Joe would call him "Mister Martin".
The editing was horrendous, with the lighting, audio and continuity being poor. It's funny that this short lived series was so bad, coming from the folks who produced shows like "Vegas" and "Knight Rider" (listen and see if the music score sounds familiar?!?)
Joe went on after this to star in movies such as "Home Alone", "My Cousin Vinny", "Goodfellows" and "Lethal Weapon 2-3-4", and became an Oscar nominated star himself shortly after. I think this was a series that Joe, Dean (and their fans) would have liked to forget.
(Web Director- Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : This is in tribute to my dog who was a member of the family for 13 years. When I found her, she was abandoned and had been hit by a car. She was only a year old they guessed, when I took her to the vet's to have her hip removed. At the time they said that she may have a hard time getting up and down, and that she might get arthritis. Within a month, she was leaping the block wall in my back yard that was over 5 feet tall.
My new wife and I named her "Dino", after my passion for being a Dean Martin collector. Funny... a female dog named Dino. Not only did I think of Dean Martin whenever I would call her by name, but everyone said, "he" instead of "she" because they thought that our dog was a male with that name, and it always provided an explanation.
My parents always had a 'family' dog, that I shared with my brothers, so Dino was actually the first dog that was really mine (and my wife's).
She was the smartest and sweetest dog I have ever seen. I was thoroughly amazed that you could show her how to "lay down" or "crawl", and within a few minutes, she would learn what you wanted her to do. I laughed when she would take a drink of water when I told her to stop playing and "DRINK". We had so much fun watching her chase the small lizards that run around during the summer months, just having a good time. I don't think she ever caught one, but they provided her (and us) with hours of enjoyment.
Dino never showed any sign of pain when she would twist a paw, or fall down by accident. She always loved to be around people, but knew when she should bark, if a stranger was in her midst that we didn't know about. I'd say she was the most docile dog I had ever seen, yet so full of life, always wanting to play catch or just get a little attention.
She was my constant companion... always wanting to be near... always protecting me (even though she'd never bite anyone).
When my wife was undergoing labor pains, Dino would run to me to let me know that she was hurting. It was only labor pains, but if my wife whimpered, Dino thought she was in distress and needed help.
After my babies were born recently, Dino would learn along with us, all about them. She would know when to stand back, and she would know when they were wanting to play with her. She would also worry about them. A few times during the night, I would feel her nose 'nudge' me while I was sleeping, because she heard one of the babies making noise or crying, and ran in to get me for help. She was truly the smartest! I sometimes thought that I should have named Dino, "Lassie", with what she could do. She seemed almost human.
On April 4th, we had to put Dino to rest. She was only thirteen years old, but after going through an operation to remove a tumor growth, she started hurting more and more. Her pain was great, but she didn't want to let it show. She couldn't even get herself up to move. I took her in for the last time, and the vet said that he suspected some other sort of cancer had gotten the best of her.
Now I think about her so much... how she was there when we first got married... how she went through the ordeal with us of losing my wife's sister to Lupus, and the ordeal of losing my mother to Cancer. Dino sat by my mom's side, giving her comfort during her final year... Dino, was there during the birth of my children, and taught them how to love animals. She was there during many happy and many rough times, giving me lots of love, letting me hug or pet her when I needed it.
My backyard fence remains open and unlocked, and I don't hear those dancing feet on the hard floor when I put the key in the lock. It feels so empty now... not calling out her name anymore. She was part of my family. I have been so blessed to have had her for so many years.
I know that this post may not be in-line with the nature of this bulletin board, but here's the place I wanted to say something in tribute to my "Dino", who was named after Dean Martin. I love you Dino, and I miss you so much!
Dear DMFC : I would like to enter the contest posted on the web site that I found today. Like you, I believe that I'm the most devoted fan there is. Soon, I'll join the club. There's lots of memorabilia I'm interested in particularly authentic items that Dean owned. I'm 40 now, but seem to feel that I belonged to an earlier time. As I write this at work (oops), I'm hearing "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You". I've chosen it for my epitaph. I should finish reading Ricci's new book this weekend. I recommend it highly. It's well written and every fan would enjoy it. Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime.
(Linda Wilcox - South Carolina)
Dear DMFC : On the TV show Dean had referred and called someone his uncle. Who was that guy?
(Thom Knitter)
Hi Thom - It was Dean REAL uncle, comedian and vaudevillian star Leonard Barr. Dean's mother's maiden name was Angela Barr before marrying a Crocetti. Dean changed his name from Crocetti to Martin in the 1940's.
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : Happy Easter to everyone. I just got my first Bear Box Set, "Return to Me". Next I'm getting "Memories Are Made of This". They are super!!! Why did I wait so long?
(Kate Meno - Connecticut)
Dear DMFC : Trying to remember who the actress was who played Ken Lane's mother in the skits on Dean's variety show. Can you help?
(Terri McDermott)
Terri - It was award winning actress Kay Medford who played Ken Lane's mother. Whenever Dean would drop by and begin sit down in a chair in Ken's living room, Kay would shout, "Not there!... That's for company!". Not many stars of Dean's caliber would allow their guests to insult them for a laugh. Dean stood back and let his guests shine, which in turn let Dean shine even brighter!
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : My best friend Joani & I went out with Dean (to an ice cream parlor) in NYC. This was many, many years ago. We had met Dean (and Jerry Lewis) after their show at the Copa Cabana in NY. Dean was just such a pleasure to be with. He made us feel so comfortable. Joani has a straw hat and a cane which Dean gave to her on one of their meetings.
So glad I found your fan club. Loved Dean since the first time I saw
(Peggi Book - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : I am a bit late in reading my issues of TV Guide, but could not believe it when I saw a story on my very favorite person- Dean Martin! I can't believe that all of these years have gone by already because I still remember his show like it was only on a year or two ago. I guess that's the impression that it made on me (and apparently on a lot of your readers). I am going to the bookstore to see if I can get a copy of Ricci Martin's new book about his father. If they don't have it, I will order it from you. I see that you have autographed copies too.
I also want to thank Neil T. Daniels of your website and organization for contributing so much to Dean. His few words in the article I read made me think that over the last years, Dean has probably been thought of as a character or cartoon because of all the portrayals of him in magazines and tv shows.
It's too bad that people who don't recall or ever saw Dean perform, could not grasp the real talent of the man instead of an impersonation or gossipy story. I read a past post on your site that is from an impersonator who had a cigarette in one hand and a scotch in the other. It's not what Dean used as props! - ! - It's the talent and presence he had that made him what he is. From the smallest grin on his lips to the careful phrasing of a song. This is what is missing in today's impersonators who want to go far on recanting Dean Martin's image. Remember that there is a difference between an "image", and the "talent" that takes you further. But - if it were not for impersonators and tabloids, maybe they help to keep Dean's memory alive too, even if it's a bit distorted. So, a toast goes to all of you for all of your efforts!
This is a wonderful website, and I will be coming back often. I also visited your club page, and will be joining your Dean Martin fan club right away. Thanks so much for allowing me my view.
(Daniel Setter - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : Splurged and bought the new Collector's Choice double
country album CD. It almost hasn't been out of the player since it arrived. For DM fans who also like country music - especially more traditional country music - it's a must have. Dino says on one of the
"live" albums, "You want to hear me sing serious, you buy an album." Well, this is seriously good stuff and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Need I say it's playing now? Keep up the good work in spreading the word about Dean Martin's life and work.
(Ann Snuggs - Arkansas)
Dear DMFC : So glad to find the fan center. I have been a Dean Martin fan since I was a kid. There will never be another like him. I sing and do comedy in some of the local lounges in So. Jersey, and always try to keep it loose and easy with a scotch in one hand and a cigarette in the other. And the people remember those days. I try to model myself after Dean and all the old time greats. The roasts are one of my best learning tools. If possible, I would like some info on any upcoming open casting or auditions. I would love to get involved with any projects to do with keeping the memory of Dino alive. The money is not important. Thank you for your time and providing this wonderful forum.
(Nicky Shoes)
Dear DMFC : I have been a Dean Martin fan for over 30 years. I thought I was one of very few. I have discovered through the Fan Center and the internet just how popular Dean was and the many fans he has. Has this been going on over a long period, or are people just finding out what I have known for over 30 years? I also want to add that I am new to sending e-mail, so I hope this comes out all right.
(Kenneth Marconi)
Dear DMFC : My mom just showed me the TV Guide with Ricci Martin talking about his dad. Dean Martin music has been in my mom's house ever since I can remember. He was my dad's favorite and they had so many albums. My sis and I learned to dance to his music as well. I was so happy to learn of this website as my mom and I share 'Dino' and its a bonding experience for us to watch a movie or listen to a CD (she has progressed:)) in her car or cassette in my car on long drives. Being Dino fans didn't stop with us 2-my 17 year old nephew Joey wants to listen to the music as well in her car. ALSO, My daughter JoLee insisted on some traditional Italian music at her wedding 12 years ago and yes we danced to Dino as well. Thank you very much
(Rosalie - California)
Dear DMFC : Hi, my name is Susan and I just turned 34 this month. I have been a Dean Martin fan my entire life! I grew up listening to his beautiful voice and I have memories of me singing all of his songs while standing in a mirror with a hairbrush. I just received my new copy of TVGuide and to my excitement there was an article about Dean and it had this web site in it. I immediately logged on and went right to this site. It is wonderful. I was so heart broken when I had learned of Dean's death in 1995 that I cried. I felt that I lost a good friend that I grew up with. I thank you again for a great web site and I plan to be on here alot! Sincerely,
(Susan G. Herbert)
Dear DMFC : I saw all the Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis movies. I loved then all. I felt so bad when they broke up as a pair.Also saw the TV program where neither on knew the other would be one, and they hugged each other. It brought tears to my eye. I was so happy to see this.
(Amy Lynn)
Dear DMFC : Congratulations on the article in this weeks TV Guide (Malcom In The Middle Cover) about Dean Martin and Ricci's new book. I love the quotes "Dad left his work at the office" that Ricci gives, and the quotes "People are discovering he wasn't just a cartoon... he was a real human being who had an enormous amount of talent" by Neil Daniels of your organization. Yes, Dean did have a wealth of talent that we wish we could all see again. Get those TV shows on cable or on video for all of us starving Dean Martin fans to see once again!
(Joe Agar - Nevada)
Hi Joe - Thanks for the very kind words! Yes, Dean had an enormous amount of talent. What I meant by "People are discovering that he wasn't just a cartoon", is the fact that over the last 15 years or so, the version that is implanted in the minds of the younger generation is that of an comical drunk complete with an oversized Martin glass and a big olive, always flaunting around the ladies on his arm. It's how some impersonators like to exaggerate his characture, and the many terrible tabloids and books (written by authors who never even met Dean!) that have planted this image in the minds of those who did not live through the 'Dean Martin Experience' as I call it. With the wonderful things that are happening now... Ricci's book about his Dad, and Dean's Reprise recordings being released, people who never got a chance to hear, see or experience the real talents of Dean Martin, now finally get a glimpse, and ooohhhh - what a treat!
(Neil T. Daniels - President: Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : I am down to my last twelve pounds. I have been through a lot this past year and could have not accomplished any of it without Dean's music with me. Literally every step of the way. I made it to a size 10. In fact, my jeans are an 8!! I never thought I could look and feel so good ever again! I love him and miss him very much. Keep up the good work keeping his memory alive. I love you all too!
(Kate Meno - Connecticut)
Dear DMFC : I have just bought the latest cd's by the Collectors Company, and they are so good. I've been waiting for these for a long long time to come out. Now if they would only show the TV show once again.
(J.T. Braun - Germany)
Dear DMFC : It was nice to read the quote from Neil Daniels in the TV Guide article on Dean. All of us fans of Dean know just how important Mr. Daniels has been in keeping Dean's memory alive with the Dean Martin Fan Center, and all the information he provides on the new Dean Martin events and releases. It was a very nice article.
(Wayne Cannell - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : Wow, I'm so glad that I found your website for Dean Martin thanks to the article in the new TV Guide (March 16-22, 2002). He was the greatest there ever was! Thanks to his son Ricci for writing a book about him. I will make sure that I get it, and also join Dean's fan club. I also can't wait for Ricci's show in Las Vegas. I have always wanted to see "The Rat Pack Is Back", but now I will make the effort if Ricci Martin is going to star in it!
(Mrs. Mary Berkley - Wisconsin)
Dear DMFC : I just read the article in the new issue of TV Guide about Dean Martin, who was my all time hero. It's great that he's still being mentioned and remembered by so many!
(Larry Mylan - California)
Dear DMFC : I just finished reading the need book called 'That's Amore, A Son Remembers Dean Martin', and what a great time I had reading it. Thank you Ricci Martin for writing it! It brought back many memories and a few tears to know that Dean Martin has passed away.
(George Donnely - South Dakota)
Dear DMFC : What a great place to learn all about Dean Martin. He was so handsome and filled with so much talent. It's too bad he isn't here today to see how much we all love him!
(Celeste Mosley - Idaho)
Dear DMFC : I caught the last half of the Judy Garland special on PBS and I heard them mention your organization and website at www.deanmartinfancenter.com . This is a wonderful place to visit. I remember seeing this video for rent at my Blockbuster Video, and I know where I will be this weekend to be able to rent it and see what I missed during the first half. It was super!
(Lawrence Cooper)
Dear DMFC : I just wanted to pass along some information regarding a Dean Martin "sighting." Recently on my local PBS affiliate KERA, here in Dallas, I caught the legendary Judy, Frank and Dean Concert "special" from 1962. It televised on March 2, 2002, and is due to repeat on Sunday, March 10, 2002, at 6 am. in the morning. The show is a wonderful entertainment piece.
The show opens with Judy belting out a couple tunes then reopens with her singing, "You Do Something To Me" while she acts as a love interest between Frank and Dean. After swooning Frank with small talk, he then energizes the audience with, " Your Much Too Marvelous." After which, she returns and walks to a waiting Dean, (off camera momentarily), with arms outstretched. Again she continues with "You Do Something To me" and some frivolous small talk before Dean lays down a grin pleasing rendition of, "You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby." Gentlemen, that song floats on air. The mannerisms, charm, swagger and the tailored tux are pristine. The next sequence opens with Dean still smitten with a rose Judy gave him, while Frank is somewhat peeved. Frank then walks off to sing a swoon song to Judy. What's so endearing, (if that's a word to use), is at the end of the song as the camera pulls back, Frank takes one more drag on that cigarette, then drops it to the floor and proceeds to crush it under his shoe. This is true dramatic entertainment not found anymore.
Judy lays out her female fantasy of a love gone wrong singing, " The Man That Got Away." There is, regrettably, a pause in the special from PBS selling CD's and the full concert in video, to support PBS. We do get a treat to see Mickey Rooney being interviewed by one of the hosts, however. Good tie-in. Special the resumes after nearly 10 minutes.
Special reopens with a great duet by Frank and Dean as the camera pans down a globed barroom lights set, then settles on them-each with cigarettes and drinks in hand and sporting fedoras doing a fortiesish barroom-sad-broad-got-away-song, "The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else." It's a smash! Each take turns laying down a line of the song, then together culminating in the refrain. Two different styles, but blending together magnificently. As the two end the song and turn there backs to the camera, Judy appears out in front of them and sing another love song. The three of them are back for a two or three song medley, and that's it for Dean and Frank. Judy again reappears on a crossed stage lined with small lights and belts out a few more songs before there is a brief intermission from PBS. She returns perhaps for up to 60 seconds more before the credits start to roll.
After watching this special, one can tell that this is Judy's show, and that Frank and Dean "dropped by to say hello." But what supporting parts they played. I'm sure the longer version will change that presumption.
Now for my critique: We have an entertainment crisis in America. It is paramount and pathetic. I would never exchange this 40 year old concert special for some 2hr. goofball program on television. And that comes from a 36 year old who knows the difference. Let these "Psuedostars" slap each other on the back and give each other Globes and Emmys, it's meaningless. This great nation of ours needs to step up collectively and state in a direct way to these people, "start giving us entertainment like that of yesteryear or get out of show business." We need a rebirth of entertainment so furious as to repopulate Hollywood and radio with people committed to true sincere showmanship and throw out the bums. It must be out there but I grow increasingly impatient as most others. I hear that Dean's song and his "style" may be making a comeback. Perhaps you can shed some light on this. Keep up the good work. I thank you personally for all you do to keep Dean and the memories alive. Please inform your members of this special, they can access the web address, pbs.org. Then click, Programs A-Z. Look alphabetically down the list for Judy, Frank and Dean.
(Robert C. Azzarello - Texas)
Dear DMFC : Hello! Sunday night our local PBS station, WEDU, had the Judy, Frank & Dino special from the early '60's on for drive week. What a treat! I had always heard about this show but never got to see it until now. All three were so good together, especially Dino. He was so cute on that show. It makes me wonder, why didn't Dino do any recordings with Judy? They were so natural together and made a great team. Judy seemed absolutely giddy when Dino appeared. Somehow her enthusiasum for him didn't seem all scripted. I also want to thank you Neil and the fancenter for everything you did to bring the Bear Family Box sets into being. I now have all four editions and am in complete Dino heaven. And Neil, your recollections at the end made me cry. Any chance of you writing a book about Dino? Also, thanks to Ricci for his wonderful book. I read it in one night, enjoyed it completely and will cherish that book forever. I also thank everyone at the Fan Center for making this the best website there is! Love to all,
(Marie Macchiarella - Florida)
Dear DMFC : I am actually one of those people who use the public library instead of spending money on books that I will throw away after use, or spend hours on the Internet. Anyway, I wanted to post that I have just checked out and read the book "Backstage at the Dean Martin Show", and have found this a very pleasurable read. Not only did it capture the frenzy pace of the Dean Martin Show of the sixties and seventies, but it enlightened me to what it was like with virtually all variety shows that were produced for television in those golden years. I always thought of the golden years as the 1940's and 50's, but reflecting back I can say the the late sixties and seventies were pretty warm and special too. I encourage anyone who hasn't read this book to do so. It was written by Lee Hale who was Dean's producers and special material person for his show.
(Renee Shore - New England)
Dear DMFC : The new box cd sets on Dean Martin are fantastic to say the least. Not only are all of Dean's songs included (and then some), but they sound like never before. I can actually hear instruments and sounds that I could never hear from my vinyl albums before, and Dean's voice! What can I say about how this sounds? Not only are the cd's fantastic, but the books that come with these sets fantastic too! There are so many pictures and so much information in the biography by Ryan Null, and the story by Neil Daniels that I want to buy extra ones just to give away to my friends. Thank you for such a fantastic and splendid treat!
(Christina Ares - Texas)
Dear DMFC : I have written to your bulletin board several times before and I always read the latest posts. I just wanted to add a short thought. I have a tape of one of the old Martin and Lewis Colgate Comedy hour shows. In it Dean sings a solo "When You're Smiling". He sings it to a little girl. Well, if you have a recording of this song by Dean, listen to the lyrics and phraseology by Dean. I truly think this song expresses Dean's inner thoughts and feelings. He always smiled for us, his audience, even when his own heart must have been breaking. I recall seeing Dean after the death of his parents and brother. He gave such a great performance that it left the audience cheering in a standing ovation. A true professional. I loved (love) this man. He had more heart than anyone I have ever seen in show business. Too bad no one really took him seriously until now, after he is gone. But isn't that the way it always is? We never know or appreciate what we have until it's gone forever. Thank God Dean left such a body of his work for us to have to pass on to future generations. I now have my Grandson singing "That's Amore"!! Thanks for your great site and giving fans a chance to express their loyalty to our biggest, greatest Pally, Dino. "Just keep on Smilin"
(Carol - Arizona)
Dear DMFC : I grew up on the Cannonball Run movies, but just recently was fortunate enough to see Rio Bravo. Since then, I have rented a couple of other Dean Martin movies that my video store has, and have found a new fascination with this man. I have checked your list of films that Dean had made (I didn't know he made so many!), and will now attempt to rent all that I can. He was so versatile doing old fashioned westerns, then dramatic roles like he did in Airport. Has anyone seen this since it was in theaters? It is so good! Well, I'll be visiting here often.
(Ned Patlamb - Minnesota)
Dear DMFC : I just watched the news, and was interested in hearing about Dean Martin's son writing a book about his father. I was also interested in what your fan club president had to say about Dean and how good his son's book is. Dean Martin may be gone, but certainly not forgotten here!
(Steven Dolan - Washington)
Dear DMFC : Did you guys catch last nights ER episode? They started it off with Dino's 'Ain't That A Kick In The Head song! This is the second time this season they started their show with a Dino song. 10:00 pm Thursdays will always belong to Dino. Thanks to whoever at ER is doing this.
(Marie Macchiarella - Florida)
Dear DMFC : I guess I'm one of those who is disgruntled with other Dean Martin chat/club sites. It seems that people e-mail each other off-line directly, but their responses get posted for all to wade and muddle through. It's so nice to find a place that's very well organized and has all the official inside scoop without having to hear about a fan's pet dog or dozens of messages about the size of Dean's hands. Keep up the great work!
(Connie Sterling - Florida)
Dear DMFC : Please accept my congratulations for the quality of your site. Everything has been elaborated with respect and quality to make Mr Dean Martin still present in our lives. Yes, has passed away, but the Singer and the Man are with us. And it is great!!! It is a kind of return to the time of artists that sang what they had lived. WOW!!! Best regards from a babyboomers who remembers Mr. Martin's successes and who danced on his famous "Send me the pillow that you dream on", who enjoyed "Houston" (it is far away from St-Hyacinthe, near Montreal), and who remembers "Red roses for a blue lady", etc.
(Jean-Jacques LaFortune - Canada)
Dear DMFC : Hello Friends, Just a quick line to say that I still enjoy
looking at your website. I visit it several times a week. I have a regard
for his laid-back style. He really has the most natural singing voice and I relax whenever I listen to him. Rough Night in Jericho was on television the other day. It is one of my very favorite films. I enjoyed watching it again and think that Dino's performance in it worthy of more notice than it seems to have had.
Of course my very favorite film with Dino is still Sergeants 3. Do you know if the two estates that own the film rights have had many approaches about bringing the film out on video? I was wondering if you thought it might have any affect if a few fans of the stars contacted them? If you do think so do let me have any relevant addresses. Yours Sincerely,
Hi John - Unfortunately, letter writing will not help in the case of "Sergeants 3" because it is not at the discretion of any one person or persons in particular... it is tangled in a series of legal clearances and binding contracts that were drawn up many years ago. No one seems intent on spending the monies to sort out the mess because it would not make a profit to cover all the legal costs that would incur in today's times to obtain rights. I guess the best we can hope for is to see it run on cable or late night network for now.
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : I just spent the day reading Ricci Martin's book. I couldn't put it down. Thank you Ricci for giving me and other fans the pleasure of your Dad's company again. I was wondering though, why there was not much mention of Dean's parents or brother? I am anxiously awaiting the old TV shows to come out and still keep hoping the movie "Who's Been Sleeping in my Bed" with Elizabeth Montgomery and Carol Burnett will come out. Thanks for keeping us posted on things concerning Dean. Thanks,
(Marcia Robbins - Virginia)
Dear DMFC : When I was a kid, I went to the movies in Aberdeen, Md., and saw a Matt Helm movie. I was into James Bond and any movie with a spy theme, plus a movie with cool guy Dean Martin, was a sure hit. In this particular Matt Helm movie, there is an early scene in which he is at a U.S. military base and, as I recall 35 years later, he climbs on
the back of a motor scooter driven by a buxom female. She tells Matt (Martin) to hang on for the ride. Matt says something like, "You're bigger than the Aberdeen Proving Grounds." As soon as that line was read, the audience in the our movie house erupted in whoops and applause, because Aberdeen, Md., is the home of the Aberdeen Proving Grounds. I have never seen that scene again, whenever a Matt Helm movie is shown on cable TV. Did the movie crew, Helm and the director create separate takes of that scene for various Army towns around the country? It seems to me to be too coincidental that I am at a movie in Aberdeen and he mentions the Aberdeen Proving Ground.
(Ted Barnhart - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : Ricci Martin's appearance in Palm Springs today to autograph copies of his new book was so wonderful. He's truly much like his Dad, and I know that his Dad would be proud of him. I was lucky that I could make it, and meet him today.
(Caroline McCallister - California)
Dear DMFC: I have been a Dean Martin fan for as long as I can remember and my daughter has recently shown me the Dean Martin Fan Centre website which is truly fantastic. My daughter purchased "Backstage at the Dean Martin Show " a book by Lee Hale which she had inscribed for me. One of my work colleagues is also a Dean Martin fan and neither of us can remember in what year the Dean Martin Show was first broadcast on British TV and which TV channel it was shown on. If anyone can remember the year we would both appreciate it. I am looking forward to reading Ricci's new book, after reading all the great reviews on the bulletin board.
(Dave White -England)
Dear DMFC : (This is in response to an earlier post) Jessica I don't think anyone will think of your thoughts/actions as strange, but I certainly will continue to be in awe of you, the millions of other East Coasters, as well as the rest of the world (me included, although on a much smaller scale) for coping whatever way possible with the tragedies of the day....it was Frank Sinatra who once said, "Whatever gets one through the night..." and although he may not neccesarily have meant music as much as girls, your idea will save alot of time, money and marriages! I'm sure Dean is proudly smiling down from above to have a listener like you! Take this to heart listeners...I use music (not just Dean's, but more often than not his) to ease the stress of anxiety attacks...doesn't leave you as dopey as medicine, but gets you feeling just as good! Regards,
(Giovanni Marra - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : I truly enjoyed Ricci Martin's book and it proves that I was right in thinking he was not a cold unfeeling human being as sometimes portrayed in books written by people who really never knew him. Ricci and his siblings had to have great parents to turn out as good as they did. I have always felt Dean never got the recognition he deserved, but he probably didn't care that much for all the glory anyway. He certainly was a true professional and when you watch the video, you can see he was a great talent too. I am looking forward to seeing some of the old TV shows that Dean did in the late 60's. I hope we don't have to wait too much longer.
(Dolores - California)
Dear DMFC : If anyone wants to know which to purchase, the Collector's Choice individual two-fers or the new Bear Boxes, I would say to you, BUY BOTH. The boxes are too beautiful to use all the time, and the two-fers are much easier to just take along if it be in the car, a boom-box or just at home in the cd player. The Bear Boxes are to sit and glance at the books over and over while following along with the music reading the session information. They are both wonderful treats!
(David Rifton - England)
Dear DMFC : This is only my second time on your site as I am a new Dean Martin fan, I think your site is great for new fans to pick up lots of info about Dean. I loved the film Rio Bravo and decided to listen to some of his cd's. Since then I have fallen in love with his voice, his acting and him, wow what a man!!!!
(Jaclyn Ulyatt - England)
Dear DMFC : As we approach the five month mark since the terrible events in New York City on September 11th, I wanted to say that in the darkest days right after the tragedy, I coped by staying home and listening to my Dean Martin songs, just as I did when I was little. It took me back to a time when I felt safe and sound, and didn't have the problems of the world surrounding me. Even today, five months later, I realize that I had missed Dean's soothing voice over the last few years. To others, the tragedy may have changed the way they look at things now, or how they do things, but it has changed me in a positive way. Out of all the things it could have done, it really made me have a better appreciation for the finer things, such as Dean's songs and movies to keep me entertained and felling warm and safe. I just wanted to tell my feelings, even though others may find them strange.
(Jessica Pratt - Maryland)
Dear DMFC : If Ricci Martin reads this bulletin board, all of us fans here in Springfield want to thank you for writing such a wonderful book about your father. God Bless him, and you for being a proud son. I know he is a proud Dad smiling down on you.
(Leah Pratt - Massachusetts)
Dear DMFC : I recently purchased a boxed set of Dean Martin recordings along with a full color book of photos and details, and read the story by Neil T. Daniels. He has an appreciation that should be read by all who want to hear an insiders point of view. Thank you for helping make this box set a reality. It is really a special treat, and I look forward to buying the remaining three sets to complete my collection.
(Paul Clairborne - New York)
Dear DMFC : Catch Ricci Martin promoting his book and having a fun with Movie Guy Scott Christopher, host of KJZZ TV's (channel 14) Magnificent Movie Showcase. Ricci, Annie and the girls joined Scott for the movie Cannonball Run 2, starring his father Dean. The show will air Saturday February 16 at 11:00 p.m.
We shot the show last Thursday at the KJZZ TV studios in Salt Lake City. What great people. Ricci and Annie couldn't have been nicer.
We're all fan of Dean Martin and now Ricci and Annie. Keep up the great work. If there is anything we can help with, let us know.
(Todd Summers - Producer - KJZZ TV - Utah)
Dear DMFC : When Dean Martin played secret agent Matt Helm, he was the best. It was during a time when James Bond, Man From UNCLE and Our Man Flint were all playing it serious. Dean was the original Austin Powers at a classy degree. I wish he would have continued playing the roles, but to make four pictures about the same characture, sure shows how successful they must have been. Today, we're lucky to have one sequel, maybe two. Let's all raise our glasses to Matt Helm!
(Robert Bronze - Georgia)