MAY - JULY 1998

DMFC : Ther's a new movie coming out. It's a parody on the "Mafia" and stars Lloyd Bridges. The commercials for it feature "Ain't That a Kick in the Head" all the way through it REAL LOUD!
(Corrine Adelson - California)
DMFC : Just learned that Nancy Sinatra is involved with creating a museum for her father, Frank. I'm not sure if I heard it right, that it was going to be in Washington DC? All I know is that if there is going to be some Frank there, then there will be some Dean too!
(Vincent Evans - Deleware)
DMFC : I wrote you before about there not being a Martin and Lewis lunch pail. I just came across in my travels a Martin and Lewis paper lunch bag. Just an ordinary light brown sack with their pictures printed on one side.
(Jerry "Noon-time" Nolan - Indiana)
DMFC : I thought Dean Martin was such a wonderful performer. I loved all of his movies with Jerry Lewis. They were such a good team. My mother's favorite entertainer is Dean Martin she really loved him a lot. he was wonderful.
DMFC : I heard that Madonna was the one who first paid for the movie rights to Nick Tosches' book on Dean Martin. She wanted a role in the movie if it ever got made.
(Steve Shandling - Maryland)
(G. Speneck)
DMFC : Our theatre is showing three different Dean Martin / Jerry Lewis movies. They were selling tickets in advance, but when I called they were all sold out. If they are so popular, why don't we have more showings of these classic movies?
(Debra Hayward - Belgium)
DMFC : I just heard a special on the radio, and want to say that listening to Neil Daniels talk about Dean Martin brought back so many memories. I'm glad to hear all the celebrities that were with Mr. Daniels were also big Dean Martin fans too. I've often wondered about how Steve Lawrence or Don Rickles really felt. It was nice to hear.
(Mrs. Ann Dunning - New York)
DMFC : Congratulations! The Dean Martin Fan Center has been chosen as a featured site on Seven Wonders which recognizes new and original pages on the World Wide Web. Your site first appeared on July 2. Ain't that a kick in the head? Seven Wonders is located at: http://www.penncen.com/7wonders/7wonders.html
(Brett Freedman & Wayne Kessler)
DMFC : Another Dean Martin movie is coming to the Los Angeles Area. It's "Rio Bravo". It already showed at the Sunset 5 Theatres a few days ago, and will be shown at the "Monica 4 Plex" from July 4 thru 5th.
(Frank Anderson - California)
DMFC : DINO RULES!! Swing is King and Croon in Tune, But Dean is Fly, Not a Pat Boone.
(Argee Rovina - Germany)
DMFC: Dick Clark's blooper show just had a segment on it with Bob Hope bloopers, and there was one segment with Dean Martin. It was in an airplane. Probably from a spoof on Airport.
(Chester Woods - North Carolina)
DMFC: For people who like celebrity roasts: Cable TV's Comedy Central will be airing an actual Friars' Club roast of Drew Carey on October 2, l998.  This is a television first.  These roasts have always been private in the past.
(Robert Klat)
DMFC : It's Friday night and like always, we've been crusin' for the chicks. My pallies all don't understand how I get luckier than they do. It's simple, when I meet them, I just get into my Deano attitude, and pop in a cassette with That's Amore or Return to me, and they just melt. If only these guys would wise up and quit TRYIN to be so cool. They need to relax, and turn off that new crap they're playing. They need to learn from the master of cool himself Dean Martin and treat the ladies with respect, not all that anger they pretend to have.
(Lonnie Hoffman - The Bronx)
DMFC : Do you know if any more of the Martin & Lewis Colgate Comedy Hours are ever going to be released?  Any info appreciated.
(Kim Johnson - West Virginia)
Dear Kim - Actually, none of them were ever "Officially" released. EVERYTHING that Dean and Jerry had done (except for most of the Paramount movies) were made thru their own holding and production company, "York". When the team of Martin and Lewis broke up, Jerry bought out Dean's half. Jerry Lewis now own ALL RIGHTS to the Colgate Comedy Hours they did as a team, and hasn't "officially" released them. Anyway, until Jerry Lewis' company decides to do something, probably not.
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : My Uncle came back from Italy and told me that there is an area where a plaque is mounted in a huge rock saying some kind of tribute to Dean Martin, and that the small shops around there all have pictures of him and have his old record albums for sale. I will try to get the exact area for you.
(Anthony Fromenni - Hawaii)
DMFC : Martin was the man & will always be the man , talk later.
(Wes Lugan)
DMFC : I just missed finding a set of Dean Martin programs from his Las Vegas days. When I got there the guy said that he had 11 of them. It seems that ever since the death of Frank Sinatra, everyone is buying up all this stuff on Dean.
DMFC : I just got the new CD of Reprise stuff. Come on Capitol, give us the GOOD stuff!!!!!
(Freddy Vessey - Florida)
DMFC : Regarding lunch pails: Nope! Does not exist!
(Jerry "Noon-time" Nolan - Indiana)
DMFC : Just wanted to let you know that my husband and I attended the Dean Martin Festival in Steubenville, Ohio.  This is our second year and we plan to make it an annual event or as long as Rose and her gang keep it going.  And to say Joe Scalissi was fabulous is an understatement !!!!  He was fantastic!! The most important thing about Joe was his friendliness. He was very visible both on Friday night and also Saturday before and after his show. Sure hope to see him again next year!! Thanks for giving the Dean Martin fans something special by way
of this festival. Thanks again
(Ginny Capozzi - Pennsylavania)
DMFC : I am 20 years old, and have never heard of Dean Martin until this year. All of a sudden my friends were talking about him, and I found even more people knew who he was. I was over at a friends house a few months ago when he put on T V, and it was an old movie that had Dean Martin in it. It was some kind of western, and I hate westerns. But then my friends brought me a cassette of his songs, and he started growing on me. Maybe Dean Martin is like the plague. He just grows on you.
(Anthony Thompkins - Connecticut)
DMFC : I still miss Dean Martin so much. Every morning I wake up to his music, and must think of him twenty times a day. He's what still helps to get me through the days at work!
(Gillian Fitzgerald - Dublin, Ireland)
DMFC : When Frank Sinatra passed away, someone said that he left a sealed letter only to be opened by an un-named source in Dean Martin's family. I also heard that if his will is contested, that the person contesting it will automatically receive nothing.
(Suzanne Raitt - Mississippi)
Dear Susanne - We never heard of a "sealed letter". Maybe someone that knows could shed some light on this rumor.
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : I heard a book is being written about Dean by a former "big shot" who worked for Balley's in Las Vegas. Word is that he has some interesting stories to tell.
(Michael Wolfe - Aston, England)
DMFC : Does anyone know if there ever was a Dean Martin / Jerry Lewis lunch pail made in the 50's?
(Travis ?)
DMFC : A theater here in the LA area (The Nuart) is showing "The Silencers" tonight and they are having some sort of party at a club in the Hollywood area afterwards. Cool!
(Bob Madden - Los Angeles) (6-19-98)
DMFC : I wanted to concur with the answer given to the person wanting to know where to send letters to get Dean's show back on the air. I have written a lot of letters to the people (s)he mentioned too, and have had no responses at all. Last week I even received a couple of my letters back, un-opened, stamped "Return to sender". It made me mad! So, this morning I got on the telephone and started CALLING everyone I could think of. The TV stations, Dean's agency, the newspapers, Capitol records... you name it! Of course, I mostly got nowhere until a few calls led me to others, and wound up talking to someone who is involved with Dean's estate.
He told me that it is not as easy as one thinks to get the show back on the air, and that Dean's estate knows about everyone's desire to see these again. Then I was given your organization's name, and told that you are also pursuing this goal, and probably know more than anybody about what to do. Actually your organizations name kept coming up with everyone that I talked to.
What to my surprise, I looked up your web site and was flabbergasted with the results. The first thing listed on your bulletin board page was the very same thing I was inquiring about. Thank you for helping all us fans out with everything that you are doing.
(Erik Clayton - New York)
DMFC : Hey pallies... great web site. Do you know anything about a brand new Dino compilation CD tied in with A&E's biography series?   They're also doing Bobby Darin and others.
(Steve Latshaw)
Dear Steve - Yes, A&E is doing CD releases with various musical artists they have featured in their "Biography Series", and Dino happens to be one. The first of the bunch by different artists will be out soon, but the Dean Martin one which was scheduled for release has been postponed temporary. It will probably be in their next group of releases.
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : A lot of us are wondering what we can do to get Dean's old television series back on the air. We are telling everyone to write to NBC, and his manager, and to TV Land. Should we try posting their addresses to get people to write in?
(Rue Kefford)
Dear Rue - We have all heard the stories about how the letter writing efforts saved "Star Trek" from being canceled years ago. Unfortunately, we have a different case here. The people in charge of making those decisions are well aware of the fact that so many of us would like to see shows surface again.
It's a complicated issue to address... The legal clearances have to be first dealt with, and because there is still more settling to do of Dean's estate, writing these people won't change much. To be quite honest, places like NBC (which has nothing to do with the show anymore), and cable TV's, "TV Land" can't do anything unless they are offered the show, and are not going to be of any help. Dean's agency governs many aspects of his estate, but are of no avail on this front.
We are as anxious as you are to see these old shows again, but all we can honestly do is wait it out. It will happen... it's just a matter of time! For those of you who still feel the need to write, we might be of more help than the addresses you are trying. We are working on the same project ourselves, and instead of your cards and letters being forwarded to the wrong people, we would gladly accept them here at the Fan Center, and have a better idea who to direct them to. Just address them to us, and put "TV SHOW" on the front of the envelope.
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC: Frank Sinatra Jr. is scheduled to appear on Tom Snyder's show Monday. He might talk about his Father and MAYBE Dean. Frank's daughter Tina is now out and about since her father passed away on May 14th, attending a private luncheon today in Calabassas, California. It is some sort of fund raiser and VP AL Gore, Gray Davis, senator Barbara Boxer and actress Sally Field are attending. Since they are now returning to the public eye, we should see if any comments will be made concerning their father, and maybe Dean.
(Randy Hayes - Oregon)
DMFC : I have borrowed a copy of John Chintala's new Dean Martin guide and was impressed with the work he has done in cataloging Dean Martin's career. I need to order one for myself!
(Holly Gasselin - California)
DMFC : I have finally got the first CD box set by the Bear Family. I'm so glad that you put this together. I never heard some of these early recordings before, and was wondering where you got some of these.
(Craig Coleman - Missouri)
Dear Craig - They were a long time in the making. The earlier recordings, such as the Embassy ones were from Neil Daniels' own private collection of records, acetates, tapes and masters. Richard Weize of Bear Family is an expert in tracking down all the original sources and being accurate. Even though Neil is credited with co-producing these box sets, he gives all the credit to The Bear Family for wanting to do this project, and doing such an excellent job, as they do with every artist they cover.
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : I am so thrilled with the new Bear Box set. I want to congratulate you and your president for the fine job on this. It's so good!
(Salman Pynchon - Greece)
DMFC : The mural of Dean in Steubenville is marvelous. I've seen pictures of it, but when you view it in person, it looks almost 3-D. It is painted at ground level, so anyone can walk right up to it, and almost walk into the scene. I hope that by being in reach, it does not get damaged in any way because it is a truly fitting tribute to Dean Martin.
(Elizabeth Anwar)
DMFC : I wanted to see if a record that I found is rare or not. It is smaller than an album, and very old looking and brittle. Both sides are by Dean Martin, and the name of the record company is Apollo. Can you tell me it's worth?
(Gigi Corgan - Connecticut)
Dear Gigi - You have found a 78 RPM record that is indeed very fragile. The Apollo record company released two different 78's back in 1947, and actually either one is valuable. They are hard to find, but the value depends on it's condition. Generally it should be worth from $45.00 to $75.00 depending on it's shape and what a true Dino fan wants to spend on it. You've got a bit of history in your hands.
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : My husband and I just arrived home from traveling to Dean's birthplace in Steubenville, and their annual event. Thank you so much for telling us about this. We have a wonderful time and met so many nice people.
(Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sendak - Canada)
DMFC: Just wanted to say you're the best singer, and way before my time. Thankyou!!!!
(Frank A. Miller)
DMFC : I didn't know that there were so many Dean Martin fans here. I listened earlier to your representative, Neil Daniels being interviewed on our Australian station here, and thoroughly enjoyed his talk. Now I feel I'm not alone in remembering Dino!
(Kelley Learned - Australia)
DMFC : I am from Australia, and just heard about your Fan Centre on the radio over here. Your president spoke very well of Mr. Martin. We don't get to hear a lot about our favorite entertainer and were glad to hear all about him and learn about your club, and learn more about Mr. Martin himself. We all love him over here and can't wait to see and hear more things.
(Alfre Hirshhorn - New South Wales, Australia)
DMFC: What was the longest fan letter that Dino ever received? I think that I hold the record. I wrote him a 120 page fan letter about 36 years ago. He answered by having my mother and I visit him on movie set while filming "ADA".  Had the privilege of having lunch with his daughter, Gail, and Jeannie's mother.  After leaving the studio we went to his home in Beverly Hills.  A great day for a starry-eyed girl.  Thanks Dean, I never forgot!
(Vicki 'Adams' Lewis - Arizona)
DMFC: Just reporting in on what happened in Steubenville today. For a small town, they throw a great party! I saw so many younger people and kids having a good time. The one person who clinched the whole day was this impersonator by the name of Joe Scalisi. He was so much fun to watch and listen to. No one could ever replace or come close to what Dean had, but this guy give it a run for the money.
(Stephen Davidovich)
DMFC: I went to the church services in Dean's old church this morning, and got the shock of my life. Sitting right in front of me was this young fellow. About 5 minutes into the service he turn slightly, and he was the spitting image of Dean Martin! I almost fainted right there on the spot. I asked him his name right after the service, and he said that it was Joe something, I can't remember , and that he was an impersonator that was going to perform for the crowds. Now I wish I could have stayed to see him.
(Mrs. Willington - Ohio)
DMFC : I tried to call in and talk to Mr. Daniels on the radio and didn't get thru. Thank goodness I wrote down all the information about your organization. I have a great story to tell about Dean, and what he did for my Mom and Dad, so I'm going to send it in for your club's magazine. It was so nice hearing about Dean and that his family is doing good. I wish I could make it to Steubenville to see what is going on and meet all his other fans.
(G. Helprin)
DMFC: I just wanted to say thanks to disc jockey Rob Pratte for having the Fan Club president on your show. Not enough is being said about Dean Martin and how good he was. It sounds like both you guys were having a good time, and I never knew that Rob was such as big Dino fan.
(Janet Ludlum - West Virginia)
Dear Janet - We talked with Neil on the phone. He's made it from the radio show in Pennsylvania to the event going on in Steubenville, Ohio, and says that he had a great time on KDKA, and wanted to thank Rob again. Neil reports that the crowds in Steubenville are starting to gather, and it looks like it's going to be a big day!
(Web Director- DMFC)
DMFC: We just heard Neil on the radio here in Pittsburgh, and wanted to say how much we enjoyed listening to him, and hearing all about Dean. Thanks for telling us about the web-site. This is fantastic!
(Richard and Geri Aikman - Ohio)
DMFC: Film Festival was great in Steubenville. I especially liked the guest speakers, Mr. Greenberg who played with Dean in the early years. He was so fascinating and funny. Even more fascinating was hearing the stories that your Fan Centre president, Mr. Daniels told, and his connection with Dean Martin. Especially the stories he has from the TV show years. I'm looking forward to tomorrow!
(George Vaccaro - Ohio)
DMFC : I just returned home tonight from the party given in Steubenville. It's such a great feeling to know that you're in the company of others' who share the same love for Dean as you do.
(Shirley Berenger - Pennyslavania)DMFC : I heard your president, Neil Daniels on the radio last week and was facinated with his stories about Dean Martin. I wanted to ask him if he is going to be doing any more radio programs.
(Geena Lawson - Washington)
Dear Geena - On Saturday morning, Neil Daniels can be heard on Rob Pratte's show from Pittsburgh, PA on KDKA. Most of you on the East coast will be able to get this. During the Steubenville event this weekend, Neil will also be keeping all of "down under" informed over the ABC (The Australian Broadcasting Corporation) radio network with live remote broadcast interviews.
DMFC: I have come across an autographed photo of Dean signed "To Karen, Always, Dean". It look like it's from the late 1950's. The store wants $ 50.00 for it. Is it worth that?
(William Joyner - France)
Dear William - That is a hard question to answer without first seeing the signature. A majority of Dean's autographed pictures were done by secretaries, or agents assigned to mail duty, mainly because of the amount of requests. This is a typical practice of most artists who are very popular. If it is a genuine autographed picture, then the answer is yes. By the way... Dean never refused signing an autograph for anyone who ask him in person.
(Web Director-DMFC)
DMFC : Finally I get to hear "Everybody Loves Somebody" without all the pop and cracks, and not mushy sounding like those terrible bootlegs that are out! Thanks Capitol, thanks Mort Viner, and thanks to everyone for finally getting this stuff out to us.
(Dr. Michael Gouldman - New Jersey)
DMFC : How did Dean handle telling the public of his breakup with Jerry Lewis right before it happened?
(Olivia Ludlum - New Zealand)
Dear Olivia - His management issued a press release stating, "Dean wants to concentrate on his vocal career, not travel as much, and host his own TV show." I guess it panned out.
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC : WOW, I just got a copy of the new Capitol CD of Greatest Hits. Even thought I don't need another copy of "That's Amore", it actually fits well intermixed with the Reprise tracks that are included.
(Frank Bryson)
DMFC : I was looking up information on Dean's recordings and found out an interesting bit... In 1965 the RIAA in the United States awarded only eight Gold Records to artists' for the whole year. Guess who one of them was???
(Phillip Adler - Utah)
DMFC : I have been a big fan of Dean Martin's all my life. Last year when I was in Steubenville, I saw this guy named Frank Ellis. He is a Dean Martin impersonator, and a very good one indeed. I hear that he is going to return to Steubenville again this year, and wanted to tell everybody that you have to see this guy. Close your eyes while he's singing for a few minutes, and you won't believe what you hear! Just seeing Frank Ellis as Dean makes the trip all worth it!
(Renee Bauer - Maryland)
DMFC: Did Dean Martin ever do anything for charities? We have never heard of anything. We all know Jerry Lewis' involvement with Muscular Dystrophy.
(Arthur Bradley - Australia)
Dear Arthur - Yes, Dean was very involved with charities! He just chose to remain anonymous with his contributions. It was both Dean and Jerry who started the MDA telethons that Jerry continues today. Dean gave much of his time to SHARE, Inc., a non-profit organization, and the City of Hope in Duarte, California, best known for it's work in the area of Cancer.
Dean also contributed to the Cobalt Units in his hometown hospitals in Steubenville, Ohio. During his television show, there was a segment devoted to the toys and gifts sent to various hospitals and clinics all over the World for sick and under-privileged kids at Christmas. These are just a few of the many contributions that Dean had made over the years. Not only did Dean give money and gifts, but he gave of himself with both hard work and time.
DFMC : Was there a frequent guest on the show named Carol Wayne if so, could you tell me a little about her?
Dear Mattme - We asked Neil Daniels, our Fan Center president. He said that he remembers Carol Wayne, but he doesn't think that she ever appeared on the Dean Martin TV show. He remembers that Ms. Wayne was an "in-house" player, which meant that she was available on call to fill in for the little jobs that were needed. Her character was that of a knock-out blonde who was ditzy. Kind of what you might expect to find today on "Married With Children" or "Unhappily Ever After"(even Dean's shows back then).
Back in the late 60's and early 70's, NBC was producing (or facilities were used to produce) more of their own shows . Carol Wayne made her rounds on some of those shows like; "Rowan and Martins' Laugh-in" , "The Flip Wilson Show" , and is remembered for her role in "Johnny Carson's Tonight Show's" as the 'Cue-Card Girl'. It was a continuing skit where Johnny would play a shotty TV salesman and Carol Wayne was his assistant as he did commercials between his "Tea-Time Movie" episodes.
He also didn't want to be quoted on this, but thinks that she had passed away many yeras ago (cancer?). He apologizes if his memory is wrong about this.
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC: In reply to Mr. Davis' letter. Yes, I've heard that Steubenville does have some nice things for auction, including a few clothing items. I don't believe that they are accepting telephone bids. It looks like you have to be there in person. Also wanted to let you know that this morning Regis and Kathy mentioned Steubenville's weekend again on their morning show.
(Jane Powter - New York)

DMFC : I've heard that the movie being made by HBO is not going to feature much of Dean Martin, but rather the Rat Pack as a whole. I was in Hollywood, California a couple of months ago, and happened to be near the intersection where the Capitol Record building stands, and they were filming scenes for it during the day. I didn't get much of a chance to stay and look, but these actors didn't really look much like Dean and Frank. I hope it turns out well.
(George McGaffy - California)
DMFC: I have heard that there is going to be an auction in Steubenville. One of the items is a shirt and pair of pants that Dean wore. Does anyone know if bidding is in person or can it be by phone?
(Rob Davis - Canada)
DMFC: When is the last time reruns of NBC's Dean Martin Show were
on television. It seems to me that those shows would be a perfect fit
for the TV Land cable network. What do we fans have to do to make it
(Paul Dottino)
Dear Paul - The Dean Martin show ended it's basic run in about 1973, with some "specials" and "Roasts" that followed over the next few years. An edited version of 29 episodes taken from the lot of about 250 were shown in syndication in the late 1970's. Since then, nothing has been shown except an edited half hour episode of the Dean Martin/Frank Sinatra New Years' episode on cable TV last year.
Everything that Dean had done since 1964 was owned by Dean's own companies, mainly Claude Productions and Sasha Corporation. Since Dean's passing, the TV show is still owned by Dean's estate with no current plans for anything. The best bet is that when the two movies that are being made about Dean come out... a renewed interest will occur, and in all probability, the TV shows will surface again in some form.
Another problem is a legal one. Some of the guest stars signed for two airing only, and those rights would have to be cleared. We will definitely keep you informed about all the happenings!
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC: In reply to the notice by Mrs. Michener, the event you're refering to is scheduled for Las Vegas. It has been scheduled for many months, before Frank Sinatra's passing.
(T.J. Reily-Nevada)
DMFC: I've got an idea. There are a lot of smaller "art" theaters all around the country. They not only show current 'small' and 'art' films, but also allow people to see older classics on the large screen. I know that these films travel from city to city on a circuit, showing them for a couple of days to a week at a time at each stop. Why can't we see about having an old film or two of Dean's put on the circuit? I'm not sure where we could start, but maybe if we contact our local theaters that specialize in these films, they could help us out. I'm SURE that it would be money making for them, as well as being great for us! Maybe a Martin and Lewis film festival, or how about a Matt Helm film festival?
(Daniel Quinn-Illinois)
DMFC: I can't wait! My husband has surprised me. We are going to the weekend party in Steubenville on June 6th! I've been a fan of Dean's for over 40 years and even though I never got to meet him in person, this is a dream come true for me. Like I said, I can't wait. I hope to see other Dean Martin fans there. I also can't wait to see and maybe meet Mr. Daniels! I'm already thinking about what to pack (ha).
(Tammy McNichol-Kansas)
DMFC: There are plans to have a concert dedicated to Frank Sinatra with many singers like Vic Damone, Steve Lawrence, etc. It is to benifit The Barbara Sinatra Children's Center. The address of the center is 39000 Bob Hope Drive, Rancho Mirage, California 92270. The current plans are scheduled for Madison Square Garden in New York.
(Mr. J. Michener-California)
DMFC: I heard that Capitol is releasing all the Reprise material, and you have posted news about the "Greatest Hits" CD that's coming out soon. Are there plans for more releases soon? I have heard from another source that they (the other source) is working with Capitol to bring out 2 on 1 CD's. Will they be complete with all the songs like first released?
(Tony Havasau-California)
Dear Tony - We've heard these rumors before. No other source is working with Capitol Records in planning anything! Actually, it was EMI-Capitol that held the rights to the releases, but at this moment, that agreement is still up in the air. Capitol-EMI had brought onto their staff two gentlemen that will bring their expertise to this project. Instead of telling you rumors or information that may change, we will let you know as plans are unveiled.
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC: I have found a set of salt and pepper shakers in an antique shop that are in the characters of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. I checked with a porcelain dealer, and was told that they are very old, and are probably collector's items worth $ 100.00 or more. Just thought I'd tell everyone that you can still find things once in a while when you least expect it!
(Mrs. Janet Sommerville-Rhode Island)
DMFC: I've seen material for fan organizations for Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Merle Haggard, Patsy Cline, Lori Morgan, etc. but your's is the classiest!  This is truly fitting an organization dedicated to Dino.  (The International Sinatra Society is a class act, too!)
Some suggestions:  why not make it possible for members to order stuff with credit cards, and how about phone orders? 
Also:  how about some more material on Dean that is suitable for framing (ie. glossy photos in color and B & W) in addition to the (rather pricey for me) print that you offer?
Thanks pally!
(Brenan Nierman)
Dear Brenan - Thank you for the compliment! That's what keeps us going! Also, we are working on all your suggestions. We now accept credit cards, and we're going to have nice photos of Dean available soon.
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC: Thank you for letting us know about the new CD coming. I wish that they would start putting out all his albums like they did originally on albums. How come they always put out greatest hits with stuff we already have?
(Calvert Irons - London, England)
DMFC: Just saw that Capitol will be putting out some Reprise material. A Greatest Hits package... oh well, it's a start!
(Mariette Palmer - Kentucky)
DMFC: I am so sad... After Frank Sinatra, who will continue carrying on the music that these guys created?
(Mary Reily - Texas)
DMFC: I hear there is going to be a tribute to Frank Sinatra during the Steubenville event coming up. I also heard that Neil Daniels, of the Dean Martin Fan Center will be back again. He has some fascinating stories, I remember from last year. Also, are any of Frank Sinatra's family going to be going to the Steubenville event?
(Alice Carter - Pennsylvania)
Dear Alice - Yes, there will be a tribute to Frank Sinatra, and yes, our president, Neil Daniels has been invited, and will be in Steubenville to meet everyone. We don't know if any of Mr. Sinatra's family will attend, but we're pretty certain that members of Dean's family will.
(Web Director - DMFC)
DMFC: I found this "Ode to Frank Sinatra" from November 1996. It was printed in a newspaper back in 1996, when we lost Dean...
In the wee small hours of the morning, in the still of the night. I thought about you.
What'll I do? I couldn't sleep a wink last night. Without a song. I'll never smile again. The song is you.
After you've gone, a hundred years from today, how do you keep the music playing? Sunday, Monday or always, day in, day out, there will never be another you. All The things you are? I could write a book.
You make me feel so young. Night and day, day by day, I'm getting sentimental over you. You're sensational, too marvelous for words. I've got you under my skin. Call me irresponsible, I get a kick out of you.
I wish you love, the best of everything, a pocketfull of miracles, from here to eternity, all the way.
Have yourself a merry little Christmas. I'll be seeing you.
(George Castaneda)
DMFC: Is there going to be any new CD's soon?
(B.B. Fogel - Arizona)
B.B. - YES, in just a few weeks a Greatest Hits CD is coming from Capitol Records with some Reprise material on it! This is going to sound great!
(Web Director at DMFC)
DMFC: It's now time for another "Together Again" tour, only this time the audience will be much greater. It's a sell-out crowd, and Dean's as happy as ever. Maybe the show has ended here... but it's still playing somewhere else.
(Barbara Minkus - Sydney, Australia)
DMFC: Here's to the Chairman of the Board... A final toast ... No! Not a FINAL toast, just a "goodbye" for now toast.
(Jerry Landers - Los Angeles)
DMFC: Isn't it ironic that all of our heroes are now leaving us, at a time when they are being recognized all over again. Not just by a new generation, but by their own. The ones who lived through the wars, the school years, the hippies and flower children, the doo-wop and the punk years, the disco and the rap. All the events that have happened. to both themselves and the "Pack" that helped them get through it. Perhaps for a while, their own generation was caught up in their own lives, that it wasn't until the passing of Dean, did they wake up to appreciate those guys that held them together through their lives. Now the chairman has left, and the company hasn't any board members left to take over. It's wonderful that these men were able to leave images and recordings of themselves for all their family to have. Cherish these treasures, and share them with that new generation!
(Charles Schweizer - Germany)
DMFC: I Want to just say what a sad day... we have lost another ...
(Herman Dryer - Michigan)
DMFC: I guess we all knew that it was coming. It's an end to an era. MY ERA. I feel so lost now. The greatest gift that I have had in life has been the music that has carried me through. Now the music's stopped. At least the instruments. Thank God for recordings. They will always be there. I'm so sad that nothing new will happen. Frank, Sammy and Dino. Why weren't you guys about twenty years younger so I could be a part of seeing you all again? I miss you dearly.
(Sara Provice)
DMFC: I don't get TV Land, and I missed the Rat Pack show. Do you think that someone else may show it?
(E.R. Justman)
DMFC: When is the next Bear Family Box set coming out? I was so impressed with the first one. The book and pictures are fantastic. Will there be a book in the second?
(Theodore Johnson - England)
Theodore : Yes there is a book in the second set, just like the first... and it's just been released. We will be selling them thru the Fan Center real soon!
(Web Director at DMFC)
DMFC: Just saw the TV Special : "An Evening With The Rat Pack"... wow! Is there more of this stuff?
(Karen Nissan - California)
DMFC: I just found a "Diamond" 78 of Dean's in a neighbors' record collection!!! It is very dirty, but I'm afraid to clean it. Do you have any suggestions?
(John Sesarro - New Jersey)
DMFC : Don't Forget to tell everyone about "An Evening With The Rat Pack" that will be on TV Land April 20th at 8:00 O'clock.
(Jerry Williams - Illinois)
DMFC : What a great Website!!! Wish you had pictures to download!
(Roland C. Bergman - Washington)
DMFC: I've heard that there is two "Rat Pack" movies being made, is that true?
(Ron Hill - Quebec, Canada)
Ron : Yes... but one is Not a "RAT PACK" movie... it is a DEAN MARTIN MOVIE. There will be a little segment concerning the Rat Pack, but this one will be Dean...Dean... Dean. It is being written by Nicholas Pileggi (Casino, Goodfellas), and is being made by Warner Brothers with Martin Scorscee at the helm. We will have more news when it breaks.
(Web Director at DMFC)
DMFC : Wanted to remind everyone about the weekend in Steubenville on June 5th and 6th. This promises to be another great event. If you want more information, you can e-mail the Dean Martin Committee at amoredino@uov.net. For room reservations, and vacation planning, contact AAA. at 1-800-660-7718. See you there!
(C. Weber - Ohio)
DMFC : Dean was such a good singer. I can't wait until some of his later recordings come out. I heard that it was going to be soon.
(Howard Bialik)