Dear DMFC : I was so thrilled to meet Lee Hale, Richard Neely and Neil Daniels at the booksigning last night. It was almost like meeting the group that was as close to Dean as one could get. I wish I had taken my camera to take pictures for my daughter, of all the people and celebrities that were there.
(Angelia Tenda - California)
Dear DMFC : My husband and I arrived early to be greeted by a mob of people all lined up to see Mr. Lee Hale sign his new book Backstage at the Dean Martin Show. It wasn't suppose to start until 7:30, but when we got there , a long line was already formed at 7:00. He was such a wonderful man and nice to talk to, although I must admit that I was very nervous. I bought a copy of his new book, and when I got home the first thing I did was sit down and start to read it. (Well, I really looked at all the great pictures, then I began to read). I had to get my husband, as I read it outloud to him from the beginning to the end. You can imagine that we didn't get to sleep until early in the morning. If I had read the book first before meeting Mr. Hale, I probably would not have had the nerve to even shake his hand. I am so proud that someone has written a book like this, especially since that someone was a man like Mr. Hale. We also picked up the information about your fan club and internet site, and are so happy. I think this is the best thing that has happened to us in many years. Thanks you all!
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Weigle)
Dear DMFC : I heard the guest, Lee Hale mention on our station here: WOR, that he has a new book out, and that we could get it here from the Dean Martin Fan Center. It's nice to be able to hear him reminisce on the radio about a man we all love so dearly, and be able to get a book that he can autograph for us directly from you. My order is coming in for three of them. I know that my son and his wife would love to have one and my sister in California.
(J. Leary - New York)
Dear DMFC : There is a new program every Saturday night up here in Seattle called "Ratpack Weekends" and it features the sounds of Frank, Sammy and Dean! It's on from ten until midnight on KIXI. They also have it as streaming audio over the Internet.
(Tom Avery - Washington)
Dear DMFC : Mr. Hale was such a delight on the radio. He sounds like a man in his forties and so full of enthusiasm. Thanks for posting the information so I wouldn't miss it!
(L.W. Reeves - California)
Dear DMFC : I heard Lee Hale talking about his new book on the radio this morning here in LA on Charlie Tuna's program (KLAC). What a great show and reminiscing about Dean. I am going to get the book right away!
Anne Saratoga - California)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin was the very first person that my parents took me to see in person back in New York in about 1946 or 1947. I remember my mom having to sneak me into the theater because I was underaged. I passed for 18 (was only 14), and that's when I feel in love with the guy. He was my idol ever since and I still his music every day on my cassette and cd players that my own kids have bought me. He was the best and still is!
(Denver Grattam - New York)
Dear DMFC : I have a vinyl record by Dean Martin on the Capitol label. I have asked many record dealers about this record but none seem to know about it. It is called "Rio Bravo" and it is a 7"45. On the B-Side as you will probably know is My Rifle, My Pony and Me. I know the original record number is CL15015 and was issued on Capitol. This record however is on a purple Capitol label and was manufactured in India. Its number is F.4174, which in normal terms would mean that it should be on the Decca label. As I said, dealers are as confused as I am into why a record with a Decca number should be released on Capitol. The fact that it is a foreign pressing may explain the purple label. Anyway, have you ever come across something like this before? I would appreciate it if you could please send me any information that you have on it because I am getting nowhere at the moment!
(Pam Foster - U.K.)
Hi Pam - It's very easy to explain... only you have it backwards... The ORIGINAL record number on Capitol is F4174 (The "F" is telling that it is a 45 rpm - There were no "F's" on the 78 RPM's that were issued simultaneously up until a few years before this, when Capitol stopped manufacturing 78's).
The reason that it has a "Columbia" delta number is because Capitol did not have a manufacturing plant or did not sell directly into some countries (Like India) back then. They would lease out their songs to other companies (such as Columbia) to manufacture and distribute for them. This occurs VERY FREQUENTLY on "Record Club" releases. For example, if you had joined the RCA Record Club back in the 60's, you would see the same thing... RCA's numbering system on Capitol releases. Hope that isn't too confusing.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I received a letter after all my writing to the Dean Martin offices. This is what I have been searching a long time for. I had written to the offices of Dean Martin back in the latter 1960's (and again in the 1970's) asking if there were any fan clubs or organizations, and they sent back a letter telling me that nothing was authorized at all for Dean Martin. Now I am happy that I was sent your information. It looks like you have been around for a while, and by the looks of it, you cover everything. I can't wait to become a member.
(Jan Otis - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : I started collecting all different versions of Dean Martin on Compact Disc. Even if it is a song that I already have a million times, I just want to have everything that has Dean on it. You would not believe that every where I turn there is another cd that someone has put out, from Starbucks music to drink java by , to Olive Gardens, music to eat pasta by. There has to be a thousand Christmas compilations, each with just one Dean Martin cut. This goes to show, that they know if they stick just one Dean Martin song on a cd, that people like me will buy the entire thing, even if we already have the song. Crazy for Dino...
(Fred S. Hugley - Utah)
Dear DMFC : Just an addendum to Neil's comments about Dean and his relationship to country music performers. When Deans tv show was at its zenith in the 60's, his was one of the few prime-time shows to consistently book country singers. Many in the country music field felt that through his recordings and TV show, Dean was the one star providing country music and performers an outlet to national television exposure. They have never forgotten those days and continue to hold Dean in high regard for his help.
(Dennis Brislen - Nebraska)
Dear DMFC : In response to Nancy Thompson's post about the Dean Martin commercial during the Grammy's, you didn't miss much. The commercial was just about how CD NOW can be personalized to fit your music tastes. As an example, the woman was talking about her "dream" CD NOW. One of the artists in it would be Dino. That's all. But I give you an A+ on your Dino sensors. :-)
(Aroxen P. - Texas)
Dear DMFC : Howdy, Neil ! I recently bought the "Hurting Country Songs" Cd. I absolutely love it !! I personally think Dino was a master at singing the country tunes. When I listen to "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry", my heart breaks! Only Don Williams can get the same reaction from me in his songs. I am interesting in knowing what the "country establishment" back in the "60's thought of Dino doing their songs. Especially since his renditions were better than most of theirs. Well, gotta go. Love ya, big guy! Keep up the good work!
(Marie Macchiarella - Florida)
Hi Marie - The "country establishment" as you put it, LOVED Dean. His records were produced by Jimmy Bowen (The biggest producer in country music), and many of his musicians were country folks. To give you an idea... even Glen Campbell played on a few of Dean's recording sessions. He recorded his last album with the likes of Merle Haggard and Conway Twitty.
With a hit TV show, and knocking the Beatles off the charts in the middle 1960's, Dean introduced millions of people to the world of country music. So much so, that Dean even had a summer series and specials called "Music Country USA" and "Dean Martin Music Country".
To top it all off... Dean was a "country boy" at heart. Besides golf, He loved to ride and spend time with horses. Dean was at peace when he was on a ranch.
As a child, Dean loved Western movies. He enjoyed the musical ones with all the singing cowboys, as well as the rough-and-ready heroes of the time. The favorite movies that he enjoyed making were westerns, "Rio-Bravo" being just one of them. Even up until he passed away, Dean enjoyed nothing better than absorbing himself in a good old cowboy movie on TV. He was a country/western down-to-earth boy at heart.
By the way - Don Williams is a personal favorite of mine too. I saw him last year in Laughlin, Nevada, and was able to spend a little time chatting with him while he was rehearsing. He loved Dino also!
Neil Daniels - President: Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I just wanted to let someone know that there are Dean Martin fans in Oklahoma. Well, there is one, anyway, me! I am a 35 year old man who grew up with heavy metal and hard rock , some of which I still like. I like all types of music and artist , but for me only Elvis and Dean had the talent to endure the generations. Most of my family and friends think I am strange because I listen to Dean Martin almost Everyday. That does not bother me, because his songs relax me and put me in a better mood. My wife and children do not exactly agree with me, but I think Dean is the best singer of all time. I enjoy watching his movies and the ratpack footage as well. The one thing I do not like is the fact that Sinatra was always thought of as better than Dean. Of
course I was not around back then , but from what I can gather Dean was a kinder, friendlier, more humorous and in my opinion more talented person than Frank. So I believe he was the leader of that crazy bunch of guys.
(Jason Wilson - Oklahoma)
Dear DMFC : Great website !! I have always been a Dean Martin fan as long as I can remember. My Dad thinks he is him He can sing very much like him as he is known as Dino where ever he goes. My husband and two children love him too. We called our son Dean cause we love him so much. We have tickets to go see The Rat Pack show here in Dublin Olympia Theatre on April 9th 2000. Myself, Brian my husband and Mam & Dad are going (Can't wait). We will have to get all the cds out to practice for that night. Anyway we really enjoyed reading your web pages today. We will have to bring my dad Joe (Dino) down to read it too he will be very impressed. Well Done. Love from...
(Terri, Brian, Sarah & Dean Madden - IRELAND)
Dear DMFC : Excellent website! Dean Martin has always been my idol. I am 61 years old and was very lucky to be living (still do) in Las Vegas when the "Rat Pack" first came to town. Back then, being about 21 at the time, they were the biggest thing to hit Vegas. We ALL wanted to be like them. Vegas was a lot different. So laid back and slower paced, but dresser and with much more class. When people lined up at the Sands to see the Rat Pack, they were all dressed like Frank, Dean and Sammy were - classy!. Towards the end , when Dean performed at Bally's, the fun of the showrooms was gone. The crowds started changing. The only thing we old timers have left now are the ghosts of Elvis at the Hilton, the ghost of Frank at Caesar's, and Dean's ghost at Bally's. God bless 'em all!
Ray Lanspin - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : When is someone going to nominate Dean Martin into the Grammy Hall of Fame? He actually kicked the Beatles out of the number one position in the height of their career. No one else in the US could do that.
(Barb Knights - Florida)
Dear DMFC : While watching the Grammy Awards Wednesday Night there was a commercial on something about a cd.com the person talking made a comment about listening to a Dean Martin CD . Did anyone catch it ????? Then they showed a CD with Dino on the cover. It was on about 10:40pm.
(Nancy Thompson - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : Thank you William for sharing your wonderful story with us. You are so fortunate to have spent time with such a remarkable man. I'm sure you are not the only one. Does anybody else have a story about Dino they would like to share with us?
(Chantal Houle)
Dear DMFC : A quick story for you kind people; I was visiting California on vacation, and after I save every penny I could, one of my dreams was to participate in golf at the Riviera Country club around Los Angeles. I showed up one morning and was told that it was a private club and no one was allowed in, except on Tuesday's, when for a fee, I could get in to play even if I was no member. I waited until Tuesday (I was leaving California the following day to return to Germany), and when I arrived, was told that they had too many members wanting to play, and that I still could not get in. While I was feeling so miserable not being able to do the one thing I wanted while on vacation in America, an auto pulled up to the gate and rolled down its window. The fellow inside got heard of what was going on, and invited me to get in the car with him, so I quickly threw my golf bag into his trunk, and the gates were opened up. It was not until I got into the car and looked at the man in my hurry, that I realized that it was Dean Martin! He was so kind, and asked me to play with his friends. I spent 4 hours on the course having the best time of my life, and afterwards, Mr. Martin bought breakfast for all of us at the cafe. I had the absolute best memory of my life that wonderful day many years ago. My friends don't believe me, but I show them the receipt for breakfast with Dean Martin's autograph. Later a picture was sent to me from a magazine that took our picture. My friends were shocked and all apologized for not believing in me. It will always remember the kindness of Mr. Dean Martin. Always.
(William Burkholtz - GERMANY)
Dear DMFC : Desi Arnaz Jr. and Billy Hinsche have formed a trio with Ricci Martin (Dean's son) called "Ricci, Desi & Billy." Their first performance was at the Carl Wilson Walk for Cancer (Carl Wilson was Dean's son-in-law) and they played an engagement at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas opening for the "Beach Boys Family & Friends" this past Thanksgiving. They received very positive reviews! I was a fan of "Dino, Desi, & Billy". Billy Hinsche is a musician who was with the Beach Boys for many years. Desi Arnaz Jr. is an actor who has been in movies and television, he presently is very involved in the performing arts where he lives. Ricci Martin is record producer and owner of a recording studio, and has recorded on his own. So they are three very talented individuals. I wish them them all the best and much success with their trio.
(Mary Dapollo, North Carolina)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin is the best singer there ever was. I think that maybe the world will appreciate him even more as the years continue to pass by. He was not only a great singer, but actor, comedian, even dancer. What talent and nice ways from the handsome man.
(Traci Canner - Florida)
Dear DMFC : Dean was a true song stylist..clearly evident when he sung someone else's signature song..I left my heart in San Francisco (Rat Pack Cd) is a gem.. same goes for "Fools rush in" (Dream with Dean) and I heard Dean do "Young at heart" from "Christmas in California TV special many years ago (wish I had a Betamax back then). I hope Capitol continues to release Dean's material on CD... Dean was and still is a great singer ..song stylist...
Dear DMFC : Does anyone know what happened to Desi (Lucille Ball's son) and Billy (Hinsche) of the group "Dino, Desi and Billy" from the 60's?. I know that 'Dino' - Dean Martin's son, died in a plane accident long ago.
(Gail Marshall - Nebraska)
Dear DMFC : My mother was pregnant with me in 1956 and she happened to be at Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix when Dean and Jerry were about to enter a limousine (Headed to Apache Studios in Apache Junction, Just East of Mesa Arizona to film the movie "Pardners") She smiled and waved to them as they were about to get in. Both waved to her as they got in the limousine. I own the "One Sheet" for this film and 2 window cards, and am still looking for the 16mm Film! A Nice Memory for my mother (Wish I could have been there to see that) as I was born a few months later.
(Ralph "42 years old" Harmon)
Dear DMFC : I e-mail you to let your readers know that Dean Martin is not forgotten here in South Africa (Afrikka). We have a hard time getting some cds, but thank you to sites like yours, we can obtain information on our favorite singer and actor, mister Dean Martin.
(Cyril Cringe - SOUTH AFRICA)
Hi Michelle, Jerri and Beverly (below) - It is great to hear from the younger fans of Dean! This goes to show how much magic Dean had, and is still spreading around. Thanks for writing us, and we hope that we can make it eaiser for you stay a Dean Martin fan for life!
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : Hi, I am 14 years old and from the first time I heard Dean, he was in a western, that my Dad was watching when I was 6, and I have loved Dean ever since. I have almost all of his cds, and I have about 10 movies of him with Jerry, Frank, Sammy, Peter, and Joey. I have books on his Bio, and posters all over my walls of him. Everyone use to tell me when I was younger, how could a 6 year old like Dean Martin and still like him now? Thanks for making this site available to everyone who loves Dean as much as I do.
(Michelle Burnette)
Dear DMFC : Hello to all at the DMFC, I am only 15 but fell in love with Dean after hearing "Memories Are Made Of This" on a car advert. After that I was obsessed and got lots of albums, books and merchandise for Christmas- all my friends think I'm mad! He's all over my bedroom wall- at least my Mum and Dad aren't complaining! Anyway, I'm just writing to say that I think the site is cool, better then the Beatles one anyway!
(Jerri Boardman - ENGLAND)
Dear DMFC : I have a seventh grade class here in Oklahoma. You would think that country music would be the most popular where we live, but last week I had asked my class to write about their favorite singers or groups, and their favorite songs. It's a good way to teach them to write, and to write about something that they like (music).
Out of the twenty-four children in my class - THREE of them wrote about Dean Martin (or Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis). It struck me so odd that these kids that are about 12 years old would even know or have heard of Dean Martin! (I thought maybe there was a Dean Martin marathon on TV the night before!).
On Friday I asked the entire class if they knew who Dean Martin was, and more than half of them knew. Well, by the end of the day, ALL of them knew, and starting this week, some of my students are going to bring in their cd's to share with the others.
The principal here called our local radio station to tell them all about it, and they referred me to your wonderful website where I can post my story about such a fun week. I'll try and keep you posted next week.
(Mrs. Beverly Webber - Oklahoma)
Dear DMFC: When I read Aroxen P.'s post saying that "Do-Badder" was available on the "Sammy & Friends" CD, I immediately ordered the item. I agree that it's well-worth the money. Most interesting to me was how it proved that sometimes not even the greats should try to cover another man's song. While the Davis rendition of "Ain't That a Kick in the Head" is well-done, comparing it - and especially putting Dean's on the same CD - only shows how much the song belonged to Dean Martin. Don't miss their duet on "Sam's Song." You can hear the laughter in their voices as they sing.
(Ann Snuggs - Arkansas)

Dear DMFC : Hello, I love your site. Dean Martin has been my favorite entertainer since I was little. my father was a fan and turned me on to him. Yes I'm only 22 years old. While most girls my age are swooning over Ricky Martin and the like, no other singer's voice melts me like Dino's!!!!!! I love him most for his singing but also enjoyed the Martin and Lewis years.
(Angie 'Honeymooner')
Dear DMFC : My name is George Aitchison and I purchased Dean's 72 Stutz Blackhawk nearly three years ago at an auction. The license plate is a personalized California plate that simply states, "DRUNKY"...and that says it all. I have fully signed documentation from the estate attorney, DMV documentation, personal comments from prior Riviera
Country members, etc. to positively identify the car as Dean's. I am a
recently retired Police Department Sergeant and I have seen the car parked in front of Riviera CC in one of the only two private parking spaces. One was for Mr. Hathaway (our former Police Commissioner and also the owner of Riviera at the time) and the other was Dean's. My wife wants me to sell the car as she will not ride in it with the license plate as it is. I'm torn. I was and still am a huge fan of Deans and am loathe to part with the car. It definately is a head-turner even without the "DRUNKY" plates. Stutz Blackhawks were built in in Italy utilizing a Pontiac Grand Prix frame and 454 h.p. engine. Only a few hundred were built during the 70s and it seems as almost everyone was owned by a dignitary or known personality (Elvis had three, Kenny Rogers, Mohammed Ali, Larry Holmes, Dean, etc.) If I do decide to sell it I was wondering if there was a market for it and what price range I should be looking at. Any comments would be appreciated.
(George Aitchison - California)
Dear DMFC : Hi, I've been a big fan of Dino all my life (perhaps from my address you can see why!). I'm not exactly sure what my exact relation was, but if I ask my nonna nicely she may work it out. I never really thought to look for any fan sites on the net, but this one is excellent - so congratulations and whatever else on a fantastic site. I'll definitely join your club when I've got $42 to spare in the next few weeks, so I look forward to chatting to some of you guys again soon!!
(Greg Crocetti - AUSTRALIA)
Dear DMFC : I'm almost 48 and have been a Dino fan since the very late '50's when my dad took me to see Rio Bravo for John Wayne. Anyway that scene in the bunk bed when he sang just riveted me to my seat. I couldn't believe such an incredible voice. I've a fan ever since and in July 1987 he played the London Palladium here for six nights. A sell out. He was fantastic. Anyway, I'd like to join up and also buy some of his stage work on film. Any info you can supply I'll be very grateful to receive.
(Tony Perrin - England)
Hi Tony - Thanks for your post. Unfortunately we can't reply to you by E-mail in return, because your address is not configured correctly in your mail header.
Just a quick note to everyone : Please make sure that your return address is correct! Twenty-five percent of the mail we receive has the same problem. If within ten minutes after E-mailing us, you do not receive an "auto-response" saying that we received your E-mail... then something is wrong with your return header. There is nothing more frustrating than to take time to type a response, and have it bounce back "undeliverable"--- Thanks everyone!
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center

Dear DMFC : I saw Judy's post below. She's the kind of girl I'd want a Valentine from! A Dean Martin girl at heart.
(Joel Lafferty - New York)
Dear DMFC : Happy to find a sight about Dean Martin, My all time favorite singer. What a great voice he had. No one sung a love song like Dean did. Would love to know where I could get a collection of his songs on tape. How is his family doing, and I hope there will be more Dean Martin, and Jerry Lewis pictures on the TV soon. Watched one last night, and man did he sing sweet to the ladies. I hope to meet him and listen to him sing when we all get to Heaven. Never will there ever be another voice like Dean Martin. I truly miss him.
(George Tanoos)
Dear DMFC : Our Family loved Dean Martin. I grew up with Dean and today all my grandchildren love Dean when we are in my car. We play tapes from different singers for months on end. Last summer it was Dean For 5 months! My kids would get in the car and say "Gram put Dino on! " They know and sing all his songs. Frank Sinatra was # 2 in our house growing up , I know when Dean lost his son he went down. He will always be loved and remembered in our family even today. Tell the Family , Dino was the BEST! With Love,
(Sandra Karbacka - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : A while back when my youngest daughter was studying graphic arts, she had an assignment to do a magazine layout on any person she admired. Keep in mind this was a 19 year old who was barely born when Dino was near the end of his career. Remarkably, she chose Dino! She produced the most creative drawing of him by using various pictures from several of Dean's albums in my collection. Her classmates' reaction was "Who's that?" inspired Sue (my daughter) to bring some cassette tapes to school and indoctrinate everyone there about this "cool singer" who was known for "When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie' THAT'S AMORE!!!" And soon it became Sue's theme song for the title of the article. The entire layout was one of the highlights of her final portfolio which she uses to this day. I have a poster size copy of her Dino framed and hanging in our family room. It never ceases to be a conversation piece for all who see it. This is our family's own way of remembering a fabulous, superstar!! P.S. My other great memory of Dean is when in 1977 on his 60th birthday he came down from the stage to give me a hug and a kiss for a gift I gave him, then to top it all on a TV show he wore the gift, a monogrammed silver belt buckle custom designed by Peacock Jewelers just for Dean. I figured he must have liked it to wear it on national T.V What a way to say thanks! Love ya Dino!!!!!
(Casey Jordan)
Dear DMFC : For Valentines Day, I'm sending out my cards with a picture of Dean on them! What could be a better Valentine?
(Judy Bayfront - Washington)
Dear DMFC: As a fan of Dean Martin for over twenty-five years (I'm 38 now), I am finally glad to see that in the last few years he has been "rediscovered" by a new generation of fans. I'm only sorry that this revitalization took place following his death. Odds are he would have found it quite amusing! Since I live near to where he is buried, I have had a chance to see the numerous cards, flowers, and other items left by other fans at the memorial park. It is quite touching. I also had the pleasure to see him perform live on three different occasions (1976, 1983, 1988) in Las Vegas. He was a great entertainer, who could sing well, tell an interesting story, and always presented himself in a classy manner. I have been a collector of his recordings and tv/movies since the age of 13, and have everything he did in a variety of 45's, Lp's, 78's, and now CD's. I highly suggest the Bear CD sets!! I know that there are at least 5 recordings he made for Reprise that were never released, as they don't have any series numbers. However, someone, somewhere may have them in some demo form. I would especially be interested in "Leave a light on in your window" (1966) and "I'll hold out my hand" (1973). Does anyone know of anyone who might have these in some form? Finally, I'd like to say, my daughter, who is almost eleven, and enjoys a great deal of today's music, also does like Mr.Martin. In fact, up until about a year ago, she would go to sleep with a tape of his songs. Thanks for reading my email, and "keep those cards and letters coming in". Also, thanks for having a great website!
(Steven - California)
Dear DMFC : He is much missed. I never got the chance to write him before he passed on. Just to say what a great entertainer I thought he was. So, now I have, and I hope this message gets to his family.
(Annod Allkaydes)
Dear DMFC : As a devoted Dino fan for 50 years, I find your website interesting and look forward to joining the Fan Center as a member. I never did think that Dino got his just dues as an entertainer over the years. My youngest daughter, who barely remembers him, stated that she wondered why some celebs got such fanfare coverage at their death (Sinatra was her example) while Dino was somewhat overshadowed. well, I said, and you can agree or disagree, Dean was a very private person in life and friends and family respected that at his death. No pomp and circumstance for him. Keep up the good work for Dino and his fans!
(Casey Jordan)
Dear DMFC : If you want to see the Dean Martin commercial that was shown on the Superbowl, just click here: DEAN'S COMMERCIAL
and then go down to the place marked "Motorola - Terrapin" and click that. If you have Real Audio Player, you can see it. You can also get Real Audio there if you want it. You can also see it in Windows Real Media Player (Windows 98 has it built in). VOTE FOR DEAN!
(Tim Southern - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : Hi guys, I don't work for Rhino records or anything like that, but I just want to share my joy about this new CD I just got. It's called "Sammy & Friends." It features Sam along with Frank, Dino and Sam Butera. (Just to mention a few.) The CD features lots of hard to find Sam tracks including the great "Eee-O Eleven" song from the Ocean's Eleven soundtrack. Dino's also featured on "Ain't That A Kick In the Head," "Sam's Song," and "Don't Be a Do-Badder," from "Robin and The Seven Hoods." Get it. It's great. You'll love it! I just had to share the joy.
(Aroxen P. - Texas)
Dear DMFC : Yes - "Everybody Loves Somebody" was the best commercial during a rather dull Super Bowl Game. It caught me by surprise, but what a great surprise!
(Frank Nazon - Utah)
Dear DMFC: Recently I finally got to see "Ten Thousand Bedrooms."
While it is not "Citizen Kane," it is certainly of equal quality with others of its genre such as "Pillow Talk," "The Boys' Night Out" or "Please Don't Eat the Daisies." I don't understand why it did not get more respect. Of course, for Dean Martin fans it's a real treat to see the master before he "invented" the DM image after the break-up with Lewis. I highly recommend it to anyone who can locate it.
(Ann Snuggs - Arkansas)

Dear DMFC : Dean is King in Sweden, we can't get enough of the man.
(Jackie Streep - SWEDEN)
Dear DMFC : Did anyone see the commercial during the Superbowl that featured Dean singing? It was for Motorola! Dean Lives!
(Christie Lange - Wisconsin)
Dear DMFC : I have heard that someone is saying that they have two hours of outtakes from the Dean Martin TV Show on video. From the same source, a report of someone having a record of Dean singing along with his own songs, including some new songs. All of a sudden these items are popping up. Any explaniation?
(Andrew - New Jersey)
Hi Andrew - We have also heard... believe it or not, that Dean had followed in Elvis' footsteps by faking his own death! (We're not making that one up).
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : Good to hear that they are remaking Ocean's 11. Even though the news has not much to do with Mr. Dean Martin, it brings his name back up once again, and maybe some more people will buy the original movie.
(Henry Dallin - GERMANY)
Dear DMFC : As a 36 year-old fan of Mr. Martin's, I fondly remember back to the late 60's and early 70's watching the Dean Martin Show and his 'Matt Helm' movies with my father (who recently passed away) and being very entertained. These will always be warm, lasting memories of the good and innocent times of my childhood (Memories Are Made of This). Over the last several years I have acquired a great appreciation for the popular music of this era. After listening to a fair amount of recordings via CD's, I am convinced that Frank Sinatra, as good as he was, ran a distant second to Mr. Martin. He truly is (in my opinion) the greatest balladeer of the last several decades.
(R. Booth)
Dear DMFC : I just got home tonight (Friday) after attending a "Dean Martin Sound-a-like" contest at my cities' playhouse. It was the best time I had! Not only did about 50 people sing their hearts out, but half of them came dressed as Dean (in a tux)... even two women! And the audience was into it too! Some of them came dressed, and some sang-a-long from the audience as the performers did their thing. One guy was so good, that a couple of women ran up, took off their underwear and threw them at him. I'll bet that this place will have another one of these again, because it turned out so well. I hope that some press people were there to report it too. If so, I will mail you in copies of their reviews. I see that you put out a magazine for Dean Martin, so maybe you could use it.
(Kevin Slagle - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : This past Christmas I purchased both "box" sets of the Bear Collection. What a fantastic treat and a real joy to listen and read... I started singin Dean Martin when I was 14 and now I am 48...
thanks so very much for all you great work on this project!!
(Michael Ray Cary)
Dear DMFC : With the merger of Capitol-EMI and Time/Warner Music Group... I wonder if we will ever see the release of Dean Martin material now. It looks like it may have been put off for more years, as the new company spends their time on re-organizing. I also wonder if the agreement between the Dean Martin Estate and Capitol even still will exist.
(Jeremy R. Sondell - California)
Dear DMFC : I am fascinated by Dean's popularity in Sweden. I think it's wonderful and wild! Is it true that his greatest hits album topped the charts in '99? What can you tell us about the Dino-Swedish connection? Maybe some of Dean's Swedish pallies can help me out by posting on the board. Thanks!
Dear DMFC : I do want to join the Dean Martin Fan Club. Dean was such a blessing to many people. I do have a picture of him, made by my
cousin in Mexico, when he was on his Honeymoon. My cousin asked him, if her husband could take a picture of him with her to bring back to Alabama to me - because, I have always loved him. He wrapped his arms around her and the picture has been in my billfold ever since. Computer is new to me but I am learning. I will always love him.
(Billie Ruth Warren - Alabama)
Dear DMFC : What is the reason that Jerry Lewis took on the task of raising money for Muscular Dystrophy? I know that Dean Martin helped raise money for this cause when they first started, and who can forget that famous reunion during one of the telethons? I heard that Jerry himself was afflicted with the disease as a child, is that the reason?
(Elizabeth McKesson - Maryland)
Hi Elizabeth - There have been so many rumors over the years, but the real story is that a new producer of the Dean Martin Colgate Shows told Jerry and Dean about his nephew who had contracted the terrible disease and passed away because of M.D... That producer was Bud Yorkin. Later, Bud Yorkin would team up with Norman Lear and produce some mighty important projects, such as TV's "All in the Family", a show which in the late 60's--early 70's would bounce Dean's own Variety Show ratings up and down vying for the number one spot.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I was listening to a CD by Dean tonight and I heard the song "Money Burns a Hole In My Pocket" and I would like to know which movie he sang that in. I haven't seen that movie in years and I really liked it. Thanks!
(Dave Westoh)
Hi Dave- It was in 1954's "Living it Up" with Jerry Lewis.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center

Dear DMFC : Dean Martin is still the fave here in Sweden. We heard about you on the radio here this week when your club director was being interviewed on a Dean Martin spotlight hour. One hour was not enough time to get acquainted for a man who had so much to offer.
(Bo Lyngstad - SWEDEN)
Dear DMFC : I have decided to write a story for my school newspaper after reading what Stacy Mills from Colorado wrote in. I'm in the 11th grade too, and I would love to hear from her... since we both have something in common : Dino. Oh, I'm from Colorado also!
(Ken Coldren - Colorado)
Dear DMFC : It really made my day to Find this site--Dean Martin is my favorite Male singer--watch out Garth--You don't know what a GREAT singer is. I have seen all Dean movies and I have 15 Dean Records 78 's--I know I have so many more to find. I thought I was only one that couldn't live without his music. I have loved him since I was 21--I'm over 50 and still cant live without putting a 78 on my record player and relaxing. It takes all the stress away to hear him sing my favorite--Everybody Loves Somebody, Smile...No one can sing and act
Matt Helm--where are you???I will be back a lot now.
(Diana - Georgia)
Dear DMFC : Hiya, Well, I've reached the grand old age of 40, my idea of happiness is a Dino C.D. a glass of wine and myself for company! my hubby and kids think I`m so sad, but hey, I care not! I live in England and am newish to the NET, but would love to get involved with other D.M. fans and make some new, like minded, friends. My lot say I must be the youngest D.M. fan around, I disagree, what do you say? I also love James Darren, think I was born in the wrong era!
Dear DMFC : I'm a composer and music director for TV, film, etc. based in LA. I occasionally work for an actor-comedian who's a huge Dean Martin fan (as am I). I was flabbergasted to find that there is no sheet music collection of "Dean's Greatest Hits", as a companion to the fine CD of his hits released a couple of years ago.
Other than hunting down every individual song in whatever collection
they've been published, could you suggest any easier way to purchase the sheet music for Dean's hits?Specifically, I'm interested in these tunes: 1. You're Nobody 'Till Somebody Loves You 2. Memories Are Made Of This 3. Houston 4. Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Smile Smile Smile) 5. Door Is Still Open To My Heart, The 6. That's Amore 7. Somewhere There's A Someone 8. Ain't That A Kick In The Head 9. In The Misty Moonlight 10. You Belong To Me 11. Inamorata 12. Return To Me 13. Everybody Loves Somebody.
And by the way, while I have your attention, is there any possibility of
obtaining or purchasing (this is for me now and not my friend) any
copies of Dean's actual arrangements for any of these somgs? Should I
contact Ken Lane (if he's still around)?
(Gary Stockdale - California)
Dear Gary - Most sheet music of Dean's has not been in print for 30+/- years or so. This being the case, most pieces are collector's items in the world of "Dean Martin Collectors", and usually sell for $10 to $15.00 each, with the exception of some oddball pieces (Rio Bravo, Sophia (unreleased), the Martin & Lewis titles...etc.) The probable reason they are valuable to collectors, is actually for the photographs on the pieces , rather than the actual content ! There were only a few different "song books" published back in the late 1960's, and they are even harder to find. Occasionally we get sheets in, and if we don't have them for our own files, we put them on our auctions that members of the Fan Center's Fan Club receive. The auctions are included in their (members) Dean Martin magazines/newsletters.
Unfortunatly, Ken Lane passed away a short time after Dean had passed on (Cancer, due to smoking and performing in all those smoke filled rooms, like Dean had done).
Dean's original arrangements were donated to the UCLA archives, after Dean's passing as a generous gift from the Dean Martin estate and family trust. We're not sure of their policy in obtaining copies.
We have had so many requests for Dean's sheet music, just as you are asking. We would think there would be some sort of demand that someone could contact all the publishers, and put together some sort of collection. We believe part of the reason things have not been done, is because using or mentioning Dean's name would have to have the approval of Dean's Family Trust, and they are not ready to endorse anything at this point.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : Thursday's Los Angeles Times Calendar Section had a big article on Billy Wilder, and they are going to screen his movie "Kiss Me Stupid!" on January 28 on the UCLA campus. It would be great to see this wonderful film on the big screen. The print is pulled from the huge UCLA archives that they maintain.
(Pat Devon - California)
Dear DMFC : I can't believe that I have found a site that has so many Dean Martin fans! Dean Martin was (and still is) the best singer there ever was. He was so charming to watch and I never missed a movie or television apearance he ever made. Going through your site, I can't believe how many recordings and movies he had made (and left us to play and view). I am a big Dean Martin fan!
(H. Jennings - California)
Dear DMFC : Latest news is that Hollywood is going to remake "Ocean's 11" with a new cast in place of the famous Rat Pack. Geprge Clooney is being talked about as one of the stars. I don't know if the movie will be as good as the original, since it was seeing the "Pack" all having a ball, no matter what the story line was.
(Rob Hoffman - New York)
Dear DMFC : I thought I was all alone when I told my friends that I found this great singer named Dean Martin. Then in my computer resources class (11th grade high school) I did a search and found your Web Site. It looks like I'm not alone anymore! Now I'm in heaven!
(Stacy Mills - Colorado)
Dear DMFC : I hope that the style of 'pop music' in America hasn't died. The great singers seem to have all disappeared, and we seem to be stuck with very young teens, selling their 'young sex' instead of true talent.
When I see Britney Spears, or Christine Aguilar on shows or in concerts, I "See" them: I don't "Hear" them. They look good, but so does the next one that comes along six months later. Talent doesn't hold much weight as it did for the performers of the past; the Frank Sinatra's, Rosemary Clooney's, Eydie Gorme's and the Dean Martin's. Yes, they sold sex-appeal, but had a bigger package to go along with it, other than a nice butt.
Just so you know, I am a 19 year old young male, who loves looking at the new performers of today. Jennifer Lopez is striking in leather, but isn't probably going to be around by the time I reach 25.
(Kevin Lindshaw - New York)
Dear DMFC : How much did Dean Martin get paid for his role in the movie "The Young Lions". I remember hearing that he took the part for nearly nothing. Why did he do that when he was a big star from the Martin and Lewis movies?
(Art Williams - Arizona)
Dear Art - After reexamining-examining his career, Dean wanted to change the way Hollywood executives viewed him. He knew that his scope of talent went further than musicals and comedy, so when Irwin Shaw's novel was drafted into a screenplay for the big screen, Dean saw the opportunity. Dean offered to do the movie for nothing, but still convincing the studio to give him a chance was difficult. Unbeknown to him, actor Tony Randall was already considered for the part. Discussions between Dean's agent and famed Director Edward Dmytryk was in process, when actor Montgomery Clift (Who was already cast to play Noah Ackerman) voiced his concern over having Tony Randall in the lead, and wanted to have Dean. Dean was contracted for the sum of $20,000, a small amount indeed, but not a big investment for Twentieth Century Fox in case the casting didn't work out (they could scrap the idea and go with someone else).
When production began, and dailies were viewed, all involved discovered the Dean Martin could do drama... and to their amazement, even be considered for an Academy Award performance... something Dean had wanted to prove to break his "type-casting mold" set by Hollywood. It was this film that helped reestablish-establish Dean as the fine actor he truly was, and afforded many more good roles and scripts to follow, with Dean alternating between drama and comedy.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I have appreciated a lot your great website dedicated to unforgettable Dean Martin, one of the gods of the 20th century!!!
I am a 36 years old journalist/Film Music expert & Italian soundtracks records producer with a big dream in my head for years:
to release a CD including the best music from the 4 Matt Helms starring Mr. Martin during the 60s.
The tapes are surely located in the Columbia Pictures Music department and I think that the Fan Center could release a Cd with the background music by Elmer Bernstein (the silencers), Lalo Schifrin (Murderer's row) & Hugo Montenegro (The Ambushers , The Wrecking Crew). What do you think about my idea? A musical Tribute to Dean Martin through the soundtracks of his movies....sounds great! CIAO!
(Claudio Fuiano - Italy)
Dear DMFC : The New Year came in without any new problems in the world! Let's hope we can all concentrate on the ones we still have. Too bad Dean wasn't still with us because I know that he would be nominated "Grand Marshall" of the new millennium, and would spread his love and joy throughout the world as he once did. Hope you had a great time looking down on us Dean; we are trying to get our act together for the new year!
(Jammie Stancha - Canada)