Dear DMFC : Whenever I hear It's a Marshmallow World, I am taken back to Dean's ever smiling face. He made my Mom and Dad, and my brother and I smile throughout every year and every Christmas and New Years. We really miss those days.
(Sinshaw Lenwood - New York)
Dear DMFC : This was the best Christmas ever. I got all the volumes of the Beast of Dean's Variety Shows on DVD and I also got eight different Dean Martin CD's!  It was a Dean Martin Christmas and the best I ever had!
(Kevin Pedwick - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : We just returned home from Christmas Eve Service and wanted to mention that we said a little prayer for Dean Martin. He is always in our thoughts, especially this time of year.
Merry Christmas to all Dean Martin fans out there!
(Karen and Robert Overton - Florida)
Dear DMFC : Hi everyone, Sending wishes for a Very Merry Christmas. On a whim, I did a search for where Dean Martin got his start. Your page showed up. I read a few of the posts, then saw something that made me sad to see on anything relating to the Legend Dean Martin. I refer to the garbage that was posted by "Edmonton Kanada" Since one of your main objectives here is to keep the Spirit of Dean Martin alive (btw: we DO that sort of thing by keeping the memory of the dearly departed in a constant positive state), a thought occurred to me about that...and got me to thinking: What Would Dean Do.
In the case of the Edmonton Kanada nonsense that was allowed to be posted I can presume with a strong degree of possibility that Dean would simply have ignored the note (or, more likely someone Dean put in charge of posts...like a trusted moderator). WHY on earth the E.K. Rant~something very negative, disruptive, and mean-spirited and unbalanced was posted is beyond me. I kindly submit it be stricken from the page. And please, from here on out, only post positive things. Life is too short to let the poisons infecting people like E.K. infect others... After all it's OUR job to speak for those (who now) can only speak by the means they left behind...like Mr. Martin's amazing legacy of music, TV, and film. My two cents
(Alan Zain)
Hi Alan - Thanks for your post. A long, long time ago, when we started this bulletin board page, it was before most people had live postings. Twitter and FaceBook were not around. The posts from fans started out to be quite enjoyable, then things started getting a little rough. Some people were flaming others and even posting X-Rated comments. We also saw people listing their Dean Martin bootleg items for sale, and we didn't want to have any connection with the like. We then decided to monitor the posts and choose what should be posted and what should be discarded. It really felt funny to "monitor" what people had to say. The reason, after all these years, that we decided to post the e-mail we received was to show Dean fans that we truly read each and every post and e-mail that comes in, although we can't often respond to every one of them. Our e-mail counts alone is about 1000 per week (if you don't count the advertisements and X-rated solicitations). I agree that the post was very strange (we have see a lot of strange ones, believe me!), and also thought that maybe by posting it, we would stir up a little controversy among the readers. If you are a long time viewer of our site, you'll note that the posts have become less-and-less over time. That's due to the years passing by and Instant messaging keeping more people talking in different forums. Thanks again and let's see what other fans might have to say. - Web Director / DMFC
Dear DMFC : As Dean's music says; "I'll be Home for Christmas", all of us fans call the Dean Martin Fan Center "Home". Thanks for all you do to keep Dean Martin's spirit alive. Merry Christmas to all Dean fans and to the Dean Martin Fan Center staff!
(Amanda Horton - Idaho)
Dear DMFC : I never read such a dis-jointed rant as in the previous post left by someone who calls himself "Edmonton Kanada". This person obviously has many problems and I would just as soon ignore his views and writings.
(Meredith Jameson - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : I met Dean in Scotland and also in London where he was appearing. He brought the place down and he received standing ovations. Dean was Mr Show Business and there will never be anyone like him again. I play most of his songs every night and I end the night with Everybody loves somebody.
(Roddy Currie - Scotland)
Dear DMFC : Who is the crazy person who didn't even sign his real name to his ranting post from Poland? A real nut case!
(Jeremy Lasarow - California)
Dear DMFC : I'm just a huge Dean Martin fan who has stumbled onto your Website for the first time. This is fantastic!
(Anthony Whiticher - Sweden)
Dear DMFC : I have been searching for a Dean Martin present for my brother. I can't seem to find a thing. Does anyone know if there is anything available for Christmas with Dean Martin other than the CD of Christmas songs?
(Heddi Grevich - Rhode Island)
Dear DMFC : Hello and greetings back at the Dean Martin Fan Center. I guess this is working then, Google has this message when an error in an E-mail pops up and I thought it was no good, but when I read that the automated reply from the Dean Martin Fan Center, I am back to make some comments.
I am a man, age 33 of Poland East europe. I live in Alberta Canada and I am not an actor, I'm not media, I'm not press and I'm not an investor.
I love movies. Westerns are my favorite movies, the best. The old wild west of America was the best years a human being could ever experience living, thanks to actors like Dean Martin and John Wayne. I was able to see how it was. I love the movie "Rio Bravo". That is a greatest movie ever made. My question, how do you train them horses so well?  I'm kidding. Relax, I ain't nobody sayin' nothin' bad. It's a great movie. I can watch The Duke in Rio Bravo like a hundred times and It'll never be boring. I can tell you that Dean Martin made his best role ever in Rio Bravo Western movie. Of course, I'll buy this movie.
I also seen other Dean Martin films and movies. He was in the movie "Airport" where a man goes on the plane with an explosive device and blows a plane. That movie wasn't too bad, buy kind of too gluey. It seems like it was taped inside a TV studio. More reality guys. I watched it a few days ago on AMC. Dean Martin didn't do too much real acting in it, and the part where he got the girl knocked up, I don't know why it was in there.
See, Rio Bravo hasn't got this sex baby stuff in it. It's a man's movie. Rio Bravo is my movie. Airport, I don't know, kind of small time movie. Dean Martin's in the movie "Sons of Katie Elder". Also kind of boring. Little real action in that movie. The at the end, bunch of blowing up buildings and just a little un-real.
"Ocean's Eleven" movie with Frankie Sinatra maybe was good. No sex. No mushy stuff from any actor in there, but Rio Bravo is my movie ever.
Some movies have things in them that a person don't want. I don't care if I'm a cleaning janitor at a strip club. No matter how small I might be, I'm still entitled to a good movie and my time is still valued and valuable. You guys of Hollywood there think too much. You never see real life, don't know much about real living, getting a job, being turned down a few times at first. You stay at your Villa homes in the garden of Eden of Hollywood, ride in limos and what do you know? Nothing. Try being a 7 year old kid starting school. Kids picking on other kids. That's real life. You ought to try it sometime. This small time BS in some movies is a parody comedy of stupid, dumb stuff, which I laugh off like it was a Pepsi challange. I stand by word and my value of great TV, and respect to life, and not being on the same level I have no time for.
Dude was good. Man he was a good gun shooter. Good man, great movie. Rio Bravo. Dean Martin was big, great, but some of his movies were downers, or little non-sense. Not Rio Bravo though.
His music, I didn't buy any. His Mambo Italiano song and That's a pie... it sounds good on TV, but if I was to buy it on a CD from a store, I'd play little. Too edited. C'mon guys, get with the program here. Make it great, make it sound good. What, you hate people or something? I threw a few movies out in the garbage because they were playing stupid. Music I did throw out too. Too much editing, too much altering. Then they sit there and whine. I wouldn't move a muscle for stupidity. I have to think for myself, do things myself and I won't help persons who all of a sudden lost the idea of how real life is. Sorry guys, weak get seperated from the strong. Strong survive. In Africa if an animal gets weak they get eaten. No mercy. Here in human life, it works the same way. If a product is weak, it won't survive. For the time being I will only buy Rio Bravo when I have money. Nothing else by Dean Martin. Thanks a lot.
(Signed: Edmonton Kanada) : Not even a real name. Thought we would post this to get any responses - Web Director
Dear DMFC : Great job on the latest edition of the DMFC magazine.  "Bandeloro" is one of my favorite westerns of Dean.  He and Jimmy Stewart were great together.  Now if we can only get "Something Big" and "Showdown" released on DVD!
(Mike Wiggins - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : I've waited all year to get out my Dean Martin Christmas songs. Now it's time!
(Barbara Notting - United Kingdom)
Dear DMFC : Why is it that Dean Martin has all but left the public eye? For years since Elvis Presley died, they have made Elvis novelties. You can go to Graceland and spend a weekend there looking at everything and all the shop around the area. When it comes to Dino, there isn't even a place in Las Vegas or Beverly Hills one can visit. What happened? Why has Dean been "hidden" from the public in such a fashion? Isn't there money to be made in keeping his memory alive for future generations? Come on... even a person like me could do a better job in guiding his legacy.
(Douglas Harding - Connecticut)
Dear DMFC : In answer to the person who asked about the name of a song used in a current car commercial running in the U.S. - the answer is the song "Sway". The commercial version has another male vocalist intertwined with Dean's own voice. Actually, it's sad when Dean's voice doesn't seem to be able to stand alone with the people who make these decisions.
(Kay Hunter - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : I become a little melancholy whenever I turn the page of the calendar to December, because I remember that Dean Martin had passed away on Christmas day back in 1995. It doesn't seem like it was that long ago, but I guess it's because his memory lingers on through his music and movies.
(Timothy Artsman - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : My great admiration for a admirable singer like DEAN MARTIN. I love him to hear singing. Every day I listen to his glorious and magnificent and sweet voice. I love him. So long!
(Roger Lacquet - BELGIUM)
Dear DMFC : My grandmother and I love Dean Martin. Thatís all she listens to. Thank you Dean for making my Grams happy! Your music picks us up when are sad.
(Elaine Goebel)
Dear DMFC : Just my personal opinion, but I harbor the belief that Dean Martin's voice was at its very best when he performed on his own variety show. The solos, and duets and threesomes with other noted vocalists, were simply outstanding. Why hasn't a collection of those performances been made available in CD format?
(Norman Meyerson)
Dear DMFC : Hello, fellow Dean fans. I can't find this anywhere, and no matter how many times I listen to the recording, I can't make out what the two male background vocalists are singing while Dean sings.... "One girl, one boy
Some grief, some joy"
Has anyone figured this out?
(Tom Heimerman - Minnesota)
Dear DMFC : I remember my brother and I as elementary school students getting up in the morning for school and our father getting up for work. He would play Dean's albums in the morning while he washed up and shaved. Delightful music. Fond memories. Dean Martin was the epitome of cool.
(Chris Dasios - Montana)
Dear DMFC : Does anyone know the name of the song used in a car commercial currently on TV?
(Judy Wright - Arizona)
Dear DMFC : A few weeks ago I was lucky to attend a concert by Jerry Lewis at the Arts Centre here in Melbourne. It was the first time Jerry had come to Australia in over eight years, and I was not able to see him back then, so this was a thrill. I have been a fan since the early days of Martin and Lewis. I really miss Dean, and am so glad that I got to see Jerry.
Jerry told such heartwarming stories of his partner, and was backed by a 24-piece orchestra to a standing ovation. Again, seeing this comedy legend and being able to feel a piece of the past knowing this was half the team of Martin and Lewis made me feel that Dean was in the room while my memories ventured back to those great years.
(Donald L. Cross - AUSTRALIA)
Dear DMFC : The summer heat wave has ended here in Ohio, so as Dean once said, "Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!"
(Jack Wallace - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : Thank you for this Website that honors the World's greatest and most talented singer and actor: Dean Martin.
(Lenny Talbert - Canada)
Dear DMFC : This Website laid some happiness on me.
(Trisha Wilkins - Oklahoma)
Dear DMFC : September is about to begin and I always recall two things very vividly. The new school year was about to begin, and the new television season was also coming. I would so look forward to seeing the return of Dean's TV show on Thursday nights. Somehow he always looked better each time he returned after the summer break.
I miss that time very much. I wish we could all recapture that feeling again. I realize that I can't even explain that feeling of September to my kids or Grandkids. They all have their heads buried in Guitar Hero and America's Got (Should I say "LOST") talent.
(Stephen Woodley - Texas)
Dear DMFC : Hi, I am trying to recall one of the Matt Helm movies where Dean Martin has a remote device and he removes a woman's clothes one at a time in the scene.   Does anyone know which of the four Matt Helm movies this is from?  
(Marjorie Gonzalez)
Dear DMFC : Hello... I want to start by telling you how wonderful your website is...I enjoy every part of it.
I was also hoping if anyone would be able to give me some suggestions on Dean Martin/Frank kind of bars or cabarets to visit with my out of town friends in December.  We all love that era and was hoping to possibly have a drink or dinner  with that kind of atmosphere.....Thank you for any help you may possibly have for me.
Dear DMFC : So how come there isn't any new Dean Martin CD's available? Has the world gone mad? Surely there's something in the vaults they haven't released yet!
(Kay Collins - Delaware)
Dear DMFC : Hello! I am a fan from Brazil What are the "inside jokes" in the recording of "Samīs Song?" I mean the names, like Clyde, Calhoun, etc... Thanks
(Eduardo Paiva - Brazil)
Eduardo : The names were funny expressions said in the 1960's. Sammy Davis always said the name "Calhoun" in his act when he did a parody on being black.  "Clyde" was an expression that Frank Sinatra used, as in "How's Your Clyde?" (meaning something vulvar, but not saying it)
 - Web Director : DMFC
Dear DMFC : This is a great tribute to the one and only Dean Martin...A year ago I had the pleasure of going to a performance by Dean's son Ricci in Newport Beach.  He does a tribute to his dad. Ricci was really wonderful and very gracious when signing my book he wrote a few years ago...by the way, everyone  of Dean's fans should read Ricci's book "A Son Remembers".  I  hope fans will  find out where he's  performing and go see him - really worth it.
(Gail Roff)
Dear DMFC : I attended the memorial service in Dom DeLuise's honor and finally got around to finding out who was responsible for the video synopsis and video slide show clip. Thank you to Lee Hale and Neil Daniels for their excellent presentations. I had never seen such a wonderful collage assembled of anyone's life and career as you two put together. Again, thank you.
(B. Williams - California)
Dear DMFC : Anyone know if Dean was left-handed or right-handed? He appeared to be left handed in the movie Rio Bravo.
(B. Delcastillo - U.K.)
Dear DMFC : Thanks for helping us with finding the the footage of both Dean Martin's appearances and the Golddiggers various appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. My wife and I were employed by Carson's show in the 70's, and we are glad to find some of the memorable clips that we can use for a possible documentary. You guys are the greatest!
(Herb Riverson)
Dear DMFC : When I was a very little girl my Mother took me to the Chicago  Theatre with some friends. to see Martin& Lewis.  Well there were no seats to be had so we sat down close to the stage on the stairs . The pair were doing there thing , when all of a sudden someone says we   have to move.
Well Dean and Jerry saw what was going on and yelled   "leave those girls alone and let them stay where they are. I will never forget how they looked at us. It was thrilling. And we remanded there till the show was over. I must have been eight then and that  beautiful memory has been with me ever since.
I am close to seventy  now and still love those two great people. They gave me so much  laughter. I had scrap books all over my room. Unfortunately, they  were lost in a move.  But at least I have some wonderful memories.
I also so Dean in Las Vegas many years ago with my husband. He was  great. There was no other person that I know of, who had that crazy  personality , then Dean Martin.
I hope I didn"t bore you with my  story. I just wanted to let you know how two crazy men could make a  little girl so very happy.
(Marlene Shapiro - Alabama)
Dear DMFC and Deanagers : Dom DeLuise died on May 4th at the age of 75th. Thanks for all the good memories on the Dean Martin Show, in the Cannonball Movies,..
(Matthias Kripel)


Dear DMFC : I saw a news story about Dean Martin's original Golddiggers on the news yesterday and was very surprised (and happy) that they are back performing. Here is the news story link for all other Dean Martin / Golddigger fans :  THE GOLDDIGGERS
(Paul DiCello - California)
Dear DMFC : The comedy tean of Martin and Lewis were the best. They seemed to appeal to every young person in America (and all over the world), and having a younger fan base help sustane their careers for many decades after they broke up their team and went separate directions. It would be great if Paramount Pictures would even think about re-relaesing one of their movies to the big screen today. I think their appeal would attract millions of new generation kids today!
(Bob Zimmerman - South Dakota)
Dear DMFC : Thank you for the news about the upcoming Golddiggers show in North Hollywood, California. I grew up always hoping someday to become a Golddigger and be able to dance and sing with Dean Martin. I can't wait to see them today.
(Joannie Wyncare - California)
Dear DMFC : A lot of talk about Dean's music and movies, but I found him to be one of the best looking and sexiest men around!
(Cindy Casem - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : (In response to Terri Bratton's post)
I was listening to talk radio today, and the subject of the current world and how un-educated people are today came up. It is funny, but true, when the host said that we have some huge problems facing us and that, on top of a world monetary collapse,  people seem more worried about sports figures and their Ipods, than to worry about anything else. One commentator said it right: "Is the whole country playing Guitar Hero?". Anyway, how this ties in: Dean Martin's name came up in the conversation on the radio. They were saying how people would tune into his TV program on Thursday nights to be entertained and to forget their troubles, but after it ended, people went back to reality. Everyone knew Dean and his act of heavy drinking was just an act. No one really bought into his illusions, but enjoyed him for his entertaining abilities - but people went back to reality and went back to work the next day. There wasn't a handout every place you'd look. People WORKED for what they made.
They said that Dean came from humble beginnings and knew what it was like to be born poor and living in the steel town of Steubenville, Ohio where people worked hard to just scrape by. His music had a sense of compassion and tenderness in it from his humble background, and he struggled to make it to the top.
I know this all sounds like I am rambling on, but I guess they were trying to compare those years we listened to Dean Martin and worked for what we wanted, to now, when we listen to flash-in-the-pan artists and sit around waiting for the next government check to arrive.
(Steve Poliano - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : Now that there has been a Frank Sinatra stamp and a Bob Hope stamp, can we push the US Postal Service for a Dean Martin stamp? I remember you guys petitioning the USPS to do that a few years back. Can we do that again?
(Gina King - Georgia)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin was and always will be the best singer in the world!
(Sinead Lanaly - Florida)
Dear DMFC : Michael Jackson just passed away, and I can't believe the tribute they are giving him. All the people they say he touched with his music. How come when Dean Martin died, nothing was even mentioned. I remember how much Dean how touched people with his music AND movies AND television shows. I guess there is an imbalance in the world. I still mourn the loss of our Dino.
(Terri Bratton - New York)
Dear DMFC : I was thinking the other day about Dean Martin and his TV Show, then I was wondering about how many songs he recorded. I did a quick bit of research and found that Dean recorded well over a thousand songs. Wow! I'll bet I have heard every one of them too. A fan from Chicago.
(Ted Avids - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : What has happened to Dean Martin? At one time he was the biggest entertainer in the world - everybody knew his name - and now there isn't a trace of him to be found or heard of except your Website and what you are doing. Has his family given up on him?
(Yolanda Nissley - Argentina)
Dear DMFC : Happy Birthday Dino, on your 92nd!I hope you're still crooning up there. We still listen to that wonderful voice and think about you often down here!
(Sherry Criball - United Kingdom)
Dear DMFC : A toast to Dean Martin from his fans here in Australia. Memories are made of you.
(Robert Lister - Perth, Australia)
Dear DMFC : Happy Birthday Dean Martin (On The 7th of June). Here's a toast to you. You are in our thoughts.
(Advice and Robert Grey - Texas)
Dear DMFC : Just saw a documentary on PBS about Dean Martin and your Web address was listed in the credits. I am so glad to have found your Website in honor of this great entertainer. I am very interested and excited in joining your fan club. I have been a Dean Martin fan since watching his TV show and seeing all those campy Matt Helm movies he did. I'm almost 60 years old, but even some of the 30 year old's that I work with are Dean Martin fans too! I can't wait to tell them about this Website!
(Alex Ryznar - California)
Dear DMFC : June has started, and I always remember that Dean's birthday is just around the corner. I hope his special day will be remembered forever by the new generations of fans.
Happy Birthday Dean!
(Maureen Adams - Canada)
Dear DMFC : My sincere condolences go out to the family of Dom DeLuise, and to his extended family of people he had worked with and called friends. I'll always remember the kind words he would say about Dean Martin, Greg Garrison and Lee Hale. He was always paired up with the other greats of the era... Mel Brooks, Ruth Buzzi, Burt Reynolds. The world will miss Mister DeLuise, as will I.
(Brianna McCoppin - Idaho)
Hi Brianna - As a little known fact, both Ruth Buzzi and Lee Hale worked together even before their days on The Dean Martin Show on a Variety series that starred Carol Burnett called "The Entertainers". Even though many knew Dom was ill, his passing was a shock to all!  If anyone has any memories or stories of their own, please send them into us. We will forward them onto Dom's family and try and reprint a few in our next magazine issue dedicated to our great friend, Dom DeLuise.
- Web Director : DMFC
Dear DMFC : Another great, legendary comedian, Dom DeLuise, has passed away. There are not many people living today that actually crossed paths with the great Mr. Martin, and another one left us.
In all the years I have seen, read and heard about Mr. DeLuise, I NEVER heard or read a bad thing about him. He was never in the tabloids like Dean was, but both men seemed to be cut from the same cloth as far as being nice human beings.
Thank goodness there are movies to keep both Dean and Dom alive for those of us who want to remember, and for our children to see what we had and who we were talking about.
To Dom's family - We fans are all thinking about you and are so sorry to hear of your loss. Your loss is our loss too.
(David Lastra - California)
Dear DMFC : Your last issue featuring Dean's radio years was the best one yet! I only knew Dean from his movies and grew up watching his TV show, but in recent years had discovered his body of radio work (mostly with Jerry Lewis).
They have started playing the shows on Satellite radio, and I am having the time of my life listening to them. Dean sounded so great when he sand and Jerry was really funny back then. Gosh, I'd love to see this kind of radio come back again, but in this ever changing world, I am just grateful you guys are there to keep Dean's memory and history in tact!
(Connor About - Massachuttes)
Dear DMFC : Whenever I think of Dom DeLuise, I always associate him with Dean Martin. Now they are both gone and probably having a good in heaven together.
(Drew McConnor - Ireland)
Dear DMFC : Thank you for the posting of Dom DeLuise's death. It seems like we are losing the last group of real entertainers this world has ever seen. Dom DeLuise seemed like a true down-to-earth man who gave a lot to make the world laugh. He made so many movies during his lifetime, but the two that I'll always remember the most were the Cannonball Run films in which Dean Martin also played. Rest in Peace DD.
(Stacy Woodford - New York)
Dear DMFC : Dear Deanagers, Dom DeLuise died on May 4th at the age of 75th. Thanks for all the good memories on the Dean Martin Show, in the Cannonball Movies,.. Matthias
(Matthias Kripel)
Dear DMFC : The latest Fan Club issue about Dean's radio years is great. I love seeing the old script and tickets from 1950. Wow, you guys really have a library of information packed away.
(G. Lansing - California)
Dear DMFC : I have been a fan of Dean Martin's my entire life. I am 96 years old, and still going strong. I attribute a little bit to listening to Dean Martin's songs every morning.
(Ray Simons - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : It's funny to me when the children of famous people jump into the spotlight, using their parent's fame to bring themselves five minutes of undeserved recognition (just for being born). It's refreshing to see (or not see) Dean Martin's children not falling into that very trap. Their father was one of the most talented men who could who captivated the audience with a song or a funny story. That's a quality that's scientifically not hereditary among other members of the same family. Sure, talented people can open doors for siblings or children, but most of the time it does more harm than good for the talented one. I am so glad that Dean's family allows Dean Martin to shine and don't use his name for their own advantage!
(Katie Hopson - Canada)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin and all his friends, during his lifetime, that was allowed to be made public, was a part my parents friends too. I was born in 1950 and my dad in 1915, my mother in 1920. My father loved watching Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin movies. Dad was born in Egypt, Ohio in a rural community. Francis (Bud) Henry Staley, Sr. won some boxing matches with the golden gloves winners of his time. Our country introduced him to the 43rd Infantry Division when the hot war of World War II started. He was a decorated combat veteran. Once he told me that he wished he could have viewed Bob Hope perform on an Island in the Solomon Islands group. He being a machine gunner and his cognitive group of supporters kept the enemy from interfering with the needed American entertainment group from our destroying our countries moral. My mother has left behind many love letters that my father wrote during his agonizing four major battles in the South Pacific. I just started to read these letters last year. Sometimes these letters humble me. My dad always loved the entertainment value that Dean Martin gave us. God bless you.
(Larry Poole)
Dear DMFC : I know this sounds strange, but for some reason during the period between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, I always have Dean Martin playing in the house and the car constantly. It gives me pleasure and reminds me of what the Easter holiday is all about. Does that sound stupid? I'm sure it does to many. I guess Dean's songs just give me that tranquil feeling.
(Elizabeth Pann - Florida)
Dear DMFC : I am a fan of Martin and Lewis after listening to a series featuring old radio shows. Being 24 years old, I never lived through those days when radio reigned king, but I can't believe that most people have not rediscovered these shows like I recently have.
There is a treasure trove of entertainment between "The Shadow", "Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet", "Superman", "Flibber McGee & Molly", "The Lone Ranger", and "The Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis" shows. I just wanted to let all fans of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis know that their shows are available on-line to listen to for free. Just Google "Radio Shows Martin And Lewis) to find them. Thanks.
(Tim Ralston - New York)
Dear DMFC : I suppose what made James Bond so sexy and appealing is the fact that they molded his screen image after that of Dean Martin. No one had so much charisma and appeal as Dean Martin did in a tux. He was dressed impeccably, but had this mystery to him that women loved and made men curious.
(Karen Boit - Wyoming)
Dear DMFC : Hi As a person who loves many of Dean Martins songs I was very disappointed with the quality of a EMI-Capital CD of Dean Martins Essential records 72435-95487-2-3 This recording I consider to be very poor transfer of his music to CD because of; Sound quality, the treble is full of distortion and the treble is too bright. It sounds like a poor job done with a recording restoration program. The bass is poor. the organ is missing in "In the chapel in the moon light" Most of the 30 tunes on the album are very short a little over two minuets each and are shorten versions of what I have on LP records I would love to get a modern recording on Cd of Deans Songs where the sound as been properly restored to it's full glory. In particular I love the recordings where he has used a full choir. There is 3 versions of Houston each with different size and use of choirs. There are more dramatic version of "In the Chapel in the Moon light" and "Send me the pillow that you dream on" where a larger choir is used that has more punch that the standard versions where a small choir is used. Do you know of are quality records of Dean Martins songs which feature the larger choirs and have been faithfully restored as I would love to obtain them. I have many of Deans LP's and while I can make a reasonable job of restoring the sound with Diamond Cut 7 there is no substitute for sound that has been restored from the original sound recordings.
(Bonner Martin Katikati - New Zealand)
Dear DMFC : What a performer, what an entertainer and what a singer.. Simply the best !!
(Jerry Bianco)
Dear DMFC : I just found you guys from the book inside the huge box set of Dean Martin cd's put out by The Bear Family. (By the way, the box set is beautiful!). This is such a wonderful Website and it adds to the pleasure of the book that came with the box set. Thank you so much! Dean Martin is the greatest!
(Adrian Bloksim - Germany)
Dear DMFC : This is in answer to Sheri Fuchser - The movie you are thinking of is Artist & Models. Martin & Lewis are in their prime. Also the first time Dean & Shirley Maclaine appear together on film.Dean sings Innamorata that alone is well worth watching this movie.
(Tom Geigner)
Dear DMFC : I have all the variety series DVD's. I am 40 years old and remember these as a small child.

I would love to be able to show the "young  world"  how important it is that Dean's artistry is so valid to us all. Watching these again is incredible.  The line up of stars is just incomprehensible. I have enjoyed seeing these American icons perform again as if for the first time!!

 How do you suggest getting into the heads of these young people of the "reality TV" age that Dean was and is the master of improve?

 I have many young 20 something year olds working for me that have no clue. I would like to enlighten them.

(Matty Bloom - New York)
Dear DMFC : I watched Jerry Lewis get his "due" during the Academy Awards. For all this man had done for the children of this nation, this coincides with the tribute given to Dean Martin on the Grammy's. It's just another ploy to bring in more viewers who would never watch these shows. Jerry Lewis should have a two-hour, star-studded special in his honor.
I know there are many Dean Martin fans who don't like Jerry for one reason or another, but laying down those dislikes, one can't argue that Jerry Lewis had devoted his life to the Muscular Dystrophy Association in the help to fight disease - which is much more than most any other entertainer ever.
Well, you got me both times... but you're not striking me out. I'm boycotting ever watching your two award ceremonies ever again!
(Allyson Margot - Texas)
Dear DMFC : I know this may be late, since it's already weeks since the Grammy's were broadcasted, but I am so totally disgusted with the way the world is going. Why even mention that Dean Martin received an honorary lifetime award and brush it off with a few "hip-hop" singers. What a slap in the face to the "Vocalists" of the music genre.
Keep feeding the youth all this garbage, and see what happens to our future. Right now it looks like a depression.
(Sirsha Montague - Florida)
Dear DMFC : I would like to know when Las Vegas is going to honor Dean Martin, let alone the Rat Pack?  It's about time they did.
(Kevin Tiedman - Colorado)
Dear DMFC : I am trying to find a movie which I believe stars Dean Martin, the only part of the plot I can describe is one of the main characters is a cartoonist and when drawing any type of action figure  that cartoon comes to life.  Any ideas?
(Sheri Fuchser, CPC)
Dear DMFC : I own a bakery and I've been baking Chocolate Cakes and decorating them to look like tuxedo jackets. I add 'That's Amore' across them with icing, and they are topped off with a red rose in place of where the handkerchief would go.
I can't tell you how many I have sold in the last week, and how many orders I have for Valentines day this year. Seems like everyone knows who Dean Martin is and wants a piece of him.
(Karen Brymann - Arizona)
Dear DMFC : I've seen a new infomercial on TV with Ruth Buzzi, Tom Bosley and Florence Henderson for the Variety Show tapes. I didn't remember that Tom Bosley was on Dean's show.
(Andy T. Baskin - Canada)
Dear DMFC : Does anyone know if there are any Dean Martin Valentines available to purchase for my husband. He is a total Dean Martin fan, and this will also be our first Valentine's Day together.
(Lisa Systane - Florida)
Dear DMFC : The Grammy Awards were once considered part of the music industries highest achievement honors. Someone forgot what the definition of "music" is. I can see Dean Martin rolling over in his grave. Even Paul McCartney, who was clearly the biggest star they could have had, didn't even get his own spotlight like they should have given him. Three-and-a-half hours, and a total of 10 minutes with McCartney, Neil Diamond singing an oldie, and a half a minute on Dean Martin (we didn't even hear him, let alone barely seeing a glimpse of him. This could have been all made into a commercial, not a broadcast special!
(Janet Ward - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : I heard they were going to honor Dean Martin with an honorary Grammy Award. I heard at the last moment that the Association honored Mr. Martin on the night BEFORE the Grammy Award ceremony on television. If they were only going to honor Mr. Martin the day before, and were not going to show footage of the award the night before, they should have not even mentioned it on the televised show. It was only a slap-in-the-face to Dean and a double slap-in-the-face for their so-called "music awards" show. They spent an entire 29 seconds during the telecast, and half of that was to show his daughter Deana in the audience. It wasn't even her award - it was Dean's. Give Dean the whole 29 seconds if they were so precious.
(Jason Libensary - California)
Dear DMFC : I watched the Grammy Show last night specifically because of Dean and I must say I was totally disappointed. They showed a clip of Dean for maybe ten seconds and his daughter for five seconds sitting in the audience. With the fabulous career that Dean had this was a slap in the face and shows the total lack of respect that the music industry has with the past. The Grammy's should have at the very least shown a few clips of Dean singing his most famous songs and then have his daughter accept the award with a speech. Its a shame that such a wonderful entertainer like Dean Martin is reduced to just fifteen seconds on a Grammy Award show that owes its present success to all the past entertainers of the music industry. Dean you will never be forgotten, because " YOU WERE SIMPLY THE BEST" :)
I watched the entire music awards show, and only learned the following day that Dean Martin was on it with some sort of award. Did I miss something?
(Carrie Denuve - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : I had to respond to a post made here by Carol Smith. She gives a lot of thanks to Dean and mentions specifically one of his songs. Problem is, "Tiny Bubbles" was never recorded by Dean Martin. It was recorded by Hawaiian singer, Don Ho. (They were both on the Reprise Record Label). I have heard so many people give recognition to Dean for the same song. Maybe it was sung in that same laid-back feeling, and people just assumed it was Dean.  I needed to make that correction before someone else questioned it.
(Falon Verness - Florida)
Dear DMFC : Some time in the future, could you do a special tribute to Dean Martin and his early years (before Jerry Lewis?). I think that it would be most fascinating to read about. I have heard through the grapevine that you guys have recordings packed away from some of those early years, no one has ever heard. I think we'd all love to hear them!
(Judy Lendora - Washington)
Dear DMFC : I love Western movies, which they don't seem to make anymore. Is it perhaps that we are so many more generations away from that period of time, that no one really cares today. I just remember growing up with a ton of cowboy shows on TV - The Rifleman, The Virginian, Roy Rogers, Bonanza, High Chair, Maverick, Sugarfoot, Rawhide, etc. The list goes on and on.
This is where I first discovered Dean Martin - because of all the Western movies he made such as The Sons of Katie Elder, Texas Across The River, Sergeants Three, Four For Texas, Rough Night in Jericho, Bandolero!, Five Card Stud and the biggest of them all: Rio Bravo with John Wayne.
After discovering Dean Martin in the westerns he made, I then followed his career into other movies he did, and eventually discovered his music. I am probably the only soul on Earth who discovered Dean Martin's talents in this manner.
Thanks for having this website and organization. It helps me keep Dean Martin memory alive for me!
(Dayton Mercuri - North Dakota)
Dear DMFC : I will always love Dean! I am 49 and a Grandmother. My grandson who is now three, also loves his music very much. I used to rock him to sleep every night to the sound of that mans beautiful voice, and one of his favorite songs sung buy Dean is tiny bubbles. He has to sing it all buy himself if I try and sing along he gets very upset. Just wanted to share my story. 
(Carol Smith - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : I just watched an episode of "Biography" on YouTube and was fascinated to learn more about Dean Martin. I was so interested that I found other episodes. Please thank your Fan Center's president for co-hosting this series. I am now a full-fledged Dean Martin fan!
(Shawn Vetro - Texas)
Dear DMFC : The latest issue of your magazine about the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts was fabulous! I loved all the pictures!
(Lila Torres - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : I just have to say, I have loved Deanís music from the first time I heard it.   The only thing I am sorry for is that I never got the chance to meet him or attend any of his concerts. 
To this day, and  Iím now 51 years old, I am completely  amazed with his music and movies.  The Matt HELM movies were awesome and the ease with the way he went into his music was fantastic. I will always love Deanís music  and will continue to get his Movies/Music.    
I will be married in two days and will waltz to at least one of his songs with my bride, although she does not know that yet, ( a little younger).  I will continue to download any song/video I can get with Dean in it . 
I was sorry to hear, a few years ago, that his son was killed in a Military  airplane crash but all I could do was say just that.  Just does not say enough.  All I can add is I would love to meet a member of Deanís family but being from Cape Breton, NS, Canada it will never happen.  In addition I  can only say, rest in peace and enjoy where you are because you earned it my friend and thanks for themusic/memories.
I realize that I will never hear from anyone in regards to this mail, but just in case a member of Deans family reads this Ė I would love to hear from them, If not, at least I tried.
PS: This is something I had to say because every so often I hear a Dino song and go back to the Roasts and the ever great Dean Martin Show, which I watched religiously.
(Dave Nearing - CANADA)
Dear DMFC : Thanks again for all you do for Dean. We look to you for all our questions and current news about Mr. Martin.
(Robert Silmar - Iowa)
Dear DMFC : It's great to see the music industry finally recognizes the contributions of Dean Martin!
(Lennon Draper - New York)
Dear DMFC : I am a huge Dean Martin fan and wanted to say thanks for such a wonderful Website and tribute to the man who entertained us all. I will be checking out your fan club to get all the news and information I can!
(Sandra Lynn Stewart - California)
Dear DMFC : Recently my husband and I found a Dean Martin slot machine at the Indian Casino we play at. We were a bit dissapointed that the machine didn't do the Dean Martin name any favors. Not because we lost a few dollars (ha!)... no, because the graphics were just not as good as some of the other machines molded after other famous people. Oh well, as the machine says... "Ain't That a Kick in the Head?".
(Rita Phelps - Arizona)
Dear DMFC : A lot of Dean Martin fans have negative feelings about Jerry Lewis. They are fans of Dean's because Dean entertained them. A lot of Jerry Lewis fans have negative feelings about Dean for the same reason. Both of these gentleman put their best efforts forward to make a success of their partnership together. Each thought of their contributions as important - and they were. It was the diverse contrast that made Martin and Lewis the biggest comedy/musical team in show business! Congrats to Jerry on his award.
(Connie Stanch - Florida)
Dear DMFC : I was a bit imagine that your December Dean Martin magazine issue did not include a 2009 calendar.
(Sally Elliot)
Dear DMFC : Thank you for the note that Jerry Lewis is finally going to be recognized for his humanitarian efforts. Who else can you name who has done so much for so many people stricken with disease?
(Laura Drawling - CANADA)
Dear DMFC : Happy New Year to all Dean Martin fans. Dean often said to have a good time, but stay safe. Dean himself wouldn't drink and drive!
(Larry Weisman - Colorado)