Dear DMFC : Everywhere I turn, I hear Dino's Christmas songs being played. It's a wonderful legacy that Mr. Martin left for us. Even as music has changed over the years, Christmas is a time to hear the standards we all remember as children, and thus it gives listeners a chance to hear the great singers of the past, like Dean Martin
(Kikki Norwich - Washington)
Dear DMFC : Remember last year when the sold the Dean Martin singing doll? It stood about a foot tall and sang Christmas songs. Does anyone know if someplace has them this year?
(Bill Gotham - Idaho)
Dear DMFC : I am a huge Martin and Lewis fan and am really impressed with your Website. I learned so much about Dean Martin that I never knew or realized before. I can't believe that he has be gone longer than he and Jerry were partners. Where oh where is time going? Thank goodness for people like you who keep the memories alive for those of us who need them!
(Jonathan W. Silverton - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : I have never had the opportunity to visit your country (U.S.) but one of the biggest joys you Americans have given to the rest of the world is the talented Dean Martin. We enjoy his movies and television, but most of all his music.
(June Chia - CHINA)
Dear DMFC : Christmas is only a month away, and already I am thinking about Dean Martin because I am hearing his Christmas songs being played on the radio. Money may be tight this year, but if I have Dean's music, that's all the gift I need!
(Krista McCallum - New York)
Dear DMFC : Dean sang a song about Peace on Earth. I hope his dream comes true. There's too much violence and it looks like it's getting worse. Why can't we go back to enjoying the simple way of life when we just looked forward to Thursday night's with Dean singing love songs? Gosh, I long for those simpler times!
(Lindsay Charmin - Arizona)
Dear DMFC : I remembered reading on your blog board last year about a fellow who dressed as Dean Martin and went out trick-or-treating. I thought it would be fun, but I added even more by taking my portable karoke machine and when I rang doorbells, I starting belting out "That's Amore". It amused the people whose houses I visited, and even the local newspaper and radio station both interviewed me! Dean is making the ariwaves (again)!
(Gary Fornsman - Florida)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin is and always will be the best!
(Joanie Scarbourgh - California)
Dear DMFC : I have recently discovered Dean Martin's music by accident. I actually discovered Dean in movies first. I saw "Airport", then I saw a few of his Westerns until I saw a movie he did called "Bells Are Ringing".
From here, I learned that Dean Martin was a great singer, and then found his music. Where have I been? Well, to tell you the truth, I am 19 years old and have never been exposed to his music. It's amazing that in just a matter of ten years or so, the music of my generation had changed so rapidly. Now I am thrilled to have found Dean Martin and am wanting to learn all I can about him.
Thank you for your Website and a place to learn!
(Rudy Harpin - New York)
Dear DMFC : Does anyone know if Dean Martin likes Haloween? Did he ever dress up as a kid and go from house to house? Just curious what his childhood might have been like.
(Kathy Creslin - Canada)
Dear DMFC : With the country being on the verge of financial collapse, I will never part with my collection of Dean Martin music. It has gotten me through the best of times, and the worst of times. As long as I can hear Dean Martin's voice, everything will be alright.
(Madison Silverstrom - Texas)
Dear DMFC: Your latest issue featuring The Golddiggers and their 40th Anniversary Reunion was fabulous! It's great to see that the ladies have not aged all that much since those days when the dominated our TV screens!
(Cathy Sharman - CANADA)
Dear DMFC : As the new television season is getting underway, I thought back to when the first Dean Martin TV show debuted on NBC. It was way back in 1965. That was 43 years ago, and it still feels like only 5 or 10 years ago I had begun to watch it. Actually, I didn't start watching Dean's show until the summer of 1968, when The Golddiggers had a show known as Dean Martin's Summer Replacements. I was just a little girl when I first saw them sing and dance waering old 1930's clothes, and fell in love with wanting to sing and dance just like them! When Dean's Show came back on and replaced The Golddiggers, I instantly becamse a Dean Martin fan as well. Anyway, I have a question. For many years I had watched The Golddiggers guest star on Dean's show and they even had their own show for a while. Whatever happened to them? I haven't heard much about them at all. Thanks!
(Geri Rittan - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : On Thursday (September 11th) at 8:00 AM I watched an A & E Biography on the life of Dean Martin. It was a wonderful trip down memory lane, and I wanted to find your organizations Website (I did!) and give compliment Neil Daniels on his role in the interviews. His, along with Shirley MacLaine, Lee Hale,Don Rickles and Dean's son Ricci Martin provided a nice insight to the legend we all know simply as "Dino". The episode was followed by Biographies on Jerry Lewis, Frank Sinatra and The Rat Pack. September 11th was a sad day in history, so thank you all for having these programs on to help us get through the memories of 9-11. It seemed like an easiler world when Dean, Frank and Sammy kept us in harmony!
(Donna Masely - New York)
Dear DMFC : Labor Day in the United States is quickly approaching, and I wanted to remind everyone to make sure to watch and GIVE. Jerry has given to this cause his entire life, and I hate to remind everyone, but one of these telethon years may be Jerry's last. After all, he is getting older and his health has not been the best in recent. Don't let the last memories of Jerry Lewis and the Martin and Lewis team slip through time and slip through your fingers!
(Josie Rubino - Wyoming)
Dear DMFC : In response to the question about the little boy shaking his head in time to the song Dean was singing comes from an old Martin and Lewis Colgate Comedy Hour. Opportunity, I don't remember which exact episode it is from. I remember Dean getting a good laugh from watching the boy.
(Robin Faris - England)
Dear DMFC : To answer the question from Claus Valsted from Denmark regarding the little boy shaking his head to the truth of the music. It was not Dean Martin singing, it was Tennessee Ernie Ford.
(Greg Tingvold - California)
Dear DMFC : I live in Los Angeles, and am bewildered with my surroundings. I reside in an area called Studio City. It's where I grew up and my Mom and Dad lived most of their lives. We are very close to Beverly Hills one direction Hollywood in the other and Burbank is right nearby. I went to school here, and even got married at a church not too far near Toluca Lake and Universal City.
What I don't understand is the society of people who surround me today. It's not the ethnic origins of people, but rather the social impact my neighbors have on changing my neighborhood into making it something that feels strange and different to me.
Today, everyone has to listen to music on their I-pods or has to have satellite radio to hear anything remotely in English in my area. 75 percent of the free radio stations here are in a foreign language, not understandable to me. I can't ask anyone if they remember Dean Martin because no one that lives near me grew up here. Music (as it is called today) has to carry a heavy message or meaning to others around me today. Why can't the meaning of musical composition be worshipped as it was to me? Does anyone read MUSIC anymore, much less alone ENGLISH? That remark is based on the state test scores provided by the failing school system reports... not a personal assessment meant to disparage anyone in particular. I am just frustrated and am feeling more and more isolated by having my own little world change.
I would like to ask other Dean Martin fans and fans of the "Popular" American culture if they feel the same way. Is this how it is in other parts of the country? Does Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra come up in conversation with you and your friends at all? Are simple things talked about in your area, or is everything you hear one complaint after another?
Please, I know that my post sounds very strange, but I think I am going crazy. I need my fix of Dean Martin. I don't miss his movies or TV show as much as I miss what Dean had given to society as a whole, and that's a chance to smile and be happy for a while. When Dean finished his segment of time, we would have Frank Sinatra or Tony Curtis or Fred MacMurray or Glen Campbell or NASA or Elvis Presley or Buddy Hackett or Ed Sullivan or Doris Day to relax us and our outlook until we had to go to work the next morning.
I'd love others to let me know I am not alone. Does Dean Martin still live? He MUST because right here is an organization who still manages to survive with a great bulletin board for those of us who have a voice.
(Lesley Marshall - California)
Dear DMFC : Was Dean left-handed or right-handed?
(Andy Stewart)
Dear DMFC : This is in response to Terry Shaw. Terry, let me start by saying what you do is simply marvelous. As far as sacred songs by Dean go, they are limited without stretching the definition of  "sacred"  too far. There are only two that I can give you. Maybe that is why Dean appealed to the whole world because, he did not commit himself or his music to any one entity. First would be "Peace on Earth/Silent Night" available on the Christmas with the Rat Pack cd & obviously the Bear Family box set 2nd & the one that I would highly recommend for your situation is "The Story Of Life".  It is absolutely amazing & unfortunately rarely heard of but it is available on the Lush Years Album & again the Bear Family box set.  Once again I sign off by saying what you do is so wonderful & if I can be of more assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.  
(Tom Geigner - Wisconsin)
Dear DMFC : Earlier this evening I watched a DVD of the Martin and Lewis movie, "Hollywood Or Bust" with my wife and two boys. I am 40 years old, and my sons are both 10 and 12. My wife is younger than I, but she might not like it if I stated her actual age for all to read (Okay, she's 37 !). Anyway, I was really fascinated with this movie for many reasons. The first thing that took my attention was the depth of COLOR the movie was in. I had seen a few Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis movies over the last bunch of years, but for some reason, if any of them were made in color, I hadn't taken special notice like this one.
I think the underlying "documentary" theme the movie has is what makes it so interesting. The fact that Dean & Jerry travel across the United States in a convertible car, passing through big cities (Chicago, Las Vegas) and small towns (such as those in states like Pennsylvania, New Mexico and The Grand Canyon in Arizona) clearly take the audience by awe in the splendor and simplicity of what this country looked like and was proud of over half a century ago.
One can see by watching this film, why the team of Martin and Lewis broke up. Being one of their last efforts together, Jerry looks a bit too grown up for his naive little kid persona he developed and worked into a lasting screen image and chair. 
Jerry gets his share of the screen time with his comedy, but Dean seems forced to share his solo time (singing his ballads) with Jerry or Patricia Crowley (his leading-lady co-star), who we never really get to know or understand why the chemistry developed between Dean and her. It just "happened" as if something were cut from the storyline after it was shot (in VistaVision!).
I found the songs mediocre, as compared to most Dean Martin songs, but what was nice is that this film was much better to show my sons without fear of having to fast-forward or explain any "suggestive" or "unacceptable" things in today's world. Somehow, I really feel after watching "Hollywood Or Bust", that we as a society have really slid downhill. No one will ever convince me that the movies and the atmosphere in day-to-day living in the U.S. is better than it was when my parents were bringing me up. We forget the little things in life and to relax and laugh and just enjoy. Everything today has to have meaning and a downbeat side to it. It should be mandatory that everyone watch a Martin and Lewis movie once every year to show down and appreciate life.
(Steven Lindsay - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : Great website! Did the movie "The Ravengers" ever get made? It was the 5th Mat Helm movie. Thanks!
(Frank Klepper)
Dear DMFC : I heard a song that my daughter loved at dinner last night. I would like to know the name of the song and the album it is from. Can anyone help? The song's words were, "Choo Choo la , Makes my heart go Cha-cha-cha." 
Anyone know this? I was told by the waitress that it was Dean Martin.
(Freddie Morris - Indiana)
Dear DMFC : Hello you people who love Dean. Can somebody help me? I have for a couple of years ago seen a TV show with Dean Martin. Hes sitting in a studio on some stairs and singing a song with some children, and one of the boys just cant stop shaking his head to the rhythm of Deans song. Dean trying to look away, but every time hes looking at the boy, Dean can't stop laughing, and he is trying to hold the boys head still, while hes still singing . I really want to see this again, and I hope, that someone can help me.
(Claus Valsted - Denmark)
Dear DMFC : My daughter is attending summer school and is currently in the third grade. The school is planning on putting on a small program celebrating the Fourth of July and had asked every child to add their own voice in the program, describing what the Fourth of July means to them.
Most of the kids said things like, "We are thankful for our freedom" and "It's a day we have fireworks and put our flags up", but one child who is always so quiet by nature, got her turn to give her thoughts after everyone else gave theirs... "The Fourth of July is when we can celebrate the songs that Dean Martin made - and when he sings, When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie, then it's time for the fireworks!".
Surprisingly, no one laughed. The other children thought she was so cool and they were so excited by her answer that they want her to say those same words in the school play that they are preparing for.
I thought you would be interested in this story.
(Adrianne Larkson - Washington)
Dear DMFC : We heard your President, Mr. Daniels, on our local radio station here, talking about Dean Martin and recalling many stories about how funny and nice Dean was in real life. Since we live only a few minutes from the radio station, I told my wife to jump in the car and maybe we could meet him in person.
You see, in the early days, my Uncle worked for a famous nightclub where Martin and Lewis performed quite regularly. I have a small collection of photographs and programs that he left behind after he passed away, and many of them were of Martin and Lewis. I thought that Mr. Daniels would like to see them.
When we arrived at the station, we walked in and asked the guard at the desk if it was possible to meet Mr. Daniels after the broadcast. Right away Mr. Daniels had told them to let us in while he was still on the air, and next thing we knew, they brought us down the hall to meet him while he was still on the air.
Without realizing it, Mr. Daniels had my wife and I on the microphone telling our stories about my Uncle, and describing the pictures. It was the first time either of us experienced what it was like in a radio station. Somewhat intimidating and scary, but Mr. Daniels made us feel quite at home. He loved the pictures, and even knew that it was the 500 club in Atlantic City (where my Uncle worked).
When the show ended, Mr. Daniels and another friend of his who was visiting (Mr. Gamet) asked us to join them for lunch at a restaurant down the street from the station before they had to leave.
What a wonderful time my wife and I had that neither of us expected!
When we finished our lunch, after an hour of talking about everything (mostly Dean), Mr. Daniels graciously autographed a copy of his book he wrote with Don Cherry about Don's life with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, and also added us as complimentary members of the fan club.
Even though we thanked Mr. Daniels for everything, after finding this bulletin board, I wanted to say thanks to Mr. Daniels again for the biggest surprise and thrill my wife and I have had in such a long time.
Thank you to all who have put up with my blabbing on and on. It's wonderful to know that there are so many other Dean Martin fans out there, and that we can all tell our stories at a place like this. Sincerely,
(William and Deborah Argento - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : In response to Joe Hernandez:  The song was Dean's parody of "I Love Paris" called "I Love Vegas".  One of Dean's lines was "I love Vegas, more than my wife Jeanne likes being pregnant".  It is on the "Rat Pack live at the Sands" CD from 2001.
(Mike Wiggins - Michigan, USA)
Dear DMFC : Hi, I go out to nursing homes every day and entertain with my guitar.  I put together "theme" shows.  I've done a Perry Como show, for example, in the past.  I would like to do a Dean Martin show for them.  I always include a sacred song or hymn in my show, trying to stick to my theme.  Did Dean record any?  I can't find any.  Do you have any suggestions.  It doesn't have to be a traditional hymn.  For example, in my Como show I did "May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You", a song he used to close his radio shows with.  Thanks for the help.
(Terry Shaw)
Dear DMFC : Thanks for having this Website for Dean Martin. I have enjoyed visiting this site for many years. I also joined your fan club about eight years ago and love everything you do. You are so informative and have a wealth of knowledge that can't be found anyplace else.
I just wanted to wish Dean up in heaven a Happy Birthday!
(Sara Merchant - Hawaii)
Dear DMFC : Hellooo, I discovered Dino lately and I was impossibly amazed by him. I went on blaming myself that I didn't do than any time sooner. I'm sending you an E-mail from the other side of the world. I am a person who admires real music, and this Dino just blew my mind. Others find it funny that I got obsessed with this guy cos I'm 26 years old, but the new music I hear all over don't satisfy me and gives me headaches! Then I discovered Dino's angelic voice. All i can say that he is unbelievable - his voice, his character, his charm, he is just great. Seems like I can't stop listening to his songs. The fan club is great too, and I hope that I can find people who loves the same (Good Old Dean). Thank you so much for this chance.
(Diana Dodo - Amman, Jordan)
Dear DMFC : Happy Birthday to Dean today! It's nice to hear his songs still being played on the radio. As a matter of fact, the local radio station here is playing an hour of Dean Martin songs to commemorate his contributions to music, movies and television. Happy Birthday again!
(Stephanie Barum - Minnesota)
Dear DMFC : This Saturday (June 7th) would have been Dean's 91st birthday! I still picture him as he looked on his TV program. I'll bet he's looking down from up above and wondering what happened since he left this world. I sure hope he talks to the big man upstairs and tells him to put us back on the right course!
Dean Martin sure did make this world a better place when he was here. We all miss you Dino!
(Kay Cardium - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : Happy birthday to Dean Martin! One of the Greatest Entertainers Ever!
(Jim McCullum - Arizona)
Dear DMFC : "The Golddiggers" are performing in Las Vegas at South Point the first weekend in June. I just saw that in the listings in my newspaper. I thought I'd post it for Dean Martin fans everywhere (Pat Johnson - California)
Dear DMFC : I remember Dick Martin very well from his early days with Dan Rowan. I have always heard that if it were not for Dean, that the comedy team might not have made it to where they did. Dean Martin blessed so many other performers by giving them their own spotlight and allowing them to shine. Dean was great and for that, he shines above them all!
(JoLinda Gray - Texas)
Dear DMFC : I just read that Dick Martin has passed away. Gosh, quite a few celebrities from the Dean Martin era have passed away in the last few weeks. I remember Dick Martin being on Dean's show a number of times. I also remember when he and his partner Dan Rowan we the hosts of the Dean Martin Summer Show back in the late 1960's (66 or 67?).
During an interview I once heard Dick Martin say that Dean Martin was one of his influences, and that Dean helped to get his career going. He also mentioned that he was no relation to Dean, even though they had the same last names.
Thanks for giving us the news and keeping us up to date on all Dean Martin news that happens.
(Phil Linback - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : We just read about the death of Bob Sidney in your Dean Martin magazine. We really enjoyed the close up you did on Mr. Sidney a few years back in you magazine and we amazed to read how connected he was to Dean. It was again to learn that Mr. Sidney was 98 years old! Bless him.
(Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sandolo - Germany)
Dear DMFC : Thank you for posting the passing of dancing icon Bob Sidney. He was a hugely noted icon in the world of dance. We all knew who he was and what a legacy he left including thousands of dancers who studied him. Now he's dancing with Dean again.
(Drew Leighton - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : I am so sorry to hear about the passing of Bob Sidney. I remember watching the old Dean Martin Shows on TV and his name was always at the end of the show. Another connection to Dean has left us.
(Miriam Saticoy - Rhode Island)
Dear DMFC : Please thank your organization's C-E-O (Neil Daniels) for giving me his card when we were in Las Vegas. To talk about Dean Martin with him was such a thrill for us, and then to have him show us that the original Golddiggers were back together and were performing in Las Vegas was even more thrilling. Dean Martin and The Golddiggers are what we think of whenever we decide to go to Vegas. We also wanted to thank him for the wonderful messaage he left at our hotel room inviting us to the Golddiggers show next month at South Point, where we were actually staying while in town this trip. We are going to try and take him up on his offer, and just wanted to say again how nice he was to a couple of regular Las Vegas visitors.
(Dave and Sandy Gregorio - California)
Dear DMFC : I was one of the guests  at The Green Valley Ranch Hotel in Las Vegas last night and immensely enjoyed seeing "The Golddiggers" performance ! I remember them from The Dean Martin Show, and they looked and sounded like they were back in their earlier days. I was truly amazed and wanted to say "good job!" to all!
(Mrs. Dolores Beasley - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : This is in reply to the person who asked if Kay Starr appeared on any of the Dean Martin Shows before 1964. The answer would be no. Except for the few TV specials called "The Dean Martin Show", Dean's "Variety" series didn't start until the fall of 1965.
(Nancy Webber - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : Hello, could you please help me identify a song that Dean Martin sang that was sang live and was actually about Las Vegas.  I think it mentioned going to Vegas and was about how much he enjoyed being in Vegas (and I think it also mentioned his wife).  I heard this song on the radio around 2002 or 2003. Thank you very much
(Joe Hernandez)
Dear DMFC : I heard that Dean Martin had two middle names, one being "Paul"... does anyone know if he was given another name at birth or by the church?
(Lindsay Tuscadaro - Italy)
Dear DMFC : I got your Website address from a box set of cd's the Bear Family put out on Dean Martin. I loved the set, and know that there were a total of four sets made, which I will eventually get. The set I have is the first one. It includes the recordings Dean Martin made on Embassy, Diamond and Apollo, all before he signed with Capitol Records.
When I asked around, I was told that your organization's owner has other earlier recordings stored away in his vaults. I would love to be able to persuade him to make them (or at least some of them) available to us to hear. After all, those songs must be over 50 years old. What good would they be if they just sit locked up collecting dust?
(Rick Johnson - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : Just want to add a bit of information about Dean Martin and my father, Joseph Brodie. My father, Joseph Brodie was born in Steubenville in 1901.  He lived there until about the 1920's.  He did not know Dean Martin when he left Steubenville.
Fast forward to 1950.  My parents moved to a suburb of Los Angeles known as Westwood.  Soon after we moved in Dean and Jeannie Martin moved in next door to us.  Now we had two men from Steubenville on one small street in Los Angeles!  I often played with Mr. Martin's children from his first marriage.  His first wife lived up the street and around the corner.  I also fondly remember his baby boy Dino.  Jeannie Martin was a very beautiful lady.  I also got to meet Jerry Lewis on several occasions.  
I think that the market that is depicted in one of your murals, and identified as the market of Jimmy the Greek's parents, may originally have belonged to my grandparents... Israel J. Brodie or Josiah I. Brodie and Ida Brodie.  When I was briefly in Steubenville I noticed a store across the street from the mural.  The store's name was Brodie.  I don't know if it belonged at one time to my family or not.  I think the small market might have belonged to my grandparents because it backed to what was the Jewish temple. 
My grandparents were religious and would have been at the temple all the time.  I know they sold their store to move west.  My Steubenville family consisted of the parents and their children:  Saul, Meier, Joseph, Sadie, and another girl.  Two of their children died and are buried there.  Also my maternal grandfather who's last name was Bloom is buried somewhere in Stuebenville. 
I have an attachment to the town from hearing all the stories about my family.  Some of the stories include delivering groceries in a horse drawn wagon, my dad driving his car right through the middle of the main hallway of the high school ( I think he got expelled.).  
Ihave more stories, but I have to go for now.  Sincerely,
(Rebecca Brodie - California)
Dear DMFC : Ok what's up with the movie 'Something Big'?Seen this movie a lot of years ago. All the big stars in this top shelf western and it's not on video -- get out of here. Someone please sell me the copyright. The western channel alone would run this great but somehow forgotten movie twenty or more times a week.I would love to see this movie again.
Dear DMFC : I am a big fan of Dean's and loved the show I saw that starred his son, Ricci Martin. Ricci, if you are reading this - thank you for keeping your dear father's flame burning. I can tell by your passion, that you have a great respect for him!
(Lionel Taft - Connecticut)
Dear DMFC : I recently joined the Dean Martin Fan Center and it's fan club, and wanted to tell anyone who was reading this an haven't joined to do so. There is so much more in your magazines and newsletters than is presented on your website.
(Catherine Hughes - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC: Can you (or anyone) tell me if Kay Starr appeared on any episodes prior to 1964 which are available to the public for purchase?
(John Thompson)
Dear DMFC : Just a quick message to tell you that the book I got about Don Cherry was great. He talks about so many of the stars I remember, but has a lot to say about his best friend, Dean Martin. Thanks to your fan club president, Neil Daniels, for writing the book with Don.
P.S. I remember when Don Cherry would appear on Dean's TV show and they would sing together or he would sing by himself. I thought then, Don Cherry was in an elite group himself too.
(Brad Dissarion - Canada)
Dear DMFC :  I was wondering if you know if they will ever put on disc and sell the songs Dean did on his show. Many of these songs I absolutely love and I own every song Dean ever recorded many times over but ,there are still the songs he did live on his show that they have not put on disc. I know a lot of fans would love to have these songs I am particularly looking for They Didn't Believe Me. Nobody had an arrangement of it like Dean and it has become one of my favorite songs. By him. But I can only hear it if I play the DVD of his show.
(Louise Dallas)
Dear DMFC : Someday I wish you guys would open a museum for Dean. It would be fitting to have it in Las Vegas or near his home in Beverly Hills. I know that you have quite an extensive collection and archive. It would be nice to share it with the fans who I hear travel to these places looking to find anything of Dean's they can visit during their vacations. What do you think?
(Jennifer Anita - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : I learned about your Website from my radio station. Dean has always been my favorite singer and entertainer since I first saw him in the Martin and Lewis movies as a kid. In my twenties, I got hooked on Dean's variety show on TV, and Thursday nights in front of the TV became a way of life. After Dean left his TV series and started the Roasts, I still watched, but it was his music that I missed greatly.
Now with you fan club, website and magazine (I can't wait to get!), I'm able to re-live the magic that I grew up with as a child and my world is a lot brighter thanks to you guys!
(Jim Hyuek - Washington)
Dear DMFC : My Father has just passed he was 76 years old and a great fan of Dean I grew up listing to Dean on Friday and Saturday night with my Dad singing along with Dean I hope to think that he is in heaven having a drink and a cigarette then I would know he is happy.
(Colin Kerrigan - Melbourne, Australia)
Dear DMFC : This is an answer for Andy Jennings. It was Pulp Fiction!The movie their discussing is Rio Bravo. Maybe you saw an edited version. In fact if you watch real close their is another scene with a TV on in the back ground & You will see Dean in Rio Bravo.
(Tom Geigner - Wisconsin)
Dear DMFC : Thank you for the latest Dean Martin Fan Center magazine issue and letting us all know about the new Dean Martin Slot Machine coming soon! I live in Arizona (very near Laughlin, Nevada) only an hour away from Las Vegas. It's nice to see Dean is going to be back in Vegas again! It was interesting to see an advance picture and read about it.
Heck, if I'm going to throw my money away, I'd love to give it to Dino!
(Paul Marsh - Arizona)
Dear DMFC : This is an answer for Michael R Holm: None of the Dean Martin Shows have officially been released as complete shows, including Dean's Christmas episode(s). This is probably why you have never see any. The closest thing to a "Christmas" show is one of the volumes in the Best of Dean Martin DVD's sold by Gunthy-Renker. It's a late on in the series, so unfortunately you would have to subscribe and get up to that point (in the late 20's I believe). Good luck!
(Allison Drier - Arkansas)
Dear DMFC : Your last issue was great! I am a new member (I was given a 1-year membership for Christmas last year), and I am not only elated but also impresses. Keep up the great stories and classy act!
(Randi Lankershim - New York)
Dear DMFC : I forgot the name of the song, but I know it had the words old top hat.  Please if you know let me know the name so me and my grandkids could sing it just like me and my Daughters did 20 years ago.  My kids can't remember either, but it was so much fun acting out the song.  
(Darlene Cicciarelli)
Dear DMFC : I swear I remember seeing or reading about a clip from a popular movie in which John Travolta is discussing a scene from a Dean Martin movie to another character...  I could have sworn this was
Pulp Fiction...but I just watched Pulp Fiction for the first time yesterday, and it was not in there.
Am I dreaming, or what? Can you help me remember what movie this is?...and what Dean Martin movie he is discussing?
(Andy Jennings)
Dear DMFC : How come there aren't any great new CD's on Dean Martin coming out? A "Greatest Hits" once every year or two doesn't seem complimentary to a man whose output was so great.
(Doug Warman - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : I was wondering if you might have a suggestion on how I could find a particular Dean Martin Christmas Show on NBC?  It was around 1969 I think.  The guests were Dom Deluise and Dennis Weaver.
My brother, sister and I (along with other kids) were sitting around Christmas trees while Dean and Dennis sang to the children.
My father was a cameraman on the show and it would be a great present if I could locate a copy.   Anything you could suggest would be greatly appreciated.
(Michael R. Holm)
Dear DMFC : Hello, What I am wanting to know is: If you can tell me what some of Dean Martins favorite foods or drinks were? If you can give me this information I would be very grateful.
(Carliene Tomera)
Dear DMFC : How about making February 29th a special Dean Martin Day? After all, he always gave us a little extra, and since we are getting an extra day, let's all just play Dean's songs that day!
(Jenny McCalla - Canada)
Dear DMFC : I am a member of your Dean Martin Fan Center, and want to say what a fantastic job you do! I have a question... About five years ago you did a retrospect on Dean's Golddiggers and took us to their reunion party. Can you update us again on the different ladies and what they are doing now?
(Lindsay Hollbreck - North Carolina)
Dear DMFC : My family bought a Dean Martin Christmas ornament for the Christmas Tree back in December. It looked like a small TV set with three different pictures of Dean that changed as you would move the ornament back and forth, and it played Dean Martin singing too!
Well, I thought this was so unique, that I kept it out to enjoy, while the rest of the Christmas stuff was packed away.
Now, a couple that we know came over for dinner the other night and after they saw my Dino ornament, they informed me that they have a different one that has a small replica statue of Dean standing with a micraphone that also plays him singing. I asked if it was the mechanical doll that moves and is about a foot tall, but they said it was only about 6 inches tall, and was an ornament. The couple that came over had said they packed it away and couldn't get to it until next year. Is there really such a thing? Does anyone out there have this? My wife is going to kill me if I start collecting Dean Martin Christmas Ornaments now!
(Mr. J. Johansson - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : I've been a follower of your website for way over ten years now, and I never really thought about posting a message here before. I think it's about time to say thank you for keeping us all informed and reminding us that Dean is not forgotten. His movies, TV shows and music have kept the down times away from my door my whole life!
(Kelly Navarro - California)
Dear DMFC : For Valentine's Day, my boyfriend came over dressed in a tuxedo with a limousine parked in front of my apartment. When I got inside, he turned on the music and we toasted out one year dating anniversary. Guess what music was playing in the limo? Dean Martin love songs!!!  How cool is that?!?
Well, from there, we went to a quiet little Italian restaurant downtown, then he took me to a popular (but somewhat quiet) nightclub where we danced to... you guessed it... Dean Martin songs. Seems he arranged to have the place play only Dean Martin songs for an hour.
It was the most romantic day I ever had, and one that I'll never forget!
(Michelle Winehart - Texas)
Dear DMFC : Hi Deanagers everywhere! Regarding Dean's final Great album, "The Nashville Sessions", the album debuted in the Billboard charts on July 23, 1983 and peaked at number 49. It stayed on the charts for 10 weeks. Taken from the album as a single release was the duet, "My First Country Song" with Conway Twitty. It entered the charts on July 9, 1983 - reached Number 35, and stayed on the charts for twelve weeks! All the very best to everyone!
(Graham Daniels)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin it has been said many times in the Akron,Ohio area worked as a card dealer at a tavern in the Portage lakes area just outside Akron around 1938. At the time,they said he lived in the Kenmore section in Akron.Over the years i have herd this story and its even been in a book about the history of Portage Lake! Do you or anyone has any information on Deans years in Akron Ohio.
(David Bersnak - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : Hi Guys, My Name is Yasi and Im like the biggest Dino fan ever!!!! I have every album, movie, show, my room is even based on him with frames pics everywhere!
Thank's so much for this website - I love it soooo much, now I know I'm not the only Dino fan. Thanks Again.
(Yasi Antone)
Dear DMFC : My Aunts and a cousin attended Ricci Martin's live dinner show in Pittsburgh in 2005 and really enjoyed it!  We met them afterwards and took photos and signed autographs -- my little elderly Aunts were THRILLED!  We are big Dean Martin Fans as I had an Uncle who sang just like Dino!! 
Well- I am purchasing my Italian grandparents' home on the main street of our small town and will be turning it into a "Retro Guest House" called "La Dolce Vita on Broad".  I will be restoring it to the way it was when they moved in it in 1949 and that includes a cool 'retro' knotty pine bar in the basement that also has a little wine cellar (my grandpap made it homemade--what Italian didn't back then....) that my dad and his brothers built in the 1950's.   I'm going to call it "Dino's Den" and feature his music, photos, etc. along with Vintage Bowling machines, pinball machines, a shuffleboard and card table.  In the summer -- we'll add a bocce court to the back yard.  It's going to be a neat place that will capture the essence of the 1940-50's with a little bit of that Italian Charm!!  I can't wait -- it's going to take a lot of work -- the house is in need of many repairs as it was built in 1920's and some 'cash' to fix it up -- but it will be an awesome place to spend a weekend --- to go back in time -- just for a slower lifestyle --- even if its just to feel like you're '18' years old again.
A few years back we had an "Everybody Loves Somebody Valentines Day Party" here at our home and it was a blast!  Dean Martin has been a favorite of our family for a long long time and will continue to live on in a sense at "La Dolce Vita on Broad".
(Melanie Patterson - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : I'm printing up my own Valentine cards with Dean Martin on the front. When they asked me how many I nwanted,  I wanted to say "ten million!"
(Myra Kurshner - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : Trapped inside while it's pouring outside, I have gone from playing Dean's "White Christmas" to his song "Rain". Now I hope "Rainbows Are Back in Style".
(Francis McAllister - England)
Dear DMFC : I never thought of Dean as the "King of Cool". To me, Dean Martin was the "King of Debonair. " The way he looked in a suit or tuxedo typified the need for style. His posh look worked well with his "everyday" attitude, showing the rest of us in middle-class society that some one of our group managed to sneak into the world above us.
With Dean, he looked around that world a step above and laughed at what he saw all around him... now if you want to call that "cool", go ahead. I prefer to see beyond that, and much like the rest of us see, Dean Martin had a gift that allowed him access to whatever place he wanted to go. I'm glad he clued most of us into zaniness of what "image" and "style" can do.
(Leo Garner - New York)
Dear DMFC : Recently at a yard sale I purchased a used CD called "Spotlight On Dean Martin". I fell in love with all the songs that were on the disc and have been playing it over and over in the car. Finally I took the CD into the house and had a chance to sit down and read the excellent liner notes that came with the booklet and noticed your Dean Martin Fan Center website address.
I had to e-mail and tell you what a wonderful Website you have, and with your help, I have become a new Dean Martin fan myself. I am 23 years old, so naturally it is a bit hard for someone my age to learn much about all these wonderful singers and musicians in today's world in which has changed the artists from a "musical talent" standpoint to whichever artist has the best agency "created image".
Thanks again for being so helpful. I see there is an enormous amount to learn about Dean Martin and I am ready for the challenge!
(Josh Dower - Washington)
Dear DMFC : For being a good 62-year old boy, I received among other things the latest "Forever Cool" CD. Although I think that the original songs are greater, still it is a fantastic tribute to the greatest of all. Especially the last song, "Brahms Lullaby" brought me to tears. I hereby send you and all Dean Martin-friends and lovers and especially his esteemed family my late but nevertheless sincere wishes for a healthy and peaceful 2008 filled with the unforgettable music of our idol.
(Alfons Dircksens - BELGIUM)
Dear DMFC : Recently I saw on YouTube Dean singing ,"You belong to me". Was this released on DV? If so what was the title of DVD. I'm sure it was from the Martin Lewis shows. Also saw Dean singing Innamorata on the Dinah Shore Chevy Show 1956. Again, has this been released on DVD? and finally did Dean sing "Come Back to Sorrento" on any of the TV shows he appeared on. Any help greatly appreciated.
Dear DMFC : Today is New Years Eve and I am often reminded of the episode of the Dean Martin TV Show that featured guest star Frank Sinatra. It was Dean's New Years eve show and every year when this day comes around, I remember Ruth Buzzi with her friend trying to spend New Years eve with Dean and Frank. When they tried to get rid of her, she crawled on the window ledge outside their penthouse suite. It was hilarious! I believe this was also the first episode that the Dingalings were introduced to the audience. What a time! What an era!
It's such a shame that in this age of digital television and high tech that the creative people in charge just can't "get it right" when it comes to content and talent. Combine those old shows with today's state-of-the-art and you'd have the biggest thing since apple pie and Dean Martin!
(Kurt Gamble - California)
Dear DMFC : This is to the Dean Martin Family - I just wanted you to know every Christmas Day while my folks were alive we listened to "Marshmallow World" while opening our gifts. Well, this year I decided to relive the tradition and I am happy that I did. Thanks. I always enjoyed all the Dean Martin songs growing up and still do. Thank you.
(Anna Mastrolillo)
Dear DMFC : "If I could sit across the porch from God - I'd thank him for lending us Dean Martin".
Dear DMFC: Hi, In reference to Manuel's  question about "When an Angel Cooks"... That is part of the lyric to the song ''My Kind of Girl'. Dean sang this song on his television show. It was actually a hit for Matt Monroe, considered the British Sinatra. It is available on cd. It was released by Capitol in 2005 and is track 2 on the bonus disc recorded Live From Lake Tahoe July 27,1962 on the cd 'Dino: The Essential Dean Martin.. Hope this helps. Also, on this disc is the previously unreleased ''Break it to me Gently', a hit for Brenda Lee.
Eddie Greth - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : In answer to "When an Angel Cooks" - This can be found on "The Essential Dean Martin."
(Patty Baker)
Dear DMFC : Dear DMFC:
I recently became a member of your club. I was so happy when I received my first issue, and my very own membership card.  It is wonderful to know that there is a website that takes pride in keeping the music, and talent of a man that is/was Naturally Cool alive.
Keep up the good work.
(Carlos Cevallos - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : I have really been enjoying the Dean Martin Fan Center Magazine and was especially interested in the Greg Garrison issue. I never knew what an integral part Greg played in making sure dean was comfortable and at ease in each and every show. I would love to see a Dean Martin Fan Center magazine or at least an article about the the 1962 Once in a Lifetime Judy, Frank and Dean special. I have seen some candid photo's of the event on Ebay and all three seem to enjoy each others company. This special would make a great article. Keep up the good work.
(Craig Bellamy - NSW, Australia)
Dear DMFC : As December 25th comes around again, we give thought to all that we are thankful for, and of course, the real reason for the holiday as we attend the church of our choice.
Please, also give a thought and prayer to a man who was very much a leader in spreading love and happiness among people who thought the world of him. We have all heard the stories how his music and movies helped countless people struggling with problems or illnesses, get through their ordeal.
I believe that Dean Martin's mission, when sent down to us, was to spread peace and harmony... much as a minister or priest's mission is to educate and carry on the same work.
It's also a sign that when Dean Martin passed on December 25th many years ago, we celebrate a day known as Christmas, the birthday of the baby Jesus, son of God. God had a purpose for Dean Martin, and it's nice to know that we think of him and celebrate his life along with the festive season and celebration of all things spiritual.
(Robert and Gloria Fleming - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : With regard to Dean's funeral "guests", these were all a selected invited few.  Included were  Jerry Lewis, Robert Stack, Tony Danza, Nancy Sinatra, Barbara Sinatra ( who attended instead of Frank, who was too overcome with grief ), Shirley Maclaine, Don Rickles, Angie Dickinson, and Rosemary Clooney who sang Everybody Loves Somebody.
There were no flowers , but instead donations were made to the Barbara Mark Childrens Center in Rancho Mirage, California.And apparently , the service was not a religious one, but more of a celebration of Dean's life and career. With regards to Deanagers everywhere..........
(Graham Daniels - South Wales, Great Britian).
Dear DMFC : My son has made a Christmas list for Santa. He is eight years old, and loves to do what any normal eight year olds do. When he went to bed last night, I took a peek at his list and the first thing written at the top was "Any Dean Martin CD or movie".
What makes this story very interesting is that we have never shown Tommy a Dean Martin movie, and even though he hears a lot of good music, we have never picked out Dean Martin from the rest of the other singers he hears (such as Frank Sinatra, Steve Lawrence, Jack Jones, even Elvis Presley), but somehow he has managed to learn Dean's name and seems to want his CD's.
The new "Forever Cool" CD looks interesting, so we are heading out to pick that one up along with any other CD's that look good and that will be Santa's gift in Tommy's stocking. I just thought your readers might like to know that an eight year old boy wants Dean Martin CD's for Christmas in 2007 (Santa - if you're listening - so do I!)
(Greg Picconi - North Carolina)
Dear DMFC : Thanks for all you do to keep Dean's memory alive. I haven't joined your fan club yet, but for years I have been visiting your website. This year, I am going to give a gift membership to the club as a Christmas present for my best friend in New Jersey. She loves Dean Martin too. As a matter of fact, she had seen Dean perform on stage in Las Vegas over 12 times!
(Julie Francis - Texas)
Dear DMFC : I was thrilled to see The Golddiggers that use to be on Dean Martin's TV show still together riding in the Hollywood Santa Parade last weekend. They look great and brought back such wonderful memories of a time that none of us will ever forget!
(Steve Papton - California)
Dear DMFC : As December approaches, I am often reminded how Dean Martin passed away on the day Jesus was born, December 25th. We must all remember that it is a day of celebration and not mourning. Remember to cherish every day and enjoy the gifts that Dean has left for all of us to have.
(Mary Ann Sonnet - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : Can someone give me information about a song called something like "When An Angel Cooks" which he sung in one of his shows. Can I get this on a record or CD?
(Manuel Martinez)
Dear DMFC : This is in reply to Roddie Curry of Scotland who is concerned that Frank Sinatra did not go to Dean Martin's Funeral. This is simply not the truth.
Jerry Lewis speaks about this in his book "Dean and Me, A Love Story." Jerry tells the story of how Sinatra walked up to him and said, "We lost the Big Gun." and that the two of them, Sinatra and Lewis, held hands and consoled each other. There were stories of a feud between Dean and Frank and that Dean went to his grave begging for Frank's forgiveness. That was never substantiated and seemed to be nothing more than American tabloid hype.  Hope that belays your conscerns.
By the way, I see in the news paper that the last Rat Pack member, Joey Bishop, passed away at the age of 89. They are all together again. Long live the Pack!
(Mark J. Roberts - New York)
Dear DMFC : I recently saw a program called "Gone Are The Years of the Best Entertainers."  I am so glad that I got to see it from the start. All three of our children watched it with my wife and I. Their ages are 17, 15 and 14 so you will realize that I was blown away because they loved it! My kids admitted to me that their generation has no one to look up to and model after. They also admitted that many entertainers today do not have much talent at all, and that the hype and money is what makes them flash-in-the-pan stars.
The segment they (and we) enjoyed most was when they focused upon singers from the forties through the eighties. Out of all that shinned, Dean Martin was the king. Thanks to the comments made by Neil Daniels of your organization and those expressed by one of Dean Martin's kids, it was able to shed light on some of the rumors and mystery that surrounded this icon of a performer.
I was most impressed by the entire program, and my kids have now gone on-line to purchase music by some of the names mentioned in the show. They want to start with Dean Martin because they say they want to start with the best. Thank you people for keeping Dean Martin and his career in full swing for those of us who lived through this wonderful era. No one will ever come close to what talent Dean Martin had. They can only wish and pretend. Thanks for listening.
(John and Lynne Denver - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : i would like to express my sympathy to Mr. Larry Bishop for the loss of his dad. His dad was a really gifted talented person and to the loss of the other members of the Rat Pack to Franks' family, Dean's family, Peters' family and to Sammys' family you all have my full sympathy.
The Rat Pack will always live on in millions of people's memories for many years because Joey, Dean, Frank, Sammy and Peter will always remain in my heart! God Bless them all and their families. They all have my complete sympathy.
(Lea Nagelberg - Canada)
Dear DMFC : Hello everyone. On December 2, 2006 my mother died. Apart from being my Mom, she was a life-long fan of Dean Martin. I am now 48, but as a child, Dino was always in our house. Now Dino and my Mother are both inter-twined. When I listen to Dino, not only is it fantastic music, but it just brings me closer to my mother. When I feel blue, I just start singing one of Dino's songs. That's enough to pick me up. Let us all keep his music alive. Best wishes from
(Nevil Olufsen - South Wales, United Kingdom)