APRIL 2006 - FEBRUARY 2007

Dear DMFC : Are all the "Rat Pack" members gone now?
(John Wightman)
Dear DMFC : I visit Las Vegas twice a year (ever since I can remember), and every time, I always manage to see the wonderful shows they have there. I saw Dean perform in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand three different times, and I have to confess that his show is still burned into my memory as being the best experience I can remember having. Too bad none of that was ever captured on film. I'm sure it would the best selling video of all time today. I could also be an educational tool to teach new performers what talent and class are all about!
(Timothy Ruetten - Texas)
Dear DMFC : I am listening to Sirius Radio; and who should be singing?  Dean.  I am happy to have once met Dean Martin on one of his Christmas shows in the Mediterranean on the Ship JFK.  I was a DJ with the Armed Forces Radio and for me; it was a thrill to shake his hand.  Back on the base, I used to get in trouble with the program manager because I played too many of Dean's songs!  I could not help it.  Anyway, I just was listening to Dean sing one of his many songs and it brought all sorts of memories back.  He died too soon.  May God have mercy on his soul!
(George Alexa - Virginia)
Dear DMFC : I had a wonderful surprise when my boyfriend of three years presented me with a dozen roses, and a package filled with Dean Martin cd's, DVD's and other Dean Martin things. It was the most memorable Valentine's Day present I could have ever received.
All of my co-workers were jealous, and they couldn't wait to put the cd's on. We worked the rest of the day listening to That's Amore and Everybody Loves Somebody. The next day, someone in the office brought in her own Dean Martin CD that her husband got her too! It was a Dean Martin Valentine's Day for many of us!
(Diana McCall - Georgia)
Dear DMFC : I finished reading a book about the life and times of Don Cherry, and I must say that it was one of the most fascinating biographies I have ever read. I was surprised that he was a good, if not best, friend of Dean Martin's. Not only did I learn a lot about Don Cherry and his wonderful singing talent, but I also learned so much about many other people whose names I grew up with - especially Dean Martin's!
Please give my thanks to Neil Daniels who co-authored the biography with Don Cherry himself. I was also glad to find out about the Dean Martin Fan Center.
(Gordon Molson - Washington)
Dear DMFC : I know that this is late in coming, but did you hear Dino singing on one of the Budweiser commercials during the Super Bowl?
If not, you may still be able to see those ads somewhere, I don't know where though. Ask somebody that may have been more in tune to the commercials and have viewed the repeats.
Anyway, it was a commercial about the lonely dog that got his black spots from muddy water that was thrown on him by a passing car. Now he felt privileged to sit up on the couch. After the dog gets his spots, Dean begins singing "Ain't That a Kick in the Head". Of course, that was the classiest commercial of them all.  I am biased.
(Robert Azzarello )
Dear DMFC: I just received the latest edition of the fan center magazine, and it is great.  "Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed?" is one of my all time favorite Dino movies.  I can't wait for it to be released on DVD!  Thanks again!
(Mike Wiggins - Michigan)
Dear DMFC: My question is where does Dean Martin rank with total album sales and how many has he sold to date? And why has he not been listed with Billboard's top 100 entertainers?
(Tom Damski)
Dear DMFC: I recently watched this dvd, a great biography of Dean Martin. Do you happen to know what year Dean did the interview that is featured in this dvd? I was wondering if you knew where one could see the entire interview. Any information would be great.
Dear DMFC : "Ain't That a Kick in The Head?"... I was preparing to watch the Superbowl Game, and all of a sudden I heard Dean's song blasing from the TV for a Bud Commercial. It capped off a wonderful game!
(Sam Nathan - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : I heard part of a Dean Martin song during the Super Bowl game on Sunday, and before I could get back to the set it was over. I have a feeling that I missed the best part of the broadcast :-(
(Karen Roberts - Utah)
Dear DMFC: Would anyone know which show (Dean Martin Show) it was that Sammy Davis Jr. performed a demonstration of his skill with Colt 45's?
(Roger Tykak)
Dear DMFC : Many, many thanks for the great magazines you manage to edit. The magazines look better each time, just like a good wine, the older the better. The contents is more specific to a few Dean related items with fine pictures and particular information from that great period.
At a time that many clubs and fan centers are disappearing, just like the Belgian Sinatra Society of which I have also been a member for several years but which stopped its activities on 31/12/2006, it looks to me that the Dean Martin legacy is keeping your fan center at the top.
I hope that we can continuously profit your knowledge and information that not always has reached the European countries, certainly not when
we go back to the time when Dean was hitting the charts and having great succes on stage, at television and in the movies ; a time that, unfortunately for us, internet did not exist yet.
With regard to the latest magazine issue, please allow me to point out
that on page 10 of the new issue (#52) the french poster of "Who's been sleeping in my bed" is not French but Belgian. The Belgian posters all have two titles, one in French, one in Dutch (generally at the bottom). French posters do nothave this title in Dutch. Although Belgium is a very small country 3 different langues are spoken here : Dutch, French and German.
Congratulations to all DMFC members and many thanks again for the fine work. Best regards,
August Matthijssen - Belgium
Dear DMFC : I will be back to order some cd's. I'm 54 yrs old and grew up with the Dean Marin show. He is the King of Cool.
(Art Obinger)
Dear DMFC : I just read a book entitled "Cherry's Jubilee" written by Don Cherry and Neil Daniels (Your Fan Center Founder). I remember Don Cherry as a very good singer who often appeared on the Dean Martin TV Show. I didn't know that he was the voice of all those "Mr. Clen" commercials I grew up hearing in the 1960's! I also had no idea that he was a world class golfer who competed with Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicholson among all the other greats.
I wanted to say that the book was very interesting reading. I was also fascinated with the close bond that Don Cherry and Dean Martin had. Dean was Don's best man at his wedding, and often took Don with him when he sang at Vegas and Tahoe clubs (Dean played the big room and Don played the Showroom), and while they were there, they golfed and had a blast all day!
When I found your Website and this Bulletin Board, I had to say how much I enjoyed the book and I would recommend any and all Dean Martin fans to get a copy! It's a true insight to the friendship between two buddies (or should I say "Pally's?") and an even futher insight to the mystery of Dean Martin.
(Greg R. Maramount - New York)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin also played Vegas twice with Jerry Lewis, once at the Flamingo, I believe in 1948 and at the Sands in 1954.
(John Merlo)
Dear DMFC : I have a question as to why Billboard's top 100 singers does not include Dean Martin. I would think based on record sales and top 40 or 100 hits that he should be included on this list. He was on this list in 1995 but not currently.
Also the Kennedy Center Award does not include Mr. Martin as a recipient. Why do you think he has not been awarded this honor?
(Tom Damski)
Dear DMFC : I received a gift that was a very pleasant surprise: A Sony Home Entertainment Dean Martin "double feature" DVD set consisting of Who Was That Lady? (1960) and How to Save a Marriage (and Ruin Your Life) (1968)  I haven't seen those films since the 1970s and '80s respectively and was amazed at getting them both on DVD, especially since I had checked recently and had learned they were unavailable.  Just thought I'd pass along this bit of good news.
(Richard Battor - Missouri)
Dear DMFC : It was great to hear Dean Martin sing a song in the new Carl's Jr. Commercial for the Carl's in Las Vegas. Dean's music keeps popping up all over!
(Jeremy Sills - California)
Dear DMFC : Originally this song (When I'm in Las Vegas) was written as "When I'm With My Baby". The lyrics were changed and Dean sung it to suit his act in Las Vegas. I have heard it sung by him on CD. Can anyone tell me where I can obtain the CD or the recording?
(Vic Albetta)
Dear DMFC : What a great Dean Martin site! He was a great actor and singer. Just listen to his song! I never went to america , so I never saw his shows. As I live in London, I have seen the Rat Pack recreated shows. No one could be like them in real life. I just thought I'd drop an e-mail to say what a great site. Regards,
(Patricia - England)
Dear DMFC : A cold wave is hitting us here in Southern California, and all I can think of is Dean's song, "Baby, It's Cold Outside"! I heard the new version with Martina McBride singing along with Dean, but I think I like the original version better. Actually, they are like two different songs. Maybe having both would be possible. Goodbye for now, I'll be back to visit often.
(Greg Tashman - California)
Dear DMFC : My New Years resolution is to spread as much happiness and cheer as I can among strangers. That was what Dean Martin did for me as a child in a broken home, and that's my wish for others who had a rough time like I did. I am so blessed that Dean Martin was there for me. I am also grateful that there is a bulletin board that I can tell this to. Happy New Year everyone!
(Barbara St. Pierre - France)
Dear DMFC : I saw Dean's son, Ricci Martin, perform in a tribute to his father about two years ago. It was one of the best and most touching shows I had ever attended. I hope Ricci will take his show on the road again. I'd love to see him do many other songs his famous father made famous. Ricci has such a wonderful voice and is very talented. I also remember Gail Martin was a wonderful singer also. Why doesn't she consider honoring us with her beautiful voice once again?
(Rick Newberry - Arizona)
Dear DMFC : I had the pleasure of meeting Dean Martin after his concert in London. There is no one in this world who can hold a candle to Dean. I miss him very much.
(Roddy Currie - Scotland)
Dear DMFC: For Christmas I received all four Bear Family Box Sets and I am thrilled beyond belief! Now I have every song Dean Martin ever recorded along with all the information I could imagine! I learned of your fan club inside the sets and now realize that I have much more to learn about Dean. I can't wait to join. 2007 is going to be the best!
(Jen Seagate - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : Happy New Year to all Dean Martin Fan's Worldwide! Dean will rule in 2007!
(Tarine McCallum - Ireland)
Dear DMFC : Wow - eleven years since the passing of the Dean of Music. Since the Dean has left, music has gotten out of hand. Music has transformed into a rap of filthy and negative chanting. What happened to structure and using the human voice as an instrument to hit pure notes of perfect pitch instead of shouting obscenities over a pulsating beat of noise? They talk about brainwashing the youth in their so called songs - the so called songs are brainwashing everyone into thinking these people have any sort of talent other than shouting and rhyming two words together. I miss the school of good music, and I miss the staff (most of all the Dean!).
(Bill Besser - California)
Dear DMFC : Thanks for all you do and have done over the many years to keep Dean Martin's flame burning. We fans appreciate everything!
(Loray Seaton - Idaho)
Dear DMFC : My favorite Christmas song has to be Marshmallow World by Dean Martin. A lot of people associate That's Amore or Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime to Dean, but Marshmallow World is what does it for me. I even play it all year around, not just at Christmas time. Thanks for allowing me to write that here.
(Tami Palermo - Canada)
Dear DMFC : My birthday is December 15th, so this year I asked for something I wanted for a long time - one of the box sets of CD's from the Bear Family. My family gave it to me, and I have been thrilled beyond belief! If no one has ever seen a Bear Family box set on Dean, you have to get them! It has a huge color book with the set that has lots of pictures and information along with eight cd's that have hundreds of songs Dean Martin made in cronigical order.
Now for Christmas, I have asked everyone I know for the other three Bear Family / Dean Martin box sets so I will have everything. Thank you Neil Daniels for producing these, and thank you Dean Martin Fan Center for this website. I will be joining the fan center's fan club before 2007!
(Kim Marshall - California)
Dear DMFC : I didn't really know Dean Martin, but my father who was a fan, named me Dean Martin too. He said that he named me after his legend and idol. I was born on June 9th, and the other Dean was born on June 7th. I think that's really cool.
(Dean Martin Wycherley - United Kingdom)
Dear DMFC : This is in answer to Christina below: Dean performed at The Riveria (in heVersailles Room) before moving to Balleys and the MGM Grand. When Dean signed on, the deal gave him ten percent ownership in the hotel and casino, besides a hefty paycheck. Soon Dean would bail out because he didn't want to get very close with any underworld figures. It was a case of "take-the-money-and-run" in my opinion.
The Riveria today is just a shell of what it once was. I believe that Dean's son, Ricci Martin, had also performes there a number of years back with a tribute to his father.
(Russ Eberle - Arizona)
Dear DMFC: With Christmas Day coming, I remember that this was the day Dean Martin passed away. As we think about all those in the world and wish for peace, let us also give thanks that Dean Martin gave us such happiness and joy. Merry Christmas everyone who sees this.
(Julie Dunbar - Oregon)
Dear DMFC: I want to wish all other Dean Martin fans a happy holiday. I have been listening to my Dean Martin Christmas CD and watching my Dean Martin DVDs of the best of his shows. It's cold here in Colorado, but Dean makes everything warm.
(Bibiana Andrews - Colorado)
Dear DMFC : I wanted to say thanks to your organization for everything you do for Dean Martin. I have been a member of the fan club and have appreciated this website for thirteen years now. As the end of the year approaches, I can't help but think of the wonderful things that have happened over the last twelve months. The Dean Martin Fan Center is always there. Thanks guys!
(Richard Sanborn - New York)
Dear DMFC : I remember seeing Dean Martin perform at another place in Las Vegas long before he started his contract with Balley's and the MGM. It wasn't at the Sands where he performed with the Rat Pack, but someplace else. Can someone tell me where it was?
(Christina Stankova - Turkey)
Dear DMFC : I am a singer in England and sing a lot of Rat Pack and Dean Martin songs, but there are so many brilliant songs that I can't finf the backings for. Particularly, his versions of: Cool Cool of the Evening, The Way You say Good Night and Baby, Obey Me. Does anyone know how I might get hold of the backing to any of these. They are my favorite songs; I grew up with them and desperately would like them. Please if any one can help ?
(Tom Brown - United Kingdom)
Dear DMFC: Hi folks. Just took a little time to go through the Internet. Congratulations on this home page. I am 49, a fan since 1974. Gratuated on Dean's birthday in June 1977, and finally saw him live at Bally's in Las Vegas (at the time in 1985 it was still called the MGM Grand). I live in Austria, outside of Vienna.
(Alf Junghans - Austria)
Dear DMFC: Hello everyone, I'm from Argentina and a big fan of Dean. I am 29 years old. Sorry about my English, I speak Spanish. Since my seven years I am in love with Dean. Still now I start to cry in some of his movies and his show which I bought in a trip to Europe. Thanks.
(Nataila Navone - Argentina)
Dear DMFC: Even though a decade has passed since Dean Martin left our world, we still have his presence here. I often thought that it was a special tribute to have one's legacy continue beyond the grave. Dean was a part of the American culture as apple pie, and to have his balance of life continue, will be ever present in the minds of future generations. I see our American culture shifting and slowly eroding away. That's a very sad thing for our children. Gone are the days of telling stories in melody and song- and in this politically world, we would have Dean Martin's sense of humor and insight held from our realm because someone would complain that it didn't suit his needs of conforming. I know that sounds confusing to many. Simply put... Dean Martin might not be able to do today what he did in years past, but he is someone we so desperately need at this point in time before we loose everything in our heritage as Americans.
(Josh Kindred - New York)
Dear DMFC: I wish someone would make a Dean Martin face mask, I thought about it at Halloween time, but think even more about it at Christmas, since that was when he passed away. It would be nice to have a remembrance of him, and a face mask that I could display would be a wonderful gift for me. Thanks for letting me write this.
(Ginny McAdams - United Kingdom)
Dear DMFC : I just got my copy of the new Dean Martin Christmas cd with the Martina McBride duet, and it's just like hearing a brand new Dean Martin song for the first time!
(Joley Simpson - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : My husband and I just returned from a week in Las Vegas, and sad to say, there isn't anything left that shows the mark that Dean Martin left on that town. I guess that shows how selfish the money kings are. Other than a street names after Dean Martin, a small tribute should be encased in that town. Las Vegas, we are truly dissappointed!
(Barbara and Bill Vernon - Washington)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis sang a song about Thanksgiving. Do you know what the title was? Thanks for your help.
Dear DMFC : Being a little more than a week from Thanksgiving (here in the United States), I want to pause to give thanks that we were allowed to share in the talents that Dean Martin had provided us growing up. Also, thanks to the memories and timeless works he has left for our children, and thanks to this site that has been spreading the word for many many years. Too bad there are many countries in this world that will never know peace and never hear Dean Martin sing a song. This is my heartfilled "Thanks."
(Charlotte Breene - Wisconsin)
Dear DMFC : I just recently joined your fan center and got my first two magazines. All I can say is how wonderful they are. For those of you who are Dean Martin fans, I suggest that you spend the small amount and join. The magazines have a wealth of knwledge and fun in them!
(Jay Loggins - Canada)
Dear DMFC : Does anyone know where I can get a picture of Dean Martin's bar that was in his home in Beverly Hills? I think my friend has it and we want to restore it to sell it. It is in sections- glass- and is in good shape. This bar was in his home somewhere around the 50's or 60's. The picture would be very helpful. please help or guide me to someone who could help. thank you.
(Julie Buchanan )
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin lives in my heart And his music makes me smile every day. During my work day, I groove to Dean as he croons in the background of my computer (bet he'd smile about that). Sundays, Dean joins us for coffee on the patio and he's my ride-a-long fella while I travel the highways in my job.
I am making sure that "the younger" generation understands the beauty of his voice, the scope of his humor and the complexity of his life that made him a mega-star.
I just wanted to say Thank You for this site and I will be back often.
(Kate C.)
Dear DMFC : Enjoyed reading about Dean Martin thru your very comprehensive site--a fitting tribute to the man. Although I am in my late 30's and probably too young to appreciate Dean's large body of work, but as a vintage film buff and a fan of lounge jazz I enjoy and admire Dean's easygoing style...true class hardly equalled by the younger set of celebrities of today.
I recently purchased the set of Dean's Celebrity Roasts--what fun! I have not laughed so much at anything on TV since! The man truly earned the title "entertainer" and richly deserved as well. Best,
(Kenneth Pizzi - California)
Dear DMFC : It's such a shame that the Dean Martin videos from his roasts and variety show are not avaliable here in the U.K. I have been hoping for years that someone would make them easy for us to get. After all, we are huge fans too!
(Margaret Lenley - United Kingdom)
Dear DMFC : The latest issue of the Dean Martin magazine with pictures of Dean Martin's Extended Play records is very fascinating: especially the rare records and pictures. I only started subscribing a few months ago, but am enjoying the magazine very much! Keep it up for all us fan out here!
(Connor Gueros - New Mexico)
Dear DMFC : I recently saw an A&E Biography on Dean Martin and was delighted to hear host Neil Daniels talk about my very favorite entertainer of all time. It was also nice to hear comments from Dean's son, Ricci Martin and Dean's TV Producer, Lee Hale (who I also remember as Dean's Special Material Person and Musical Director). Hopefully they will rerun the episode soon so I can video tape it next time. Keep up the good work, and thank you for the input you and Neil Daniels had on this project!
(Marilyn Dasani - New York)
Dear DMFC : I have heard about a new Christmas duet with Martina McBride singing with Dean Martin. What a great way to release a Dean Martin song with a new twist. I can't wait! I know what I'm asking for Christmas!
(Leslie Coach - Utah)
Dear DMFC : I picked up an old copy of a two cd set on Capitol, and in the liner notes I discovered your address. I have been a life-long fan of Dean Martin's, and never missed a TV show or movie. I had a question: Does anyone know which Martin & Lewis movie was Dean's favorite? I have often heard Jerry say that "The Stooge" was his. Thanks.
(Kara Mitchell - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : I have been a member of your fan center's fan club for over twelve years now, and I have to say that there is no one who has more accurate information concerning the life and career of Dean Martin than you do.
I have also been a long time fan of Frank Sinatra's, and after Frank died, the Sinatra legacy died too, all because the family doesn't know how things work.
They turned away from (and actually went after) the fans and clubs that had been promoting Frank for decades. I think Frank's greatest fans, the ones who put out newsletters, gave the reviews to magazines and Internet sites, and spoke highly of Sinatra, got disgusted and gave up their desire. No one talks about Sinatra anymore. They don't play his music as often as they once did, and now other artists, such as Dean Martin, are becoming more and more popular, thanks to folks like you who know what we really want.
I have seen the Dean Martin Fan Center's name on so many CD's, and TV specials and documentaries, and I look forward to getting my magazine in the mail. Reading stories from people who knew Dean to those fans who have their own special stories is heartwarming. It lets me know that I'm not alone in my interest in Dean Martin. I also know, that all because of you, the excitement is going to keep going for years to come. Keep doin' what your doin', Pally!
(Scott Breesen - New York)
Dear DMFC : I recently read a copy of Ricci Martin's Book, "That's Amore". I just wanted to thank him for writing such a wonderful view of life with his famous father. I also read a book by Lee Hale called "Backstage at the Dean Martin Show", which was also very good. It showed an insight to Dean and his TV show we had all grown up with. There are a few other books out there, but if I had to pick the two best, these would be them. Just a fan from Canada...
(Andrea Colton - Canada)
Dear DMFC : I'm 14 years old. My name is Michael. My dad gave me a movie of Matt Helm and it had Dean Martin playing a secret agent. I really loved the movie so much, so my dad found a few other Matt Helm movies too. Then he gave me two Dean Martin cd's for my birthday. I could not believe that he could sing so well. My dad also sent in for a membership in your fan club. I searched the web and found your website, and am thrilled to read all the past bulletin messages others before me have made. I know that Dean Martin died a long time ago, but it would be interesting to read in your magazine from other people who can tell stories about him.
(Michael Burns - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : Did Dean Martin ever appear on The Ed Sullivan Show?
(Ryan Hitchens - Illinois)
Hi Ryan - The comedy team of Martin & Lewis appeared on Ed Sullivan's very first premiere episode, but it was not called "The Ed Sullivan Show". Originally titled, "Toast of The Town", the show was broadcast live on June 20, 1948 from CBS Studio 44. This was just 12 days since the team appeared on Milton Berle's "Texaco Star Theatre" on NBC. Among the other guest stars, Dean and Jerry did a six-minute sketch, which was the most talked about performance of the show.
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center).
Dear DMFC : I remember my family going to see Dean Martin sing at the Riveria Hotel in Las Vegas back in the 1960's. I had just turned 15, and my older brother, mom and day had taken a family vacation, driving to see Las Vegas from our house in Houston, Texas. We were lucky to get tickets (they didn't check my age) and were seated in about the middle of the place. I remember being in awe of Dean. He was so relaxed and had a voice that was the best I ever heard. The one thing I remember most of all, was that I laughed hard because Dean was so funny with jokes and one-liners. He even bantered back and forth with the audience, which endeared him closer to everyone.
The following morning we were all eating lunch in the restaurant at the hotel, when I looked beyond where my father was seated across from me, and Dean Martin had walked in through the door. He wasn't being seated, and looked uncomfortable waiting there with another man. I didn't even tell my parents or brother, and quickly bolted up from my seat to go greet him.
He was most gracious, asking how I liked the show, after I told him I saw it. Then I told him that my family drove all the way from Texas to have a vacation, but almost didn't make it because my Dad had just lost his job the day before- but decided to take us all anyway.
Dean asked where we were sitting, and immediately walked over to greet my family, who were flabbergasted, to say the least. After a short minute, a host from the restaurant came over and handed Mr. Martin a bag , which he said were a couple of muffin's to go. As he graciously said goodbye to my family, he asked me to follow him to the front table, which I did right away. He told the person behind the counter that the meal we were having was to be put on his tab, and then he turned to me, reached in his pocket and handed me a (what I thought was, at the time) coin.
I returned to my seat with a smile as big as the state where I came from... and no one could believe that Dean Martin himself came over and spoke to us, and even paid for our lunch!
I had forgotten all about that coin Mr. Martin gave to me, because I was so excited and I just dropped it into my shirt pocket. Later that evening, when my family was in our hotel room, packing to go home, the coin dropped out, and I picked it up. I remember shouting to my Mom that Mr. Martin also gave me a coin to keep. When I handed it to her, she froze without blinking. A few seconds later she exclaimed, "Paul! Do you know what this is?!?". Dean had given me a $1000.00 gambling token from the tables! What a blessing in disguise, since my father had lost his job, and we were going to be struggling to make ends meet for quite some time.
Now that I have grown up, and am pretty successful in my own business, I often remember the excitement, but mainly kindness, that Dean Martin has shed on me and my family in a time of need. I have chosen to follow in that incident that affected me, and two or three times a year I do the same when I see a loving family who could use the "extra" boost to help them in this world. It's a real good feeling, and one that always keeps me in line with "reality" in this very selfish world.
I am sending you my name, but I wish that you not print it. I don't want the "fame", I just wanted to relate my story. Thank you for the opportunity, and a special thanks to Dean Martin up there looking down on all of us.
(Name Withheld - Texas)
Dear DMFC : With Halloween coming in October, wouldn't it be great if they made a Dean Martin mask, so I could wear it all year and cheer people up? I'll bet it would be a bigger seller than the president's!
(Gia Kincade - Wyoming)
Dear DMFC : I am a big fan of Dean Martin's son, Ricci Martin. If you haven't seen his show (a tribute to his father), you are really missing out. He doesn't try and imitate his Dad, but does a nice tribute from the heart, letting us all remember how great Dean himself was. Actually, Ricci has quite a lot of the quality and charm his Dad possessed.
(Julie Massey - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : Nice website. I'm a big fan of Dean Martin as well as Frank Sinatra and those Rat Pack days. I miss that kind of entertainment.It's was just so classy and unmatched by no other entertainer since. I wish was an adult living in that area so I could have seen these guys at The Sands live !! Just thought I express my admiration for Dean Martin.
(Gus Cacciotti)
Dear DMFC : A friend of mine likes the song "Thats all I want from you". Could you please tell me if there is an album that this song appears on? Thanks.
(Mr Graham Burton)
Dear DMFC : Does anyone know what the LP centres of Dino's or Sinatra's Capitol LPs in the UK should look like? Amongst my record collection (which contains 15 Dino LPs, mainly Reprise) I have Capitol LPs from the late 50's/early 60's, some with grey centres, others with black centres and multicoloured rims to the centres. I think the grey centres are the earlier releases. Do you know when Capitol ceased issuing one type of LP centre and started issuing the other?
(Paul Haygreen - U.K.)
Dear DMFC : Dino was a dear friend. I think the moment he stuck his head into this world his first breath was a son the second a joke about his enterance. He always laughed and made jokes about his mistakes. I miss him.
(Robyn Bond)
Dear DMFC : I always welcome hearing and seeing Dino on TV, and radio, and my kids are quick to point it out to me as well. Just last week, I was watching "The Simpsons" and Homer encounters "Dino" in a white tux sipping on a martini, and smoking his cigarette and exchanges a few sentences. Dino is recognized by all and adored just the same. Great memories, never fade.
(Richard Anderson, - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : I just thought people should know that, i have seen on the internet copies on DVD of the Dean Martin Show, it appears to be a remastered copy of his shows. You can find them on Ebay at about £70. I understand from sources that there is a demand for these (i have just brought a copy) and i am happy to report that they are excellent enertainment, they say that quality outed, he outed a lot of people. Many thanks
(Anthony Davenport - Essex, England)
Dear DMFC : I wonder if anyone has a clue as to who John might be in Paulette Junn's post? I've been wracking my brain and watching the colgate shows that I have and don't reference any John who might have been a frequent guest.
(Paul Bischoff - Wisconsin)
Dear DMFC : Just a note to tell you that Dean's music is appreciated more every day. I adore him and my 95 year old mom who is legally blind listens to his CD's all the time and always with a smile on her face. To listen to Dean automatically brings a smile to your face. He was never. ever appreciated as much in his lifetime. Looking back at his TV videos, roasts, etc., I now appreciate his wonderful, wonderful voice and sense of humor.
(Denise Carney)
Dear DMFC : My brother gave me a copy of the book called "Cherry's Jubilee" that was written by Don Cherry and Neil Daniels. It is filled with Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra stories that are great. It also has lots of stories about people such as Peggy Lee, Sammy Davis Jr. , Mel Torme, Eydie Gorme and others with insight from people behind the scenes.
Mr. Daniels was listed on the back inside flap of the book as publishing the Dean Martin Fan Center, so a quick check on the Internet and I found you right away. Your Website is a fine tribute to Dean Martin. I will be joining right away and hope to also get many of the back issues of your magazine as soon as possible.
Thank you once again,
(Robbie Witmer - New York)
Dear DMFC : Are there any plans to release more 'Rat Pack' songs from the vaults? I know that there are a few underground songs that have been floating around but nothing from the official sources. Also, is there or has there been any talk whatsoever about releasing the movie 'Sergeants 3' on video or DVD? This was such a great movie, that it's a shame it hasn't seen the light of day yet!
(Jim Colby - Virginia)
Dear DMFC : I was too young to think of Dean as "cool" when I first heard him sing. However, I loved his version of "Everybody Loves Somebody" as soon as I heard it, and I used it as my closing theme for many years as a Disc Jockey. Relatively recently, I have become fascinated with Dean's movie "Rio Bravo". It is an absolute masterpiece for all actors involved. I agree with a Director who said of the film, that it justifies the existence of Hollywood making movies. As far as the movies Dean and Jerry made together, my favorite is "You're Never Too Young". The color, direction, acting production etc. are the best of what they did together in my opinion.
Recently, I was listening to Dean when my father walked in the room. He didn't know who was singing. I knew that my father was a Classical music expert, and I tested him. I asked him to identify the singer, and he couldn't. Well, the song I was listening to was "Return to Me". I asked my Dad what he thought of the singer, and he agreed that he was great. When I told him that it was Dean Martin, he was surprised. But I felt like he respected my taste in music at last.
Along those lines, I remember a teacher of mine in the 60's saying that Dean was a "crooner", and not a "singer". As if a crooner was not in the same league as a singer. Well, folks, you tell me: If you were stranded on an island with a choice of CD's to keep, which would you choose? Sinatra or Dean Martin? There is no contest for me. Dino is absolutely Number One!
(Paul D. Myers - Maryland)
Dear DMFC : I just saw the PBS Special called "Dean Martin, The One and Only". Even though the people interviewed were pretty dull, I am glad to still see anything that has to do with Dino! I saw Neil Daniels listed in the credits, and remembered he was the person responsible for many of the Dean Martin programs we have today, and I remembered he has been chief of the Dean Martin Fan Club also. Thanks Neil.
(Donna Licher - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : This message is for Paulette Junn below - who is "John?"
(Vicki Wells - Washington)
Dear DMFC : Every summer, the city of Vancouver has a FREE fireworks display with music, called The Celebration of Light. It is the largest in the world, and can attract a crown of over 400,000!
It started July 26th this year with Italy as the first country. On our news highlights last evening, what did I hear, but Dino singing Volare! See this link:
I tend to avoid crowds, but if I only knew in advance (like checking the link ahead of time!) It would have been neat to see and hear! Ciao,
(Ann Hockey - Canada)
Dear DMFC : Will always hold Dean, John & Jerry dear to my heart. Have enjoyed their movies would like to find more of the Colgate Comedy Hour if anyone knows where to find them. May You have a Blessed Day,
(Paulette Junn)
DearDMFC : Golf has been a big part of my life for nearly 50 years. When I saw the book "Cherry's Jubilee: Swingin' through life with Dino and Frank, Arnie and Jack" I couldn't help but buy it because of the photo on the back cover showing Don Cherry with Dean Martin. I read it in three days, and enjoyed every minute of it. The stories about those fabulous days with Palmer and Nicklaus were great, The best part was the stories with Dean Martin, who was an excellent golfer himself.
Anyway, I just had to find you and thank Neil Daniels (the co-author) for his book, and also for this great website for Dean.
(Gary Dazey - Florida)
Dear DMFC : This is probably a first, but I'm gonna go with it, pallies. We recently lost our 2 year old French poodle, Emmie, to bladder cancer. Within a week My wife had found a "rescue dog" at a nearby town. To make a long story short, we met the dog, (another poodle) fell in love with him, paid a hundred bucks, and took him home. Because of his laid back, easy going nature, and his black fur which resembles a tux, it was a no-brainer for us to name him "Dino". Most people who meet "Dino" think we named him after the family pet from the "Flintstones". Nothing could be further from the truth. Our dog is named after the "King of Cool".
(Mark J. Roberts - New York )
Dear DMFC : Wow! You all have outdone yourself with the current magazine issue!!! I have always loved Texas Across The River. Completely silly movie, but Dino is so darn cute in it! I have always loved cowboy Dino the best and here you have given me an entire issue of cowboy Dino! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Even my mom flipped over the two portrait photos of him inside the front and back covers. This is what we want. More Dino!!!!! I really liked the seeing the ad promos and such. It was a good insight into what goes on in promoting a movie. Nice touch. Have you done an issue on 5 Card Stud, Bandolero, Sons of Katie Elder or Rio Bravo? That would really make me a happy Dinopallie!!! I know you already did Something Big last year or so. The pics in the current issue are better than the ones for Something Big. That is not a complaint, just an opinion.
Once again, thanks for a truly wonderful issue. You all are the best. Keep up the great work you are doing on behalf of our beloved Dino, we pallies appreciate it. God bless all of you and your loved ones.
(Marie Macchiarella - Florida)
Dear DMFC : Enjoyed the book "Cherry's Jubilee" with all the refrences to Dean Martin. I have been a fan of Mr. Martin's for over 40 years!
(Karen Urate - Idaho)

Dear DMFC : (Concerning the post from England below)Dean Martin sponsored the PGA Tucson Open for several years.
(Mitch Rasky)

Dear DMFC : Hello! This is my first visit to the Dean Martin Fan Center. Although I've been a really huge fan of Dean for several decades now. Years ago (like back in the 60's) I briefly remember seeing a Martin & Lewis movie where all 4 cast member of Bonanza (L. Green, M. Landon, D. Blocker, and P. Roberts) made a very brief cameo appearance (they were on camera for about 15 seconds). But I can't remember what movie it was. Can anyone help me out here and tell me the movie?? Thanks, and hope to hear from someone soon....looking forward to learning more about and getting better aquainted with the DMFC.
(Robert L. Ramsey)
Dear DMFC : I bought a copy of Don Cherry's Jubilee written by both Don Cherry and Neil Daniels and wanted to post my comment that it is a very fun and very interesting story. I had no idea that Dean Martin and Don Cherry were such good "pallies", and wanted to let other Dean Martin fans know about this book. The sub-title is "Singin' and Swingin' through life with Dino and Frank, Arnie and Jack". Because it doesn't say Dean Martin's LAST name, it does not come up on Amazon.com when you type in Dean Martin. Hopefully other Dean Martin fans will find out about this book and read about another side of Dean that no one really knew.
(Kimberly Stalls - U.K.)
Dear DMFC : Being a huge golf nut, I was looking in the sports section of my local book store and stumbled across a new book called "Cherry's Jubilee". Right away it caught my attention because I had remembered Don Cherry as being a golfer and also a singer. To my surprise, I didn't know that he was a close friend of Dean Martin, who was another favorite singer of mine (and who also played golf himself). The coauthor of the book was Neil Daniels, and after reading that he published the Dean Martin Fan Center, I was interested in receiving the publication after reading the book (by the way: the book is great!) Anyway, I saw your bulletin board and wanted to leave my thoughts.
(Jim Newsome - Georgia)
Dear DMFC: Recently I took a flight on U.S. Airways and they showed an episode of 'Biography' after the movie. The episode was all about Dean Martin and I found it very fascinating to say the least. The main narrator of the show was Neil Daniels, your founder. After arriving back home yesterday, I did a search and found your website. I would like to thank you and Mr. Daniels for the program and this site. Dean Martin was one of my favorite singers growing up, and I always had a fascination to find out more about him and his career. Again, I am glad I found you and will be a regular visitor and want to subscribe to your Dean Martin magazine.
(Darrell Langford - New York)
Dear DMFC : Please could anyone tell me what Dean's associations with professional golf were? I have a vague recollection that he sponsored a tournament on the PGA tour but can't remember what. Bing had Pebble Beach, Sammy Greater Hartford and Andy Williams San Diego. Also if anyone has any interesting stories about Dean and golf I'd love to hear about them. I am a sportswriter from England specialising in golf. Many thanks.
(Deanne Tager Smith - ENGLAND)
Dear DMFC : HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DINO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today marks the 89th anniversary of that wonderful moment Dino came into this world! What a better place he made it with his good humor, charm and many talents. None of which we probably will never again see in one great package of a man. Happy Birthday, Dino. I know you are celebrating with your family, friends and fans on earth as well as in heaven. Luv always and forever,
(Marie Macchiarella - Florida)
Dear DMFC : Every year at this time when school is preparing to get out for the summer, I am reminded that it is Dean Martin's birthday. I grew up knowing that when I was young and in school, and now that I have a boy and girl of my own, I think about this day every year in June. I wish Dean Martin were here today, so my kids could experience his talents. I always play his cd's while the kids are home, but it would be nice to have his TV show on once a week to show them.
(Marion Lees - Washington)
Dear DMFC : The radio gave out your website address after they played a Dean Martin song (That's Amore) this morning. I am so glad they did, because I didn't know that there was a Dean Martin magazine that I could subscribe to by joining the club. I'm signing up now!
(Pat Sandoval - New York)
Dear DMFC : Back in the middle 1960's I remember having lunch with a lady friend at a restaurant in Southern California near NBC in Burbank. We sat there chatting away, when this man walked up behind me. I didn't know anyone was there, but my friend who sat opposite me froze with a stare. I actually thought she was having a heart attack. When I made a move to get up to help her, I felt this hand on my shoulder. I quickly turned my head and it was Dean Martin in the flesh standing there smiling down at me. I froze too (and turned 15 shades of red!). He looked at me and said, "Did you drop this?".
In his huge hand I saw my little purse that had all my money and identification inside. He told me that he found my purse in the parking lot as he was coming in, and since there were only five women in the restaurant at the time (and the other four had their purses), he decided that it must have been mine! I was flabbergasted! It took me hours before I realized that Dean Martin not only found my purse, but returned it in person himself. What a gentleman. He went on it to a private area of the place to have dinner.
A week later I wrote a "thank you" note and gave it to the owner to give to Mr. Martin if he ever returned. (He said that many stars and celebrities often stopped in). About a month later I went back to the same restaurant, and after being seated, the owner came up and said, "a gentleman left this for you." It was a big yellow envelope. When I opened it, there was an 8 x 10 of Mr. Martin and he wrote on it, "Good thing your purse didn't go along with my attire - keep a tight hold on it! - Dean Martin".
I still have the picture and it is framed on my wall in the dining room. Every now and then someone asks about it, and I tell them the story.
(Mrs. Cathy Delamo - California)
Dear DMFC : Happy Birthday ! Even though he hasn't been with us for over 10 years we remember today 89 years ago that Dean Martin was born Dino Crocetti, We'll never ever see or hear the likes of this again. Thank You for the many wonderful memories.
(Paul Bischoff - Wisconsin)
Dear DMFC : I was wondering if any more news has been let out about a movie based upon Dean Martin's life. Does anyone out there know? I remember hearing about it two or three years ago.
(Joseph Montclair - Vermont)
Dear DMFC : Now that I have been hearing quite a number of Dean Martin duets either on the radio or in TV commercials, I was wondering if the record company ever thought of releasing a cd of just these duets he must have made. I'm sure there are many more than I have heard. Thanks.
(Jackie Westman - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : In less than a week Dean's birthday will be upon us again. I always think of June 7 as the beginning of summer and fun. Let's all give a toast to the most laid-back and talented entertainer that ever lived!
(Lisa Carlson - Canada)
Dear DMFC : With all the animated movies coming out like 'Over The Hedge', 'Cars' and 'Ice Age' that have celebrities doing the voices, has anyone ever given thought that if the animated movie is well made and has a clever and well written script, that they wouldn't need big names to supply the voices. I think anyone would do. Which brings another idea to mind - how about creating an animated film using super-star singers from our past. It would be great to see Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra as cartoon/animated figures, crooning around the likes of Elvis, The Beatles, Madonna, Steve and Eydie, Barbara Streisand, Neil Diamond, etc. I mean, they do these sorts of parodies on TV: why not a big budgeted full length film done with style and quality? It would not only be a completely different concept, but also re-introduce these stars and their music to a whole new crop of younger generations to discover. Something to think about.
(Brad C. Stevens - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : I always welcome hearing and seeing Dino on TV, and radio, and my kids are quick to point it out to me as well. Just last week, I was watching "The Simpsons" and Homer encounters "Dino" in a white tux sipping on a martini, and smoking his cigarette and exchanges a few sentences. Dino is recognized by all and adored just the same. Great memories, never fade.
(Richard Anderson - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : I was happy to read that your centre's president has co-written a book with singer Don Cherry. Mr. Cherry has been a favorite of mine, along with Mr. Martin. I am glad to know that he's still with us (since the passing of Mr. Martin) and that he will share his thoughts and memories. I'm sure it will be of great interest to other Dean Martin fans. I am placing my order because of Mr. 'Band of Gold' - Don Cherry.
(Angus Howell - Tasmania)
Dear DMFC : This is for Michale Kyle's post. Yes, Dean and Jerry recorded a number of songs together in their early days with Capitol Records. When it was decided that they only wanted Dean to record, the duets ceased. Dean went on to record a few more duets with Nat King Cole, Margaret Whiting, Line Renauld, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., and he ended his career with a few country duets on his "Nashville Sessions" album.
(David Lighter - Texas)
Dear DMFC : A lot of talk has been going around about the existence of an album called "Bing, Dino 'N' Dixie". I remember reading that your founder, Neil Daniels, has both artwork mock-ups from the Reprise Records Department that were made. Can you please re-shed light on what this was.
(Terry Landers - New Jersey)
Hi Terry - Yes, Neil has both cover artworks locked up in one of his storage vaults. The album was planned and advertised on the inner sleeves of many Reprise record albums. That's where it became known to Dean Martin fans that there might be another album coming. According to Neil and the documentation, the record was not designed include new songs recorded by both Dean and Bing -- rather a compilation of "Dixie" songs both pulled from previous recording to make a new album without any new singing.. When discovered that most of Dean's material for a "Dixie" album was earlier recorded for another label (Capitol), and not enough material could be found in Dean's Reprise catalog, the idea was scrapped, even though 850,000 inner sleeves were already printed.
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : Hi there, My name is Blair and Dino had one of the most unique voices to ever release a song. I'm emailing from Australia. I only came across this site by accident. Keep up the good work, can you tell me if Dino sang You, You, You I'm in love with you.
(Blair Monin - Australia)
Dear DMFC : Hi. A good friend of mine sings Dean Martin songs at Karaoke. I do Karaoke commedy. Did Dean and Jerry ever do any songs together. Thanks.
(Michael Kyle)
Dear DMFC : Hello, My name is Samantha Viti. I was raised in a very traditional, Italian family from Northern Italy, which was originally called Fiume before the war. Both my parents are from the same place in Italy, so I grew up listening to the tranquil voice of Dean Martin. I love all of his music from the early ballads through to swing and the "Rat Pak” and I believe his voice could soothe a storm.
It’s such a shame that such a talented man doesn’t really have the glory he deserves. Not only Dean, but also Frank Sinatra. I recently accompanied my Nonna to a “Tribute to Swinging Frank and Dean” at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre in Melbourne and I appreciate that they are both still celebrated today (even though Frank still lives) among the more mature generations. However, I don’t think the current music of today will ever contain the feeling and emotion of the music made by Dean and others or just the sheer entertainment value.
I don't really think I belong to this generation. I belong back in the 1940s to watch Dean Martin take the world by storm and finish off in the early 1970s watching Elvis celebrate the last days of his life. I’m writing casually to you just to let you know the legend of Dean Martin is still living among my generation, and I will defiantly push him through the generations of my children in the future. It’s such a shame that such a talented man doesn’t really have the glory he deserves. Just though I’d let you know. FORTZA DINO CROCETTI!!!
(Samantha Viti - Australia)
Dear DMFC : I wrote last year re the old 1 hour TV variety shows Dean had, and to see if they had been released on DVD. You said there were legal problems re the production of them. My wife found the DVD “That’s Amore” which had excerpts from a few of the shows and it was very enjoyable. He certainly was an incredible entertainer and singer. I am educating my sons (18-25 yrs old) to his style and they also are becoming fans. Has there been any advance in the production of a set of the shows yet? One day it will happen and I will certainly try to get one out here in Australia.
(Peter Chote - Australia)
Dear DMFC: We really miss hearing about Ricci Martin, his band, any tours and performances anywhere, and just any kind of news in the magazine. All of his fans want to hear what he is doing now? Thanks a DM Fan Club Member.
(Marlena Hemphill)
Dear DMFC: Hello, I heard a few months ago on CNN's Larry King Live that according to Jerry Lewis, that night's guest, a DVD collection was coming out in the spring. Would that be a collection of Dean & Jerry's movies together?
(Thanks - Rob)
Dear DMFC : Thanks to Dean, Sammy and Frank , I know who I am, I am in love with life and the pursuit of happiness. Thank you for the blue print, boys. love in spades and more ring a ding than I can handle.
(Lori Dawn)
Dear DMFC : I live in Iran and have discovered your singer named Dean Martin. My favorite song is "The Man Who Plays The Mandolindo". Recording by Mr. Martin are hard to find here as you can believe. Even though I am brought up with a different language, the music and voice of Mr. Martin still comes through for us to like.
(Mosham Karan - IRAN)
Dear DMFC : This being 2006, Isn't it the 60th anniversary of Martin & Lewis? It was way back in 1946, just a year or so after the war had ended that both men became partners in what was to become the biggest comedy/musical team in history. That was 60 years ago! Can you believe that we are still posting comments about Dean Martin six decades later? Amazing and phenomenal. There will never be any other gifted performers like Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. The world is going way to fast and everybody today is buying into the "short-attention" syndrome that has swept this generation. I am proud to have lived during a part in history when our country cared about it's people and were very loyal to it's entertainers who made folks laugh and gave them hope in a clean and delightful way. Happy anniversary Dean and Jerry.
(Jeff Sutherland - New York)
Dear DMFC : We have finally found your website after watching an A&E special on Dean Martin. Your Center's founder, Mr. Daniels, brought a lot of memories back to us. Watching Dean Martin's TV show every Thursday night was a family tradition. Our two boys and two girls were brought up on his show, and their kids are now listening to Dean Martin music. Thank you once again for the wonderful memories you have shared. Oh, P.S. It looks like we can subscribe as members of his fan club, and that what we are going to do and for our kids.
(Mr. & Mrs. Don Weaver - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : Hello all, I'm in the middle of listening to the EVERYBODY LOVES SOMEBODY boxed set.. It's the second boxed set I've bought from Bear Family and .... It's amazing. As a teenager, I thought I had a nice collection of Dean albums, but there's a bunch on tunes on here that are new to me. It's like Christmas in April. I also ordered two CDs from Collector's Choice Music that contain some rare tracks and B-sides. They have yet to arrive, but can't wait for them. Re-connecting with Dean's wonderful music has been a pure joy. His voice just lifts your spirits.
Dear DMFC : As I sit here and listen to Dean on the CD that would have been worn had it been an LP,,, I just cannot help but think of all the love he gave us over the years. Do yourself a favor. Go out this week and buy a Dean CD,,, his love makes the day so beautiful.
(Dan Starnes)
Dear DMFC : What a great Site! Who out there can tell me when, with who else(many other stars) and the name of the place where Dean worked many times in Galveston, Texas. I met Dean as a little boy and several times as I grew older. I have lots of memorabilia.
(Sam Anthony Maceo - Texas)