Dear DMFC : Greetings to all other Dean Martin Fans! I was fortunate to see Frank Dean and Sammy in Oakland in 1988! I still have the glossy program and ticket stubs. I was the youngest one there, but I knew all the songs! What a Legend!
(Jean Ketten - California)
Dear DMFC : Just wanting to wish every Dean Martin fan out there the very best for the new millennium. Let's take the spirit of Dean Martin with us. I hope that during the new year, we will be able to have more of his music released, and maybe that movie will take hold soon too. Have a Happy New Year's Eve, and don't party too hard.
(Kay Breshnov - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : Y-NOT-DEAN in Y-2-K? My pals and I are going to celebrate in the Rat Pack tradition... Having a good time and forgetting our troubles for a weekend. Happy New Year Dino fans!
(S. Farno - AUSTRALIA)
Dear DMFC : Here's a toast to the biggest reason the years are so happy... here's to you Dean!
(Jim Lowrey - Alaska)
Dear DMFC : We made it through Christmas without Dean, but it's New Year's eve that I think reminds more people about Dean, and how much we miss him in his tux and drink in one hand. He celebrated New Years every day of the year. A toast to you old pally!
(D. Baumann - Texas)
Dear DMFC : We are planning a New Year's Eve party, and were going to have a Rat Pack theme. I thought we had an original idea, when I visited your Web Site and saw that in you past postings from last year, others had the same idea. Still, it's a Great Idea and we are all getting excited. I wonder how many Dino's are going to show up?
(Perry Hayes - California)
Dear DMFC: I had the best Christmas ever. First, I was given two new Dean Martin cd's, "Late at Night With Dean Martin" and "Hurtin' Country Songs". I was so happy to find your address inside, when I opened my last present, and it was a membership to your fan club! It has been a crooner's Christmas dream come true.
Alex Dradden - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : Thank you guys once again for allowing all of us Dino fans the opportunity to say the things we want with our tributes and memories of Dean, not only at Christmas time, but all year round. Your Dean Martin Fan Center is so much appreciated by us all.
(Lisa Schneider - New York)
Dear DMFC : It's been four years since you left us, pallie. I sure do miss you.
Dear DMFC : Well, Dino is Home for Christmas; it's just us mortals missing him in person down here. I bet he has staged one entertaining show for all the 'other' angels. Just glad we've got his music and our memories too. Heartfelt Thoughts to his family this Christmas Day.
(Ann Hockey - CANADA)
Dear DMFC : Hello. I just want to wish all the Dean Martin fans out there A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. Me and my friend Peter will be honoring Dino tonight by playing his music. So where ever you are Dean............my thoughts are with you. Regards,
(Michael Petersson - SWEDEN)
Dear DMFC : Hello & Happy Holidays ! Just saw the dates for Dino Fest 2000 ! It will be the 3rd straight for my wife and myself ! It gets bigger and better each year ! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!!!
(John Perhala - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : My name is George Aitchison and I purchased Dean's 72 Stutz Blackhawk nearly three years ago at an auction. The license plate is a personalized California plate that simply states, "DRUNKY"...and that says it all. I have fully signed documentation from the estate attorney, DMV documentation, personal comments from prior Riviera
Country members, etc. to positively identify the car as Dean's. I am a
recently retired Los Angeles Police Department Sergeant and I have seen the car parked in front of Riviera CC in one of the only two private parking spaces. One was for Mr. Hathaway (our former Police
Commissioner and also the owner of Riviera at the time) and the other
was Dean's. My wife wants me to sell the car as she will not ride in it
with the license plate as it is. I'm torn. I was and still am a huge
fan of Deans and am loathe to part with the car. It definitely is a
head-turner even without the "DRUNKY" plates. Stutz Blackhawks were built in in Italy utilizing a Pontiac Grand Prix frame and 454 h.p.
engine. Only a few hundred were built during the 70s and it seems as
almost everyone was owned by a dignitary or known personality (Elvis had three, Kenny Rogers, Mohammed Ali, Larry Holmes, Dean, etc.) If I do decide to sell it I was wondering if there was a market for it and what price range I should be looking at. Any comments would be appreciated.
(George Aitchison)
Hi George - We could tell you what the value of the car is according to "blue book" prices... but the REAL value is in the fact that it was Dean's cherished automobile. That's a value we couldn't begin to guess, so we thought we would post your letter on the bulletin board to actually see what everyone out there thinks. If anyone wants to e-mail us, feel free to do so. We will be discreet, and not post your letters on the bulletin board if asked not to.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center

Dear DMFC: I would like to wish everyone involved in this magnicent club Happy Holidays.You have done a tremendous job at keeping Dino's memory and legacy alive,keep up the good work.He will live on in our hearts forever.Merry Christmas everyone!! A fan for life,
(Chantal Houle)
Dear DMFC : Merry Christmas fellow Dino fans. Four years ago we lost our leader, but his spirit still leads the way today, Making spirits bright. We love you Dino!
(Gary McCall - Indiana)
Dear DMFC : I have liked and enjoyed Dean Martin, his music, T.V., movies since I was 10, I am now 45. I have fond memories of staying up on Thursday night watching "The Dean Martin Show" with my parents and grandparents. He was a great entertainer, who brought much pleasure, whether it was T.V. Vegas, or movies. I had the opportunity to see him in Vegas in the 70's, and enjoyed his show above all the other shows I saw that particular week. While watching one of the showings of the E' biography, my father commented he missed seeing Dean Martin on T.V. etc. He was an entertainer whose appeal crossed generations. His good looks, warm approachable laid back demeanor together with his acting, singing, and comedic talents definitely make him one best entertainers of the century. Thank you for this site and also to the responsible parties for releasing the "Making Spirits Bright" CD, it is refreshing change from the usual selection of Christmas music. I know this most likely is a difficult time for his family, may they find comfort in knowing the tremendous amount of pleasure and enjoyment Dean Martin brought to people. Happy Holidays to all!
(Mary Dapallo)
Dear DMFC : Thank you for rushing out my order to me to get in time for Christmas! I just wanted to wish everyone of Dean's fans a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
(Barbara Layton - Maryland)
Dear DMFC : How do you this?! My daughter took a pack of cards and chose the cards that were displayed in the first step of the magic trick. Then she went into her room and pulled the card from the pile that she wanted to disappear. I clicked on continue and the card that she had chosen in her room was gone!! How is this possible? We tried it two more times with different cards and it worked both times. I do not believe that people that are dead can communicate with people on earth. What is happening here?
Dear Suzy... Gotcha! Glad you enjoyed our "Dean's Magic" page. It was even mentioned on "Treasures in Your Home" last night.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I finally found you guys! I saw Mr. Daniels on Treasures in your home, but I missed the part on how to find your club and web site. I did a little searching, and well-aaa, I found you. Tell Mr. Daniels that he was very good. My husband and I enjoyed the Dean MArtin items very much. I was going to ask how much an autographed picture of Dean is worth until I read some of the former messages, and saw that someone else had asked. I am bookmarking your site and will return quite often.
(Mrs. Connie Desario - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : HI There!! I was just reading the other email that you have. I feel much as the other people do. I just received a gift of the cd "Making Spirits Bright" My friends all know that I like Marshmallow World and have been looking for it for me for quite a while. Someone found it by accident and let a yell out of themselves. I read about the fan club in the folder with the cd and here I am replying too. I think Dean was sooo smooth when he was singing. I request "Marshmallow World" on the radio whenever I can. I can hardly wait for his movie to be done. Keep up the GOOD work. A real oldie fan.
(Lois Boone - CANADA)
Dear DMFC : enjoyed the Dean Martin spot tonight on Treasures in your Home -- and it made me notice the bio rerun on E! -- which was also enjoyable to see -- reminded me of the pleasure that Dean's entertainment brought to us. Thanks!
Dear DMFC : I got a kick out of seeing the Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis puppets on the treasures in your home collectible show tonight. I am glad that you are putting them up for auction on their auction site. I would love to have them , and will bid on them right after I leave here. You have a very interesting collection and a terrific organization from what I can gather. Dean would be proud. I remember always seeing him every week sliding down that firepole. Gosh, how he could sing, and his looks! He could melt butter (which is a nice way to put it). Didn't he pass away on Christmas day a few years ago? I guess this is a sad time of the year for Dean Martin fans. I'm glad that you are doing him justice by letting all of us share in these memories. Thank you so much. Sincerely,
(Joy Whiting - Indiana)
Dear DMFC : I saw the Treasures in Your Home program and found your Web Site. Wow! You guys are great!
(Alex Sandall - California)
Dear DMFC : I hope that the Dean Martin movie is going to be made. I remember hearing so much about it a year ago, last Christmas, and now I don't hear anything. Maybe it was just talk. I hope not!
(Kevin Graham - California)
Dear DMFC : PAX tv just has a piece about your fan club on it's show. It was so nice to hear about Dean Martin. The curator of your fan club, Neil Daniels is a cutie. I was glad to find your website. Thanks for keeping Dean Martin's memory alive!
(S. Armstrong - New York)
Dear DMFC : I just saw you on a program called "Treasures in Your Home", and your collection of Dean Martin memorabilia is fantastic! I remember Dean Martin from the time I was 10! He was the greatest! I am 53 years old now.
(Nancy Uribe - Virginia)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin was the greatest! He should be nominated entertainer of the millennium!
(Howie Keeshan - Arizona)
Dear DMFC : I just want to say thank you for this Dean Martin Site, someone just sent it to me. I have always loved Dean and his music, especially his TV show. I think he was just so real. I am 56 years old, I remember watching the old shows with my Mother and Father and not even realizing they were in the room, because I was imagining I was singing with Dean. :O). I am a true blue Elvis fan, and a question was asked, If there never was an Elvis, who would my choice for singer and entertainer be. DEAN MARTIN. And that is how I got here, I won't say I joined any fan clubs, or had all his records, but I do know that I loved him when he was here, and cried my eyes out when he left this world. Thank you again, I will coming here more often.
(Elisa Adios)
Dear DMFC : I travel quite a bit for work, by both auto and air. I have to tell you that I have heard more Dean Martin Christmas tunes being played on the radio and on the airplanes this year than I can ever remember. It is wonderful that Dean can set the mood for the holidays
(Sara Jennis - New York)
Dear DMFC : As I am a new French member of the Dean Martin Fan Center let me congratulate you about the quality of the membership info you sent to me and the nice informations I have had about Dean Martin I discovered in 1968 when I was 14. Yours truly,
(Philippe Raynaud - FRANCE)
Dear DMFC : I found this website address on the CD jacket of Dean Martin's new christmas album "Making Spirits Bright". I just wanted to share with you, that I am so happy this album came out. When I was growing up, my parents had a Dean Martin Christmas album, which was played every year. It had the song "Marshmallow World" on it and I have always loved that song. I have since been married and moved out of the house, but we always here that song when we are together for christmas. I have been looking for that song on compact disc for a long time but could never find it. When I was christmas shopping this year I happen to walk into Borders and there is was, on display in the front of the store, and it had my favorite song. Well needless to say my mom, sister, and I all bought a copy of that CD. "Thank you" to whoever decided to release this album. Merry Christmas!
(Mary Beth)
Dear DMFC : Hello! My name is Magnus Hsu. I am a great fan of Dean Martin and Tony Bennett. Your Dean Martin Fan Site was an excellent site providing comprehensive information on the King of Cool. It's good to know that there are still people out there who appreciate good music. I am a young fan, only 20, but i hope that good music like those of Dean's will continue to be hailed as one of the very best in its own class. Keep up the good work! Regards,
(Magnus Hsu)
Dear DMFC : The Johnstone Store here in New Jersey has decorated up their Men's Department for Christmas with mannequins of Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford. They are all in tuxedos and are ready for the New Year's celebration. It's a very clever display and attracts a lot of attention. Their songs are played as if they are coming from the figures.
(Bobby Levetti - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : Hello, my name is Pamela McGivern and I live in Michigan, a place where you can walk in the evening and cuddle with someone special all night until morning. Dean would have loved my house and my neighborhood. I am listening to Christmas songs sung by Dean for the first time and I miss him and feel his wonderful energy in my house with the fireplace lit and love in my life. No one I have ever listened to ever made me feel like Dean and I wish I could tell him how much I appreciate his sharing his velvet emotion through song with every person who ever felt love and wonder at this life we've been blessed with. How lucky his family is to have known him and shared his days on this earth. He is class personified and I am happy to hear his voice.
(Pamela Jo McGivern - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : I am a new fan of Dean Martin's. I never really heard of him, since I am only 17 years old, but yesterday I walked into my cd store in the mall, and they were blasting his Christmas cd through the system. I asked who it was, and bought a copy for myself. I have been playing it non stop ever since, and saw your address on the cd notes, so now I'm twice as happy!
(Karen Hartwell - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : I just read Steve Barbino's message and it occurred to me just how many things Dean's fans have in common. I also am 46 years old, and as my dad and I both grow older, I realize just how many of our warmest shared memories center around Dean. My sister and I would wake nearly every morning to Dean's LP's playing on the family stereo system. My dad would put on the records and come into each of our rooms to wake us. I also would look forward to Thursday nights to share some special time with my dad as we watched Dean's show. Even during the late 60's and early 70's, when the generation gap hit America and my family, my dad and I always had two things to help us break down communication walls: baseball and Dino!!! Even now as an adult, when we visit together, talk about Dean usually starts or finishes our conversations. Thanks Dean for the music, the laughs, the memories and for helping to link a father and son forever.
(Mark N. - Massachusetts)
Dear DMFC : Does anyone know about Dean's various Stutz Blackhawk automobiles he owned in the 70's? I understand that one was sold at an auction in Auburn, Indiana. I sat in the front row at the performance at the MGM/Bally's in 1987. I had to tip the Maitre de $50.00 to get the seat. At the end of his show I stood on my chair and applauded. Dean appreciated the recognition and came over and shook both my hands. He then thanked me and promptly and purposely fell on his side as he did in the movie "Kiss me Stupid" where he parodies himself. His organization was kind enough to leave me an autographed photo at the front desk.
(Tiffany D.)
Dear DMFC : I just ran your special message. That is too cool!!! Thank You!! I wish everyone at the Fan Center a very safe and happy holiday season!!! Now, this is for everyone else. Please don't feel saddened at Christmas just because Dino was called away on that day. Think of it, what better present could Jesus have been given on his special day but Dino in his tux, with his good humor and a beautiful love song in his heart. Volare!!!!!! I also would like to thank Dino's family for being extremely classy in keeping his memory alive and well. So, take care and Happy Holidays to everyone who loves Dino!
(Marie Macchiarella)
Dear DMFC : I am wondering if you can help me. I am trying to determine where Dean Martin went in 1955. I am trying to link this to the same place that Eartha Kitt went to in the same year. Any ideas? Thanks, in advance, for your help.
(Adam Swallow)
Dear DMFC : This message is so very long overdue,but if Dean's family reads or views these messages I just wanted them to know this. I am presently 46 years old and there is not a day goes by I do not think of him. I grew up with him, admired his sense of humor and the way he carried himself. Thursday nights I would sit with my father and laugh, its some of the warmest memories I have and I wish I could have had the opportunity to Thank Dean. So I am Thanking You and hope that you understand what I'm trying probably so very poorly to say. Sincerely,
(Steve Barbino)
Dear DMFC : I too wanted to say that I think of Dean every year at this time. I would rather think about him in June around his birthday, but I think the loss of Dean was so devastating, that it overpowers Christmas Day with thought of emptiness. All of us fans miss you Dean!
(Kay Proser)
Dear DMFC : I have been a collector of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis material for many years. I have been one of those "quiet" guys who just collects, but doesn't advertise the fact that I do. Finally something has been bothering me so much lately, that I thought your bulletin board was a good place to say something to all other collectors.
I am so sick and tired of seeing SO MANY PEOPLE advertise autographed things like pictures, index cards, posters, sheet music, etc. that are all forgeries and fakes. These people even advertise that they will send a letter certifying that the autographs are real. And what gets me, is that people gobble it up! Almost all the so-called-autographed things that I see of Dean and or Jerry are so bad. It has been the number one culprit of creating a "soft market" for authentic things like I have been lucky to have collected over the years.
I still enjoy my collection and would not part with anything. I am not in it for the money, but when I go to look at something that someone has that I may be interested in, I usually walk away disappointed, and the person selling the item is usually very rude to me, with the "I don't need to sell it to you, I can wait for the next sucker" attitude.
Collectors, BEWARE. Really know what you are doing. Make this hobby fun for all of us, and the best way is to help us police it ourselves by not giving big bucks to these small time autograph thieves.
A Dean and Jerry fan from Las Vegas
(Taylor Dammon - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : I heard a short segment on the radio with your chairman Neil Daniels, and am so happy that someone is keeping the memory alive and well in a positive way. I enjoy your website, and glad that I heard the radio or I would not have known about your fan center.
(Roura Demaris - CANADA)
Dear DMFC : Christmas is the time of year that a lot of us are saddened. It was Christmas Day that Dean had passed away. Let's not forget the real meaning of Christmas, and all remember Dean as we celebrate the good times and the new century coming.
(Arthur Tempstone - New York)
Dear DMFC : Well, now that November is behind us, it's time to bring out the Dean Martin Christmas music. Let it snow in my Marshmallow World!
(Lynne Johnston - England)
Dear DMFC : Wouldn't it make sense to show "Ocean's 11" on one of the cable stations on New Year's eve 2000? I don't think ANYONE has scheduled it, and that's crazy! The whole film deals with what this group of guys are going to do in Las Vegas on New Years... maybe they are afraid someone might get an idea from our ol' boy Dino and his clan!
(Jeff Plaraman - Washington)
Dear DMFC : I heard that E! Entertainment is going to repeat the 2 hour special Dean Martin True Hollywood Stories in December. This was the first place that I heard about your Fan Center and club from the credits on this show. This time I'm getting my video recorder ready.
(Doug Hottin - Oregon)
Dear DMFC : What was the name of the movie that Dean Martin was in with a guy referred to as 'chrome dome' . The guy had a metal plate in his head, only it was on the outside. I remember it being a 'spy' movie, but can't remember the name of it. Appreciate your help,Thanks.
(Damon Cooke)
Hi Damon - In Dean's 1966 Matt Helm adventure, "Murderers' Row", there was a character named "Ironhead" played by actor Tom Reese.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : What a great surprise to find this Dean fan center. I have been his biggest fan since 1964. I have almost every album he ever made. He's been with me on every date I ever had. When Dean died I got sympathy cards from my friends.
(Not signed)
Dear DMFC : I want to wish all other fans of Dean's a very happy Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving is the day that we set aside to give thanks for. In a time like ours, we hurry through life without ever stopping to appreciate everything that we have. All of us fans of Dean that have posted to this bulletin board should be thankful that we have memories of a man who made us all so very happy. Dean, I'm looking up at you right now, T-H-A-N-K -Y-O-U for touching all our lives!
(Carmen Bedail - New York)
Dear DMFC : Just happy to report that the Honey Baked Ham ads with Dino singing "Memories Are Made of This" are back on the air. Dino Lives!
(Aroxen P. - Texas)
Dear DMFC : This Thanksgiving I am thankful for having a little Dean Martin in my life.
(Sela Lasane - Maryland)
Dear DMFC : I just wanted to thank you again for what you have done for my dad and I. I just got the album in the mail and I am making a tape for my Dad right now. I looked all over for this album and it is just the one he used to have and play as he built the houses he built. I called him to let him know it was here and i would be there in just a little while with the tape. Thank you for making my 71 year old Dad happy like you did today!!!
(Rosie Potts - Washington)
Dear DMFC : I just read all the posted e-mails received on the wonderful Dean Martin....I too fell deeply in love with him when I was about 9 yrs. old. I wouldn't dream of ever missing him on his weekly television show. It was the only night I could stay up late to watch. It was always on Thursday evening at 9 p.m. I watched every show Dino ever did. Kids in grade school used to call me Jeannie Martin and would bring me their mother's Dean Martin albums and give them to me. Later, I saw him in Vegas and in Chicago when he appeared at the Chicago Theatre. I remember thinking, his voice is so velvety I wish he would just keep on singing, but he was a great comedian too. I waited after the show to meet him at the back door, but he never appeared. So I stopped by the Drake Hotel where he was staying and dropped off a personal invitation to treat him to breakfast the next morning. Of course, I waited for a response but never got one but just thinking that he might have read something from me thrilled me to no end. One time he appeared here with Frank Sinatra. I couldn't afford the tickets at the time but I managed to follow him from his hotel to his limo to the hotel where he was playing. I had the thrill of my life when in Vegas I sat thru 2 shows back to back by myself just to be near him. I paid the waiter $20.00 to put me in a seat up front and I was so excited that I held going to the bathroom so I wouldn't miss any part of his shows. He still continues to bring joy to me whenever I listen to his music which is quite often. I can go on and on about this man who made such a big impact on my life. When Dino passed on on Christmas Day, I cried as if my best friend had died. I will never forget him. Thanks for all the wonderful memories of this great man. I was lucky enough to have gotten a hug from this man. It was the best hug anyone could have given me. I hope someone works on getting The Dean Martin Show released on video. Now that would be the ultimate dream come true...
(Rita Bragiel - Indiana)
Dear DMFC : I am sending you this e-mail to let you know how great your Dean Martin Site is. It is the first time I have checked it out but it certainly won't be the last. I have been a Dino fan since I was 3 or 4 years old. I remember going to bed (I think it was Tuesday nights here)and telling mom to wake me up when Dino came on. (it was late) She always did but for the first couple of years I don't remember staying awake past him sliding down the pole and walking over to the piano. My mom knew how much I loved him. I got something really, really special for my 4th Birthday. My mom sent a letter to Dino with my picture sleeping on the couch and explained to him how old I was and that I didn't miss a week. So for my 4th Birthday I got something that all the other kids thought was stupid and I thought was the best present ever. It was an autographed picture of Dean Martin. It was signed To Teresa Mae Always Love Dean Martin. You can imagine how special that was and still is to me. That picture will soon be 32 years old and when I look at it I still get goosebumps and can picture him sliding down the poll. Thank you for such a great Site and keep up the good work.
(Teresa Shannon)
Dear DMFC : Myself and the rest of my boys at work use the term "Dean Martin" referring to a good relaxing day or a guy who's adding value to our office along with a laid back style which appeals to all the staff. Dean Martin's life was a tribute to all Italian American s with limited wealth or education. Indeed a stand-up regular guy with real drive. Ciao.
(James Marrone)
Dear DMFC : On the new hit show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?", Regis Philbin asked a question about the song "That's Amore" last night. Regis and Dean... Every place I turn I'm hearing something about Dean!
(Cathy March - Mississippi)
Dear DMFC : One thing is certain. Dean is the best! Why?! Ask millions of fans! Ask my self! Why! Why does a 38 years old Swede think that Dean is so fantastic?! He's coolness! He's eyes with the glasses! His voice, his talent! His voice.....Fantastic...
(Christer Hall - SWEDEN)
Dear DMFC : Another Weekend! Ain't that a Kick in the Head? Time to go looking for more Dean Martin records at yard sales in the bay area.
(Len Cheng - California)
Dear DMFC : I love Dean Martin. I see so many people putting this, but if no one kept saying it, no one would know.
(Gloria Quillian - DENMARK)
Dear DMFC : I can't thank you enough for answering my earlier question about the Dean Martin / Jerry Lewis stand-up. I had a friend of mine go to the store of the person who was selling it (I had seen it previously at a swap-meet and got the address of his store). The stand-up was there. It didn't have a price tag on it, but when my buddy asked the guy about it, he said that it belonged to the owner. Then he told my friend that the owner's father had made it years ago and had it stored for many years. When his son opened his comic and record shop, he gave it to him to use to display. So you hit it right on the nose! He was trying to sell it for a lot of money at the swap-meet, pretending that he didn't know it wasn't a real collectible. Thanks for your great help!
(J. Kodiak - New York)
Dear DMFC : I just saw a two-part movie on ABC-TV called "Shake, Rattle and Roll". It was entertaining, but not a great movie. I didn't know if you knew that you can hear Dean's "That's Amore" at the beginning of the movie that is filled with music of the 50's.
(Audrey Grau - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : I just saw your post about the Dean Martin Bear. I have heard about these. I'll check back to see what they are.
(R. Wilson - CANADA)
Dear DMFC : You guys really P * * * ME OFF! I have been a member of your fan club for almost three years now, and I can't get enough! I am anxiously awaiting your next issue. Like most other members, I marvel at the quality of the magazine and dedication you provide. It's refreshing to not only hear accurate news, but also a variety of topics that are covered that no one else compares to. Not only are you helping to unite Dean's fans around the world, but your organization is truly in a class of it's own. I only wish that you could print an issue EVERY month. I hate the waiting between issues. I know that the next one should be coming sometime next month, but I just can't wait! Thanks at least for having this bulletin board that I can check into to get my Dino fix. Having checked out a couple of other sites, and even seeing a few mailing lists, I can assure you it's not the same. Mostly same old junk. Everyone gives their views, but no one was really there who knew Dean or even came close. But that's okay. Everybody wants to talk about Dean and that is great. My main source is you guys. Won't you consider putting out more issues?
(Diane Branagh - New York)
Hi Diane - Wow, I almost felt guilty posting this one to the site. It sounds like you're kissing up to us for something... but what the heck... we love hearing that we are making so many of our members happy. I agree, it would be great to put out more issues a year. The true feedback is how the Fan Center's club members are responding. I know that the E-mail which comes into the Website is pretty terrific. Dean sure did/does make a lot of people happy! (By the way... where do you want the check mailed?)
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC: Like everyone else who read "Martini Man," I did NOT find a fountain of new information. It did present a more objective view and was more readable than the annoying I- can- read- Dean- Martin's- mind style of "Dino." Unlike Greg Frontin, I had no problem with the photos except for inaccurate caption info on "5 Card Stud"- and gave in and bought the book for the stills from "The Sons of Katie Elder. "My biggest problem with the book was the preponderance of inaccurate details about Dean Martin films. At least 3 characters were misnamed or misspelled, and I had trouble recognizing the plot of "Texas Across the River." There were other significant plot errors in other films. With the current lack of proof readers on the staffs of publishing houses, one or two errors are understandable, but the sheer quantity in "Martini Man" is disturbing.
All that aside, for those who know nothing about Dean Martin because they are new fans, "Martini Man" is the best standard bio available. For those who want to feel the SPIRIT of Dean Martin, I would recommend Lee Hale's "Backstage With the Dean Martin Show." It's one of the best reads I've had in quite a while.
(Ann Snuggs - Arkansas)
Dear DMFC : Hi, loves!!! How did the ceremony go Monday night for Dino's induction? Was it televised? I'm one of those dinosaur people who don't have cable, so if it was shown, I missed it. Hope it was a fitting tribute to our beloved pallie!
(Marie Macchiarella )