Dear DMFC : I wish everyone at the Fan Center and all over the world a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. At Midnight I will play a Dean Martin Christmas song and light a candle for him. Merry Christmas.
(Eduarda Da Silva - The Netherlands)
Dear DMFC : In reply to the following post: "Did Dean Martin ever sing a song with the words- One has brown eyes the others eyes are blue, To one I am tied to the other I am true." from (O.B. Toast)
I have checked all of my Dean Martin collection and I have all but 1 or 2 of his earliest songs, and cannot find Dean Martin singing "One has my heart, One has my name" a song written by an Eddie Dean, but the writer Jerry Wallace did write "In the Misty Moonlight" which Dean Martin did sing. If Dean Martin sang "one has my heart", I'm sure Mr. Daniels could find it and let us know where to get it if it is in circulation. But I don't believe Dean sang that one.
As we approach Christmas I am reminded that Dean Martin passed away 9 long years ago, and his popularity over the past few years has grown once again. I thank Dean for all his wonderful songs, movies, TV shows and memories. Merry Christmas
(Paul Bischoff - Wisconsin)

Dear DMFC : I just want to wish all of the members of the Fan Center and all of Dino's family and friends and fans a very Merry Christmas and a very happy new year. As we all celebrate the season let's lift a toast and a smile to our dear Dino. I get a very warm feeling thinking of our Dino up yonder, singing and chasing the angels around the clouds. Dino, we love you more now than ever and our love and admiration will only grow stronger with each passing year. Salute!!!!
(Marie Macchiarella - Florida )
Dear DMFC : Responding to O.B. Toast: The song you're thinking of is "One Has My Name, The Other Has My Heart" by Barry Young. It was a one-hit wonder from 1965. I couldn't believe how much it sounded like Dean when I first heard it. I managed to find it on CD on the "HEY! Look What I Found" series.
(Mike Wiggins - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : Well, it's that time of year again, "White Christmas" for many folks across North America according to the weather reports!
But mainly, it's the time to say God Bless Us All, with heartfelt
thoughts to Dean's family and fans as we all still miss him, but
appreciate his legacy so very much--God Rest His Soul.And to Frank LoCascio, thanks for sharing. Feeling "connected" (and inexplicably so) is just how I've described it myself, with these kinds of thoughts seen in the lines of various postings month after month. Sincerely,
(Ann Hockey - B.C. Canada)
Dear DMFC : I am researching and writing a book on the famous tap dance act "THE FOUR STEP BROTHERS" They were usually the opening act for Martin and Lewis and also performed with Dean separate after the break up. If anyone has any past stories about seeing The Four Step Brothers perform with Dean or Jerry, at Radio City Music Hall or anyplace I would love to hear it. Thanks very much.
(Michael Allen - Author of How To Make it in Musicals)
Dear DMFC : Merry Christmas to every Dean Martin fan out there. Christmas Day is the time when we all take a moment of silence to think about our favorite performer and human being. He passed away on Christmas morning, but his soul and inspiration is still here for all of us to remember. It's a day to rejoice and play lots of Dean's songs.
(Mary Kennington - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : Did Dean Martin ever sing a song with the words- One has brown eyes the others eyes are blue, To one I am tied to the other I am true."
(O.B. Toast)
Dear DMFC : I am a Fan Club member. I wanted to see if someone
would be able to tell me what was Dean Martin's first
recorded song. I am interested in purchasing it once
I find out what song it is. Thanks.
(Robert Smith)
Dear DMFC : I have been a Dean Martin fan since I can remember, thanks to my grandfather who listened to him every Sunday (and every other day too) while preparing the sauce for the usual Sunday pasta dinner. My daughter was born on his birthday in 2002. She was very fussy and I can remember sitting in the rocking chair with her and listening to a Dino CD, or sitting in the backyard swing with her and singing Dino. That was one of the only things that would settle her down. Today, she loves Dean, at only 2-1/2 years old! She recognizes his voice no matter what the song. We put on a Dino CD and dance around the house and now with the holidays here, we love his Christmas music. Happy holidays to all and thanks Dean for all of the good times and memories you helped to create!
(Patty - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : I don't know if entertainers realize how much a part of our lives they become. Like a part of the family. That's how I feel about Dean Martin. I never was lucky enough to have met the man, nor see him in person, but the day he passed on, my life became emptier. I loved him so much. I live in Kingman Arizona and my daughter who lives in Texas called me one day to say she was taking her daughter to Universal Studios in LA and she was coming by to pick me up on her way there. She said, "Mom think of something you'd like to see there". A few days later she called and ask me if i had thought of anything I'd like to do. I told her that I had. I said I want to go to the cemetery. She said , The cemetery !!
I told her that I had went on the internet and found out where Dean was buried and I wanted to go there. We went. I put my head against his crypt and cried. I loved and still do love that man. I thought no one could sing more romantically then Dean and I loved his sense of humor and that beautiful smile. I bought the " The Dean Martin Show" tapes that were produced by Greg Garrison and now I have my Dean anytime I miss him. I will always miss you Dean. Thank you DMFC for keeping him very much alive for us. My membership order is in the mail. I have just learned of your site from Don Cherry's wife Francine. She's a delight also. Am looking forward to enjoying much to come from this site. Thanks again,
(Kathy V. -Arizona)
Dear DMFC : Hello fellow Dean fans. I want you to know that I'm a 43 year old DJ here in sunny Orlando Florida transplanted from NY who has and always be in awe of him. In fact I have played at 1000's of events since 1979 all over the country, for all ages and every time I play, I dutifully play a Dean tune and always will. I've had the chance to meet many famous people over the years and have never asked for an autograph or looked for any memorabilia of any kind. However a few years before Dean died I almost sent him a letter about how much of a fan I was. I felt very connected to him for some odd reason. I wasn't sure if anyone was remembering him because he wasn't in the spotlight anymore. I didn't do it because I felt silly, I may be intruding and maybe he was past the hearing about fan mail thing. Well sad to say I wish I had. Recently I purchased a autographed photo of Dean. I'm sure it's a fake but at least it sort of makes me feel like I have a piece of him with me besides having all of his music. I idolize him to a degree, however I realize he was an Italian man like myself who has made mistakes as I have, except not the all the same mistakes. I was robbed of that purpose in life. When I pray at night, on occasion I try to remember the departed and he is a part of my remembering. I kind of feel silly about sharing this information but it's just another way of connecting to a legend for whom I adore and "I don't know why I just do" Kind regards... The biggest Dean fan in Florida.
(Frank  - Florida)
Dear DMFC: I have just found this wonderful site, I've been a Dino fan for many years, ever since my father would stack his old record player up with nothing but Dean's vinyl 45's, and we would sit all night and listen to that wonderful voice. Sadly my father as past away, but every time I hear Dean, those beautiful memories come back. I live in England, and we do not get the old shows over here, but with this site I feel more in touch with the man I still regard as the greatest singer ever.
(Dave Weedop - England)
Dear DMFC : Greetings! I am fortunate to have had the next best thing to Dean Martin in our own Italian family---my dear Uncle Louie Strignili!! Unfortunately, Uncle Lou passed away suddenly in 1999 but left us with the best memories and the BEST imitation in song and appearance of Dean Martin ever---anywhere!! In fact--we are lucky to have an old tape recording of him singing "Everybody Loves Somebody" right from the 1970's. As a child growing up in the 60's & 70's and well into my adult years in the 80's & 90's my Uncle Lou would "croon" to us kiddos --on the back porch of our little town in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania. He would also play his guitar along with his favorite song "Everybody Loves Somebody Sometimes". He was my dad's brother who never married, and he lived with his 2 widowed sisters and since we all lived in the same town---we spent much of our time there. In fact-----Dean Martin has always reminded me of my own dad in a way---his warm smile and ornery-ness (spelling?) came right through to the television audience.
So with the passing of all three of these important men in my life--I haveon display a few pictures and posters of Dino above my bar along with a "Wall of Fame" that I have made with family pictures including Uncle Lou and my beloved dad, Sammy, next to our pool table in our Game room. It keeps their wonderful memories alive. We all spend many evenings smiling as we laugh through the latest versions of the Dean Martin Variety Show DVDs with friends and relatives. We're up to 19 & 20 and can't wait another month for the next 2 versions.
In fact, for Valentines Day last year we had an "Everybody Loves Somebody" Party and showed Dean Martin DVD's in 3 rooms--the kitchen, the TV room, and the Game Room. It may turn into an annual event! Even the younger kids, my 9 year old son included-- are finding these Variety Shows hilarious!! True Classics never go out of style!!
I am hoping that Ricci Martin will make his way to the Pittsburgh area soon. We all would LOVE to see his show in person! His book is so funny and so many things that I have learned of Dean that are similar to my own Italian family here. Thanks for the Memories!
(Melanie Patterson)
Dear DMFC : I have read Ricci's book and would like to know about his mother, Jeannie. How is she doing? From what I have read I think she is a great woman because she took care of seven children and in the final years of Dean's she took care of him, too. I would like to express my respect for her. Sincerely,
(Lourdes Correa)
Dear DMFC : A friend of mine told me about your website and magazine and fan club for the great Dean Martin. Then, I heard your Dean Martin Fan Center's founder on the radio being interviewed the other day, talking all about how Christmas Time bring out both the happy memories , and sad (because Dean passed away on Christmas morning) ones. All in all, he said that Dean would have wanted us to all be happy and enjoy the music and the season. That was a very excellent way to put it. Take care and I will be checking out your fan club to join. It looks great for a great man!
(Richard Marcus - Colorado)
Dear DMFC: I've been a fan of Dino's since I used to watch his show with my parents back in the sixties. You're website is terrific -- and doesn't miss a trick. Thanks for making it so easy to order various merchandise. What I liked best about Dino is that he was a major part of the Rat Pack and yet was always his own man, unlike some of the others. Sinatra couldn't boss HIM around.
(Tom Holt)
Dear DMFC : I had the good fortune of meeting Dean in London with my family when he was appearing in concert in London. We traveled from Scotland and it cost us a pretty penny, but we agreed it was worth every penny. I might add he brought the house down that night, he was pure magic nobody wanted him to leave the stage. Yes there will never be anyone like him ever again. in this world, we all miss him very much.
(Roddy Currie - Scotland)
Dear DMFC : Hi folks, I'm a fan of Dino's.I am 62 yrs. of age. I have been singing Dean's songs in my act for many years. I met Ricci last year in Milwaukee at Festa Italiana. He was a real gentleman. We talked about dad (DEAN) being with his mother and dad in heaven. Dino was my favorite.I guess you might say that I am real proud of
my heritage. My dad was a great singer and entertainer from Toronto. He was full blooded Italian, and my mother was full blooded Sicilian. I grew up understanding the Sicilian tongue. I almost felt like I was talking to Dino when I was with Ricci. Ricci is a very fine representation of his father and mother. I felt (VERY) honored talking to Ricci. He was, a real gentleman. Well I hope I continue to hear from you folk's.
(Aldo "Big Al" Diotalevi - Wisconsin)
Dear DMFC : Hello. When I was a kid growing up in Burbank, California in the late 60s and 70s, one of the few tv shows my family
watched together was The Dean Martin Show and later the Roasts. It was at that time that I became a fan. When Airport first was released I went to the local theater with my brother to see it. The place was packed - and this was a Saturday afternoon.
I'm in my mid 40s, now, and am still a fan for several reasons, outside of his talent. Over the years I read a few biographies on him and he always comes across as a decent person who treated people like human beings. He was a nice guy. (You can't say the same for alot of celebrities). You never read of him being nasty to his fans or having them beat up the Sinatra did or be rude to an interviewer. The guy had class and talent. Sinatra may have been talented, but he had no class.
I'm putting together a list of places where Dean lived at throughout his life. I'd be more than happy to e-mail it to you. Please let me know.
In my research I've found two addresses for him - Take care
(Bob Siler)
Dear DMFC : Let me start by saying this is a terrific website. Thank you.I was always a huge fan of the Rat Pack and intrigued by each of them. Since I'm only 39 I didn't enjoy them first hand but have watched, read & listened to everything I could get my hands on about the guys. I read somewhere a quote that put it all in perspective for me with regard to the Rat Pack guys and the other men of that era.
"Everyone wanted to be Frank (Sinatra), but Frank wanted to be Deano".Simply put that reiterates that Dean Martin was the coolest cat that ever lived.
(Patrick Frederick - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : I just saw "The Polar Express" and because I am such a big Dean Martin fan, and also belong to your fan club, I was wondering about something. The Polar Express starred Tom Hanks, who everyone knows was considered to play Dean Martin in a movie mentioned years ago by Martin Scorsese, but one of the other stars in Polar Express was actor Eddie Deezen. I remember Eddie appearing in the Dean Martin magazine a couple of times. I know he is a big Dean Martin fan too. I find it quite odd that both these men were together in a movie together, and both love Dean so much. I wonder if there were many hours of sitting an discussing Dean's career among them, or if there was any other connection? By the way, I loves the movie!
(Dennis Marsh - New York)
Dear DMFC : I've really enjoyed surfing your official Dean Martin Fan Center web page. I have always (since the early 50's) been a fan of Dean's, but the new Nissan commercial inspired me to look up the date he recorded Ain't That a Kick In The Head. To me, that is the quintessential swing tune, but it is far from my only Dean Martin favorite. My daughter (who was born in the 70's) loves to watch Rio Bravo on TV just so she can hear him (and Ricky) sing My Rifle, My Pony and Me. Maybe you can help straighten me out about this: Didn't I read or hear once that Johnny Carson credited Dean's 60's variety show as part of the inspiration for his monologues? I know Johnny moved to the Tonight Show in 1963, but I didn't see the first two years because I was in Europe fighting the Germans (hey, somebody had to do it, or those frauleins would have taken over the world). I'm not aware of anyone else in television doing it the way Dean did it those first few years. It was a show I would not miss! I became a Tonight Show regular around 1968-69, and that is about when Johnny started doing skits. And by the way, Dean's show was one of the first prime-time shows broadcast in color by NBC. In my opinion, it was a seminal show for modern TV.
(John Dobbins - Tennessee)
Dear DMFC : Let me start by saying this is a terrific website. Thank you. I was always a huge fan of the Rat Pack and intrigued by each of them. Since I'm only 39 I didn't enjoy them first hand but have watched, read & listened to everything I could get my hands on about the guys. I read somewhere a quote that put it all in perspective for me with regard to the Rat Pack guys and the other men of that era.
"Everyone wanted to be Frank (Sinatra), but Frank wanted to be Dino". Simply put that reiterates that Dean Martin was the coolest cat that ever lived.
(Patrick Frederick - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin is the greatest Im 45 and am a big fan of the 50s shows with Jerry and love the roasts and the variety show and he was one of the greatest singers of all time and I believe a great guy too My only regret is never getting his autograph He left us much too early We will always love Dean Martin Even our little guys Love Dean He was the Greatest!!!!!!!!!! All blessings
(The Toner Family - New Jesrey)
Dear DMFC : To Lee Hunt, In response to your question about the Dean Martin song "I Love Vegas" which you heard on The Sopranos, this is actually a parody of the song "I Love Paris". The parody can be found on the CD "The Rat Pack Live at the Sands" and is part of a medley performed by Dean at the opening of their show. The CD is from Capital Records and was produced in 2001. Hope this helps...
(Mark Roberts - Schenectady, NY)
Dear DMFC : In response to a member's recent query, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, most assuredly, performed together in Las Vegas prior to their break-up in the 50s. They headlined at the Sands on a number of occasions. (The interests behind the Sands being the same as that of the Copa in New York.)
(Norman Meyerson )
Dear DMFC : Just got my book (Deana's Memories Are Made of This) today, couldn't put it down. Great book insight into Dean Martin the man, and his families. Just amazing how much he was/is loved. I would recommend everyone buy this book, and add it to the collection of That's Amore - Ricci's book, and Backstage at the Dean Martin show by Lee Hale...
P.S. Cannot wait for the fan center magazine coming up, being a member is great! HEY LAAAAAAAAAAAAAADY! (Jerry Lewis)
(Paul Bischoff - Milwaukee WI )

Dear DMFC : I could not believe it!-!- I answered my door on Halloween and there were these four kids standing there in tuxedos and an evening gown out trick-or-treating. I commented on how great they looked, and one of them said, "Quit the chit chat lady", the other chimed in, "yeah, dame, we just came for the goodies." Astonished by the way these kids of 7 or 8 looked, I asked them why they were all dressed up and who they were trying to be for Halloween, and the smaller one said, "Don't you recognize the Rat Pack when you see them?". I was stunned, as I looked at the little girl who was with the three boys, she said, "I'm Shirley McLaine!". I closed the door and ran for my husband who could have killed me for not calling him while the kids were standing there. Then, he found your website on the Internet, and I had to send you this message. I thought you might enjoy it as much as I did tonight!
(Brenda Claybourne - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : How I loved watching Dean every Thursday evening at 10:00 pm. I couldn't wait for that moment. My mom and I were glued to the tv for that entire hour. That hour passed by so quickly. Such wonderful memories watching Dean. He was a natural to watch. It's amazing how Dean never rehearsed his lines. Such a talent this man had to be able to perform without knowing what could happen at any moment. I recently joined his fan club a few months ago, and I enjoy reading and waiting for that magazine to be delivered every so couple of months. He certainly will be rememberd and will never forgotten by many of his fans.
(Debby Zarrella - Massachusetts)
Dear DMFC : A recent purchase of 78s from a Philippine record seller turned up something very unique and collectible, causing a storm of questions because of the existence of 1 specific 78rpm: Trini Lopez-"If I Had A Hammer" on Reprise Records; Trini was a labelmate of Dean Martin, who had already been on the Frank Sinatra founded label longer than Trini, having earlier hits on the label as well. Although the 78 rpm format had ended in the U.S. between 1958-1960, this format
was still being pressed in certain international regions, including Asia, Canada, India and South America. While no U.S. Reprise 78s were pressed in the 60's---remember the format was already gone by that time---this was not true in the Philippines, where Dyna Products, a record pressing plant that was obtaining licenses to manufacture U.S. hit releases in their region, apparently made a deal with the U.S. Reprise label.
One of the results is this Reprise 78, the label on a simple yellow label with the Reprise name in block letters at the top and, in very small print, the Dyna Products manufacturing text below it. This leads to the following question:
As Dean was already a U.S. hitmaker on Reprise at the same time Trini was, does an actual Dean Martin-Reprise 78 rpm single pressed in the Philippines in the early 60's actually exist? This would indeed be the most collectible Dean Martin record ever to be in existence. I am more than willing to believe that a Dino-Reprise 78 exists, but it could only be found through a hard core record search through parties actually based in the Philippines and/or anyone associated with the Dyna Products record manufacturing plant. Let's be on the lookout for this ultimate classic piece of Dean Martin's vinyl legacy!
(Mark Matlock)
Dear DMFC : Someone asked if Dean was related to Tony Martin. First of all - neither's real last name is "Martin" so it's no surprise that no - they aren't related!
(Ronald D. Birnbaum)
Dear DMFC : Richie McRaven just finished playing a Dean Martin song called "Try Again" on the radio and said that your organization was the one responsible for continuing to carry on the Dean Martin legacy. They gave your website and I immediately found you. What a great site this is. I have heard about you and seen your name associated with so many things before, but never knew there was a fan club to join. I want to learn more about Mr. Martin and also to find out about any new products or news. I will be joining right away. Thanks so much.
(David Sajak - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : There are several versions of Lou Costello's business interest in Dean. One has Lou "loaning" Dean money for his nose operation. Another has Lou buying a percentage of Deans contract in return for loaning him some money. It appears as though the young Dean Martin was less financially responsible than he became in later years. This coupled with the insecurity of the profession put Dean in financial straights from time to time. Lou was apparently one of those who provided assistance in these early days. Ironically, Deans teaming with Jerry Lewis soon resulted in their eclipsing Abbott and Costello as the premier comedy act in the nation. Shortly after Dean and Jerry broke up in 1956, Lou and Bud Abbott also ended their partnership. When asked what he was going to do, Lou replied, " I think I'll join up with Dean Martin.". Lou Costello was considered not only a very nice guy by those who knew him, but also a "soft touch". Dean reportedly had very warm feelings for him.
(Dennis Brislen - Nebraska)
Dear DMFC : I have never watched a Dean Martin Variety Show. I am 43. At the time the variety showing was on the air I was playing little league football and just getting interested in girls. I am now looking into this man and wow, what a guy. So funny and fun to be around. I would of loved to known this man. Just to hang out and laugh would of been a memory of a lifetime to remember. Thanks for having this website, Dean is in heaven smiling upon you. God Bless,
(David Gorham)
Dear DMFC : Ever since I heard Dean singing I Love Vegas on the Sopranos episode, I have been trying to figure out which CD the song is on. Can you help?
(Lee Hunt)
Dear DMFC : I once heard that Lou Costello had a business interest in Dean's early career. Is there anything to that? I also heard that Lou was a hard knuckled businessman when it came to Dean.
(Mike Greenberg)
Dear DMFC : Just a quick note to say that it is of no surprise that Dean Martin is still reaching new fans, I have a daughter who is now 5, but from the time she could talk (at a very early age) she would sing, and her song of choice? No not a wacky teletubbies tune, but Volarie , and I must add she even mouthed the Italian verses, she would sing this in perfect tune, may I also add at the age of 1 she (Ellie-may) heard Pavarotti singing Nesum dorma on the radio, I can tell you she had never heard this track before, but within a minute she was singing along and using hand gestures, which leads me to the conclusion that some artists have the power to reach unadulterated unimpressionable minds, through there sheer magic of voice, I truly believe that Dean was (correction-“IS” ) one such artist, Please don’t misunderstand me I am not saying Dean was an angel by no means, but I really do believe he was a gift to us, reading all the post on the bulletin board only strengthens that belief, he has reached us when we are down, up, and in between, he has given us strength and hope, Deans voice has made me cry, but his laugh I seriously mean this fills me full of a warm glow and his smile is the smile we would all love to see in our last hours, his particular brand of comedy sets my heart laughing.Thank you for a wonderful site. Yours truly,
(Phil Moore - England)
Dear DMFC : This is to let all of you know that if you have the chance to catch one of Ricci's shows, "A Son Remembers", do it. I was lucky enough to attend one last Saturday night in Atlantic City. Ricci was wonderful and charming too. All the songs were terrific, his sound was great and the love of his Dad shone through. It was nice to meet Wayne and I truly appreciate the time I spent talking to Ricci. We want to get you back to Atlantic City again soon.
(Susan Califano - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : Have you ever seen such a thing as a Dean Martin Halloween costume?
(Kevin Smith - New York)
Dear DMFC : You have probably heard this story before, but I am a new YOUNG fan of Dean Martin's. I started hearing his song in a commercial on TV, and then all of a sudden I heard the same song in full on the radio. It was then that I learned that Dean Martin was that voice, and he has made hundreds of records. I have found your website, and have learned of even more movies and TV things he has done. I never knew how popular he was. Even my parents have been filling me in since I have begun to ask. By the way, I have just turned 16 year old, and am telling all my friends at school about my new find. This is great.
(Jason Lange - Washington)
Dear DMFC : Could someone tell me if Dean Martin has any relation to Tony Martin, another Italian crooner?
(Alexander Cross - England)
Dear DMFC : How come something can't be done about all the fake autographed items being sold on Ebay claiming that they are real Dean Martin signatures and come with a "Certificate of Authenticity" which is nothing more than a piece of paper claiming anything. How can people be so easily fooled?
(Jan Loehman - Texas)
Dear DMFC : I live in Flagstaff, and have to tell you about an eerie sight that I just saw this afternoon. I was driving down my street on the way to pick up my two boys from school, when I passed a car dealership having a big fall summer sale. As I approached the lot, I could hear that they were playing "That's Amore" over the load speakers as I passed by.
Then, as I rounded the next corner, I turned on my radio to catch the last half of Dean singing "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You". I finally made my way to the school, and pulled into the parking lot. When I got out I heard one kid yell to his father in the car next to me, "I was talking to Dean when you came to get me". It was strange... but wait... I got out and walked over to where I usually pick up my two boys, and two other parents were walking by, and I overheard one of them say, "I loved Dean Martin, especially when he was in the Rat Pack with Sammy and Frank."
When my two boys finally came out, we got back into the car, turned on the radio, and on the same station, they started playing "Ain't that a Kick in the head". On the way out of the parking lot, I glanced over to the car waiting next to me, and I swear it was Dean Martin's twin sitting in the passenger seat. I tried following the car before realizing that I must be going crazy or had been listening to too much Dean Martin.
I just went to my mail box, and guess what I found sitting in it? A Penny Saver magazine with a full page ad for our record store selling "The Dean Martin Essentials" cd. This is too weird!
I got on my computer, and found your website right away. I might add that I am very impressed with it. Anyway, if I have anymore Dean Martin sightings happening, I will be sure to e-mail you again and let you know. I know think I need to go have a Martini (even though I don't drink!)
(Anne Burke - Arizona)
Dear DMFC : Can you tell me the Dean Martin song that was used by the FORD car company to promote I believe it's FORD FAIRLANE or FALCON in Australia within the last two years???
(Mark Polizzi - Australia)
Dear DMFC : As a long time member of your Dean Martin Fan Center, I wanted to leave a message about your recent issues. The whole issue devoted to Don Cherry and his connection with Dean Martin was, I thought, the best issue you have had to date. Oh, by the way, happy tenth anniversary! A couple of weeks ago I received my new issue with Regis Philbin on the cover and was equally impressed! You are doing such a splendid job of keeping the Dean Martin legacy thriving all these many years. Thanks from all us fans!
(Judy Baretta - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : Check out this web page : GOLF DIGEST . This is a new article (August 2004) by Gary McCord in Golf Digest. ... getting off the first tee...
The first thing you need to remember about being nervous on the first tee is that you're not alone. That feeling of terror you're experiencing is something that we've all endured. My favorite is when you stand over the ball and your mind goes completely blank. You forget how to swing the club! But I've got a secret way to overcome first-tee jitters: Pretend you're Dean Martin. Dino was the Sultan of Smooth, the King of Cool. Nothing bothered him. Step to the tee and slip into Dino mode. And I don't mean get drunk. Dean knew better. "If you drink, don't drive,'' he said. "Don't even putt." The photograph here is great!
(Kevin James Placer - Arizona)
Dear DMFC : Just wanted to let you know that Dean Martin "Essential" CD is STILL in the HOT 100 Billboard charts after 12 weeks! It is currently number 70. Amazing-I think not!! Essential-I think so!!
(Steven Silverman - California)
Dear DMFC : Your wonderful coverage of the making of Regis Philbin's new infomercial for the Dean Martin Variety Shows was very insightful for those of us who never get to see the backstage glamour. I want to also thanks Regis Philbin if he's reading, for his constant praise of Dean Martin on his early morning talk show. Many of us Dino fans tune in to see if you're going to mention Dean as our days begin. Just like your magazine story says, you have a lot in common with Dean and we appreciate it to the hilt! Sincerely,
(Rebecca Giovanni - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : Dear sir: This is just a quick note to let you all know that the music of Dino is stronger now than it ever was here in Ireland. My name is Paul McDevitt and I'm a radio presenter on Irelands number 1 independent radio station. Its called Highland Radio. I have several programmes a week here and every single night I have to play 2 in a row from my large Dean Martin collection. This email might be one of many you get from around the world, but I would just like to say keep up the good work and keep Dean's memory strong. Good luck and best wishes from your many friends in North West Ireland. Kind regards
(Paul McDevitt - Ireland)
Dear DMFC : There will never be another entertainer like Dean. I watched his variety show, and still to this day nothing can match his charm, singing, style, lest for life, twinkle in his eyes, love for what he was doing. I am going to purchase his variety shows and watch them on Thursday night, when it was originally aired, just to have something to look forward too!
(Kathleen Hamilton - Minnesota)
Dear DMFC : The Essential Dean Martin has just turned gold. That's unbelivable! No... On second thought, no... it's reasonable!
(Jim LaPorte - California)
Dear DMFC : (Response to question below) I believe Dean and Jerry were at the Flamingo Hotel in 1949.
(Kate Meno - Connecticut)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin was such a gift. A velvet voice and a comedic super-talent. I'm an entertainer and I LOVE doing the great old songs Dean gave to all of us. He truely was "Mr. Wonderful"
(Bud - Colorado)
Dear DMFC : Hi: Does anyone know, whether Dean and Jerry performed together as a team in Vegas, during their partnership 1946-1956....thanks
(Dan Lack)
Dear DMFC : Happy Anniversary to "Everybody Loves Somebody"! It was 40 years ago this week on August 13, 1964, when that beloved song reached number one on the pop charts knocking The Beatles out of first place! Not only did it make a big comeback for Dean, but also made a HUGE impact on pop music and pop culture. That song just keeps getting better and better every year!
(Mike Wiggins - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : I just finished watching a show on PBS called "My Music:- Magic Moments from the 1950's". Singer Don Cherry was included in this fantastic show. I enjoyed the recent issue that you had with your in depth interview with him and his close friendship with Dean Martin. Anyway, I wanted to mention that Mr. Cherry looked in fine form and sang so eloquently . Thanks for bringing him to the attention of all us Dean Martin fans!
(Laura Brimmer - Washington)
Dear DMFC : Just wanted to say this site is great...I'm a 32 year old male, I love all kinds of music, from Heavy Metal, To Modern Rock...But I have in the last year become a big Dean Martin Fan...I suggest everyone please buy the Essential Dean Martin Disc...It is awesome
(Chris Topolinski)
Dear DMFC : I just got the new CD called Dean Martin Essentials, and have become an instant fan! I'm only 17 years old, but this is what music is all about. A voice should be like an instrument, not like a noise searching through a dictionary of street lingo trying to find two words that might rhyme. This is talent!
(Leslie Griffin - New York)
Dear DMFC : Uriah, you are correct about Deans work in SOME CAME RUNNING. See also his work in THE YOUNG LIONS, TOYS IN THE ATTIC, CAREER and RIO BRAVO. AIRPORT also was a very good later effort. These were all strong performances by Dean. Deans development as a dramatic actor was diminished by two factors. One, the development of his insanely successful TV weekly show and second, the fact that Dean was so popular a personality that it became increasingly difficult for the movie public to see past his "persona" when viewing his movies. His TV image as a "lovable lush" became so ingrained that it became what the public wanted to see. Dean recognized this anomaly and understood it completely.
Ironically, I think one of his best performances was in one of his last films, one that was generally panned by the critics, MR. RICCO.
In this film, Dean played a world-weary attorney who is recovering from the loss of his wife and mid-life crisis. His facial expression and body movement as well as dialogue portray this character perfectly. Some have maintained it represented Dean himself at this stage of his life; whatever, it is a truly fine performance which critics simply failed to recognize.
(Dennis Brislen - Nebraska)
Dear DMFC : Hi my name is Tim Messina and I've been a fan of Dean Martin since his TV Show on NBC Thursday nights at 10:00. I'm starting to get his tv shows on CD, I've believe I got every song he did. And I do karaoke, all I do is Dean Martin. A lot of people are impressed, because nobody brings him out. Seems everybody does Sinatra. I do his beautiful trademark song, Everybody Loves Somebody,his fifties great That's Amore, I Will, all by heart. I practice his songs all the time and I think I'm pretty good at it. I've always idolized Dean Martin the actor the singer the entertainer. Sincerely,
(Tim Messina)
Dear DMFC : Hi - I wonder if you could help. A little while ago I read that there was going to be a new film made about the life of Dean Martin. My partner is an avid fan and I know that he would love to see or obtain a copy of this film. As we are from the UK, we would probably never see this if it was a made for TV movie and I would be grateful if you could let me know if this film is going to happen/has happened and if I can obtain a copy. Regards,
(Sharon Cook - United Kingdom)
Dear DMFC : I recently purchased the Dean Martin Essentials CD and was thrilled to read a story in the liner notes from Dean's daughter Gail Martin. I haven't heard much from her recently, and it's great to know that she's still a wonderful lady who thinks highly of her father.
(Kevin Scott - Georgia)
Dear DMFC : I recently heard a program that specializes in vocal singers of the popular music generation on X-M Radio, and they played two songs back-to-back... one by Dean Martin and one by Don Cherry. They mentioned your magazine and website, and told of the friendship in both singing and golf that both of them had. I can't wait to subscribe and receive the magazine they mentioned. I also can't wait to go out and pick up a few cd's by these guys now that I have rekindled my appetite in their magnificent vocal abilities!
(Michael Slichter - Texas)
Dear DMFC : I'm hoping you can help me. A friend of mine heard a song on the radio, he said it was Dean Martin and it was about a father singing to his daughter that's all he knows .I have a large Dean Martin collection but could not find it although I think I heard it once. This friend wants to use it for his daughters wedding in place of daddy's little girl. I know it's not much to go on but I hope you can help.
Dear DMFC : I'm a big fan of Dean Martin And Jerry Lewis, and i would like to know exactly how many radio shows the did when they had there own radio show, The Martin & Lewis Show?
(Joseph Gianguzzo)
Dear DMFC : Just found your website brilliant: very informative. My late father was a big big fan of Dean's and was an important part of my upbringing with his classic songs . My father got to see Dean at the Royal Albert Hall in the 80's and he never stopped talking about it. Thank's for the good times Dino. Rest in Peace. Everybody Loves Somebody.
(Patrick Stanton - U.K.)