MARCH 2007 - NOVEMBER 2007
Dear DMFC : Sorry to pass the bad news: Joey Bishop just passed away reuniting the Rat Pack in Heaven. With best regards ...
(Matthias Kripel - Vienna, Europe)
Dear DMFC : This is in answer to Jimmy Jackson and his question about a Dean Martin Halloween costume... I never did find one, but to go as Dean would be easy. Just get a nice black tux, black slipper shoes, and empty Martini glass (or full, depending on the neighborhood you are going into) and get a couple of other guys to go as Sammy and Frank, and "wella" -- instant Dean!
Just make sure you SING "Trick or Treat" with the melody of "Where or When", and tell 'em you don't want any milk -- just candy, and then lear at the Mom's that are all walking with their kids.
Have a Happy Haloween!
(Michael Latarie - California)
Dear DMFC : Stanley Myron Handleman passed away at his home in Panorama City, California due to a heart attack. I remember that you guys did an article and interview with him years ago. He was a very funny young commedian who I remember on Dean Martin's Variety Show and then on Dean's summer Golddiggers Shows. He will be missed as many others who are passing quickly.
(G. R. Vector - Florida)
Dear DMFC : I love your site. I wish they'd put Dean's Variety shows back on the air. My favorite was when he opened the door and there was a lion. Also when he jumped on the piano and fell off. Too much wax.
That was the only night I was allowed to stay up late. He was and is a gem. Thanks for the memories.
(J C Sundance)
Dear DMFC : I just recently joined your fan center for Dean and the first issue with Jeanne Martin and all the family of kids was just wonderful! I am thrilled to be part of this group and want to be first to lead the Dean Martin parade if you ever have one!
(Lindsay Mullens - Virginia)
Dear DMFC : I met Dean on three different occasions, twice in Scotland and when he came over to appear in concert in London, I think that was in 1983, my wife and my daughter and I travelled down from Scotland to see him in London, and we had the good fortune to meet Dean in London. We will never forget that , it was one of the nicest things that ever happened in my life apart from my daughter being born.

Many years have passed since then, I would just like to say that every night I have played Dean's signature song since he passed away.One thing that has bothered me all these years since Dean passed away was , it true that Frank Sinatra never went to Deans funeral , if so what was his reason.
(Roddy Currie - SCOTLAND)
Dear DMFC : Hi, firstly can I say I love the web site, realy impressive.
I could do with some help. I am a pro singer, and having been a fan of Dean's for a LONG time, I am working on a tribute act.
The one backing track I desperatly want is "Bummin Around", I can find it but only done on a synth. All my other backing tracks are full orchestral, so a synth backing track is really not of much use to me. I wondered if by any chance you might be able to suggest where I can get a decent backing track of this song.
Would be very greatful for any help you can give.
(Peter Murray)
Dear DMFC : I remember someone asking last year if they made a Dean Martin costume for Haloween. I don't remember if anyone answered, but I was thinking about going as Dean this year. I am in 11th grade, and everyone knows that I love Dean's music!
(Jimmy Jackson - Alabama)
Dear DMFC : I was watching an old Bob Hope / Bing Crosby movie on TV the other night called "The Road to Hong Kong", and I was very surprised to see that Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis were in it for a few moments. Was this something that was planned or did the public say anything about this? Weren't Hope and Crosby big stars in their own right? How did THEY react to having Martin and Lewis in THEIR movie? Does anyone know these answers out there?
(Sandy Ballard - Canada)
Dear DMFC : Hello. There was a frequent skit on a variety show in the 60's in which two "Private Eyes" in fedoras would meet back to back. One would say, "I've got the yo yo," and the other would counter, "I've got the string." Was that a skit on the Dean Martin show? Thanks.
(Janis Ergles)
Dear DMFC : I have listened to the "Forever Cool" CD six times in a row and it's fantastic. I have been a devoted fan of Dean Martin's for many years and have most of his records. He has a lovely relaxed style of singing that makes me tingle all over.
The way the "Forever Cool" CD has been put together is amazing. "Arriverdici Roma" is amazing and "Brahms Lullaby" that Dean sings without music makes me tingle. Keep the albums pouring out.
(Janet Sutherland)
Dear DMFC : Well, my comment on the new duet CD is mixed. Some of the tracks are very good, especially the new instrumental versions with the Capitol Studio band/orchestra. Even some of the vocal duets are very clever and interesting.
On the other hand, the vocal mixes with artists that are totally eclectic of other styles don't mix well at all. Dean is/was a Popular vocalist. Simple. To move his style or to intermix it with different degrees of interpretation is totally out of caracture and realm of what is inspiring about Dean's vocal abilities and talent.
If I had my choice, I'd leave well enough alone, but "alone" doesn't attract new younger listeners known as customers.
(Tige Henderson - Washington)
Dear DMFC : I just got the new CD "Forever Cool", and it's unbelievable! Everyone from Kevin Spacey to Martina McBride sounds fantastic mixed with Dean's voice. The recordings sound clearer than anything I have ever heard put out by Dean before. Wow - I am in heaven!
(Sally Baylos - Hawaii)
Dear DMFC : I received my fist issue of your wonderful magazine featuring Dean's wife Jeanne. I wish I knew about you and your fan club and magazine devoted to Dean sooner! Thank you Regis Philbin for mentioning this place on your show!
(Don Garrett - Washington)
Dear DMFC : I seem to remember back in the 1960's, Sammy Davis, Jr. sang song with Dino called "Sam's Song." I was wondering if they ever performed that song on Dean's show? Although I don't think he was ever on the show, does anyone know for sure?
(Kevin Tiedeman - Colorado)
Dear DMFC : Just a quick note to let you know that former Golddigger, Joyce Garro, will be performing at our "Chicago's West Suburban Festa Italiana" on Friday August 24th at 7:00 PM at Centennial Park (Rohlwing Road - Rt. 53), just south of Lake Street in Addison, Illinois.
(J.J. Sneak - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : About the brand new Dean Martin "Forever Cool" CD/DVD...I can't understand why in the world Kevin Spacey is on the CD(two songs no less!). Kevin Spacey's all time #1 guy was Bobby Darin. The movie he made on Darin was his own produced pet project and he said something to the effect that he was born to play the part.
The movie was a horrible mess, his singing fair at best and the movie bombed at the box office and with DVD sales. Darin was great in his own right, but not the cool character Spacey tried to make him out to be. It just didn't work, because Darin was hip, not cool. Now he wants to muscle in on the legend of the REAL "King of Cool" Dean Martin.
(Joe Ubil - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : They ran some clips of Dean Martin's family on TV the other night, and had a small clip of Gail Martin talking about her Dad, Dean. I just wanted to say how Dean was my favorite singer and entertainer of all time. I am so surprised that no one has even attempted to follow in his footsteps. If someone else could recreate that magic Dean had, they would be worth their weight in gold!
(B. Carnegie)
Dear DMFC : Mike Gamba asked about Dean's Aftershave. According to Ricci, Dean's son, it was called Woodhue. They quit making this scent back in the 1980's, and is very hard to find today, even at rare perfume dealers.
(Anita Krasna - Canada)
Dear DMFC : It's very interesting to hear that the new campaign calling Dean the King of Cool is taking off. I remember many many years ago that your organization's founder had coined that phrase and was saying it before anyone else did. I have been an avid fan of this Website since it's inception, and love everything you people do.
(Charlie Rosati - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : I tried to purchase the issue of your magazine that Regis Philbin mentioned on his show, but noticed that it was only being sent to fan members at this time, so I joined. It was amazing that I received everything back in the mail so fast, and I especially love the issue with Jeanne, and the other back issue that you sent too. I am so glad that I joined, and not to sound like an advertisement, but I would like to encourage every Dean Martin fan to sign up. Reading your magazines about Dean, I feel like a kid again.
(Heather Chaney - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : We purchased the new CD/DVD combination called Forever Cool by Dean Martin and various artists and it is quite good. I am really happy that the DVD has Dean's daughter, Gail on it. She and her personal comments are what actually make the DVD worth watching again and again.
(Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler - Washington)
(Dear DMFC : Dean's brand new Forever Cool CD is the best. I recommend that everyone go out and get it, and maybe they will produce more Dean cd's.
(Skip Halper - Arizona)
Dear DMFC : Someone here asked a question about an album that was advertised in the 1960's called "Bing, Dino, 'N Dixie". This was a highly advertised album, and was suppose to feature Bing Crosby and Dean Martin singing duets, but never materialized. The artwork was even created for the album, which I believe that the Dean Martin Fan Center archives has stored away. Too bad this was never done - it would have been great.
(J. T. Thorn - United Kingdom)
Dear DMFC : I was watching Entertainment Tonight and saw an interview with Dean Martin's daughter, Gail. She spoke so highly of her father, and it was such a treat to see her and how great she looks! I found your site and am impressed. Dean always was the best (and still is!)
(Margaret Hemmings - Alabama)
Dear DMFC : I would like to know if the record singles "Houston" and "Things" (a duet with Nancy Sinatra) have globally each sold over one million copies and were awarded a gold record by the Record Industry Association of America. Recently EMI announced that Dean Martin has sold over 50 million copies of albums worldwide.
(Martin Czitober - Austria)
Dear DMFC : Aftershave: which brand did Dean use and is it still available today?
(Mike Gamba)
Dear DMFC : On Regis' talk-show, he talked about Dean Martin and said that Dean was his favorite singer, then told about a man named Neil Daniels who has been publishing a magazine honoring Dean. The current issue Regis showed is dedicated to Dean's wife, Jeanne.
Most of us seem to know Jeanne, as we knew Dean, because Dean would speak about her very often on his TV show. I am glad to hear that she's doing well.
If she reads this, I wanted to say "Thank you" for everything you did for Dean and for us, his fans. We all know that the woman behind the man helped make the man who he was. Bless You...
(Steven J. DeWitt - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : Regis Philbin held up a magazine called the Dean Martin Fan Center magazine and told what a wonderful tribute you guys are doing for Dean Martin. He said that no one seems to do these sort of things for the great entertainers anymore.
Dean was at the top of the heap, and it's only fitting that his career and legacy have a following to this day, a decade after his passing. My kudos to you for accomplishing the feat.
(Hal Whiteman - Florida)
Dear DMFC : I have always heard of an album called "Bing, Dino 'N' Dixie", which was suppose to be a combination of songs sung by both Bing Crosby and Dean Martin. I even remember it being advertised on the inner sleeves of record albums back in the 60's and 70's. Did this album ever get released? I figured if anyone knew, they would read it here and answer my question. Thank you.
(Alan Stoklin - Texas)
Dear DMFC : Thanks to Regis Philbin this morning, I have learned about Dean's fan club. I am joining right away. Dean has always been the favorite here in my house and my families house growing up. My Dad use to sing Dean Martin songs all the time to my Mother, who looked an awful like like Dean's real wife, Jeanne. Just for fun, Dad even use to call my Mom "Jeanne" when he would pretend to be Dean swooning her off her feet with his singing. Thanks for keeping these memories alive.
(Jason Moselli - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : I just saw Live! With Regis and Kelly, and Regis showed your current issue of the Dean Martin Fan Club magazine with Jeanne Martin. I am glad he did, because I was able to find your Website and have enjoyed looking through everything.
(Jamie Richards - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : This note is for Susan and Michael Sprauge who wrote about their trip to Las Vegas. I too was taken back by the forgetfulness of Dean Martin and all he did for that town. The only thing I found left was a road named after him and a small lounge-type show in honor of the Rat Pack. Gosh... I could have stayed in Chicago to see all of that and saved a ton of money to buy more Dean Martin DVD's to watch!
(Janette Welles - Chicago)
Dear DMFC : Thanks to your Website posting, I got a chance to see the Golddiggers perform for a Bob Hope Patriot tribute and was shocked to see how young they looked! Are these the original Golddiggers that we remembered from the Dean Martin TV Shows? (Your Website said that they were). I can't wait for your upcoming issue and Website announcement about the Golddiggers. As for the rest of the show, Rich Little was great too! I remember him from all the Dean Martin roasts where he would really break up Dean sitting there while Rich did his impressions.
(John Renteria - Florida)
Dear DMFC : We recently returned from a weeks trip to Las Vegas, Nevada and were very disappointed with the city as we remember it from twenty years ago. It has grown so huge and CROWDED that we didn't enjoy the fact that it took so long to drive down the strip. The biggest fact we were saddened with is that all memory of the great entertainers who built Las Vegas and put it on the map had all but disappeared. There wasn't a mention of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elvis Presley, or even Wayne Newton anywhere to be found! Everything was just how big the building were and how many bright lights they could shine in your face!
Dean... we miss you and your days! From devoted Dean Martin fans.
(Susan and Michael Sprauge - Texas)
Dear DMFC : Thanks so much for the notice about the Golddiggers TV appearance on the Bob Hope Special recently broadcasted. I didn't know that the Golddiggers were still performing! Please let us know more about them!
(Richard Larson - New York)
Dear DMFC : Thank you for the heads-up notice about a new Dean Martin CD coming. It's about time!
(Sharon Tibbert - California)
Dear DMFC : Our township in Pennsylvania had a wonderful Fourth-of-July Celebration this year with a parade, carnival and of course, fireworks! As the fireworks were being displayed, they set the entire event to music, and one of the two songs they played during the spectacular was Dean Martin's "That's Amore" which made the evening so very perfect.
I got on the Internet and found your Website and am very impressed. I am so happy to see that there are hundreds and hundreds (thousands) of other fans just like me!
(Georgia Lemick - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : Thanks for your wonderful Website and keeping Dean Martin alive. I am soon joining your fan club and can't wait to start getting the magazines. P.S. I heard about your Website on the radio here in L.A.
(Helen Lomere - California)
Dear DMFC : I bought tickets to an upcoming fireworks show this Fourth of July near my hometown, and the advance program lists the songs they will be playing during the spectacular. Two of them are dedicated to Dean Martin! -- That's Amore and Memories Are Made of This. Now I wonder if the fireworks will burst into the image of a martini glass? (ha!). Bless America and Bless Dean Martin!
(Chelsea York - Texas)
Dear DMFC : I just wanted to post a message to wish a Happy Birthday to Dean Martin who is in heaven with Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. I know he is playing with his kids, Dino and Claudia right now.
(Jason Hogan - United Kingdom)
Dear DMFC : I was a subscriber to the Best of The Dean Martin Shows on DVD. They were great, but I see that they only produced 28 of these in the series. Too bad more of these can't come out. I am one that doesn't really want to see the whole shows as they once were, but would rather save my money and buy these because they are more of the "highlights" from the series that ran for years and years. I wish that they would also release some of Dean's movies that have never come out on home video yet, like Toys in The Attic. Thanks again.
(Mr. Kevin Reesce - New York)
Dear DMFC : I recently saw Ricci Martin perform a tribute show in honor of his Dad. If anyone sees Ricci Martin in their area, it's a great show and one not to miss!
(K. McMullen)
Dear DMFC : I wanted to let the fans know that Dean's 90th birthday is coming on June 7th! I am lighting a candle at church in his memory. We will and still miss you Dean!
(Deborah Garvey - Illinois)
Dear DMFC: I just received my new copy of the Dean Martin Magazine and I am so glad that you wrote all about the movie "Toys in the Attic". I always thought this was one of Dean's best films, but also one of Dean's best kept secrets. It was a very dramatic role for Dean to tackle, but I think he should have been nominated for some sort of award for being able to do the wonderful job he accomplished.
Maybe in years from now, people will look back and recognize many of Dean's other talents they never gave him credit for. That's when this new magazine issue will be a true collector's item (but I treasure each and every issue now!). Thanks
(Ben Tentley - Washington)
Dear DMFC : We have an absolutely wonderful radio station based here in Dallas that is appropriately known as "The Legends Station." It is KAAM 770AM, it focuses on the greatest music of the last 60 years, and you can tune in and once again listen to Dean Martin back on the air where he'll forever belong by going to their website at www.kaamradio.com and hitting the "Listen Live" spot on their screen.
I get to enjoy the privilege of starting each business day Monday through Friday by tuning into the energetic morning show hosted by a superb Jaan McCoy from 6:00am to 10:00am Central Daylight Time (Dallas, Texas time) who includes an always special Dino recording or more almost every morning, followed by an excellent list of impressive hosts and hostesses throughout the day and evening. And if such good news is not enough to put a smile on your face, you need to also know that on this Thursday, May 10, 2007, the morning show will be focusing on the Rat Pack in particular, which will include recordings of music and laughter from those special live performances, in addition to an assortment of Dino, Frank, and Sammy recordings. They have done this before, and you should not miss it if at all possible!
(Brett C. Campbell - Texas)
Dear DMFC : So how come there are no new books available on Dean Martin? One would think that a good biography would be written, not a rehashed version of the same slanted and hearsay stories that have floated from cover-to-cover and from publication-to-publication.
(Matt Eire - England)
Dear DMFC: When was the last appearance Martin and Lewis made at the Fox Theatre in Detroit, MI? It was the only time I saw Dean Martin in person and I was around 7 or 8 yrs. old
(Mike Gauntlett - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : Hello, I am 47 years and I have been a Dean Martin fan since I was a little boy. My Dad introduced me to his movies, TV shows and of course his music. My Dad and I had a strong common bond in our love of Dean and his many talents. My Dad was lucky enough to play golf with Dean Martin before I was born, and he happily told that story many times.
It was a very said day that Christmas day when Dean passed on, and I lost my Dad two years after that. My Dad did not live long enough to see my wedding or the birth of my Son. I honored my father by naming my son Dean, after Mr. Martin. My Dad would be very pleased. My Son will be 4 years old this month and like me, he is a huge Dean Martin fan, we ride together in my car and we sing along to many of Mr. Martin's songs.
Being a big golf nut "The Caddy" is my favorite and of course "That's Amore" is one of my favorites. My Son`s favorites are "Ain't That a Kick in the Head" and "You're Nobody 'till Somebody Loves You". I only wish my son Dean and I share the bond my father and I were fortunate to share. Maybe my son will be the first of a long line of Deans in my family. Many Thanks for many of enjoyment .
(Chris Ferrara - father of Dean Martin Ferrara)
Dear DMFC : While vacationing in Las Vegas, we caught a Rat Pack show at the Greek Isles. A couple that sat near us told us about your organization and wrote down your Website address for us. We are from Florida, and we traveled all the way to Nevada to find out about you located in California. We thought that we had heard the last of Dean Martin because that era seems to be disappearing, but now we are ecstatic! Dean Martin lives, we were just looking in the wrong place.
(Greg and Joyce Lagenson - Florida)
Dear DMFC : My girlfriends and I are big fans of Blake Ewing's. We just heard that his Mom was a member of a group that sang with Dean Martin. Her name was Susie, but I don't know what her last name was back then. Is this information correct? Is there any more you can tell us about Blake's Mom or Blake?
(Julie Windatt - California)
Dear DMFC : Mike Wiggins asked about why Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis' movie, "At War With The Army" hasn't been released by Paramount in their Martin and Lewis series. That's because Paramount didn't own all the rights exclusively. Dean and Jerry's company, York Productions had part ownership. When they broke up, I heard that Jerry bought Dean's stake in the company and kept all the rights for himself.
(E. J. Piedmont - Florida)
Dear DMFC : I have been a fan of Dean Martin's since I was about 6 years old, when I used to listen to his albums with my Dad. I have still got the original LP my Dad use to listen to. Also every other record, tape, CD, and photographs. I have only got to hear his voice and I am gone, dreaming
(James Blake)
Dear DMFC : In answer to the question about Las Vegas and if there are any places to go that the Rat Pack might still have left their mark on... I am afraid to disappoint you that Las Vegas today isn't the same as the Las Vegas of yesteryear. There is literally nothing that is reminiscent of those bygone days when Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra ruled the town with their Rat Pack. It's a piece of history and Americana (a word that will soon disappear) that is gone forever.
(John Wyer - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : I have been a fan of Dean's since as long as I can remember and I am 59 years old now. I loved is easy mannerism and soft talk.he was just so down to earth.I guess I had a crush on him for always. I always watched his shows and movies. Thank you!
(Camilla MacNeil - CANADA)
Dear DMFC : I have been hearing a lot of rumors that the last Together Again tour with Dean, Frank and Sammy was taped but never released to the public. Do you think that if this is true, we will be able to see one of Dean's last public performances? Does anyone out there reading this have any idea?
(Jim Flanagan - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : I was wondering if you could help me out. I remember watching an episode of the The Dean Martin show as a kid and was mesmerized by a scene where two body-less boots walked through a set of swinging doors on the show. I some how think they walked in to the Nancy Sinatra song "These boots were made for walkin".
Was Nancy a guest on the show or was this a spoof on Frank or something completely different? Do you know if this scene is available on one of the many volume of the Best of the Dean Martin Variety Show?
(Jack Bannon)
Dear DMFC : As a long time member of your Fan Center and magazine subscriber, I would like to see an article of the ladies that were on Dean's television show before he had the Golddiggers. They are in so many of the sketches with Dean in the Variety Show DVD's.
(Loni Charman - Maine)
Dear DMFC : I just noticed that the Martin and Lewis collection, volume 2, will be released on DVD in June. However, it does not include "Money From Home", and "Three Ring Circus". Also, volume 1 does not include "At War With The Army". Why is that? Thanks.
(Mike Wiggins)
Dear DMFC : Thanks for having such a great club and magazine. One question: does anyone out there know of places in Las Vegas that I can visit to see or remember Dean or the Rat Pack years?
(Peggy Carson - Texas)
Dear DMFC : Think I sent a mail to Greg Garrison (in UK) before I found out the REAL Greg passed away. My question to you: How the he** suggested that the D Show had to be sensured? Nr. 2: What do they curse/say on the show -- that's "co-co"? P.S. I learn my English in Sweden. Regards.
(Paal Bastian Bjerkeskaug - Norway)
Dear DMFC : What ever happened to David Cassidy's "Rat Pack" show. It was in Las Vegas for a long time and was such a good show that reminded many of us, especially those who were too young to remember, of the magnitude of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra and the talents the originals had. David Cassidy is such a huge talent himself, and this was a fun time capsule that he even appeared in himself as Bobby Darin.
(Cynthia Parker - Arizona)
Dear DMFC : Hi, I also loved Jerry Lewis. I lived in a small town in Canada and when we went to the movies to see Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis we fell off our seats laughing. It was wonderfull. I smile every time I think of them. But, I would like to see a biography of Jerry Lewis please. I still think Jerry Lewis was and is great even though I am not able to get to any of his shows. Thank you.
(Mrs. June L. Scott - Canada)
Dear DMFC : Hey ya, my name is Pollyanna and I'm from a small village in England. I'm so glad that I found this site. Recently I've been getting into 40's and 50's music. It started off with Judy Garland, leading to Frank Sinatra and now I'm Dean Martin obsessed!!! I found him really interesting and Iam now listening to this era of music all the time!!!
(Mike Smith - England)
Dear DMFC : In answer to the question posted by John Wightman below: Joey Bishop is still with us, as is Shirley McLaine and Angie Dickenson (both gals were considered honorary Rat Pack members) - but Dean, Frank, Sammy and Lawford have passed on.
(Drew Joseph - Connecticut)
Dear DMFC : In response to Manuel Martinez post, You may be thinking of Frank Sinatras "my kind of girl" which Dean also sang, and even kidded about singing it better than Frank. This was taped at Lake Tahoe and is on the 2nd disc of the 2005 release of DINO - The Essential Dean Martin - Platinum Edition. Here are the Lyrics;
She walks like an angel walks,
She talks like an angel talks,
And her hair has a kind of curl,
To my mind, she's my kind of girl.
She's wise like an angel's wise,
With eyes like an angels eyes,
And a smile like a kind of pearl,
To my mind, she's my kind of girl.
A pretty little face,
That face just knocks me off my feet,
Pretty little feet,
She's really sweet enough to eat.
She looks like an angel looks,
She cooks like an angel cooks,
And my mind is in a kind of whirl,
To my mind, she's my kind of girl.
(full instrumental interlude)
Hmmm, pretty little face,
That face just knocks me off my feet,
Pretty little feet,
She's really sweet enough to eat.
She looks like an angel looks,
And she cooks like an angel cooks,
And my mind (is) in a kind of whirl,
To my mind, she's my kind of girl.
Yes, my poor heart's in a whirl,
She's just my kind, shes a girl.
And I'm glad I'm her boy.
(Paul Bischoff - Wisconsin)
Dear DMFC : I saw a commercial in the theatre for a new coming movie about two brothers playing Santa at Christmas and Dean Martin's song was played all the way through the trailer/commercial. Dean seems to be everywhere!
(John Placentia - Washington)