Dear DMFC: I have been a fan of Dean Martin since I was a kid watching the Martin & Lewis movies. My daughter is 13 years old and is a competitive baton twirler. Part of the different routines you can do is a "freestyle" where you pick your own music and do a dance/twirl routine. I was having her listen to different music and she fell in love with "Mambo Italiano". She will be doing a routine to this in California this summer. I bought a Dean Martin CD and my 15 year old son, who listens to hard rock and rap has also taken to it. He picks it to listen to when we're in the car. Isn't that great that a whole new generation realizes the classic, timeless sound that Dean has!?
(Melissa Lungberg - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : I think it's time for another huge Dean Martin wave to hit. We've gone through the 'Lounge' era with the Rat Pack, then the 'Jerry' period with Martin and Lewis... what's next? I'm guessing the 'Cowboy' Dean with a focus on his western movies - there were many!
(Mira Rowland - Florida)
Dear DMFC: In answer to Richard Tandy, it sounds like a good idea to compile a list . Maybe this could be a start: Welcome To My World was used here in Holland for an Amstel Beer commercial in 2004; Powder Your Face With Sunshine was heard in a car commercial (I believe it was Peugeot). And of course during the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy, they played That's Amore and Mambo Italiano.
(Wishes to Remain Anonymous - Netherlands)
Dear DMFC : It would be nice to have someone compile a list of all the movies , TV shows and commercials that Dean Martin's songs have been heard in for the bulletin board. Has anyone ever done that?
(Richard Tandy - U.K.)
Dear DMFC : I went to The Olive Gardens to have dinner with my wife and another couple, when I heard "That's Amore" as I walked in the door. During dinner, the voice of Dean Martin was played during our meal and made the experience simply wonderful. After we finished and left, Dean's voice was still lingering in my mind, as we decided to go to Starbucks for coffee and to sit and talk with our friends.
We parked our car, got out and walked into Starbucks. As my friend opened the door, Dean's voice was being played there too with "Memories Are Made of This". Of course, our topic of conversation turned to Dean Martin and how we all loved him. There will never be another singer who can match what Dean has given to us. How many singers or groups today will be heard forty or fifty years later played in places of business? I started a search on Dean and everyone pointed to you guys and the fan center. I can't wait to join and have something more to tell my friends next time we get together.
(Steve Bremmer - New York)
Dear DMFC : It's so funny - while growing up, I would always hear a Bing Crosby song on the radio and think it was Dean Martin singing. I'd even hear a Dean Martin song and think it was Bing. Now, there is no mistaking Dean for Dean. His music has withstood the test of time, and his voice has somehow matured on all those old records and songs. Now I can state for sure if it's Dean or not.
(Karen Morrow - Canada)
Dear DMFC : Linda, Dean played golf with Sam Snead on celebrity golf a TV show back in the late 50's or early 60's I think. I have a copy of this tape.
(Kate Meno - Connecticut)
Dear DMFC : I was just wondering about the ring "Dean" always wore on his little finger,,, did it have any sentimental meaning and if so, what? I just have to add, I have loved "Dean" since I was 15 yrs. old and based his looks and mannerisms on what I wanted in a husband,, mannerisms I found, but his sex-appeal was hard to find.
(Lorraine Elkay)
Dear DMFC : Does anyone out there in Dino-land know if there is any tape or film on Dean Martin golfing. I know that was one of his favorite things to do, and I even remember some tournaments had his name attached to them. I have also heard that he was a very good golfer. Also, did Dean play pool? I recall seeing an interview where he had a pool table at home. Just wondering if anyone out there knows.
(Linda Crowls - North Carolina)
Dear DMFC : Thank you for responding to my email regarding the dates and time for the Dean Martin Biography. I was wrong about the cable station. I was not aware of a Biography channel itself, nevertheless, I had a neighbor tape it for me last night. Personally, I was expecting much more than what I saw. There were a lot of stills shown but not enough live footage interplayed between the "eyewitness" accounts. We needed more in depth interviewing. I realize that the program is just an hour long, but I think the quality could have been made better.
Thanks again for the information and helping to keep Dean Martin alive for us all.
(Robert Azzarello - Texas)
Dear DMFC : Just caught the Biography channel new one on Dean Martin. Very good! Great to see Neil Daniels in there giving out information. Now I hope they put in on DVD soon. In reply to Lauren Bostwick - England about Dean & Jerry in Road to Bali, They did cameos in Road to Bali & Road to Hong Kong. Dean also had a cameo in Pepe. PS: I actually subscribed to Biography to catch this one about Dean, since it wasn't on A&E Biography
(Paul Bischoff - Wisconsin)

Dear DMFC : Hello. Just a comment on the Dean Martin On Biography Channel - It was great !! Thank You
(Cheryl Gilley)
Dear DMFC: Did Dean ever record a song with the lyrics: 'and the bells of the church headed steeple' - don't know the title of the song either ? Anyone have any clues please ??
(Jim Brown - U.K.)
Dear DMFC : I was watching Biography and viewed the episode on one of my favorite singers, Dean Martin. I was glad to see the Dean Martin Fan Center listed in the credits, as well as seeing it's founder, Neil Daniels, being interviewed and carrying the lead to all the stars that appeared too. It was especially nice to see Lee Hale, the man whose name we always saw as the Special Materials person during Dean's TV show. I loved his book about Backstage on Dean's show.
It was also great to hear Jerry Lewis' perspective. I haven't bought Jerry's book about Dean yet, buy I know that getting an interview from his is very hard. I am sure that because it was about his friend and partner, Dean Martin, that he granted it. Now I want to buy the book, and join the Dean Martin fan club, and check out what songs are in my cd store to buy. It's like I have now re-discovered Dean Martin again.
(Bill Sevigny - New York)
Dear DMFC : I would first like to say that I am a big fan of all things Dean Martin. I am not quite sure what first caught my eye but I can safely say that I am and always will be a big fan of Dean Martin. I was
wondering if DMFC would ever do a tribute to Dean's son, Dean-Paul? I think this would be an excellent thing to do because he was extraordinary in his own right! Thank You.
(Megan Ketelboeter- New Mexico)
Dear DMFC : I just caught the program on Dean Martin and his biography. The best information came from Neil Daniels, who was listed as your founder. I also enjoyed hearing from both Dean's son Ricci, and Dean's partner, Jerry Lewis. I will keep an eye out to catch this on a repeat and make sure to tape it.
(Kim Caldwell - Washington D.C.)
Dear DMFC : Thanks for giving us fans a chance to get to know him better (The Biography Channel's Dean Martin salute). Dean was the greatest entertainer we all had growing up. Everyone must have seen something that Mr. Martin had sang or performed in sometime in their lives. It's nice to know that he isn't forgotten. Actually, by the looks of this site and the magazines on Dean that I see offered for his fans, Dean still has a huge following!
(Courtney West - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin was a great talent, and will be even more loved in the years to come.He knew how to put on a show.I miss him.
(George Vreeland Hill)
Dear DMFC : Just caught the Biography channel new one on Dean Martin. I actually subscribed to Biography to catch this one about Dean, since it wasn't on A&E Biography. Very good! Great to see Neil Daniels in there giving out information. Now I hope they put in on DVD soon. In reply to Lauren Bostwick - England about Dean & Jerry in Road to Bali, They did cameos in Road to Bali & Road to Hong Kong. Dean also had a cameo in Pepe.
(Paul Bischoff -Wisconsin)
Dear DMFC : Good Morning. I just purchased the CD Sleep Warm. There is so much Frank Sinatra memorabilia being released: calendars, tee shirts, CD's, posters, photographs, etc. When are the fans going to see Dean Martin memorabilia? I know that the Matt Helm DVD's were just released; I have them. But posters, calendars, and most especially, the release of episodes of the Dean Martin show. I purchased all of the ones created by Greg Garrison, but I don't hear anything about any more of these being released. The fans want Dean!!!
(Susan Wade - Army Military)
Did I see wrong, but while watching a Bob Hope and Bing Crosby movie (The Road to Bali), Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis were in it! I suppose die-hard Dean Martin fans already knew that!
(Lauren Bostwick - England)
Dear DMFC : I have a 45 rpm of Dean Martin that is not the ordinary recording. It is labeled on one side only and it does not have a record company on it. It says: PALM SPRINGS SALUTES TEXAS DESERT CIRCUS WEEK April 16-20, 1958 DEAN MARTIN introduces IT'S 1200 MILES FROM TEXAS TO PALM SPRINGS . If you know anything about this record would you let me know.
(Lily Duncan)
Hi Lily - This was actually made by Capitol Records to use as a "give-a-way" for Palm Springs Desert Week. Two different labels were made going both ways... From "Palm Springs to Texas" and "From Texas to Palm Springs". It's somewhat collectible, maybe worth $10.00 to $15.00 in good condition.
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : Thanks for helping our school understand more about the years when variety shows were the popular culture of broadcast television. We understand now about the popularity of many stars that had talent. Surely, Dean Martin and the Dean Martin Show was the King of all that showcased new talents with that of it's weekly family. We are hoping to stir up a little controversy and are attempting to bring back the golden age of Variety television in this day and age of so-called reality and entertainment news. Thanks again and thanks to Dean Martin for leaving his generation with such high standards.
(Michelle Crestwood on behalf of the the staff and students at Washington High)
Dear DMFC : Why is it that so much of the spotlight is put on "The Rat Pack", when in essence, they Rat Pack only lasted a couple of years or so. Dean's whole career lasted nearly 50 years. He was with Jerry Lewis for 10, and then was noted for Matt Helm for a few. His TV show was his biggest success that lasted another decade, let alone the roasts, and he was a huge Las Vegas star in the 80's at the MGM and Balley's. So why do we hear so much about the Rat Pack? Maybe it's like why we hear so much about another Dean -- James Dean. James Dean only made a few movies and his popularity continues today. Strange to me.
(Brian Carter - Maryland)
Dear DMFC : I just got the Dean Martin cd they are selling at Starbucks, and it's great!
(Angeline Castarello - West Virginia)
Dear DMFC : Dean never made ( The Ravengers ) did he?
His last Matt Helm was ( The wrecking crew ) am I correct?
Dear DMFC : I am planning on having a Rat Pack era kind of wedding this fall. Any ideas on flowers or favors or anything to make it the best day possible?
(Taunya Ackerman)
Dear DMFC : Having just finished reading "Dean & Me", I noted at the end of the book that there is a Dean Martin Fan Center. I was unaware of it before and thought I'd best check it out. I have been a fan of Dean Martin since 1952 when he and Jerry Lewis preformed in Minneapolis in conjunction with "Sailor Beware". I've followed his career through thick and thin and supported him in every way possible - movies, live performances, TV, Vegas, 78's, 45's, 33-1/3rds, tapes, CDs. Listening to him sing is the epitome of what's right with the world. He makes ones cares vanish. I read "Dino" when it was first published. Having done so and comparing it to "Dean & Me", I am left with the feeling that Mr. Lewis is using Dean to attempt to make himself look good and to make a few bucks off of Dean as well. Has anyone else felt that way too? Jerry always had an ego that came through very clearly in their act and I, personally, do not appreciate him using Dean in this manner.
(B.J.Millhouse - Montana)
Dear DMFC : Dear DMFC,
Although I am not a member, I frequently visit this site to read the bulletin board and have made a contribution or two over the past couple of years. My wife knows I am one of the biggest Martin and Lewis fans ever and this past Christmas she gave me Jerry Lewis's new book as a gift. I don't know if Jerry ever visits this site, but if you do, Jerry, God bless you and thank you so much for this book. You made me laugh, you made me tear up, and you made me wish I could have been there in the audience watching you guys! I'm (only) 40 so I'm too young to remember Martin and Lewis as a team but as I grew up I loved Jerry's movies and I loved Dean's variety show and roasts. I didn't even know they had ever been a team until the now famous reunion at the 1976 MDA Telethon! If anyone has not read this book I urge you to get ahold of a copy. It will be well worth it. This was one of the best Christmas gifts in a long time...far better than a necktie or socks! Thanks, Jerry!
(Mark J, Roberts - New York)
Dear DMFC : Starbucks Coffee Shops Have a brand new cd of songs called Amore, all sung by Dean Martin. What could be better to start off one's day?
(Ben Shapiro - Washington)
Dear DMFC : Does anyone have a story of seeing Dean Martin at an airport or actually being on a flight with him? I heard he was afraid of elevators, was he afraid of airplanes also?
(Pete Sanchez - Mexico)
Dear DMFC : I haven't heard Regis Philbin talk about his favorite singer, Dean Martin, in quite a while. I know that he hosted an Infomercial for the TV Show tapes. Is he still a big Dino fan?
(Karen Segal - Arizona)
Dear DMFC: I was wondering if there are any more recordings that Dean Martin might have made that have not been released yet? Has anyone checked the vaults to see? From The Beatles to Elvis Presley , new and alternate versions are always popping up, even to this day. Just thought I'd ask.
(Shelley Parks - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC: Well, since the webmaster was kind enough to post my last comment, I felt obligated to post a follow-up. I just received the "Lay Some Happiness On Me" boxed set from Bear Family. Oh my goodness !! Wow ! This is such a trip back in time. It's like I'm 10-years-old again and I'm watching the Dean Martin Show. However, this time I'm a 43-year-old man, and these songs are hitting me with such an emotional impact that it's hard to put into words. How could I have stopped collecting Dean's records in the 70's to buy K.C. and the Sunshine Band Lps ? LOL !!!
All I can say is I'm going to enjoy the hell out of the set until I purchase another boxed set next month. If you don't have this set, you don't have a clue what you are missing. Thanks Dean & co. - I'll keep you in my Cd changer from now on. By the way, anyone know whatever happened to K.C. and the Sunshine Band ? ha ha !
(Greg - Ohio)
Dear DMFC: I found your site because you founder was mentioned in the new Jerry Lewis book, "Dean and Me-A Love Story". Thanks so much for helping in whatever way you did and for having this website. I want to join the Fan Club and get the magazines next! I have been a Dean Martin fan for over forty years!
(Sally McNamera - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : Yesterday, I was in a major record store chain, checking out the Dean Martin CD's (but of course). I saw a newly packaged version of the "Dean Martin Essentials" CD. It had attached to it a new, live CD of Dean Martin in concert. I couldn't tell too much from the packaging but it seems to be a live recording of Dean playing Lake Tahoe in the early 1960's (I think it said 1962 or 1963).
I have enjoyed, very much, the recent live releases of both Dean Martin as a solo act and with the entire Rat Pack. I hope the Dean Martin Family Trust will keep releasing such gems. I would be interested in hearing some of his shows from later in his career. I once heard a recording where, right in the middle of Dean Martin's joking around with various song lyrics, he stopped and delivered a perfectly straight, serious rendition of "Hey Buddy, Can You Spare a Dime." It was wonderful and moving. It brought down the house. Does anyone know if he ever did a studio version of this song?
(Terry Reilly - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : The front page of the Los Angeles Times had a picture of Lou Rawls (who just passed away) from a scene with The Golddiggers from Dean's summer show. A few of the Golddiggers are also seen. I may be crazy, but I would love to see all those Golddiggers Shows released on DVD, even if it would be like Dean's Show, and "The Best Of Series of Tapes"
(Steve Kingston - California)
Dear DMFC: Hello All: From the posts I read, I realize that Dean had to have the classiest fans in the world. I wonder if he knew this .. ? The reason for my post is to begin my foray back into the world of Dean's music. As a kid ( I'm only 43), I used to collect Dean's albums. His voice was so rich and his delivery so smooth. I got away from Dean as the music landscape changed and my hair got longer in the late 70's and 80's. Well, I've found my way back home. I just ordered the first of the three box sets that Bear Family did on Dean... I can't wait to go back to my childhood and relive this wonderful music when it arrive. Ti Amo mi amour Dino
(Gregg - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : I'm hoping you will be able to help me! It is my great aunty and uncles 50th wedding anniversary on the 14th of this month and I wanted to play them the number 1 song from the day they got married. I have researched this on the internet and have come up with some conflicting results! Some are saying it was the very wonderful Memories are made of this which of course due to the lyrics would be fantastic!! But as not all the websites are saying the same i was wondering if you would be able to help me and let me know the dates this fantastic song was no 1? Thank you for taking the time to read this, hoping you will be able to help!
(Alison Harrison)
Hi Alsion - Your question is a bit difficult to answer, because there are different "services" which measure the placement of songs.
For example: "Memories Are Made of This" reached # 1 for six weeks starting 11/23/55 on the "Billboard Charts" while "Memories" reached #1 for only two weeks starting 12/24/55 on the "Cashbox Charts".
There are also about four or five more services which measured record sales back then, but generally Billboard or Cashbox were the ones quoted most often.
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : Throughout this holiday season I noticed a lack of joyful feeling here in L.A. It was as if the magic was somehow lacking. Only when one of the two commercials that used one of Dean's holiday recordings came on TV did I begin to feel the wonder that has always been present for me in December.
Then I got a strange gift. I was listening to CNN and heard Jerry Lewis on Larry King Live touting his new book, Dean and Me: A Love Story. I heard a difference in the tone of Jerry's conversation - it was as if wisdom had overtaken all sense of ego. It was for that reason I decided to order his book.
Now, as a historian and true blue fan, I have read almost everything ever published about the duo, arguably the funniest comedy team the world has ever seen. I believe that Dean was the greatest straight man that ever lived. However, how many times can the story be told and still offer something new? Well, to Jerry's credit, his "author's voice" in this little gem is a wonderful attempt to convey the awe he felt every time he was in Dean's presence. He is a noble man to openly express the love he had for his partner, the love that made the comedy so alive and special. There were anecdotes in this book that had not been shared previously with the general public that had me laughing out loud in places where people normally don't even speak. How refreshing!
Thank you, Jerry Lewis, for sharing your story once again. It is truly a pity that love tends to sour, but the most amazing thing about this book is that we realize how important it is for the human spirit to be able to forgive. If that point alone doesn't give their love story one of the most universal themes around, I don't know what would. So, go ahead Santa. Shake that snow globe. Maybe it's not such a bleak Christmas after all!
(Andrea Mauk - California)
Dear DMFC : Was just listening to Dean sing "My Rifle, My Pony & Me". Decided to just see what I could find. Never dreamed I'd come across this. I'll be 40 on Feb 26th & one of my childhood memories is watching his roasts. Albeit, I really can't remember much detail but I do remember some. My kids say I act older then what I am but Dino I want you to know that I'm one of the millions you brought so much pleasure to. You're missed sir but you're at peace. God Bless everyone.
Dear DMFC : Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! It sure is hard to believe that ten years have passed since we lost our beloved Dino. With all the popularity he has gained within those ten years, it's as though he is still alive today and bigger than ever!
(Mike Wiggins - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : I finally found you from watching A&E and the Dean Martin Biography. I have read all the books about Dean Martin (my favorite ones are Backstage at The Dean Martin Show by Lee Hale and Ricci Martin's book about his Dad). I didn't like the Nick Tosches book very much (too dark and spoken in second hand , not Dean's words!). I also enjoyed seeing Mr. Daniels of your Fan Center speak, recognizing his name so closely associated with Dean's for many many years. I also want to take this time to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas (I learned that Dean had died on Christmas Day from watching the A&E Show), and a Happy New Year. I will be playing a lot of Dean Martin Christmas music for the next few weeks.
(Jay Pincus - New York)
Dear DMFC : I have been trying to get one of those Dean Martin Christmas Ornaments, but all the stores are sold out of them. They all have the Frank Sinatra one. What does that tell you?
(Nadine White - Canada)
Dear DMFC : What a wonderful show on A&E! Please thank Neil Daniels for all his input, and also to Ricci Martin. I was also happy to see Lee Hale talk about Dean. He has been a major force in Dean's career during the television years, and I don't recall having seen Mr. Hale talk in person on TV before. Do you know when this will be repeated?
(Tracy Lopez - California)
Dear DMFC : I just wanted to talk a little about Mr. Martin's music. With it being Christmas time, I thought I would spotlight his Christmas tunes. It just wouldn't be Christmas without his music. In fact, Christmas doesn't officially arrive at our house until I play Dean's "White Christmas" (the Reprise version). I much prefer this version to the Capitol one (although I'd hate to have to live on the difference). No wonder Irving Berlin liked Dean's version of his song the best. I feel that Dean really conveys not only a warm, inviting feeling, but also a tinge of longing for the "ones he used to know". And I have to say that I think his version of "Silent Night" is flawless and the best I've ever heard. His dead serious reading of the lyric shows the perfect reverence and tenderness this song deserves. His is also the definitive version of "Baby It's Cold Outside"; no one else even comes close. I also love his versions of "Blue Christmas", "Silver Bells", and "I'll Be Home For Christmas". So pour yourself an eggnog, settle in, and join Dino for some holiday chestnuts of the first order. Happy Holidays!
(C J Taylor - Utah)
Dear DMFC : A&E had a program on Dean Martin where I learned about the Dean Martin Fan Center. He was such a great performer that the world will never see again. I was especially interested in seeing what Jerry Lewis had to say about his partner. They were the best!
(Jonathan Gray - New Hampshire)
Dear DMFC : Hello, I'm a huge Fan and I remember watching the Dean's Show. However I was kinda young at the time and really didn't get a lot of the jokes. I think the one that sticks out the most is when he slid onto the piano and it collapsed... Any way I just found the site. Thanks and have one on Me. Sincerely
Dear DMFC : I saw an episode on A&E's Biography on Dean Martin and was very excited to hear Neil Daniels anchor the hour reflecting on Dean Martin's career and life. He was very informative and I was held captive for the whole show. Thanks!
(Linda Simons - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : Hi, I saw your terrific website, along with a very complete U.S. discography. I note that you list both the mono and stereo record numbers for LP's. I collect late 1960's mono LP's because some of them are scarce. I am a bit baffled by an LP I didn't know existed in mono until now. It is Dean's 1968 LP, "GENTLE ON MY MIND". My copy is a mono copy, and the record number is Reprise R 6330, which I didn't see listed in your discography. Do you know anything about this LP in mono?
(Ernie Mabrey)
Dear DMFC : I'm looking for a Christmas present for my father, who loves Dean Martin. I heard once from someone that there's a collection of albums that, when you lie them out on the floor, make up a picture of Dean's face like a puzzle. I don't even know if this actually exists. Are you familiar with it? Does Anyone Out There Know? Thanks!
(Ali Goldstein)
Dear DMFC : Hello. My name is David. I'm from Spain. Excuse me, my English is very bad. I only want to tell you that I would like to know Dean Martin, because actually doesn't sexist anyone like him. He was a 10 of 10. I love all your movies, and I think that the duest with Jerry Lewis were perfect. I have lots of questions to do but he can't answer it's. I think some day I meet Dean Martin. That is all. Ah!! Merry Christmas.
(David Osopu - Spain)
Dear DMFC : To Elizabeth Akers: You can find "Almost Like Being In Love" on the "Sittin' On Top Of The World/Once In A While" CD (sold on this website - click the "Dean's Mall" button" Good luck and congratulations!
(Mike Winngins - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : Thank you for the wonderful tribute to a gloriously gifted woman, my mother-in-law, Loulie Jean Norman. We were so honored that you featured her and shared her incredible story with your fans. She was truly one of a kind. Anyone interested in more information about her can see her web page at:
My family and our children will treasure your article forever, as will we. Thank you,
(Judie Price)
Dear DMFC : Hi to you all there at the Dean Martin Fan Centre. I am a fan of Dean Martin going back 30 Years to when i was just 10 years old listening to Dino on my dads 8-track. I remember the stick I got from my pals when i was a teenager listening to Dean sing Memories are made of this and That's Amore while they were into the Sex Pistols and The Clash. I recently got married and went to Vegas for my honeymoon but I was dissapointed that I couldnt find any real mention of Dean. Where should I have looked in Vegas ?
(Paul French)
Dear DMFC : It was 10 years ago this Christmas that Dean Martin passed on to another world. Listening to his music, watching his TV shows and movies only makes me realize that we lost something that will never ever be heard from nor seen again. I just put the Making Spirits Bright CD in, and am always amazed how much pleasure this man gave us. God Bless you Dino Crocetti for sharing your talents with us. Best Wishes for the holidays to Jeanne, Deana, Gail, Craig, Ricci, Gina. A special prayer for Dean Paul Jr. and Claudia who are with their Dad and for Betty who knew him before he was Dean Martin (as mentioned in "Memories Are Made Of This' by Deana Martin). A thought for Greg Garrison and his surviving family. A Holiday wish and Thank You to Neil Daniels and the Dean Martin Fan Center for this wonderful site.
(Paul Bischoff - Wisconsin)
Dear DMFC : Tis' the season to remember all the good things to be thankful for. I am thankful for all the music that Dean Martin has left for me to remember him by each and every day of my life!
(Karen Hietz - Germany)
Dear DMFC : I'm ordering my dad a CD for Christmas which ones are the best?
(M. Tompkins)
Dear DMFC : Hi. My fiance is a huge Dean Martin fan and wants to use "Almost Like Being in Love" as our wedding song. The problem is, we can't find the version that he's thinking of...he says it's from a videotape of a live performance, but unfortunately no longer has the tape, or knows which one it is. Does anyone have any idea of where we might find that song (without the goofy 're-written' lyrics!) on video?
(Elizabeth Akers)
Dear DMFC : Hello! We are wondering if Dean Martin ever recorded the song "Frosty the Snowman"? Some say he has, but we don't think so. Are we right? Thank's for the great site! Best regards
(Mats and Therese - Karlskona, Sweden)
Dear DMFC : I just saw Jerry Lewis talk about his years with Dean Martin as a team. In my opinion, these were the best years. I remember being bowled over every time one of their movies came out. I have been looking for all of them on video, but have not been able to find certain ones that I remember. I am so glad that Dean went on to such stardom after they broke up. Dean went on to entertain us for many years and never let us down!
(Carolyn Whiteman - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : I have seen anew commercial for Disneyland where they are using Dean Martin's song, Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let It Snow! Awesome! His voice is unmistakable among the crowd.
(Larry Andrews - California)
Dear DMFC : Hi, I saw your reference to a Bulletin Board problem (what a shame!), and notice my message got cut off mid sentence as well (oops!). Here it is again in full...

I haven't read posts for awhile, so it's nice to be able to go back and
catch up. Too bad that more questions from people do not get answered, however. I concur--a very interesting Magazine issue re Martin & Lewis. Dick Nolan in Florida...great great story! Mike Wiggins...I know you're always watching out for things--I would have loved to catch that "Joey" episode, and it definitely rates as cool! Mastercard has a new TV ad (at least in Canada) about winter...and there's Dean singing in the background, "Winter Wonderland". As they say in their ads..."priceless".
Also new to us here in Canada (I live in the Vancouver area) is Turner
Classic Movies, added to our cable lineup; so I hope to be able to catch
some old M&L classics that never made it to VHS (which is what my
collection is). For us fans, there's actually a lot of Dean's material out there these days, what with various CD's, movies, books and the TV shows. I've got to get caught up in my buying too! I plan to make it my main focus this Christmas. One additional note--I was just on a Caribbean cruise (Royal Caribbean), and one of the evening entertainers was Bobby Arvon. Like me, the name probably doesn't mean anything to most people, but he was the voice of the song "Happy Days" from the '70s TV show. He put on a nice show and did some impersonations, and although he said Frank Sinatra was one of his favorites so did many of his songs, he also did Dean (...and now, direct from the bar...etc...then a bit of chat followed by a few lines of "Everybody Loves Somebody"). You can always meet and talk with these entertainers following their show, which I did to thank him for remembering and honoring Dean. His reply was to agree he should be remembered and he added that Dean was one of the best and one of the classiest. Happy Thanksgiving, USA.
(Ann Hockey - B.C. Canada)
Dear DMFC : I wish all ye Dino fans, family and you Fancenter Elves a wonderful Thanksgiving day. I am very thankful for all the hard work you all do to keep Dino’s memory and legacy burning bright. I was in our local grocery store last night and voila! Dino comes on the intercom singing Winter Romance. What a wonderful way to spend your time shopping. Take care,
(Marie Macchiarella - Florida)
Dear DMFC : Hi, I haven't read posts for awhile, so it's nice to be able to go back and catch up. Too bad that more questions from people do not get answered, however.I concur--a very interesting Magazine issue re Martin & Lewis. Dick Nolan in Florida...great great story! Mike Wiggins...I know you're always watching out for things--I would have loved to catch that "Joey" episode, and it definitely rates as cool!
Mastercard has a new TV ad (at least in Canada) about winter...
(Ann Hockey - Canada)