Dear DMFC : Hi My name is Steve Roberts, I am in Grimsby, UK. Although I have only just discovered Dean Martin, I have got to say how fantastic he, and your site is! I have just bought "The very best of Dean Martin" on CD, and I am just knocked out. He had such a wonderful smooth voice, such a change from the modern rubbish inflicted on us today, (I am only 38 by the way!) Keep up the good work, and may the name and work of Deano be everlasting!
(Steve Roberts - United Kingdom)
Dear DMFC : Any news on what Capitol is doing about the new releases?
(J.D. Brookway - Mississippi)
Dear J.D. - We just heard from Capitol Records / EMD that the tentative release date of September 14th has been set for the two cd's, "Hurtin' Country Songs" and "Late Night With Dean Martin".
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : Does anybody know if the E channel is going to re-broadcast the E-special "True Hollywood Stories" any time soon?  If anyone can help I would appreciate it.
(Kevin Mulvaney)
Hi Kevin - You just missed three broadcasts a few days ago. The "Dean Martin-True Hollywood Stories" is the highest rated 2 hours show that E! has broadcasted, so there will be many more airings of it in the future. Just keep an eye on our "TV Schedule" area of this website for upcoming times and days.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I am interested in finding out what brand(s) of golf clubs Dean used when he played golf in the 1960's & 70's.  I understand he used MacGregor's during the 1950's.
(Sandy Krueger - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : Dino is the greatest!
(Franklin Branz - Germany)
Dear DMFC : Thank you for helping to bring the Dean Martin True Hollywood Stories to TV. It has been a long time since we have seen much of Dean Martin on television, and it reminds us how much we all miss him!
(Leeda Rollins - New York)
Dear DMFC : Dean's grandson, Alexander is such a doll. He sounds so proud of his Grandfather. I think that I have seen him before. He must be an actor or singer himself. Either way, be has that charisma that his Grandfather, Dean had.
(Morgan Dallin - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : I just saw the E! special on Dean Martin and found that Dean Martin has a fan club. I can't wait to join! I have been a fan of Dean Martin's for over 40 years.
(Gary Richard Nelson - Utah)
Dear DMFC : Everyone reading this - make sure that you go see the new show at the Desert Inn in Las Vegas. I just saw it last night and it is a fine tribute to the Rat Pack. Everyone walked out smiling and reminiscing about Frank, Sammy and Dean and I couldn't get the songs out of my head all night. See it soon before it's too late!
(G. Vasquez)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin is the greatest. Always was, also is, always will be!
(Carole Richardson - Alaska)
Dear DMFC : Would you please tell me in what year Dean introduced the song "Ain't That A Kick in the Head." Did the song make it to the charts and if so how high did it go? Thank you very much for your kind attention and wonderful web pages.
(Bob Jackson - Idaho)
Bob - "Ain't that a Kick in the Head"  Recorded on May 10, 1960 never really charted at all. (actually banned in some rural cities in the US because of it's lyric). It wasn't until recently when Capitol Records managed to sell the song into motion picture and commercial development that it has become a popular tune and receiving a lot of air-play. Most people, including Dean Martin fans, never really gave the song much of a thought at all just a few years back. It's amazing what a "different direction" and "marketing" can do.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I know that the big honchos at Capitol are reading this board - so what the heck are you guys doing? You have one of the (if the "THEE") biggest recording artists of all time sitting on your doorsteps. No wonder you guys are always complaining and restructuring policies. The bottom line--- RELEASE THE DEAN MARTIN STUFF. Don't be so stupid
(H. D. Miller - Belgium)
Dear DMFC : I was one of the many people who had the good fortune to meet Dean Martin at a restaurant he often ate at just a few years back. He was as gracious as anyone could be, and even offered me to sit down for just a minute with him. The waiter at the place told me that I was one of the rare few that he had asked to join him.
He was just so interested in what I had to say, and how much he meant to me in his music and acting. He was simply amazed that someone was affected by his work so much. Almost like he thought the world had forgotten what he had ever done in the past. I couldn't get the point across that he was (and still is) adored by millions, and that none of us forget, and we are so lucky to have the movies and records to still be able to buy and watch or listen to. I think he didn't understand that the things he had done were captured forever. Maybe to him, the only feedback and acceleration that he experienced was the moment he lived those moments in. Once it was finished, it seemed to be done for him. He was oblivious to the true nature of the medium. The "body of work" that was captured forever. Dean Martin must not have had a reflection as the rest of us did through hearing or seeing himself, but rather the excitement of "doing" rather than being an "on-looker". What a wonderful few minutes to feel the essence of a man who was truly not a "put-on". A man who was as down-to-earth as anyone else, but had a gift that he couldn't understand, only loved to make others around him smile.
(George Solloway - California)
Dear DMFC : I will be a dino fan for life. He lived life on a whim and
to it's fullest. Just once I would love to live a day with as much charisma and flair as those lived by Dino Crocetti. May he rest in peace, and his memory live forever.
(Amber Grant)
Dear DMFC : I met Dean's former wife , Jeanne Martin, at a charity event back about 15 years ago, and I have to agree that she is the most charming and gracious person you would want to meet. She deserves her time of 'moving on' and getting on with her own life now. I guess people forget that point a lot.
(Robert T. Harper)
Dear DMFC : Could your readers please tell me about the Dean Martin get togethers in the town he was born in?
(Arlene Nelson - Michigan)
Hi Arlene - The new issue of our Dean Martin Fan Center magazine is filled with pictures and articles on the last celebration weekend. Let's see if someone else will respond with their views to the bulletin board.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : David Cassidy will be doing a show for The Rio (not Tropicana) starting January 2000.  The Rat Pack Is Back is separate from this, and is only supposed to run through this Summer with David making only  cameos once in a while, not on a regular basis.  Should The Rat Pack continue past the Summer into next year, it would not interfere with David's show as he would just stop doing cameos and The Rat Pack would go with just the core cast.  However, it was in a Vegas Paper that Tina Sinatra went to see the show and Frank Jr. confirmed that their family lawyer has issued a "cease and desist" letter to the Desert Inn.  So who knows what will happen, if the Desert Inn will file an appeal or not.
 (Barbara Pazmino - New York)
Dear DMFC : See if you can believe this... I heard talk of a stage musical all about the life of Dean Martin from his early years until his passing. It's also rumored that it could be a big show, possibly at the Schubert or the likes here in town. (I have my doubts)
(A. Schultz - New York)
Dear DMFC : Did you know that some car dealers are also using Dean Martin songs for their commercials on the radio and the tele. Oh, here in England that is.
(Myra Hoffman - England)
Dear DMFC : My friends and I were just in Las Vegas and saw the Rat Pack is Back at the Desert Inn. It was so good, I wanted to tell everyone to make sure to see it. It is produced by David Cassidy, and sometimes he shows up playing Bobby Darin (Mac The Knife). By the way, David Cassidy just signed a deal with the Tropicana Hotel to perform for them for many years to come, so I don't know if this Rat Pack show will continue much longer due to Cassidy's other commitments.
(Dwayne Stephs - California)
Dear DMFC : Bought a copy of the "Sway" remix that your site told us about. Gosh... it is terrible! I think one of the worst songs I have ever heard. Why would anyone want to butcher either Dean's or Julie's version of this wonderful song?
(Jodi Camerillo - New York)
Dear DMFC : I just received my first membership mailing in your Fan Club for Dean Martin, and I have to say how impressed I am. You offer much more than what is shown on your website and the quality of your magazine is far beyond what I expected!
(Lloyd Harper - Connecticut)
Dear DMFC : In response to Arthur's question on the board: "Eurotunnel" is using the Dean Martin song, "Sway" for their commercials here in the UK.
(Bridget Mayfield - England)
Dear DMFC : Can you tell me if the area/address in Steubenville, Ohio where Dean Martin grew up. My mother grew up in the same tri-state area that he did, never knew his exact address. She was and still is a big fan of our states home town boy. She watched his tv shows and his movies all the time ( My favorites are his Matt Helm movies).
Dear Arose - Dean was born at 319 South Sixth Street in Steubenville, Ohio. We have a big article about the last Steubenville event in our new issue of the Fan Center magazine ready to go out. We show a picture of the lot where the house once stood
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : Pizza Hut here in England is using Dean Martin's song "That's Amore" for their TV and radio commercials. We hear it all the time!
(Lane Brisley - England)
Dear DMFC : I remember going to see Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis in New York City in 1948. It was the funniest show that I had ever seen and still carries in my thought until today
(Joan Simons - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin was the greatest! Where the h*** is all his music? I thought his songs would be released by now!
(Ben Farnsdale - Arizona)
Dear DMFC : I completely agree with Dennis from Nebraska that Jeanne Martin was the most important and loyal person in Dean's life.  Additionally, she was a stunningly attractive woman. 
(Dave Daisy - Maryland)
Dear DMFC : I have been a fan of Deans for a long time. Thanks so much for this page. I have forwarded it to some friends. I will return often because I bookmarked it.
(Sandi - New York)
Dear DMFC : Thank you for informing us fans of the new Electro-pop mix of the song "Sway". It is very interesting how this group put together the two original recordings that Dean and Julie London did many years ago. This mix was actually put together for a radio station, and the record company heard it and decided it was worthwhile putting out. It's actually pretty bad, but if it's Dino, then you gotta get it!
(Dave Davenport - Washington)
Dear DMFC : Perhaps the most important (and under appreciated) person in Dean's life is Jeanne Martin. This marvelous lady was the greatest constant in Deans life from 1948 on. She was there for him through all the ups and downs and despite their divorce, she remained classy, loyal, and concerned. Not only was she there for Dean, but she raised a remarkably stable family in a town where this is not an easy thing to do, all the while maintaining a great personal dignity and concern for others. All of us who loved Dean should also love and honor this great woman. May she have continued good health and a long life to enjoy her children and grandchildren!
(Dennis Brislen - Nebraska)
Dear DMFC : Would any of your readers be able to tell me what the name of the song is that is played on the Eurostar Channel Tunnel
advertising campaign? I have been hearing it
(Arthur P. Horne - UK)
Dear DMFC : Here's a review of the new David Cassidy show in Las Vegas called "The Rat Pack is Back"... Just Click This Line to see : Desert Rats- Frank Sinatra and friends saluted in new production
(Babara Pazmino)
Dear DMFC : What is the name of the duet Dean sings in last year's Microsoft commercial?
Dear Scottsund - "Relax-ay-voo" , a duet sung with French recording star Line Renaud, done in April of 1955.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : For those of us who are computer geeks, we all know who a lady by the name of 'Kim Komando" is. She has mentioned your site in her TOP 5 Cool Sites and was recently voted the #1 TalkRadio show about Computers and the Internet (heard all over the country). Komando, known as the "Digital Goddess", writes a syndicated column for the Los Angeles Times, Popular Mechanics, America West In Flight Magazine, TWA's Ambassador Magazine, Computer Link and Talkers Magazines too. She also has a current nationwide media satellite tour now, and to top it off, besides the brains, she quite a good-looker! Don't be surprised if your site is visited by thousands of us Komando-ittes! She's right, it is a great site and tribute to Dean Martin. I'll bet you'll learn that a lot of her listeners are Dean fans as well.
(Robert Jodeci - Michigan)
Dear Robert - Wow, thanks for the info! Yes, being 'into' computers myself (after all, my job is computers here) I have caught a few of Kim Komando's radio shows. They're not only entertaining, but real informative. Here in the Los Angeles area (where we are based), I think her show is on both Saturday's from 10 to noon, and Sunday's starting about 9 in the evening. The station here in KLSX (97.1), but I know she's also heard across the country at different times, and reaches Canada and Australia too. That's great that she liked our site, but I really think it's because of who the site's about... Dean Martin!
Welcome Kim Komando listeners! We hope you enjoy your visit!
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC,  What a wonderful site!  I am  28 yrs. old and fell in love with the music of Dean.  I first started out with the more popular and well known favorites.  I then discovered many "unknown" titles.  His smoothness and style are present in every song.  After playing Dean 24/7 I caught my husband humming "Oh Marie".  He was hooked also. He says subliminally. We have now started  a cd collection, and are always looking for new songs.  I am so pleased to  have found this sight and plan to join as a member. I do wonder if Dean's family know of this site and what a wonderful tribute it is to such a great man and entertainer.
(Colleen Wendorff)
Dear Colleen - Thanks for your compliments!  That's how the "magic" of Dean, first starts... you get a song hooked in your mind, then it sort of takes over (ha). Dean's family does indeed know about the Web site, but our site is only secondary to the Fan Club and Magazine/Newsletter we have. I think you'll be so very pleased and excited when you join!
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : Out of all the RATPACK ,to me Dino was the man. In the movies ,and on the stage he was the best.
(Tom Gregoretti)
Dear DMFC : We are having a sort of mini Dean Martin film festival here. My daughter and her husband are celebrating their tenth year wedding anniversary, and they wanted to have all their friends and our family members together and play Dino's songs (which they got married to) and watch Dean Martin videos on the new big screen TV that my daughter, Aspen, is surprising her husband Bob with. Just wanted to let you know how much Dean is still loved.
Charlotte Williams - Canada)
Dear DMFC : I saw your previous message about a new show in Las Vegas, so we bought tickets, and this past weekend my wife and I went to check it out, and wanted to tell you all about it. Pop singer (Teen Idol in the 70's) David Cassidy wrote and produced this show and he did a splendid job. The cast member who played Frank didn't look too much like him, but the one who played Sammy Davis, Jr. was closer. The one who played Dean (I think his name was Steve) looked somewhat like a young Dean in the early Martin and Lewis movies, with some of his moves down good.
It was a long wait to get seated and the room was just filled with smoke (what else, it's Vegas?), but we noticed that the show was sold out for the first 8 days, and the people there were having a good time. If you're a Rat Pack nut like my wife and I are, you can ask if you can get your picture taken with the stars, and sometimes they can oblige. They even have T-shirts in the souvenir shop, and I hear that if the show is successful, and it runs over 8 weeks, they may even get little shot glasses with "The Rat Pack Is Back" printed on them.
It was a great weekend, and my wife even hit $500.00 on a dollar slot machine while we were there, so that only added to the excitement!
(Joe Torres - California)
Dear DMFC : Last Christmas someone in my office was nice enough to get me involved with the DMFC. It has been a gas. you folks are doing a great job. I wanted to meet other fans in Ohio but I read the newsletter too late. I'll look for the date next year and I'll show. If I can get involved in anyway before next year let me know.
(Chip Nadeau - Minnesota)
Dear DMFC : As I noted earlier earlier, I wanted to give my review of the new show, "The Rat Pack Is Back" in Las Vegas at the Desert Inn. I went on opening night and had a great time! The people that they picked to be "The Rat Pack" don't much look like the original guys, Frank, Sammy, Joey and of course Dean! I guess that I love Dean so much, that it's hard to see someone else 'as' him. But I had a terrific time and enjoyed the songs that made me feel as if time stood still once again, and we were all back in the sixties. I would recommend it to anyone who loves Dean!
(Angie Gibbons - California)
Dear DMFC : Thank you for your Website. I just discovered it, and it is the most fascinating. As with previous posting , I will mark this post board for future reading.
(Abby Williams - England)
Dear DMFC : A poem for Dean-
For a lifetime of joy,
That you had given to us...
Films like 'That's my Boy',
And 'Hollywood or Bust'.
I remember each day,
And miss you so much...
During all those hard times,
You've been my crutch.
As I listened to your songs,
As if they were mine...
My troubles would part,
And life would begin to shine.
For me, all my life,
You have always been here...
And now as I speak,
It seems very clear.
I point to my Heart,
I shout out with cheer...
This is the place,
Dean Martin is here.
(Lisa Scheuer - Colorado)
Dear DMFC : Here's from some Aussie fans.....we got married to Dino...and we wouldn't have had it any other way...any other people who have done the same?
(Paul Fitzgerald - Australia)
Dear Paul - We hear from couples all the time who get married, and only play Dean's music at their weddings. A lot of people will write us recommending certain songs for their special occasions... but the greatest story we have ever heard is about the couple who got married BECAUSE of Dean, and it was AFTER Dean had passed away!
In a future issue of the Dean Martin Fan Center Magazine, we are going to have the story of the two folks who met during the Steubenville Public Memorial for Dean. They were both volunteers for the Dean Martin Committee... fell in love with each other... and got married! It will bring a tear to your eyes when you hear them tell it, is such a neat story! It really shows the power of love that Dean had, and has left us with!
We'd like to hear from others, how Dean has affected your lives too!
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I can't wait to see the movie "Sailor Beware" on cable tonight. This is one of the Dean Martin-Jerry Lewis movies that I have never seen , and can't find in the video store. Thanks for such a great place to visit. I'll be back often!
(Gail Barken - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : I have just finished watching Cannonball Run (original movie) and I thought everybody would like to know there are some wonderful short takes after the movie when the credits are rolling.  It was great to see Dean so happy and laughing.  He looked like he really enjoyed doing the movie and of course Sammy was with him.  For real fans and Dean's family the short takes are the best part and easily worth the rental alone.  God, I sure miss him.
(Dave Daisy - Maryland)
Dear DMFC : We have the first tickets for the new Las Vegas show about the Rat Pack at the Desert Inn. I can't wait! We are driving from Los Angeles to Vegas this afternoon. Some people may think that driving across the desert and Death Valley with temps into the 120's would be crazy, but my Dino is worth it! I'd crawl through burning deserts.
(Angie Gibbons - California)
Dear DMFC : We live along the Colorado River, so you know that one of our family summer pastimes is boating and this past Thursday, Friday and Saturday we had a gathering of sorts. Mostly friends and our families from around our area brought their boats to the lake that is close to us. This year we told everybody that we wanted to have a Dean Martin theme, since a bunch of us are big Dean Martin fans. Well there were 15 groups of us that showed up in our boats, when finally the 16th one showed up. He and his wife had spent the entire month working on his cabin cruiser, redesigning it to look like one huge floating martini glass with a big olive on top. It was the most awesome sight you had ever seen as he approached blazing That's Amore across the water from miles away. I have some picture that I will send you when I get them developed. We had such a good time, and all of our kids got into hearing more of Dean Martin and had a wonderful time all in all. We're talking about maybe doing it again next year and inviting anyone who wants to come.
(Lea Greenfield - Arizona)
Dear DMFC : Does anyone of your readers know anything about the AT&T commercials that I have heard about (such as in the E! Entertainment bio)? Apparently, Dean did a series of commercials for them on tv, but I never remember seeing them, and would love to know if they exist. Thank you.
(Ray J. Ryan - Michigan.)
Dear DMFC : I must say I enjoy Dino's work and play.  On Dec. 7th I had twin boys and named one of them Dean Martin Goldfuss-Ponder.  I figure he'll go through quite a few crayons learning to write that name correctly.  His nickname is "Gus" so that might help him a little.  Now that I've found this site I'll be checking it often.  The legacy lives on if only in name.  Keep up the swanky doin's at the DMFC!
(F. Scott Ponder and lil' Dino & Dagan - Ohio)

Dear DMFC : Did you readers know that Dean Martin had a small role in a movie called 'Pepe'? The movie isn't very good, but has a cast of hundreds! I wish I could see some of those home movies that Jerry Lewis made with Dean in them. I heard that they were mini productions.
(Dr. V. Cambridge, D.D.S. - Maryland)
Dear DMFC : I recently purchased a magazine in my newsstand that has a listing of "cool sites" to visit, and I have found your address. All I can say is that they were wrong... Your site is HOT! It is the greatest for the greatest singer that ever lived!
(George K. Smith - New York)
Dear DMFC : What about the movie about the life of Dean Martin? I haven't heard a word about this in months. Did they cancel plans for it or what happened?
(Jack Randall - New Jersey)
Dear Jack - The project is still on at Warner Brothers for sure! Martin Scorcese will be starting on a project called "Gang's" first. It is the tale of Irish Gangsters in New York around the 1840's. Then, the casting for "Dino" can begin, with some of the actors desired, having their current commitments behind them and being available. Actually, don't look for release of "Dino" until the year 2001... but by then the script will be finalized and the whole project should be honed to perfection!
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY DINO! As we celebrate, I think about you, and how much you had an influence on the lives of many American's through your music and movies, and even your "Rat Pack" years, which helped form Las Vegas, and the way people thought in those days. The biggest fireworks will be in your honor!
(Jess B. Clamora - California)
Dear DMFC : I wanted to thank you for the recent story you did about Dom DeLuise. He is truly one funny man who is always excited on interviews when he gets to talk about Dean Martin.
(Page Gertamish - Arizona)
Dear DMFC : I was amazed by that magic card trick! It worked every single time! Maybe he is listening! Nice to see how many people still appreciate what a remarkable entertainer Dino was... I've been a fan all my life... and will be for the rest of my life!!! Great website! Thanks, (Rose Mattrey)
Dear DMFC : I love Dean Martin! The radios in Switzerland now are playing his music once again once again. I wanted to post that Mister Martin still has fans and gives much pleasure to many here in our country. I hope that his cds will be in circulation once again.
(K. Voogorn - Sweden)
Dear DMFC : It was fifty years ago that I worked for Capitol Records. They were a new company then, and were spending a lot of money developing their contracted artists. A certain singer was very well known at the time, and my job was to help in finding material for her. Her name was Margaret Whiting, and she had been very popular among the was veterans that had returned home.
We found this little duet that needed both a male and female part, but thought it right or Margaret, so a meeting was held to figure out who we could pair up (in the same keys of music) with her on this little ditty of a song.
Capitol had the fortune of signing one of the hottest young men at the time, to an exclusive contract a couple years earlier. It was Dean Martin, better know as the comedy half of the Martin and Lewis team at the time. He was a very well known radio personality, but he hadn't done but possibly one motion picture at the time. So it seemed fitting to have both Margaret and Dean record this little number.
It wasn't until later, that the movies became the success they were, and Martin and Lewis continued their skyrocket to fame. Dean's own recording career took off at Capitol, and was actually one of the largest selling artists we had among our grand roster of singers.
The reason that I remember the session so well, is that my birthday fell on the same day that I met Dean Martin for the first time, and I am now celebrating my 75th in a few days.
I will get my daughter to send you the session sheets and things I have from that time for your organizations archives to have. He was such a nice fellow to work with, and I had the fortune to see and work with him many time thereafter. I always looked forward to the days when Dean would have studio time booked.
(Jonathan Wilder - California)
Dear DMFC : Hello.  I love the Dean Martin site.  It is a great tribute to a great entertainer.   I had once dated his late son Dean Paul when he was living in New York.  His death in 1987 was a tragedy. Is it possible that someone could do a little tribute on Dino Jr. ? 
Dear DMFC : Could I get the scoop on the film "Kiss Me Stupid."  I was recently reading that a lot of people regard it as pure smut.  I vaguely remember watching the film as child with my mother.  She didn't seem the least bit concerned.
(Aroxen P.)
Dear Aroxen - It was a fun film, but at the time a bit "risky" with the sexual connotations and overtones concerning Ray Walson's character, his wife's character, and playboy imaged Dean. It would be nothing in today's time.
The play it came from was a subject of controversy, and that's what led to the film being scrutinized and Billy Wilder (the film's Screenwriter and Director) having problems with reviewers and "the establishment" at the time (Remember, this was 1964). Now, looking back, it's great to see Dean playing an overblown image of himself!
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I have just found your site through my AOL browser, and it looked interesting. Then, I went to turn on my Netscape browser and it looked so COMPLETELY different with a lot more detail to EVERYTHING. Why is that?
(Michael Taylor - Alabama)
Dear Michael - Yes, we know all about this! The problem with using AOL to browse the internet, is that they take whatever information is on a website, and automatically removed a lot of information before sending it off to you to view. The reason for this is to make their system run a lot faster. That is how AOL can handle their millions of subscribers. Unfortunately, AOL members do not get to see how website should really look, and are missing so much of the content, especially where photograph are concerned. Our recommendation to AOL users is to use your "Netscape" or "Internet Explorer" browsers when looking on line at various Internet Sites. Our site even looks different on Mac's compared to IBM's, and screen sizes and font sizes all make differences too. The folks on "Web TV" see things in a completely different way than was originally set up. So... we tried to choose a "basic" approach that most people can see "about" the same
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : Did Dean have any brothers or sisters? Are they living? We have never heard much about his own family at all.
(Francine Carter - England)
Dear Francine - Yes, Dean had an older brother Gullielmo (William or Bill) who passed away in 1968. We are going to be doing an article on Dean's family and family tree in an upcoming issue of our Dean Martin Fan Center Magazine.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : Hi! My name is Vickie Polk and I am a devoted Dean Martin lover.  Just discovered the site and love it.  I will be joining your club soon and can't wait to get going with it.  All of us Dean lovers have to keep his memory alive.  After all, Memories Are Made of This. Keep up the good work
(Vickie Polk - Iowa)
Dear DMFC : A long time ago I had attended the Dean Martin show at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas. As a matter of fact, I still have the program book, and his band leader at the time was Antonio Morelli. Does this name ring a bell?
(Mr. Edward R. Roselli - Nevada)
Dear Edward - Wow, that goes way back! After the team of Martin and Lewis broke up in 1956, Dean parted ways with his longtime bandleader, Dick Stabile and used Antonio Morelli's 17 piece orchestra (who was the Sand's 'house band') during his live performances in Vegas until he could get Ken Lane ("Everybody Loves Somebody") to break loose of all his commitments to join up forces with Dean and start a partnership that would last thirty more years!
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : Thank you for helping me acquire a copy of Lee Hale's book, "Backstage With the Dean Martin Show". It is by far, the most fascinating book I've read in many years! My hat is off to you guys!
(Richard Dromwell - New York)
Dear DMFC : I wish 10,000 Bedrooms was available on video. It is one of my favorite movies even though it wasn't a big success. He was so charming in that movie, and I loved the songs that he sung.
(Shirley Russell - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : Happy days are here.  I can sit and chat about the man I have always loved. Thanks. I absolutely adored, adore and will always adore Dino! Brand new to internet.  Was amazed to find all this info about the only man in show business I ever truly loved.  My day has been made.  Now I have something to look forward to each evening after a long, tedious day of work. Great.
(P.W. Pup)
Dear DMFC : A radio station said this morning that Ricky Martin was Dean Martin's youngest son.  Is this true?  Thanks!
(Chrissy Walsh)
Dear Chrissy - You're not alone is asking this question right now. A hot new Latin singer has burst upon the scene these past few months topping the music charts and appearing on the covers of hundreds of magazines across the nation. His name is Ricky Martin... but, sorry to tell you, he isn't the same "Ricci" Martin who is Dean's son (who, by the way, is VERY talented in the music field as well!)
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : Have been a Dean Martin fan forever. Recently obtained a copy of The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts. The highlight of the tape is when the comic portrays an Indian chief. The bit was good, but what is really enjoyable is watching Dean's reaction. The comic goes into a tirade using Italian. Since Dean spoke nothing but in his younger years, one can see he understands every word. He is laughing so hard that he is really the star of this bit even though Michael Landon was the honoree. P.S. Just discovered your site. Nice Job
(Bob Soderlund)
Dear DMFC : I just saw the new Mike Myers movie "Austin Powers" and can't help but remember Dean in all those old Matt Helm movies where he was the cool spy. Yeah, baby!
(Art Shavelson - California)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin is the greatest singer today (even though he is gone in this world, he is living in the hearts and minds of so many of us). I have been having an eerie feeling that Dean's going to be visiting us again soon in some other way. Maybe some new recordings, or some long lost film will surface. I feel it!
(Jim W. Nelson - Washington D.C.)
Dear DMFC : I am a great admirer of Dean Martin. I am introducing him to our children Anna-Frida, Anna-Sofia, Nils-Filip and Anna-Linnea. Particular interest have been shown to Deans TV shows.
I remember a wonderful evening with him in Gothenburg, when we watched his show. He was visited by a rather loaded Pilot. Excellent performance. At parties I am presenting myself as this Pilot, to some success but would like to see it again. Best regards and thank you for the nice party last Friday here in Lysekil, when we sung after we printed out Deans song from your smashing WEB page.
( Nils Håkan Abrahamsson)
Dear DMFC : EMI in Norway will run a TV-commercial for "The very best of Dean Martin; the Capitol & Reprise years" through this summer. Hopefully this will result in a #1 position in the Norwegian salescharts, as it did in Sweden some weeks ago, when they also did TV.
(Jens Morten Frøhoel - Norway)
Dear DMFC : I can't help but remember a film that was made BEFORE the big Cannonball Run movies that starred Dean Martin and Burt Reynolds. Do you know anything about it?
(Marcy Goldenberg - Canada)
Marcy - Yes, it was called "Gumball Rally", and was made before Cannonball Run, although it didn't have the cast that the Cannonball Run films did. Actually... a classic film called "The Great Race" with an all star cast was produced years before the above mentioned.
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : Hello! I have just discovered your web site and it has kept me entertained for hours while I should have been working! I and a few of my friends are big Dean Martin fans, and you will be pleased to hear that we have managed to infiltrate one of our local pubs and put a Dean CD on the jukebox!  We like to emulate his lifestyle as much as possible so alcohol is never far away! Obviously Dean is a much bigger star over there than in Britain, but my groups of friends take it all very seriously indeed, so I have told them about this website.  Can't wait for more song lyrics! Keep up the good work!
(Susan - England)
Dear DMFC : I have just received my first Fan Club magazine with Regis Philbin and Dom DeLuise on the cover, and I must commend you on a fantastic surprise for what I was expecting! I am proud to be a member, and want to let others who are fans of Dean's that you are doing a bang-up job!
(J. Samuelson - Rhode Island)
Dear DMFC : The Steubenville, Ohio party was so much fun this year, especially listening to Dean Martin music playing all day long as one strolls down the same Steubenville streets as Dean did as a child growing up. The party concluded with Joe Scallisi performing his act, with the eerie resemblance of Dean Martin, as if he were still with us enjoying the party in his honor. Now this weekend seems so boring and almost painfully long compared to the weekend we all had 7 days ago. It was great!
(Deborah Sbarro - Kansas)
Dear DMFC : Since I was a young boy, I have grown up watching Mr. Martin on television & and in movies. He was a great & wonderful entertainer, never disappointing his audience, At this time I am not able to join your club, but I'll be with you soon. I just wish I'd seen him live somewhere, my wife was trying to save money to send me to Vegas for a performance in the early 80's, but I never made it. I'm 41 years old, and living in Louisiana.
(Lawrence Guidry)

Dear DMFC : Just a short note to let you know that I think you're web page's are really good and very informative,I have been a fan of Dino's for approx 25 years and was lucky enough to see him in concert in London in 1982. I'm planning to join your fan club later on in the year, I'm also a big fan of Elvis Presley and I run the local fan club.
(Paul Downie)
Dear DMFC : Hi, last night the cable station had a tribute to Dean Martin. I really loved Dean. I am now 43 yrs old.  Watched his TV show, Movies, and the movie Airport still gets me so excited and intense its unbelievable. Well I still vividly remember the day he died. It ruined my Christmas, I felt like I knew him. He was a big part of my life, he stood above all. And  I will always remember him fondly. Well, thanks for listening. I always wanted to tell someone how special Dean was.
Dear DMFC : We live in Michigan, and have heard your Center's president for a few minutes on the radio and loved to reminisce. Thank you for providing the last hour of enjoyment looking over you site.
(Mary and Alex Townsin - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : Hi my name is Tim from Ireland, First record I ever bought was Dean Martin's "Gentle on my mind" about 1968. I was 6 yrs old. Love the site have lots of Deans cd's keep it going........
(Tim - Ireland)
Dear DMFC : I want to start the Joe Scallisi fan club. I can't believe how much he looked and acted like Dean. It was not as much an impression, as it was the true nature of Joe Scallisi to come across similar to Dean and the way he had about himself. My family had a wonderful time in Steubenville, and now that I am home, I can't wait to get my pictures developed and share them with the people at work.
(Shirley Sabatino - Wyoming)
Dear DMFC : I found your address by watching Regis and Kathie Lee last week. Great site!
(Tollie Raveas - Texas)
Dear DMFC : Happy Birthday Dino, Say hello to Frank for me.
(Ann Teleoanich - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : Hi everyone, First of all HAPPY 82ND BIRTHDAY DINO. Just returned back from Steubenville this years event was one of the best I ever attended.  They had great tee shirts beautiful coffee mugs, magnets with Dino on it , keys chains, gold record pins saying Dean Martin 1999 Steubenville, Ohio, license plates (Dean Martin Blvd)
coasters, Christmas bulbs , Bottles of wine from Celebrity Cellars with Dinos face on it. My mother and I first attended the mass at St. Anthony's Church, which was held for Dino. Then we moved down to Jaggin Around Restaurant where they had great impersonators, but the best one was Tom Stevens, we could not believe how much he sounded and looked like Dean. I hope to see more of him impersonating Dino. They also had a auction which someone paid $800.00 for a $2.00 cancelled check that Dino signed. I must say this event was the busiest
I ever seen. Looking forward for next years event. Fan members;
(Nancy Thompson & Norine Bookman)

Dear DMFC : Short and simple : HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAN!
(No Name)
Dear DMFC : I was one of those who did get to go to Steubenville, and even though I am not a fanatical fan of Dean Martin's, like others you have on your post board, I have become a huge admirer after this great weekend, and now I too, am contributing to your post board. The ladies who sponsored the weekend (on the local town committee), and the entertainment was wonderful, AND ALL FREE! The fellow that heads up your organization was so much a part of everything. It took me all day to be able to get a few minutes of his time because he had people lined up wanting to talk to him sometimes 3 or 4 deep. When he wasn't talking to the folks that came, he was being hounded by every newspaper, tv or radio station that showed up, as was the impersonators that did a fantastic job (there were four entertainers all together, along with a very talented young lady, who didn't get any billing, and I don't know her name, but was great). The highlight came for me when I was able to win a Dean Martin CD I had not seen before, from their many auctions they had. Now I guess I'm another 'hooked' fan, and can't wait to play my new CD today.
(Mr. E. Rockaford - New York)
Dear DMFC : I wasn't able to go to Ohio this year, and now I regret it so very much. From what I am reading, Dean Martin still lives on in the hearts and souls of others!
(Jackie Playton - Canada)
Dear DMFC : I had to report the happenings on Saturday in Steubenville for all those who could not be there. Mass for Dean was once again held at St. Anthony's Church (where Dean went). The day was filled with a lot of people from all over the world. I met a couple from the Netherlands, and another from England. It was a very HOT day, and I think that kept some people from coming out until later when it cooled off and the impersonators appeared. The fun went into high gear when a newcomer named Tom Stevens went on, even with microphone problems, but the highlight was the returning impersonator Joe Scallisi, who not only resembles a young Dino, but has that "shy" way about him that Dean Martin had when he was being himself. It was an EXCELLENT time, and the whole town of Steubenville deserves a big thank you, as well as your organization, and especially Neil Daniels who was very much a part of making everyone, including myself, feel so welcome and excited. When this comes around next year again, don't miss it! I would tell everyone to start checking out the dates for next year, and start making room reservations NOW!
(Kevin Schaeffer - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : The Steubenville event was better than ever this year! Tom Stevens was one of the best impersonators that I have ever seen! If he got $5.00 for every picture people wanted to take with him... he would be a very rich man! I hope we can see more of him!
(Kimmy Agomato - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : We here in California want to say "Happy Birthday Dean". Our local restaurant is having Dino Weekend here, and a special armature night on the 7th for any Dean Martin impersonators. Here's to our hero...ol' Red eyes... Dean Martin!
(The Gang at "City Central" - California)
Dear DMFC : Thank you for a wonderful time in Dean Martin's home city. The party they threw was all out fun! I will definitely be there next year for the big 2000!
(Charlie Donaldson - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : I heard your organization's chairman on my oldies station talk about Dean Martin, whom I have always loved growing up, but don't really hear as much about today. They decided to play Dean Martin music all morning long, and it was such a delight! I called my neighbor and told her about the day in Steubenville, Ohio, and about 5 hours later she called me back to tell me she was in downtown Steubenville having a wonderful time (She drove all the way from Virginia). Thanks for giving me (on the radio) and my neighbor (who drove in person) and wonderful weekend!
(Deborah Averson - Virginia)
Dear DMFC : I saw the Regis and Kathie Lee show, and found out about your center and the party given in Dean Martin's honor. I only live one state away, but believe me, I will be there to have a great time. I am one of Dean's biggest fans and would not miss this for the world! Thank you Regis for telling us all about it!
(Mrs. Sara Rochford - West Virginia)
Dear DMFC : Happy Birthday Dean!
(Jennifer Miller)