Dear DMFC : A Martin Scorsese picture it ain't!
(Mark Carter - California)
Dear DMFC : I thought the film was absolutely atrocious start to finish. I turned my VCR off 15 minutes into the film. I couldn't believe what I was watching. Casting was horrible. Northam's British accent was breaking through whenever he started to yell (which was often). Hayes had a Beatle cut. They even gave Skinny D'Amato a bald head which he didn't have. Couldn't they even get that straight? Dean was cast in the worst possible light. He deserved better than this. Cardboard cutout characters and a cut and paste script signifying nothing. A monstrosity. What a shame. There is a great story about this great comedy team but it hasn't been made yet.
(RJ Davidson - Florida)
Dear DMFC : If I hear the word "pallie" just one more time I think I'm gonna puke! I had always come to believe that Dean was a very smart man who worked hard making it look easy. This movie had to have been easy to make look hard. I won't have anything to keep me up thinking about tonight - there was nothing there!
(Juliet Hiller - Florida)
Dear DMFC : I thought the ending bi-lines for the TV movie based on Martin and Lewis were a bit humorous. While it's true that Jerry Lewis did go on to producing, directing and starring in many successful films for Paramount Pictures, the credit that was given to Dean should have had a line about him being the highest paid person in television, and not only did his TV show run for nine years - but his Celebrity Roasts ran an additional plus decade more.
(Ben Orlando - Illinois)
Dear DMFC : Over the years, I never heard anyone who worked with Dean say an unkind word or criticize the man for anything. What happened to that person that I thought I loved all these years? Not a thing... I still love Dean Martin. I'm beginning to hate all the others that manufacture trash and attach his name to it.
(Name Withheld - New York)
Dear DMFC : I too saw the Martin & Lewis movie last night. Although I consider myself a huge Dean fan, I have to place myself in the minority of his fans who liked the movie. Regardless of Dean's remarkable talents and incredible charisma, the movie conveyed the essence of the Martin-Lewis years, from a behind the scenes perspective. Like it or not, Dean did leave his first wife for a younger model, and had numerous affairs during all his marriages. Moreover, despite the on-stage magic of Martin & Lewis, it is well known that their relationship deteriorated as Jerry became ambitious and competitive, and Dean resented Jerry's subsequent, immature conduct that resulted from those ambitions. Sure, Dean did many wonderful things throughout his life, from taking in his children from his first marriage and adopting another child, to his immeasurable charity work. But the fact is, you can't condense a lifetime into two hours. Last night's movie simply focused on the relationship between Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, and the contrasts between the two men. I'd have to say it was successful in that regard.
A final note: The actor who portrayed Dean did a fine job. Dean was one-of-a-kind, and no one could match the charm he had. We shouldn't have expected this kid to do so.
(Kerry O'Brien)
Dear DMFC : This movie was based on the Arthur Marx book "Everybody Loves Somebody" ? That sounds like a maneuver to get past the legal aspects. If you have read any biographies on Dean, you will see that this film actually used the terrible Nick Tosches as a guideline for accuracy, NOT the Arthur Marx book.
Jeremy Northam, the actor that played Dean in the TV movie, was interviewed by Regis Philbin. When asked how he learned how to play the part of Dean, Jeremy gave credit to the Nick Tosches book also. This was a terrible waste.
(George Carribis - New York)
Dear DMFC: For the highest paid comedy team in history, I would think I would be entertained. All I saw was Dean being some sort of underground slug who used women and hated everyone around, including Jerry who still begs for recognition.
(Andrea Bryant - Texas)
Dear DMFC : The Martin & Lewis movie is on right now, and I don't think I'm going to miss anything by turning the volume down on the TV and turning the computer on to send you a message. I am so disappointed. Is this the way Dean Martin really was? Is his first wife Betty still living? Do most of his kids hate him? I am really shocked at all of this. I don't even want to see the rest of it.
(Mary McGuire - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : I tried to give this movie a chance. I tried to be impartial. I even tried to overlook the fact that Jerry Lewis had something to do with it's making.
The movie sucked.
It did NOT capture any of the Martin and Lewis magic at all. There was no warmth to the character and the actor playing the role of Dean was mis-cast. The voice was a terrible impersonation. It would have been better to use a normal speaking voice than to shred up the dialect and inflections that made Dean's voice pleasantly lovable when he spoke or sang. Instead, it was harsh on the ears. Actually the best part was hearing the REAL Dean in the lipsync song vocals, and then a lot of the tunes were 'washed out' in the audio process and overlaying of injected tracks by dialogue.
As for Sean Hayes who played Jerry: he was a good choice. Unfortunately, all of his talents as Jerry are lost in such a bad script. Isn't anyone curious as to why Dean and Jerry had their own line of comic books and games? Does anyone wonder how this team became so successful? Does anyone wonder why they were the top box office draws for many years? None of this even came across in this movie. It was a downer. My memories recall the fun and excitement, none of which could have been used to balance this movie for the viewer who may not know the whole story.
For those younger folks who didn't know who Dean Martin was before, I think this movie is going to send them reeling. Without new fans, and without proper documentation, no one is going to be interested in watching another Dean Martin movie or giving a listen to a Dean Martin song.
(Kiel Scutter - South Dakota)
Dear DMFC : I have been hearing about the Martin & Lewis movie for weeks now. I even read a couple of good reviews in Entertainment weekly and my newspaper. Did these people see another version than me?
I tuned in to see a movie about the ups and downs of Martin and Lewis. I thought I was going to be entertained and educated at the same time. The magic of Martin and Lewis was absent. What I saw was a film based upon a negative relationship between two people and all of the people that surrounded them. Where was the positive?
If Jerry Lewis is so intent on telling us how he hates the word 'tumultuous" relationship, then why does this movie develop everything around that theme?
As for Dean Martin, I can only say that this movie did him no justice at all. Dean was the kind of person that never spoke out about what other people wrote about him. Dean knew that tabloid press was part of the game, and Dean was able to separate himself from his work after the day was through. Dean didn't need to play the game. Dean only gave a handful of interviews in his entire life. Not because he didn't care. If he didn't care, then why was he always in the studio turning out a hit record or a TV show episode. Why did he travel to Las Vegas and perform night after night? Dean worked himself to death. Not the signs of a man who didn't care. Yet, now that he is gone, his name is easily trashed by people wanting to make a few dollars, and there is no one who is going to say anything about it.
I have read that the producers and stars say that this movie wasn't suppose to be a biography, but rather a look at a relationship between two different personalities. NONSENSE - words to cover up anyone who wants to tell what it really is. If you didn't want it to be a biography, then why did you use the names "Martin and Lewis"? Why not make it "Joe and John"? Shame on you. Shame on a cheap way for CBS to gain a few rating points.
(Karen Avery - California)
Dear DMFC : I wanted to see the Martin & Lewis movie because it was made by the same team that made the excellent Judy Garland movie last year. Were these the same people??!?!
I was never a Judy Garland fan, but after I saw that movie, I walked away with a good feeling and an emotional one. I felt that I made a connection with Garland.
This movie was the opposite. No connection - no feeling - I actually shut if off before the end. There was no interest in watching such a bad movie. Northam who played Martin was not the right person. He gave the character no depth, then used the storyline as an excuse that Dean had no depth. Yeah, right. Let's hope this doesn't get a rerun.
(R.J. Robin - Pennsylvania)
Dear DMFC : (Concerning the TV Movie) The script was neatly packaged, but once the package was opened, the item inside was missing parts. They should send it back to the manufacturer and get their money back. I also think an apology is needed.
(Lisa Mevrow - Texas)
Dear DMFC : (Martin & Lewis TV Movie) Who's view is this?
(John Dakota - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : I consider "Volare" and "Out of My Mind" the two best
ever Dean's recordings and coincidentally they were issued in one single 45 rpm. Do not know what musical experts may think about this but this is my opinion as a common listener. The opening note on Volare, when he says "VOOla... it contains to me his best intonation ever and from there was set the pace for the rest of the recording to keep it on going in the right track.
In "Outta of..." Dean swings at his best. The two sides of this single from the stand point of renditions shows Dean in two opposite styles, a swinging one and a medium tempo pop standard and in both genres he comes out with total success. It was like a statement, for his legacy, of how versatile performs, in those days, could be; quite different to today's "singers", who always sound as boxed in the same rendition's style; difference being only the name of the title.
We shall not disregard the good two musical arrangements put together for the session by Mr.Gus Levine. I still miss his 1970s Thursdays nights NBC shows. Sincerely,
(Raúl Massuet)
Dear DMFC : Does anybody know anything about a theater (night club, maybe?) somewhere near Birchwood, Wisconsin? Someone who used to live there told me it was "built by Dean Martin and those guys." She thinks it still exists, but can't remember where it was or anything much about it at all. Any clues?Thanks,
Susan Oswood - Minnesota)
Dear DMFC : Well, I taped it, but I'll probably record over it.
(Robert Burke, Jr. - Washington)
Dear DMFC : I just watched a movie about Martin and Lewis on television and to be honest I was really interested in learning more about Dean Martin…. I have looked at your website and I want to tell you its wonderful!!! I was curious to know what his relationship was with his first four children, when he left his first wife did he keep in touch with his children? I read that he had three more kids with his second wife and it seemed that he was a very attentive father to those kids. I was just wondering more about his relationship with his first four children and if he was as close to them as he was his last three. He seems like he was a wonderful entertainer, was he just as wonderful as a father?? I know that question sounds stupid but I was just wondering… Thanks for your time.
(Annomous - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : I was reading through the older posts on the bulletin board and I came across this one from last year: [Finally, the president of our Fan Center, Neil Daniels (who produced the two Bear Family Box Sets) has an authoritative knowledge on the subject. He states that Dean had not made any recordings in 1938. He also adds that he has in possession three recordings that were made before the Diamond recordings in which Dean's name is actually mentioned on one acetate during the recording. Maybe we will be able to hear these recordings in a future release. We also have a few of the 15 minute radio shows that were broadcasted in New York, which include all the commercials and public service spots, and the announcer introducing "Young" Dean Martin singing for you.] Have any of these items been released?
(Christopher - Florida)
Hi Christopher - I don't believe that any of this material has been released to the public yet. There are also more things that are slowing turning up, so a possible release of very early never-before-heard recordings could be a possibility in the future.
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : Just a note maybe ten years late. But many thanks to Dean for bringing a whole lot a joy into the home of a young lad with a single mom that had a small case of Dean Martin fobia. The Dean Martin show would make the greatest reruns since Andy's Mayberry! Of course that only touches the surface of the atmosphere and flavor of life in it's first impressions through the music of Dean. I don't have a single copy of his music. I don't have a decent stereo system but, I sound just like him in the shower!!!!!!! It's just a guess, but I'm probably the most likely candidate to fill in for him in Vegas! All I need is a little music of his favorite songs and I'm on my way. Please contact me if ever there's a Dean Martin contest I'll send you a video audition for a all expense paid trip to Vegas!!!!!!! That's all for now,except to send a message formal like to Dean from a forty-five year old fan, married with two sons, Hey baby thanks for the show.
(David R Phelps)
Dear DMFC : Last night, I watched Biography of Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack. After watching that Biography, I learned things about Dean Martin which I never knew before. For example, his feelings about the JFK inauguration and his lack of interest in that campaign. I was most impressed with how he was able to figure out that Sinatra was being used by the Kennedy's and he was not going to lend any support to them...I just want to tell his family how very proud I am of being an Italian American who is also proud of Dean Martin and his stance that he took back in 1960. It had to take great courage to not allow himself to be used like Sinatra was in that campaign. I also admired the comments that Jerry Lewis paid to Dean Martin.
I loved watching Dean Martin on television and now I am so very glad to know what a terrific human being he was off stage also.
Please convey my gratitude to his family and let them know that I continue to miss him. He truly was an extraordinary human being. I shall remember him in my prayers.
(Rose Bud)
Dear DMFC : Hey everyone... go to the page called "News and Information" by clicking the green button above, then click on the information about the new Martin and Lewis movie. It takes a while to download, but there's a neat picture and a link to the CBS website. Thanks for all that you do Dean Martin Fan Center!
(Joseph Mercer - Florida)
Dear DMFC : Hi, Folks: This is Dave Gwinn, Kansas City member....
I'm in Phoenix. Just left Arby's out here and across the street was a big red sign: DEAN MARTIN For Arizona Congress. It'd be good to get one of our Arizona members to get a picture of it.
(Dave Gwinn - Kansas)
Dear DMFC : Just saw the Rat Pack Tribute show at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. The fellow who did Frank Sinatra was real good. He had Frankie down to a T. It was all down hill after that. But what it all comes down to is that there was only one Dino and there will never be another one. I'm glad I was around for the real one.
(Kate Meno - Connecticut)
Dear DMFC : Saw you guys mentioned in my morning paper and glad to have found your Website. Dean Martin was our favorite singer while my wife and I raised our three kids in California. Now that they are grown up and out, it's always a treat to visit them. The last time we were picked up at the airport visiting the oldest, we looked in the back seat of his car, and among four cd's laying there, a Dean Martin one was among them. Looks like good things wore off onto them, Dean Martin being one. I wanted to write here that not only does our generation remember Dean Martin, but the young generation loves him too.
(Owen Chancily Andrews - California)
Dear DMFC: Just picked up the new Rat Pack Christmas CD. It has a lot of great songs including two live songs with Dean and Frank Sinatra from Dean's television show. It's a shame that they included the wrong version of "White Christmas". The CD says that it's the Reprise version, but it's the same Capitol version that's been put on dozens of other CD's.
(Robert Page-North Carolina)
Dear DMFC : I could not have made a better choice, though I never would have thought of it myself, to play Dean in the upcoming TV special than Jeremy Northam. I read in an interview that Martin was long a hero of Northam's, who just finished a role in GOSFORD PARK, in which he played the real-life singer, actor and songwriter, Ivor Novello. Northam himself, a classically trained Brit best known for appearing in tight breeches in period pieces such as EMMA and POSSESSION, is one of the best young British actors around. I think he'll do a great job.
Dear DMFC: This is for David Frizzle from Georgia who wanted to know about Dean's Song that had the lyrics, "Man who loves his mother." I believe the name of that song is Any Man who loves his mother. It's from the movie Robin and the 7 Hoods. You should be able to buy the soundtrack album and the song is also on one of the Bear Family Box Sets. You can probably get both from the fan center.
(Tom Bergin - California)
Dear DMFC : To answer the question of David from Georgia, the song he is asking about is ANY MAN WHO LOVES HIS MOTHER from the Rat pack film ROBIN AND THE SEVEN HOODS. It is available (although not the version heard in the film) on the soundtrack cd currently available. This is a song that deserves more play than it receives and could easily be a Mothers Day favorite. In the film it is overlaid in a comic gimmick which, though clever, detracts from the sentimentality of the song and the feeling that Dean puts into it.
P.S. As a longtime member of the fan club, keep up the great work!!!
(Dennis Brislen - Nebraska)
Dear DMFC : Hi, I am in Toronto, Canada. I am a fairly new Dean Martin fan and recently discovered your fabulous website. The discography section is the best I have seen on the web and has been especially helpful to me in referencing Dean's work on vinyl.
I have a query about a Dean Martin CD I picked up at a Wal-Mart store in Toronto. The CD is titled "Dean Martin - 32 Songs For Lovers" and is on the Cedar label. The info on the package says the CD was manufactured in the EC but gives no release date. Although the sound quality of this mono recording is only fair and the track selection is somewhat dubious, the tunes are all live performances that sound like they are from his TV shows. For example, besides Dean, "The Money Song" definitely features Jerry Lewis and a female who sounds very much like Lucille Ball. And "Dreamer With a Penny" (listed erroneously on the album as "Dream") sounds like Dean appearing either on someone else's TV show or on radio. However, there are no performance credits accompanying the song listings.
If you are aware of this CD and can shed any light on the origins of the tracks and the guest artists, I would much appreciate it. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks,
(Terry Burman - Canada)
Hi Terry - This cd, like so many others, is a bootleg. Because it was manufactured overseas, the company or individuals usually make a small amount of money and then disappear quickly as to avoid being sued. The songs that are included are from the various Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis radio shows done in the 1940's and 1950's on radio. Various cd releases have different combinations of these songs, sometimes interspersed with songs from the "Martin & Lewis Colgate Comedy Hour" TV shows (which Jerry Lewis Productions owns today).
Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center
Dear DMFC : I love the new cd Swingin' With Dean. All of the songs are wonderful and bring back the memories of such a wonderful crooner and swinger.
(Mrs. Anna Fario - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : Just joined the fan club and it's great. I loved reading about all the things in the magazine and all of the stories people have that were connected with Dean. Can someone tell me what song Dean did that has the words "man who loves his mother" in it is from or where I can get it? Thanks again.
(David Frizzle - Georgia)
Dear DMFC : What a great site! I am a Steubenville native and am very proud to be able to say Dean Martin is from my hometown. I am currently living in Cleveland, however, I always seem to find my way home! Recently, I began to think about my friends and how much we enjoy Dean Martin. We range in age from 25-29 and when we are all together we love to listen to Dean! I find this incredibly impressive to think that we were not born until the 70's and we all know about him. What a tribute to Dean! Recently, I attended a wedding of a friend from Steubenville in Las Vegas. The wedding dances and other songs played were primarily Dean Martin. We loved it! Thanks for this opportunity to view parts of Dean's past and know that his legacy is unwavering with the younger generations as well! Thanks again for everything!
(Paul Wilson - Ohio)
Dear DMFC : I just purchased a couple of the new Dean Martin 2-fer cd's, and wanted to say that this is the best singer there ever was. These cd's are astounding! I haven't even heard all of the selections yet, when I turned on the computer to find your Website and wanted to say how great these are, and to everyone to go get these!
(J. Kearney - California)
Dear DMFC : I just saw a bit on our TV's news channel where they interviewed your company's chairman all about Dean Martin and what an influence he still has on society today. I was nice to hear such great comments and insight to an entertainer that was never FULLY appreciated for how much talent he REALLY had. Thanks for this opportunity to have a bulletin board to express our words on.
(James Pollen - Florida)
Dear DMFC : I just returned from Biloxi, Mississippi where I attended a Don Rickles performance. Don was fantastic! He mentioned that he and Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin were good friends. He joked and said he attended Dean`s wedding when Dean married a nine year old! If anyone gets a chance to see Don in person I highly recommend it! He was great!!!
(Robert Earl Durocher - Louisiana)
Dear DMFC : On the TV show "The Sopranos" this last Sunday, Dean Martin was heard once again! Tony was in a horse stable with a sick horse as they played "My Rifle, My Pony and Me" (sung by Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson) from the movie"Rio Bravo", as they ran the shows credits and still played the song. Dean is everywhere!
(Larry Bacall - New York)
Dear DMFC : If I had to choose between winning the lottery or having Dean Martin as my boyfriend, I would choose Dean. Not only would I have everything I want in a man, but he's have the money to spend on me anyway (ha!). All kidding aside, where are all of the leading men today? All of the men I see on the covers of People and US magazines don't come close to having the charisma and talent that Dean had. Actually, most of these new men are made up stars of Hollywood with more fantasy than truth. Dean had the talent and didn't need anything made for him. Do you think that any of these stars today will have a following once they are gone like Dean has? Give that a thought.
(Karen Blanchert - Wisconsin)
Dear DMFC : So what's up with that Dean Martin movie that Warner Brothers talked about making with Tom Hanks?
(Jill Meedy - Australia)
Dear DMFC : Hi all, I'm 22 years old and have always liked Dean Martin since I was a kid. I've always loved almost all forms of music, but listening to Dean sing is a daily must do for me. He has such a compelling voice and watching him on video is also a daily must have. Dean is so cool to watch on screen. I have memorized so many of his songs, and practice constantly singing. Listening to his music and watching him makes me a better person. I will be joining your club asap. I've been searching everywhere for his movies. I can't wait to start getting all the cool things you have. Long Live Dean Martin.
Dear DMFC: As a longtime member let me refer to Adam Lichter's latest quote regarding the Matt Helm series. I do not agree with the silly thing! As extraordinarily silly ones I would quote the Leslie Nielsen's "naked gun" series. But compared with the original and too serious James Bond ones, the Matt Helm series are funny and very easy entertaining. What bothers me there are only the special effects: They seem to be very stiff, too hand made and so unnatural. Nevertheless I am enjoying Matt Helm more than any other agent series! Even though they have not this serious touch of a James Bond, I don't find them silly, but classy. What a pity that Dino hadn't used them more for promoting his songs. Unfortunately, I could not really enjoy Dino's two Cannonball movies in that way I did his Matt Helm ones . Best regards
(Dry Lukacovic - Switzerland)
Dear DMFC : I can't wait for the TV shows to come out again. When I think of Dean Martin, I always think of Thursday Nights with my Mom, Dad and brother watching Dean slide down his pole and sing those songs on his couch after telling jokes from atop his piano.
(Ken B. Sucliff - Washington)
Dear DMFC : Well, I must admit, I was never a big Dean Martin fan. Yes, I remember his TV show, and use to watch it from time to time, especially if there was a particular guest star on that evening. I saw a handful of his movies. I liked the westerns that I saw, but the Matt Helm movies were a bit too silly for my own taste. Nevertheless, the public must have liked him to keep him on top for so long. Every where I turned, Dean Martin was on the cover of some movie star magazine with crazy headlines.
When I stumbled onto your website, I started reading, and it became interesting enough, that I explored more of what your site has to offer. Well, I finally decided to go out and purchase a couple of Dean Martin cd's. I can't tell you what a pleasure this has been! Now, in this world of confusion and crazy blaring music, these Dean Martin cd's sound like a piece of heaven. I joined an internet news group, and by posting a few things, I was able to get ahold of a couple of back issues of your magazine. Wow, now I am hooked!
I can't believe that after all the years that Dean has been dead, that I would become a new 'fan' of his. I also can't believe that after his death, you would have anything to write about him. I mean, he's gone, what would people expect? No one can interview him anymore. Most has already been said, and no one can take new photos, but beyond those thoughts, when I received your magazines I was very much wrong. You find interesting people to interview that actually knew and worked with Dean. That is something even the books written about him has failed to provide, except the recent ones about his TV show, and the one his son wrote.
I wanted to post my comments here, where they belong. To anyone else that is reading, I would suggest that you delve a little further if you're not a big Dean Martin fan, like I was. You might discover a wealth of entertainment still exists.
Congratulations on a job well done. I will be sending in for a membership very shortly.
(Adam Lichter - Maryland)
Dear DMFC : I have just found this wonderful site, I've been a Dino fan for many years, ever since my father would stack his old record player up with nothing but Dean's vinyl 45's, and we would sit all night and listen to that wonderful voice. Sadly my father as past away, but every time I hear Dean, those beautiful memories come back. I live in England, and we do not get the old shows over here, but with this site I feel more in touch with the man I still regard as the greatest singer ever.
(Dave Weedop - England)
Dear DMFC : On the new fall show premiere of 'The In-Laws', there was a mention of Dean when the topic turned to what was programed on the radio - 80 percent Dean. I know that mine is 100 percent Dean because I have nothing but Dean's tapes going all the time! Dean Martin has the best voice in the whole world, and no one will ever be as good!
(Stephanie Perkins - Utah)
Dear DMFC : I just saw a commercial for Downey Fabric Softener and during it in the background was "Let it Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!" by Dean. He's all over the place!
(Bill Mimoun - Indiana)
Dear DMFC : Thanks for the information about the new issue of TV Guide listing Dean Martin as it's 14th most sexiest person ever on TV. In my book he's number one!
(Sharon Edwards - Arizona)
Dear DMFC : Hi there, I am a big fan of Dean Martin and am only 23! I live in the UK and can't get a lot of info about the man named DINO. My question is what happened to Dean in his later years? After the failed Rat Pack reunion tour (is this available on video or cd?) what happened to him? I've read various books etc. but unlike Sinatra the trail disappears. I can't find any concerts of his after this nor any photos of him in his later life yet everybody tells me they were quite well documented! What's the deal?
(Nick Jameson - United Kingdom)
Dear DMFC : Hello! I would like to express my appreciation to thank you for this fan center on Dean Martin.I was very disappointed when he passed away that there was not nearly enough praise for this wonderful man. I happened to see Jeanie Martin on Bravo channel, talking about her late husband. I have many tapes about him but not that interview. I am a 47 year woman and ever since I was a small child I just adored Dean Martin. My father and I would watch his show every week for 9 years. Every Christmas I would play his Christmas songs until it was time to end the day.You could only imagine the devastation when the evening of Christmas Day, 1995.It was announced on the news that Dean had passed. I called my dad, We were just heart broken. I just decided to go on line to see if there was anything on Dean and I found DMFC! I will be with great pleasure join the fan club and I am excited to start receiving information etc..I would love to hear from you.
(Tracy K.)
Dear DMFC : I saw the new infomercial with Don Rickles over the weekend. I was just thinking about it and there it was. it was so great, I taped it. I get my last 2 roasts next month and have enjoyed all of them !!! Thanks,
(Kate Meno - Connecticut)
Dear DMFC : Dean Martin was mentioned on the new episode of The Sopranos singing "My Rifle, My Pony and Me" from the movie "Rio Bravo"!
(Dave Harshman - Nevada)
Dear DMFC : Even though Dean Martin passed away years ago, it's nice to have information like this available to all fans who will never forget him. I was a lucky person who ran into Mr. Martin shopping in a store in Los Angeles. He was looking for pajamas at the time! I really thought someone like Dean would have someone else do the shopping for him, but he seemed interested in looking himself. When I introduced myself and said that I was a big fan of his, he shook my hand and looked at me as if it was the first time anyone had ever said that to him. He proceeded to tell me a quaint little joke, and my husband and I laughed. He asked us if we ever saw a pair of pajamas that came with pockets to hold cans of beer, as we laughed and knew he was such a down to earth sole who really cared about his fans. I will never forget that day, and only wished we had a camera or even asked him for an autograph. Thanks for letting me tell my little story.
(Mrs. A. LaShelle - California)
Dear DMFC: I picked up a copy of your Dean Martin magazine from my doctor's office and noticed your e-mail and website address on the back. I actually managed to steal the issue and take it home with me. I have never seen a magazine devoted to a celebrity as yours. Sure, they have Brittney Spears and Jennifer Lopez magazines, but I've not seen one devoted to a star of yesteryear as your is for Dean Martin. I found the stories on Susan Buckner and Eddie Deezen to be the most fascinating, since all of us have grown up with the movie Grease too. It was also great reading about the TV shows and Lee Hale and Paul Gordon. I remember seeing Lee Hale's name on the credits of each of those shows back in the 70's. Now that I have visited your website, I am going to become a full fledged members for sure, and start receiving your magazines on a regular basis at home, so I don't have to make extra trips to my doctor's office to steal his copy.
(Robert Hagedon - Texas)
Dear DMFC : Your new magazine was the greatest yet! I was excited to read the story about the Dean Martin TV shows being restored, and the segment on Ricci Martin and how he is singing a couple of his Dad's songs on stage in his Ricci, Desi and Billy act. Keep it up!
(Mrs. Dolores Haver - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : I was a bit disappointed in your current issue of the magazine. I would rather read more interesting information on Dean Martin rather than hear stories from people who knew him or worked with him.
(Karen McMillian - West Virginia)
Dear DMFC : I just received my latest Fan Center Issue and what a marvelous job you did! I enjoyed the entire issue from cover to cover, especially the Grease-Dino connection. Your issues are getting better and better all the time!
(Sam Lappin - South Carolina)
Dear DMFC : As we have all read about Jerry Lewis and his recent health problems, let me say that I have been a fan of Jerry Lewis from the time he was with Dean Martin 'till now. He has achieved so much in his career and has entertained so many people. Most entertainers can just dream about doing a fraction of what Jerry Lewis has been able to do.
I also note that many Dean Martin fans take pride in degrading Jerry's name on many other bulletin boards and in private e-mail groups that are dedicated to Dean. I cannot believe that these people would feel that much anger towards someone that they don't even personally know. It's an anger built from the fact that the comedy duo is no longer together, and broke up much like a divorce. Face it, if they didn't break up, they might never had gone any further in accomplishments. Dean would have never conquered Las Vegas or even had his own high rated TV show.
Jerry Lewis spends many many hours of his time working for one of the best causes in the world. To rid the world of disease, and to make kids happy and healthy again is his prime concern. So what if he has a temper, or seems a bit moody. Jerry Lewis is the ONLY one doing it!!! Among the thousands of celebrities in the world, how many can you name that gives so much of themselves for a cause like Jerry Lewis. THINK ABOUT IT! You can have your opinion if you like Jerry as an entertainer, or even don't like his personality, but you must give Jerry Lewis the respect that he deserves for what he has done for mankind in his lifetime. He deserves rewards like so many who get rewards without earning it.
None of us REALLY know what went on behind the scenes with Dean and Jerry. Only Dean and Jerry know themselves. We all hear what people speculate or write about to sell their own articles and books. Why not see what greatness both Dean and Jerry gave to us instead of seeing the negative side. Dean gave much happiness to people also. He treated them with a song, a dance and a warm grin. If we would all treat everyone we come in contact with the same guidelines, maybe the world would be a much better place, and we won't have to worry about Muscular Dystrophy or another September 11TH!
(David Paul Anderson - New York)
Dear DMFC : As September 11th approaches, let us remember fondly to a time when everything was easier, quieter and so much better. Let us also remember the greats who sang to us and told us jokes to keep our spirits up. Dean Martin was one of those, along with Bob Hope and John Wayne. These were the true stars and the ones who entertained us and kept us from our day to day problems. On this anniversary of such a tragic event, give a thought to those better days and maybe a thought or song by Dean Martin will take you away from the pain.
(Lita Riffman - New York)
Dear DMFC : I recently read an article about your president, Neil Daniels, in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune Newspaper. What a wonderful story and to hear about Dean Martin again was a treat for the eyes. Than you for keeping the memory alive.
(Kenneth Abridge - California)
Dear DMFC : Can't wait for the new Best of the Dean Martin Variety Shows to come out! I've been waiting for these for decades.
(Linda Cybourne - Georgia)
Dear DMFC : This is so funny, I just happen to have the same name as the legendary artist and my parents keep telling me they just named me Dean Martin by accident!! My mom was convinced she was expecting a "Debra" and had embroidered D's on all little clothing she had made herself. When I came to the world, Jan 23rd of 1958, in Moline Illinois, I was in no physical state to be called Debra!! The story goes that a friend, fellow chiropractic student of my dad, who at the time was attending Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, told them that Dean was a good name I never believed that story!!
Anyway, just to let you know, there's a Dean Martin somewhere in Belgium, not related, but always love his songs. When we first moved back to Belgium, my first trip, in '62, I used to ask my grandma, who owned a tavern, to play my music from the time I was a grown-up!! It would be fun to get a response! Chiropractically yours,
(Dean Martin - Belgium)
Dear DMFC : The news story on page three of the Pasadena Star-News (in Pasadena, California) about keeping Dean Martin's memory alive was great. Please thank your founder and president for all that he is doing. A lot of us still remember Dean Martin and remember when he had his TV show. Every Thursday night we watched, and every Friday we would talk about the show at work. He is missed very much, but we are glad that your magazines and website keeps him in cur thoughts.
(Adam and Lindsay Messing - California)
Dear DMFC : As a resident of Pasadena (you know, the Rose Parade, the Rose Bowl Game and home to many movies shot here) I was pleasantly awaken to find a story in my copy of the Sunday Star about the Dean Martin Fan Center and it's president and founder, Mr. Daniels. The color photograph of Mr. Daniels sitting among a huge room filled with memorabilia he has amassed, shows what Dean Martin meant to the world. As an extra treat, another article appeared in another newspaper that we get the following day with more on Mr. Daniels and the Dean Martin Fan Center. I just recently went to my local record/cd store - Canterbury Records - and looked through the Dean Martin section (because of this article), and found that your Dean Martin Fan Center and Mr. Daniels is listed on so many of the releases too. All I can say is thanks for a job well done. I am now re-aquainted with Dean again, and am wanting to buy up all the movies and cd's I can find. I see that you have a lot of stuff for sale on your website that I will be looking at also.
(Charly C. Williams - California)
Dear DMFC : I am new to the world of Dean Martin. Wow, this man must have been some sort of workaholic. I am just starting to see how much this man did in his lifetime and career. It is truly unbelievable!
(James Granton - New York)
Dear DMFC : We have just received our latest issue of the fan club magazine, and wanted to tell you that you outdid yourselves again. The concept of doing a six degree look at Dean Martin vrs.. the motion picture Grease was a fun and different approach. I sat and counted over 160 different photographs included in this one issue alone. You guys are always coming up with such wonder and interesting information that most of us don't know or never thought of.
By the way, the article on preserving the Dean Martin TV Shows with Lee Hale and Paul Gordon was excellent. I was hoping the article would have even more after you got me engrossed in reading, and reading about Dean's son Ricci was a delight. I am happy to see that he has the charms of his father. Keep up the great work and I look forward to the next issue!
(Ned Kauffman - Germany)
Dear DMFC : I have found a record set called "The Dean Martin Treasury" and was wondering if it is worth anything at all?
(L.S. Binkman - Arizona)
Dear L.S. - A lot of these have been popping up lately. These sets were produced by the Longinees Symphonette Society for mail-order only back in the late 1960's. All of the material on the five discs were acquired from Dean's Capitol Records catalog (nothing from his Reprise material). The best part of this set was the small printed booklet that came inside with a few nice photographs and story. It was sent along with a bonus album called "That's Amore". After reviewing the box set, you would have the option of returning the large box or keeping it... either way, you could keep the bonus album free of charge. As for it's value... because so many of these were sold across the country, it is not a rare item at all, and wouldn't command a high dollar amount by any means. Still, it is a nice box set and probably should be included in every Dean Martin collector's library.
(Web Director - Dean Martin Fan Center)
Dear DMFC : It would have been fun to have had Nancy Sinatra, Deana Martin and Jerry Lewis all together. It would then be a variation of the Rat Pack in families. Jerry keeps raising those much needed dollars in a time when money is an issue as we all must strive to help each other. No other entertainer or personality gives up their time and puts so much effort into such a worthy cause as Jerry Lewis. I am sure he has saved many a life, and made thousands more comfortable, even at the cost of risking his own reputation.
(Gail Hershey - New Jersey)
Dear DMFC : Watched parts of the Jerry Lewis Labor Day telethon and caught the segment with Deana Martin. It was very nice to see these two people's families still in touch together. Deana looked great, but I don't want to comment on Jerry's looks. As he said himself, he's taking medication and has gained a lot of weight from the effects of the drugs. God be with you Jerry.
(David Elliot - Michigan)
Dear DMFC : I saw "My Friend Irma" when I was 5, and fell in love with Dean. A few years before he passed, I was lucky enough to catch 2 of his final Las Vegas performances. And shake his hand after both shows. He had the most wonderful voice, smile and sense of humor. I felt very badly for him when his son Dino, Jr. died. Nothing could be worse than losing a child. But I realize overall he had wonderful life. I don't think he was fully appreciated because he was easy-going and allowed Jerry Lewis and Frank Sinatra to hog the spotlight. But his fans loved and appreciated him all the way.
(C Wade - Washington)
Dear DMFC : As a huge fan of Martin and Lewis , I was most glad to find your website. It looks like Jerry Lewis is having health problems and will be limited once again to what he will be doing during his annual Labor Day telethon. Let us not forget what joy and happiness he brought into millions of American family homes with his partner Dean Martin. They were the top box office draw for many years, and even after they went their own separate ways, they continued to brighten the lives for many decades since. Even after Dean has passed on, his legacy lives through his many films, TV Shows, recordings and even your wonderful organization (which should be noted has been the beacon in keeping Dean's light shinning all these many years). Let us not forget the unfortunate people afflicted with ALS and MS, and what Jerry Lewis is and has been doing for many years. How many people do you know gives of themselves like Mr. Lewis? Not even the biggest superstars today would do so much. Thanks to everyone and all you Dean Martin fans who stop here and read the letter.
(Travis Anderson - Texas)