DECEMBER 2003 - JULY 2004

Dear DMFC : I think that Dean Martin had a lot of talent as a dramatic actor. His work in "Some Came Running" whet my appetite for his renderings of the tragic side of life. I don't think this part of his talent got many outings, and it's a shame because he might've done something truly memorable in this department. What do you think?
(Uriah Carr)

Dear DMFC : I just saw a long program on TV all about the Dean Martin Variety Show with Regis Philbin. It was spectacular! Do you know when it will be shown again?
(Steve Portman - West Virginia)
Hi Steve: The new half hour Infomercial features Regis Philbin reminiscing about his favorite idol, Dean Martin. A large portion of this new show was directed by Dean's long time Producer/Director, Greg Garrison. Also, the musical number that Regis does was the work of Dean's musical director and Producer, Lee Hale! Our Dean Martin Fan Center president, Neil Daniels had a small hand in the making too. With Regis, Greg and Lee all together, you know this has got to be the best thing to have come out in many years!!! We will have 'behind-the-scenes' photos and more from Regis, Greg and Lee and Neil in our next issue of the Dean Martin Fan Center magazine! Join now so you won't miss this great issue! Just go to the button that say's "CLUB" and just follow the instructions.
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC: I would like to respond to Harry Preston who asked if Dean was the original singer of "Volare". My answer is I believe the great Italian pop singer Domenico Modugno's version sung all in italian was released before Dean's english and italian version by about a week in the summer of 1958. Modugno can claim ownership of the song originally titled "Nel Blu De Pinto De Blu" which loosly translates as ' the sky is blue, the sky is blue' . Not only did he co-compose the music but he also wrote the lyrics !.
Modugno's version was released on the Decca label and hit # 1 on the pop charts in August of 58. Dean's version hit the charts a week later on the Capital label and would prove to be very succesful as well hitting the # 12 spot on the pop charts. No doubt Dean's version perhaps would have climbed higher on the charts if not for the Modugno's release.
1958 was a very succesful year for Dean on the pop charts as he previously hit with "Return To Me" a # 4 hit in the spring as well as "Angel Baby" a # 30 hit also in the summer.
Modugno would go on to write numerous italian pop hits such as "Ciao, Ciao Bambina" and "Addio, Addio" among many others. To my knowledge "Volare" was not recorded as part of any film score.
Hope that helps,
(David Badal - Virginia)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin's new cd has hit #27 in the Billboard Charts when it debuted! That's quite a feat for someone who has been deceased for ten years. It just goes to show how great this legendary man was!
(Alan Oresta)
Dear DMFC : Mr Daniels: Thanks for the great time listening to you on "Dance Party" here in the New England area!
(Tracy Biel - New England)
Dear DMFC : I wanted to let everyone know that Dean Martin's brand new "Essentials" CD has 4 EXTRA tracks on the ones that are sold at Target Stores, and the cost of them is cheaper than that in ordinary record and cd stores!
(Dita Styler - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : I heard Neil Daniels on Dance Party with Johnny Nardo here in Providence and it was such a delight to reminisce about Dean Martin. Thank you for the wonderful memories and for having this wonderful website in honor of a great entertainer!
(Jessie Antwood - Rhode Island)
Dear DMFC : The Essential Dean Martin disc, which I'm listening to now is everything I wanted and more. The few pics and liner notes are great. Just found your site - nice. Don't know how long my fascination for Dino will last but thanks for the memory ride. I was a teenager in the 60's; my dad was a fan of Dino's early singing career.
(Gary Amato - Warrenton, Virginia)
Dear DMFC : Ricci's show in Ohio was so enjoyable. His affection for his daddy truly comes out. Ricci sang some Dino songs and showed some slides of the family thru the years. He also did a Q&A session with the audience. He also told stories, one being the story of Dino and Jimmy Stewart when they were filming the end scene with Rachel Welch. How Dino wanted Jimmy to keep stuttering and screwing up so Dino could keep burying his face in Rachel's buxom. And although Katie Meno and I kept teasing him about Dino being stabbed at the end of Bandolero, not shot, Ricci remained a trooper to the end of the story! If you want the rest of that story, go see Ricci's show.
Neil, thanks for taking a few minutes to speak with me in the school auditorium and autographing my ticket stub. I truly appreciate everything you and the fan center are doing to keep Dino's legacy alive and growing.! A woman I met said she came up from Columbia, South America! Another couple were from Vancouver, Canada. Just goes to show you how much Dino is internationally loved, admired and missed. I also want to say hi to Ann, Mike, Katie, Art, Guy, Rick, Mary and everyone else I met this past weekend. Love,
(Marie Macchiarella - Florida)
Dear DMFC : It was quite a pleasure meeting Mr. Daniels in Ohio last week. Thanks for being so kind and the fan club magazines. I have already sent in a check to join. Dean Martin is the best!
(Mr. and Mrs. Brummel - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : I had a wonderful time seeing Regis Philbin, Lou Holtz and Neil Daniels all in person while I was in Ohio over the weekend. You're stories and recollections of Dean were marvelous!
(Tim DeLario - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : As America (and several former Eastern Bloc European nations) mourns the death of former President, Ronald Reagan, I can't help but think of the close relationship between Dean and Ronny. Mr. Reagan was "roasted" on the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts and was a close friend of our Dino. I have a very cool picture of Frank, Dino, Ronald Reagan, Bob Hope, and John Wayne (all Republicans, mind you) that I keep on my work bench. Dino is my idol and Ronald Reagan was the first president that I voted for. I hope that somehow, they are able to meet in heaven and laugh over old times. I also hope that they are granted a knowledge of how they BOTH are missed and of the good that they have done for America and the world. Sincerely,
(Mark J. Roberts - New York)
Dear DMFC : DINO: The ESSENTIAL DEAN MARTIN is $9.99 at Target! Just wanted to let you know that in honor of Father's Day,
If you haven't already bought it, this is a great price. If you have bought it already, buy it for a Father's Day gift.
(David Miller - New York)
Dear DMFC : Thank you Angela and Gaetano for your beautiful son who left us with so many wonderful memories. Thinking of you all on Dino's birthday. Happy Birthday Dean!!
(Susan Califano - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : Hello, Happy/Sad day today, June 7th--happy Dean was born, sad not to have him here still. I often think of the following thought, something that I wrote and left as a note after I visited Dean's resting place June 6/2000: "Everybody Loves THIS Somebody, Always. We sure do miss your presence down here, Dean." Most sincerely,
(Ann Hockey - Canada)
Dear DMFC : Dino birthday... Happy Birthday dear Dino!!! I hope you and Dutch Reagan get to ride your horses and chase the angels all you want today! Love and miss you always,
(Marie Macchiarella - Florida)
Dear DMFC : Happy Birthday to my favorite singer - Dean Martin!
(Katie McClowster - South Dakota)
Dear DMFC : As June 7th gets near, I am often reminded of Dean Martin's birthday by hearing and seeing a lot of his music on the radio and on TV Commercials. I miss the crooner a lot!
(Andrew Block - Washington)
Dear DMFC : I just wanted to give a big birthday wish to Dean Martin up in heaven. You are missed!
(Nicky J. Haspen - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : Can anyone inform me if Dean Martin was the original singer of Volare, who was the composer and what movie it was sang in if any. Regards,
(Henry Preston)
Dear DMFC : That was in April of 1969, I think. (concerning the Englebert Humperdink question below)
(Kate Meno - Connecticut)
Dear DMFC : I wanted to leave information for other Dean Martin fans out there; I didn't know that this existed, but everything that Dean Martin had ever recorded can be found on four different box sets. There's an average of 225 songs in each set, and each one comes with a huge color book with facts and information about Dean Martin and his life and career. After finding one of the boxes at my record store, I learned about all four of them and ordered them right away. They are a bit expensive, but after purchasing these sets, you'll not have to buy anymore cd's unless they discover something new in the archives.
I also learned about the Dean Martin Fan Center's website by buying the box sets, and also see that your founder was the producer of these. Good Job! Anyway, I just wanted to let other Dean Martin fans and collectors know all about these sets. By the way, they are on the Bear Family label if you have to order them. Thanks again,
(Dennis Motiff - Texas)
Dear DMFC : Happy Tenth Anniversary of your wonderful Dean Martin Fan Club magazine! I have only been a member for less than a year, but I wish I would have known about you from the start! Your latest issue about the friendship with Dean and golfing friend Don Cherry was excellent. I remember Don Cherry from his appearances on Dean's variety TV series, along with hearing his songs played on the radio all the time. I remember him on a lot of other shows too. You didn't mention the Hollywood Palace, but I think he might have been on that too? Maybe I'm wrong, but I do remember him on other variety shows too. Don Cherry has a style much like that of Dean's... it's no wonder they got along so well.
(David W. Tishman - New York)
Dear DMFC : Greetings! I was wondering if you could help me (I'm assuming you can, your website is fabulous) with a specific date: I'm trying to pinpoint when Engelbert Humperdinck first performed at The Riviera under the 'Dean Martin Presents' banner. Some sources say '68, others report '69. Can anyone clarify? Thanks so much!
(Katie Wright)
Dear DMFC : (For Lynne) The song is "How Do You Like Your Eggs In The Morning" and Dean did it with Helen O' Connell. She sang with Jimmy Dorsey's band with Bob Eberle. He also did "We Never Talk Much with Her."
(Kate Meno - Connecticut)
Dear Kate - How do you know that Dean "did it" with Helen O'Connell... much less talk much to her? (Okay, I'm trying for a joke here!)
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : Hello my name Edwin Van Drunen. I'm a big fan of Dean Martin and I'm 34 years old . I have seen the the Rat Pack Show in Rotterdam, Holland at the Luxor Theater. It was good very very good I had a great night! Greetings from Holland and a huge Dean Fan
(Ed Van Drunen - Holland)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin has always been one of my favourite singers in the world. Recently I heard a song on the radio that I never remembered before, and when they announced that it was Mr. Dean Martin singing with another woman singer (I forgot her name), I was so surprised! The song went something like "I like my eggs with a hug, so soft and fried". If anyone knows the correct title to this, would you please post it here for me so I can find a copy. Also, if anyone knows who the female singer is, I'd luv to know that too. Thank you again,
(Lynne Catham - U.K.)
Dear DMFC : Bravo on your latest issue! I have been a fan of Don Cherry's songs since I first saw and heard him on Dean's TV show back in the 60's. I didn't realize that he was the one who also sung the song "Vanity" many years earlier, and also the voice of "Mr. Clean" in all those radio and TV commercials I grew up watching as a boy. You mention in your article that Mr. Cherry is considering writing a book about his life. I hope that he does do so because with the information you supplied in your latest issue, I am very much interested in reading more.
(James Redikon - New York)
Dear DMFC : I just received my new issue of the Dean Martin Club Magazine, and the article about Don Cherry was one of the most interesting articles I have read concerning Dean for a long time! All of the interviews that I have seen since Dean's passing have been with actors or actresses that did a few scenes with him in a movie. That's not really objective enough to even write about --- BUT a person like Don Cherry who not only had a huge career himself in both singing and golfing, but was a good friend of Dean's himself.
Thank you for such an interesting magazine!
(Jennifer Calloway - New England)
Dear DMFC : Hi, I am a 48 year old avid male Dean Martin fan. I regularly look on your site for updates and news. I live in Australia and have been taking singing lessons for five years, specializing in Dean's songs and style of deliverance (sometimes much to my teacher's dismay!). I am now winning talent quests and performing as Dean Martin in guest spots in clubs. I would like to meet performers in Australia to put on a 'crooners' type show. Regards,
(Ian Gray - Australia)
Dear DMFC : Hi over there in Dino-country, this is Roland Klinteberg in Sweden who like to give you a great tribute for your special spotlight about Don Cherry. Not so well known in Sweden but me and my closest pals like him from back in the Monument -days. This is exactly the kind of stuff I like to read, interesting people who had work with Dino. Everything around Don was news for me and a real highlight to read.
You have a special for hard-to-stuff before, vinyl, stills, lobbycards movieposters and so on butI haven't seen it for a while. Are you selling for yourself or for members ?
I have plans to sell out my movieposters and lobbys and ofcourse I will contact everybody who have conections with Dino in any form like you, collectors and the other Dino club in England if its still around. Well that's all. Regards
(Roland Klinteberg - Sweden)
Dear DMFC : Hello Everyone,I am hoping one day to build my dream house. I want to model it after Dean's living room that was on The Dean Martin Show, with the balcony, stairway and fireman´s post to slide on. Could someone tell me where to get a rough blue print or maybe to study some pictures to get a plan of it. Any help would be greatly helpful. Thanks,
(Mike Merryman - Mexico)
Dear DMFC : Your last hint was a give away . The Mystery Guest is none other than that great crooner Don Cherry. Wow ! there's so much about Don Cherry that I was not even aware of . Thanks for spotlighting him in the next issue . What a shame Dean's horse died during the filming of 'Showdown' it would have been nice not only to see Dean in another western but also along with Don. Thanks for the clues. It was fun.
(David Badal - Virginia)
To Nick Marcario, F. Piacente, Nancy O., Vonnie Smith, Mike Wiggins, Don Saccomonto, and all those who correctly identified Don Cherry as our special mystery guest... congratulations! If you are a member of the Dean Martin Fan Center's Fan Club, you'll be getting your issue sometime during the month of May, and I think that you'll be totally surprised and amazed when you learn all about Don Cherry and his incredible career (or shall I say... Careers?!?).
Don not only worked with Dean, but they were also golfing buddies and best friends. A couple of interesting facts to wet your appetite: Dean Martin was Best Man at Don Cherry's Wedding... Don is also a world champion golfer winning the famed Walker Cup three times, and competing in the Masters a record nine times among other titles! Many of you also know him from his best selling records ("Band of Gold" being his largest selling gold record), Don was also the voice of "Mr. Clean" for over 15 years on radio and TV!
I don't want to give away everything, so if you are truly interested, you're going to have to become a member of the Dean Martin Fan Center's fan club (just click the "CLUB" button) and begin your membership with this special tenth anniversary issue!
Thanks again to all that guessed... who knows, maybe some of the people that you thought it was will be a guest in up-coming issues!
(Neil T Daniels - Founder/Chairman of The Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : As a longtime Dean Martin fan, I watch with enjoyment the fan center. I must join! But anyway - I know you cannot give out the answer.. but your mystery guest is JIMMY STEWART! - close friend of Dean, Mother had musical background, stepson died in plane crash 1968, didn't drink or smoke..... I hope this one is right. Sincerely,
(Paul Bischoff - Wisconsin)
Dear DMFC : Could the mystery guest be Pat Boone?
(Mark Roberts - New York)
Hi Mark and Paul - Your guesses are excellent. Sorry that they are not correct. Here's a big hint for everyone... don't think of such well known names. Our special guest somehow managed to evade the spotlight that many of these entertainers and performers received, even though he is a big star in his own right! (We'll give the answer the last week of April!)
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I just has a story about dean He was my idol as a child I was very lonely and alone most of the time and on Saturdays when they showed his movies..I would watch them they made me happy. It's like when he was on I felt so much better. Then when I was a teenager and buying albums of course, I bought Dean's. I would hide them when friends came over because rock 'n roll was hot. I continued to watch him during his entire career. He made such a difference in my life. I
always told my husband that I wanted to write him a letter to let him know what he meant to me, but I didn't know where to write, so I never did. Then something strange happened. My husband died in August of 1995. I was lost and alone and on Christmas Day I felt so lost and alone and I got sick with the flu. I came home and went to bed and turned the TV on, and a little after 12 o'clock it came on the news
that Dean had passed. I never felt so sad and alone. Then I felt a hand touch my shoulder. I looked up and my husband was there he said, "Don't worry honey, I will tell him what he meant to you. I was so touched I just want his family to know that Dean gave so much to so many people and he will always be missed and loved. He was the greatest... always happy. I will miss you for ever. Love,
(Sharon Spar)
Dear DMFC : Hi everyone, Have just found this website and am delighted that Dean Martin's memory is still being kept alive. I am 18 years old and have just recently got into his music. I think he was fantastic and envy all of you fans who were fortunate enough to remember him when he was still alive. I have 5 of his CD's so far but do not doubt i still have a long way to go till i discover all of his wonderful music. The website is fantastic, keep up the good work.
(Sarah Gravestock - England)
Dear DMFC : I started becoming a Dean Martin fan back in the late 60's when I was 10 years old. My family loved Dean Martin's variety shows and especially his Summer replacement comedy shows. I still have a copy of "That's my Boy" on video.
Unless I am wrong, didn't the late, great Marty Feldman star in some Chaplin like shorts on one of Dean Martin's shows. I think it was the Summer comedy shows. If so, where can I find these videos. They were a scream and reminded me of the later Benny Hill silent short films on BBC. Thanks for the memories and a great website.
What an era that was. Now I am 45 and those shows are sorely missed. They were silly, bawdy, corny and just so perfect. I am glad I lived in a time when they did. God Bless Dean. Thanks,
(Gary Gustin, RN)
Dear DMFC : The name of the western with the dog in Dino's saddle that John Macks asked about was 'Something Big' released I believe in December 1971. The film co-starred Brian Keith , Ben Johnson and former 'Bond Girl' Honor Blackman (a miscast IMHO). Unfortunately this film is not available yet in DVD and is extremely hard to find in VHS.
(David Badal - Virginia)
Dear DMFC : Answer for the mystery guest - Is it Johnny Carson?
(Vonnie Smith)
Dear DMFC : I know that this may be a little late to post, but I visited my library and found a back copy of your fan center magazine in their biography section which included an interview with Cindy Williams. It was an excellent interview and look at both Ms. Williams' career and also that of Dean Martin's. I copied down your address and website information, hence how I found you. I will be joining your fan club to start getting the magazines at home on a regular basis. Just wanted to post this note. Thanks.
(Greg Dowery - Washington)
Dear DMFC : there is a western with Dean where he has a dog riding with him, in a small bucket-type holder that hangs from his saddle. Do you know what movie that was?
(John Macks)
Dear DMFC : I just wanted to say that my Grandpa Loved Dean Martin, he passed away February 7 2004 at the age 68 and I play Dean Martin all the time hoping he can hear it. Thank you
(Lisa DeVido )
Dear DMFC : For years I've been trying to figure out which movie that Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin sang "Are the Stars Out Tonight". It's a scene where Jerry likes a girl and Dean convinces him to sing out side her window to lip sincing to Dean singing that song. Can you tell me what movie it is and if Dean Martin ever recorded "Are the stars out tonight"? Thanks so much in advance!!
Ryan - The correct title is "I Only Have Eyes For You" and was sung in the Martin & Lewis movie "Money From Home" (originally released in 3-D). "The Skyliners" from Pittsburgh had a huge hit with this on the 'End' Record label.
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : How come I never hear about the time Dean Martin appeared on the Cerebral Palsy Telethon back in the early '80's? I also remember seeing him wish everyone a Merry Christmas one year during the Hollywood Christmas Lane Parade on TV. Has someone been keeping a list on the obscure shows that he appeared on?
(Howard Reilly - California)
Howard - Yes, we have been keeping a record (and video or audio) of everything that Dean had appeared on, including the two you have mentioned. Okay... here's one for the die-hard fans out there who want to know another that they might have missed... There was a local televised talk show in the Los Angeles area called "The Les Crane Show"(Les Crane was originally a radio personality who also had a hit recording "Desiderata". One night, with un-announced surprise visit, Dean Martin walked on and blew the audience away with good nature, telling stories and joking around.
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : Well, we need his warm attitude more than ever...... Do something , invent something to see him again.
(Julien Mathiew )
Dear DMFC : Okay, so it's not Brother Ray. Hummmmmm, Clue #5 says made a fortune from a bottle so how about Barbara Eden!!!!!!!! Now that's kind of a funny thought! After all, he always was hooked on Jeannies. I know you can't say who it is but how about making a little contest and give a t-shirt or something to the correct guesser. If more than 1 guesses correctly, have a drawing. Keep up the good work, this is fun. Love always,
(Marie Macchiarella - Florida)
Dear DMFC : I don't know if anyone here watches the American Idol show on TV. For those who don't, there is a 16 year old boy who loves Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra and that whole style of music. I would very much love to have someone like him win this show and go on to fulfill his dream of bringing this music back to us. I have heard several singers doing tours of the rat pack music but none can hold a candle to this young mans voice. This is what todays kids need to get back to and I would love to see this kid bring it to us. It's nice to have someone that my daughters and I would all like to go hear sing! Please watch this show. The young man's name is John (you can't miss him with the bright red hair) If you agree that he would do Dean proud to sing his songs, then please vote for him. Let's keep this music alive!
(Ruby VanCoure)
Dear DMFC : Is The mystery person………...Ray Charles?
(Marie Macchiarella - Florida)
Marie - Good guess concerning the clues we are giving to our next magazine issue's "Special Guest Spotlight", but sorry to say it's not the right answer. Keep on guessing!!! Along with the many e-mails and letters we are getting so far, we have quite an assortment of good hunches... many we never thought of ourselves.
I can't tell you who it is, even if someone gets it right, since I took an oath of secrecy, but soon we will announce this very exciting person on our website. I'll bet not many people would have ever thought of this person! The cover we have planned is worth the price of membership for those who haven't joined!
Web Director - Dean Martin Center
Dear DMFC : Hello one and all. I have just seen the new Marriott Hotels commercial featuring the song "Just In Time" by our beloved Dino. I was in the other room when I heard the song on the TV, and rushed right out to see it. His music and his legend continues to live on with no end in sight!
(Mike Wiggins - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : I am a member of the Fan Center, and I am anxiously awaiting news of who is your guest in the next magazine issue. I have been trying to guess who it might be all week. Please give us more clues!
(Karen Nasslor - Canada)
Dear DMFC : I was listening to XM Radio off the satellite last night on my drive from Pennsylvania to Texas in the rain and snow. What kept the spirits warm was the station that I found with an interview with your organization's president. In between all of the wonderful stories, they played songs that Dean had recorded over his huge career. I heard songs that I had never heard before and was wondering why these songs just disappear from the public ear. I guess that's why XM Radio is gaining speed.
Point being, I very much enjoyed the many hours of Dean Martin during my drive. It made the lonely trip so enjoyable that I hated to reach my destination before it was over. Thanks for all the information on Dean, and for having this very interesting website. I am going to be your next fan center member as soon as I can fill out the application and find a mailbox.
(Rob Dalton - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : Thanks for being there... Your site evokes great memories. My parents loved the boys and so do I...a 55 year old guy.
I do a pretty good Dino myself and can hit some notes that would astound...folks are impressed. Did some bars for a lady in Santa Clarita, CA who used to be one of the Golddiggers. Have her name on a card (just remembered) and can inform you next note. She goes into nursing homes and entertains at other venues both voluntarily and professionally, if memory serves correct.
I live above Santa Clarita in Green Valley. I went to school late sixties at College of the Redwoods in Eureka/Fields Landing... I saw the lip-synched Dino doll on a pedestal crooning Amore and Everybody Loves Somebody... Really terrific... I'd love to send him to a couple of great friends who also love Dino.
(Steven Zaitz)
Dear DMFC : I just wanted to say that I have loved Dean Martin for about 4 years. My name is Jayd and im 20 years old, I think he is so swavy and handsome hes a wonderful talent and hes deeply missed. Congradulations it's a Wonderful website.
(Jayd Smith)
Dear DMFC : Hi there, my name is Charlie and I'm from Ireland. I first discovered Dean Martin about 3 yrs ago and since then I have fallen in love with Dean Martin, his music and his career.
I absolutely love his music, I have bought loads of cds and posters. I visited Las Vegas in October and went to see a Rat Pack show but I was bit disappointed that there wasn't a Dean Martin tribute as that was the main reason I went there. however I did have a great time and bought loads of memorabilia and I also visited a museum that had old pictures from the Sands Hotel and indeed the Copa Room where it all happened. Anyway I'm always on the lookout for new cds, posters etc. and learning new Dean Martin songs everyday, in fact I started learning the guitar so I could play his songs. Since I got into Dean Martin, my wife, friends and my family have also started to listen to his music. So keep up the good work of keeping his memory alive so other people can discover the joy and happiness that Dino and his music brings us.
(Charlie Noonan - Ireland)
Dear DMFC : This is an a FYI for your magazine readers. I've not ever seen it mentioned in any recent issues. Be advised Dean Martin is referenced in the movie now out on vhs, dvd, and cd of 'Down With Love.' This movie is kind of a take-off of the Doris Day/Rock Hudson comedies of the sixties. Anyway, during the closing credits, stars Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor sing a music video to the closing song "Here's to Love" written by Marc Shaiman &Scott Wittman. The (verse) lyrics include:
LIFE'S A MARTINI..................and you're the shaker..........
YOU make DEAN MARTIN look like a QUAKER...........
But now it's only you for dinner, breakfast and lunch.
This song appears on the dvd as a bonus music video and is also the twelfth track on the cd soundtrack. Personally, when I heard it, I had to go out, get the dvd & the soundtrack. Hope you find this of interest.
(Ed Greth - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : Hi, I'm from Birmingham, England. I had Ricci's book bought for me by my kids on my birthday.I finished Nick Tosches Biography of Dino, but found it a bit heavy. I think he tried to make Dino out as a bit of a bad guy. Ricci's book is fab. I started it late last week and find it hard to put it down. The pics are 'ace' . I've always thought Dino was an all round great bloke. The book just confirms it!! Has anyone else read it?
(Martin Simons - England)
Dear DMFC : I am 28 living in Canada and man, I gotta say that I was a victim of the modern sound....but my God! Dean and the Rat Pack....mine eyes have been open. These guys don't even try and it sounds so much better than what's out today...by far. Cool, you wanna talk cool huh, I had to laugh at the P-Diddy look, I mean I can only guess that The Pack is up in heaven and laughing at all of them between sets....they just don't seem to get it. Today, they may have the clothes...then they had style and talent....
(Graham Cummings - Canada)
Dear DMFC : I have just recently discovered the music, the man, people call Dean Martin. I was watching TV. with my father over the Thanksgiving holiday. The infomercial was for Dean's Variety Show. Well, I thought they were hilarious, so I ordered. I cannot stop watching them. I have even put some on tapes, so I can listen to the songs, skits in the car and work. I've been an avid Elvis collector since the age of 10. Now, I am 33 and have almost put Elvis aside for Dean. This is amazing, since I never thought there could be one better than "The King". In the past two months, I have gotten 10 cds, and acquired 13 original LPs. I have discovered the great music, voice, and sense of humor of this well rounded man. My only regret, I didn't realize this years ago. I really enjoy this website, dedicated to the memory of the man who has influenced not only music, but also how to be a kinder, nicer human being.
(Vonnie Smith)
Dear DMFC : In what Matt Helm movie was the line " I'm not only America's top fashion photographer but also one of America's top secret agent's The quote is approximate.
(Rob Currie)
Dear DMFC : This has been a cold and brutal winter, but we have Dean Martin's music and this website to keep us warm up here in Alaska!
(Kevin Riley - Alaska)
Dear DMFC : We're happy to see a Fan Center devoted to a great gifted artist as Dean Martin. We've enjoyed him in all his endeavors.
His easy style is a joy to listen to and watch.
(Tom and Judy Moore)
Dear DMFC : My name is Paul Darby from Birmingham England. I am 37 years old and a massive Dino fan. I always look in on your web site and enjoy what you have to offer. Is there a big following in England? If not then I will spread the word about one of the world's best stars that ever lived. I hope you get this e-mail and reply to me because its a great honour to be in touch with somebody who lives in the same country as the great man. Please keep up the good work. Bye for now pallies.
(Paul Darby - ENGLAND)
Dear DMFC : I have been a fan of Dean's for years. As a kid in the sixties he was on the stereo all the time. I still have the well played records(Remember them). Now they sound so different and new on CD. I still like the LP'S tho. Great site and a great source for all us fans of a great man. Thanks for the tour.
(Ben Hume)
Dear DMFC : While driving across country from New Jersey to Oregon, I tuned into my Satellite radio station and followed a program that included an extensive interview with your Fan Center's founder, Mr. Neil Daniels. It was a very interesting day of driving being able to learn more about this wonderful entertainer, and listening to his music. Many songs I had never even heard before made me appreciate even more the talents Dean Martin had. Anyway, I jotted down your website address and was happy to find your site and dedication to Mr. Martin. Thanks again for the interesting stories and information!
(James T. Stevens - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : My daughter when she was a baby would only stop crying to Dean Martin's "Return to Me" - I know....weird but I would love to find a music box or a snowglobe or something that has that song with it that i could wind up and play.
Dear DMFC : This is great, guys. I'm a huge fan of Dino. Keep it up pallies. And yes, you'll be receiving an order from in the mail. I love this stuff. P.S., I'm a reprise man, Capitol is good; but the boys really show the heart in the later stuff.
(Tommy Alesterl)
Dear DMFC : Hello Dean Maniacs, I really like very much of Dean Martin. The first time I saw him was in a movie with Jerry Lewis: "Artists and Models". I have 21 years and only in the last year I was really now how was and is Dean Martin. I have some movies and much musics of him and The Rat Pack.
(Tunin Hoesteban - Brazil)

Dear DMFC : Joseph Riccillo posted on 12/01 that he & his wife were married two years ago, and the song played at the wedding was "You're the Right One" -- This is from the movie THE CADDY, and I have it on the Return to Me Box Set -Disc 8 . I haven't seen it anywhere else.
All I have to do now is buy the 'Memories are Made of This' box set, and I'll have all except Deans earlier recordings from Diamond records and others, I now have the Capitol songs, all the Reprise and Warner records back in my collection on CD. I Never tire of hearing this GREAT VOICE.. He is Missed.
(Paul Bischoff Wisconsin)

Dear DMFC : Man....true style is timeless...need I say more?
"....so long sailin'"
(Graham Cummings)
Dear DMFC : I first met Dean when I was 17. My parents took me to the Sands (Las Vegas). My father saw Dean on the phone at a table. My Dad walked over and said "Dean, I have one of your biggest fans in the lobby." He came over, shook my hand, gave me an autograph. My parents asked about the show. "It's sold out Saturday, if you can come back Sunday you will be my personal guest." Dean said. My parents had to work Monday and said that to him. They kicked themselves afterword. That was 1964. My Dad took me to a taping of Dean's TV show at NBC. After the show my father said I will get us backstage. We walked past the guard and into the backstage, unheard of today. We found his dressing room, looked in, and said hi Dean. Frank, Sammy, and Jeanne were there. Dean came to the door, smiled, shook our hands and away we went. The man was so nice. Always a warm greeting. Thanks.
(Jerry Ragland)
Dear DMFC : Happy New Year to everyone! I have a feeling that this is going to be a Mega-Dino year for all of us fans. Thanks to this website and the fan club magazines, anything that has to be known about Dean Martin is right here. Thank you guys for another great year. Keep it up!
(Jeff Oraback - Georgia)
We have received hundreds and hundreds of cards and e-mails (way to numerous to post). Thank each and every one of you for your holiday greetings and wishes and may all of your dreams come true and that you are safe and secure with your families, friends and loved ones!
The Dean Martin Fan Center along with the Dean Martin family want to wish everyone a joyous holiday season! Have a Happy New Year!
Dear DMFC : I want to wish all the good people at the Fan Center and all of Dino's family, friends and fans a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It's unbelievable it has been 8 years since we lost our dear Dino. But he is still touching our hearts and funny bone with his songs and films etc., so he will never really be gone. Sleep well Dino but be sure to chase a few angels today first!! Love,
(Marie Macchiarella - Florida)
Dear DMFC : It amazes me to continually read all the posts with the variety of comments, but all with one theme--no one was as great an all-round entertainer as Dean, and it's so nice to see younger generations picking up on the music too.
I was on a vacation when the Larry King segment happened--if I'd known about it, the VCR would have been taping, for sure. Hopefully it will be rerun, and if it is known about in advance, I would appreciate a "heads-up" on it.
At this time of year as we all especially remember Dean and think of his family, we surely appreciate the good feelings he still gives us from seeing and hearing his work. Peace and Joy for the World.
(Ann Hockey - Canada)
Dear DMFC : Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone of Dean's fans around the world, his family and his friends, and especially to your fan center president for keeping all of us in touch and feeling like a big family!
(Jeff Yount - New York)
Dear DMFC : I've been a fan of Dean's since I was 15 yrs old. I wrote so many letters to him that I never sent because I thought he must get so many, so I am making sure I send this letter I'm such a fan that my daughter who sings, is named after Dean (her name is Dina Marie.)
I also loved the Larry King show. I hope it's on again being I missed the beginning. I miss him so much. There's no one to go see any more in my eyes. Vegas and Atlantic City are dead. Thanks for the Dean Martin Shows. I have a lot of them on tape when they use to run the reruns of the shows, but I like the new ones since my tapes are getting old I'm glad there's people to talk to that loved Dean so thanks for this site and the fan club!
(Angela Keyzio - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : Hi, I recently heard a version of "Little Ole Wine Drinker Me" where Dean changes the place names to ones in and around Manchester (UK). Do you know if this is true, and where I can get hold of the track? Many thanks, and great site!
(Lee Pimlott - UK)
Hi Lee - The version that you might have heard sounds like the radio station itself had made the modification to the song. Dean only recorded it one way back in 1967.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : Ricci Martin's show (Mohegan Sun in Connecticut) was awesome !!!.We had such a great time. We went up to the Casino
the night before as we had a special room rate offer. We went to see the Rat Pack Show the night before.
Then we saw Ricci even before the show started. I can truthfully say I think I made a lasting impression on Ricci and the Pack. I had my Dean Martin Sweatshirt and hat on. Then I met Wayne Tweed and remembered him from Ricci's 'That's Amore' book, as he was mentioned so frequently. I think he was surprised that I remembered him. He gave me his set list after the show and autographed it for me. I took lots of pictures, asked all kind of questions, would like to have asked more. But the best part is that Ricci said they are coming back and next time will be in The Cabaret Lounge. I hope we will still be able to get autographs then, as many acts do not see the fans after
the Lounge act.
It all culminated with a drive home in the snow storm that hit us Friday night. I hope Ricci arrived home safely. I told him I met you (Neil Daniels - DMFC president) in California. The only thing that could have possibly have surpassed this event in my life would have been meeting Dean. Can't wait till he comes back. Thanks for everything, I love you all and wish everyone a Happy Holiday, I got my Christmas present all ready, Katie
(Kate Meno - Connecticut)
Dear DMFC : My wife and I were married two years ago (12/01/01) and our wedding song was a Dean Martin song. However, we have been unable to find it on any of the collections I have previewed (we found it on the Disc Jockeys CD-collection). I believe it is called "Baby You're the Right One" or "You're the Right One." If you have any idea where we might find this song let us know. I am an avid Dean Martin fan and I was surprised the song we picked was so unavailable (it was rather catchy).
Thanks for your help,
(Joseph Riccillo)
Dear DMFC : To Tom Wilson of Connecticut: The album that contains those small group type of songs like "Everybody Loves Somebody", is from the 1964 album "Dream With Dean: The Intimate Dean Martin". It is available on CD from Collector's Choice Music. That is one of my personal favorites.
(Mike Wiggins - Michigan)
P.S. It's also available on our website under 'Dean's Mall', and the 'Fan Center Store'.
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : I would like to answer your question regarding the Late at Night cd by Dean. Those are recordings taken from the Reprise collection that Dean did at Frank Sinatra's recording studio called "Reprise". I have some of the Reprise CD's that the fan center is selling. The Dino French Style and Latin Style is also an excellent collection. I play it and the Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime cd all the time. Love it.
(Dolores Petersen -California
Dear DMFC : I finally found a Dean Martin web site that I can actually write to. In 1971 - 72 I wrote to Dean Martin fan mail for an autographed picture of him. I was 21 -22 yrs. old and very much in love with Dean. After a couple of weeks or so I got it in the mail. I can't explain how it made me feel. I was more than Happy.
Till this day I still have the picture . I also have his albums and the ones I don't have I look for and buy. I still love Dean Martin and always will.
(Rose M. Schuldt)
Dear DMFC : Hello to everyone at the Fan Centre, As it is coming up to Christmas, I cannot believe that it will be 8 years since Dean Died. Even though Christmas is supposed to be a happy time of year, I will be a little sad when I get up on Christmas morning and put on one of Dean's Christmas songs.
(Luke O'Sullivan - Age 13 - Ireland)
Dear DMFC : Hi: Believe it or not, I just bought my first Dean Martin CD - Late at Night . It includes a small group recording of Everybody Loves Somebody, with guitar, piano and Dean. Fabulous recording.
Does anyone know of other CD's recorded in this style with a small group ?Much appreciate any info.
(Tom Wilson - Connecticut)
Dear DMFC: I love Dean a lot. I noticed a lady below asking about "Shady Lane". Her name on the board is Clare Sweeney from the UK, is this the actress Claire, who I saw in Fosse on Saturday? Thanks so much Fan Center for bringing all of us together.
(Sue Ford - United Kingdom)
Dear DMFC : Hi everyone. Just wanted to say that I am a huge Dean Martin fan ever since the old days in the 1950's when I first saw a Martin and Lewis movie. I grew up on Dean Martin and love the man more today than when I was a kid. He is surely missed!
(Lou Romano - New York)
Dear DMFC : I'll always remember my parents playing Dean Martin's Christmas album, right after our feast on Thanksgiving Day. It seemed to be a tradition, and my parents would play it just about every day throughout the holidays. I haven't let this tradition die in my household either. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
(Nicky Haymes - Illinois)